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Goku Black Dragon Ball FighterZ artwork

Goku Black Dragon Ball FighterZ moves


Tier Ranking: 24th DBFZ Tiers Popularity: 1st

Goku Black was featured in Dragon Ball FighterZ's initial roster of 24 playable characters when the game released on February 26, 2018.

Although he has Goku's body, this special version of the character first appeared in Dragon Ball Super's Future Trunks Saga after Zamasu took control.

Tossing out Goku's traditional gi, he wears a primarily black and gray uniform with a red sash and the unique pink hair from Super Saiyan Rose.

This character is perhaps the best in the game for new players to put on their team and learn DBFZ, but his usefulness will begin to wane at higher levels.

His big normals and specials like God Slicer make it easy for him to hit the opponent, and his combo routes are fairly simple compared to the rest of the cast.

It's just that he lacks a way to open up a player with good defense outside of his Instant Transition mixup, which typically requires an assist to cover its startup.

Goku Black should be an instant inclusion for anyone looking to pick up DBFZ, but those with more experience can find more utility elsewhere.

As far as tier lists go, he was pretty high up there initially in Season 1 though he's now generally considered in the lower half of the cast.

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BrinkFayX posted March 22, 2018

Goku Black is a very simple, yet very versatile character. His decent combo strings matched only by his incredible neutral game and on-block mix-ups.

My suggestion is, as a neutral, to throw out fireballforward/back-S if your opponent is at full-screen, jump or fireballback-H back-dash then use air-fireballback-H at mid-screen, and focus on starting a jump-cancel combo at close-range.

Finally, Goku Black has a pretty simple, yet heavy damaging, combo string:

- 2M-1M (Jump-cancel),
- L, M, air-2H (SDash-Cancel),
- L, M, air-2H (jump-cancel),
- L, M, S, fireballfireward-L,
- fireballforward-H+S OR fireballback-L+M/H+S.

Streetfightermain posted January 13, 2018



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