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Trunks Dragon Ball FighterZ artwork

Trunks Dragon Ball FighterZ moves


Tier Ranking: 15th DBFZ Tiers Popularity: 7th
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LovelyDemon91 posted June 18, 2018

Trunks is a versatile character who excels in constant offense. He has frustrating up close pressure, as well as decent zoning, to instill fear into his opponent. His movement options are among the best in the game, big thanks to a command jump move in 214L/M/H, as well as a fast overhead move that can lead to a sliding knockdown. He also has one of the most useful LLL auto combos in the game, as it can be used to side switch and also go for more mixup opportunities. He's overall a high damage character, and with assists his damage can be extended even more.

He also works great as an assist, as the move has a huge hitbox that can shut down a lot of other assists spawned on the screen.

Trunks isn't without weaknesses though. His high low mixup game isn't very strong, as he does not have a reliable low hitting normal move. In some cases, he needs assists to get sliding knockdowns or to be able to combo into his Supers. Lastly, Trunks lacks an effective reversal.


All of these combos lead to a sliding knockdown that can be ended with a Level 1 Super, or a Level 3 if you and the opponent end up in the corner.

1. Meterless bread and butter
2M > 5M > j. M > j.L > j.L > j.2H > Super Dash > j.M > j.L > j.L > j.2H > jump cancel > j.LLL

5M > 2M > 2H > Super Dash > j.M > j.L > j.L > j.2H > jump cancel > j.LLL

5LLL > Super Dash > j.M > j.L > j.L > j.2H > j.LLL


1. Universal corner combo
2M > 5M > j.M > j.L > j.L > jump cancel > j.M > j.L > j.L > j.S x 214L > j.LL > j.2H > Super Dash > j.M > j.L > j.L > j.S x 214L > j.LLL

2. Combo that works on most characters (think Goku and / or taller)
5M > 2M > 5S x 214S > 2M > 5M > 5H > 5S x 214L > j.LL > j.2H > jump cancel > j.LL > j.S x 214L > j.LLL > Vanish > 236M

If you have a Vegeta assist, do this to get a meterless sliding knockdown in the corner:

5M > 2M > 5S x 214S > 2M > 5M > 5H > 5S x 214L > j.LL > j.2H > jump cancel > j.LL > j.S x 214L > j.LLL > Vegeta Assist (call as soon as the final L hits) x (slight delay) 236 M

The above combo will not work on some characters, mainly characters with smaller hitboxes (the j.2H might whiff). In that event, use this combo instead:

5M > 2M > 5S > 214S > 5M > 5H > 5S > 214L > j.L > j.M > jump cancel > j.L > j.S > 214L > j.LLL > Vanish > 236M.

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