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Tier Ranking: 3rd DBFZ Tiers Popularity: 40th

GT Goku was the 35th playable character to come to Dragon Ball FighterZ on May 9, 2019 as the 3rd member of the game's second season pass.

Although Son Goku's origins date back to the start of the original Dragon Ball manga back in 1984, but this incarnation of the Saiyan first appeared in Dragon Ball GT in 1996.

Since he was transformed back into a child again for the now non-canon anime, GT Goku is obviously much smaller in stature with a blue and yellow gi plus his tail regrowing as well.

In his FighterZ design, however, he contains a bit of a mish mash of attacks and references to both Dragon Ball GT and the original Dragon Ball with the inclusion of Reverse Kamehameha and his trusty Power Pole, which can smack foes from across the stage.

GT Goku's mobility is among the absolute best in DBFZ and makes him an absolute threat when he can convert into combos from full-screen and lock opponents down in blockstrings for an extended period of time.

He has the added touch too of briefly transforming into Super Saiyan 4 for his Dragon Fist Explosion Super and has access to the iconic Spirit Bomb.

If you enjoy mobility, mixups and pressing lots of buttons, GT Goku is a strong character to build a team around and remains useful at every position.

GT Goku was the strongest character of DBFZ's second season and changed the meta, but while he was hit with a significant amount of nerfs, the kid is still close to if not top class in terms of tier list placings.

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