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Frieza Dragon Ball FighterZ artwork

Frieza Dragon Ball FighterZ moves


Tier Ranking: 35th DBFZ Tiers Popularity: 11th
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Popcornbro posted January 30, 2018

Those rocks are your best friends. Use them often, no matter how many rocks it takes. Those rocks build the foundation of your victory.

BrinkFayX posted March 16, 2018

Your 1H and your 2H are gonna help you a LOT. Also, finish pretty much every aerial combo with his fireballfirward-special into his level 1 super, or multiple inputs of his air-special if you don't have any meter. The Golden Freeza ability should usually be used as a last resort, but you do have Sorbet's laser if you aren't able to de-transform safely.

Faceless_Mika posted January 26, 2018

Lord Frieza...


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