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Elphelt Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 artwork

Elphelt Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 moves


Tier Ranking: 4th Popularity: 5th
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themexicancowboy posted February 18, 2015

Elphelt is a pretty fun rush down character that can be pretty simple to grasp but will take work to master. She probably has one of the best meter building in the game which really help with her getting in and making her moves safe with the roman cancels.
One thing to note though is that she doesn't have a reliable anti-air option so you will have to know when to use S, air to air, or simply just try avoid the jump in and re position yourself. Positioning is key so don't worry to much if you feel like you have to dance around when it comes to people jumping in on you it will all be worn it once you get in. Another thing to worry about is Elphelt's lack wake-up options. Learn that a lot of times your best bet will be to block especially since your best and probably only wake-up option is judge better half which requires half your meter.
Aside from this though she does have great offense that does build meter quite effectively which allows you to get in with your YRC's. Shotgun pressure is really good and getting your loops down is really essential to rack up nice damage. Pine berry is your best friend learn to really know when to pull it out but always try to keep your opponent pressured with it cause it leads to really good OKI.
This is all just basic stuff and there's obviously a lot more to Elphelt but she really is one of the stronger characters in the game right now.


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