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Super Baby 2 Dragon Ball FighterZ artwork

Super Baby 2 Dragon Ball FighterZ moves


Tier Ranking: 14th DBFZ Tiers Popularity: 41st

Super Baby 2 is the 42nd playable character in Dragon Ball FighterZ and served as the 4th DLC addition from FighterZ Pass 3 when he released on January 15, 2021.

The parasitic lifeform known as Baby first appeared as the primary antagonist of Dragon Ball GT's Baby Saga with this serving as his final form after taking control of Vegeta's body.

His visual design stands out among the rest of the cast with his giant yellow shoulder pads, spiky Mohawk and completely gray eyes.

Baby's ki blasts are arguably the best in the game thanks to their versatility and special attribute that causes them to fly back towards the opponent even if they miss and go off screen.

He also has the unique ability to steal an opponent's downed character to use as a bonus assist through his Parasite Takeover special.

There's only a few things holding him back from being an absolute monster in DBFZ with many of his normals being slower than average and getting true pressure strings without assists.

Super Baby 2 is a strong pick for players looking to have fun with boomerang projectiles and tons of combo capabilities. Just be prepared to put a good amount of time into him first.

As far as the tier lists go, Baby is only a step or 2 below the best characters in FighterZ and has the ability to be a real powerhouse.

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