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Tien Dragon Ball FighterZ artwork

Tien Dragon Ball FighterZ moves


Tier Ranking: 29th DBFZ Tiers Popularity: 12th
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ShnazzyDevil posted June 17, 2018

Since no one else has said their thoughts, Tien is a pretty average character to play as but has excelent utility with his super's and a decent assist.
His normals are pretty average, his L auto combo doesnt pull people out of the air but will almost always win a clash against a different character. His M auto combo is also not much to look at, its pretty average and ends with no crazy damage.
Tiens best location on a team by far is anchor. Because of his Neo Tribeams ability to be pushed up to 7 bars, he's best utilized to take out characters fast at the end of a match. His assist is also decent because his dodon ray stops the movement of the other players character and makes them hop up slightly. This move is pretty decent combo extenstion if utilized correctly. Lastly, his tri beam is in the top 3 best assist supers in the game because, as long as they are still in combo, it will never miss the other players character and does decent damage.
Tiens main flaws are that his combo potential is meh. His key blasts are pretty bad,only firing one shot. Lastly, two moves he has in his kit, Telekinesis and Crane Strike, have start up times so long that the other character can super dash out of it or have enough time to down H. Although telekinesis is still good for Okie and Crane Strike can canceled into super with airdash available on block.

Overall, Tien works best in times where you have lots of meter. If you have meter, tien can be the most explosive character in the game (Besides 16) and deal massive damage, even at the cost of his HP. Without meter he has only a few tricks up his sleave and while you can still win the match, its much more difficult and only does about average damage. If you have the need for a more damaging anchor, Tien isnt a bad choice but he definitly cant make the team on his own.

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