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Yamcha Dragon Ball FighterZ artwork

Yamcha Dragon Ball FighterZ moves


Tier Ranking: 31st DBFZ Tiers Popularity: 9th
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Noncombo posted February 20, 2018

Despite what the anime would have you believe, Yamcha is a strong addition to the game and your team. His potential lies in his specials and how fluently he can combo into super. Medium Gale Claws is always a hard knockdown, meaning you can use it in a combo series and combo into super. Yamcha's two supers, Spirit Ball and Neo Wolf Fang Fist, provide some good damage in addition to having many methods of being combo'd into. However no fighter is without flaws, unless you're Goku Black, and Yamcha's flaws hit kinda hard.

-Horrible defenses against pressure
-Wolf Fang Fist comes out slower than most jabs
-While WFF does have two cross ups built into it and a fake out, the amount of time it takes before you can execute a follow up is too large.

Now if they sped up the frames that problem would be eliminated, similar to how slow the Ginyu force comes out. Don't let these downs deter you and let's get Yamcha back to the top!

BrinkFayX posted March 16, 2018

WFF comes out about as quickly as a medium attack (think of this for reference, I don't have the specific frame data as of right now), as such, it should mostly be used in combo. Out of personal preference, I use it mid combo after a 2M or 2M-1M combo. In addition to this, WFF works in a pretty interesting way:

-If you wait for a pause in the move before continuing your inputs, the overall attack will do more damage, and can combo in different ways

-If you use a L-WFF after a 2M, you can more easily combo into a high damage WFF combo. For example, 1L, 1L (Auto), 2M, 1M, WFF-L, WFF-M (Delayed), WFF-H (Delayed). It is a little difficult to describe in words, however when I have the time, I'll make a video to better explain the move and edit this post with said video.

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