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Zato-1 Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 artwork

Zato-1 Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 moves


Tier Ranking: 16th Popularity: 22nd
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Caius posted March 2, 2016

Zato-1 is the quintessential Guilty Gear character and the most iconic and well known out of the cast, and it's for good reason. By himself, he's a fairly weak character. He has slow anti-airs, slow but far-reaching normals that have extended hurtboxes that allow you to be counter-poked, and few ways to pressure and open up the opponent. But when he summons his shadow partner, Eddie, he becomes the best character in the game with a myriad of options to break your opponent's guard, midscreen blockstrings that can lead to corner pressure and mixups, an amazing anti air that leads to good damage, and unblockables to boot.

The way you want to think about Zato and Eddie's relationship is that they attack in rotation, not in tandem. Zato or Eddie begins a blockstring and the other covers that one's recovery which leads into mixups and unblockables. The method in which you control Eddie is unique in that when he's summoned, he will only respond to button releases, not button presses. This is not necessarily "hard" but it does take time to get used to holding certain buttons while releasing others while playing the neutral-game or setting up mixups. Eddie can also be solely moved by use of 1 and 4. (For reference, we will be using number pad notation to refer to directions, look at the numberpad on your computer. 5 represents the stick/analog stick/d-pad being at neutral. 6 represents forward, 4 for backwards, 8 for jumping straight upwards and so-on. We will assume you are on the player one side)

An important skill is knowing when and how to Summon Eddie and how to continue and maintain your offense even while Eddie is gone( Eddie will go away if his "Eddie Meter" goes to Zero or if Zato blocks or gets hit. This meter depletes naturally if Eddie is just summoned and if he does any Eddie moves, the meter depletes by a set amount. Note that if you unsummon Eddie or get hit or block, the Eddie meter will replenish at a much faster rate than if Eddie is destroyed (Eddie can only be destroyed by getting hit, he cannot block so one hit is all it takes for Eddie to be put into the "red recovery state") this is done through romans cancels, and unsummons in your blockstrings.

But beware, as quickly as Zato can take games, he can also lose them just as fast so one or two key mistakes can cost you the game. So you need to maximize your offense and make as few mistakes as possible in the neutral game to be successful with this character.

For the purposes of combos with this character, since you have to hold and release buttons, [button] means to hold that button, and -button- means to release that button. For example 2[k], 2[s], -k-, 5D means you do crouching kick and hold kick, crouching slash and hold slash and then soon after release the kick button to have Eddie do his buzzsaw, and then do standing Dust with Zato. (c.S means close slash and f.S mean far slash)

Notable Zato Players to Watch are Ogawa, Cross, TopGaren and MarlinPie


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