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Hit Dragon Ball FighterZ artwork

Hit Dragon Ball FighterZ moves


Tier Ranking: 28th DBFZ Tiers Popularity: 15th
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BrinkFayX posted March 16, 2018

Hit is fast, and his m1 and h1 have pretty decent range. My suggestion is to bait in your opponent and punish with a medium at a range. Also, most of Hit's moves are safe on block, so you can condition your opponent to block by making them expect you to attack or use Hit's fireballback-special. Once condition, you can punish your opponent for blocking with a fireballback-L (considering how it's a close range command grab) and start a small combo. In summary, Hit has crazy block pressure and anti-block mix-ups. Use him for such.

Your second best tool is his fireballforward-M stance, as it can be used for 3 different things: invincibility, combos, and cross-ups. The L stance cancel has Hit shooting 3 beams, which can be directed in a different order (the default is side, up, down, with the down variation being a low attack). The M stance cancel is a cross-up that can be canceled into Hit's level 3. The L version can be canceled into certain combos, but the startup is VERY SLOW so the most effective way to use it is after a 2H. And finally, invincibility. This one is the one you're least likely to use it for, but it is a nice little bonus of the move. While you have the blue aura of the stance, you will take no damage or hitstun, and players will phase through you. It doesn't last that long though, and the moment you cancel the stance you will start taking damage again.

shadow_drone posted February 14, 2020

My main combo for Hit is -
Back + Light
Icy Glare
Assist 1 - Yamcha wolf fang fist
Close in on opponent
Repeat but with 2nd assist (usually rose goku black kamehameha OR BASE goku)
Then use sparking
Level 3 - I keep Improving (DIS IS DA STANZ)

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