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DBFZ > Cell > Step-in Low Kick - Special Skill

Cell's Step-in Low Kick Dragon Ball FighterZ

Step-in Low Kick
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Gun_Flame posted March 25, 2019

Cell's Step-in Low Kick (or 6H), as its name suggests, is a command normal attack that has Cell step in with a kick that hits low. It's an extra move that's very useful in Cell's pressure block strings, often catching players trying to up-back out of his pressure. At -5 on block, the move is relatively safe, and the starter damage for it is good (used to be ridiculous). The amount of moves that can follow from 6H is also very good, 6H can be cancelled into 5S for slightly safer blockstring enders, a delayed L or M Perfect attack for frametrapping etc... There are just so many things you could do with this move. Not only that but it compliments his already insane low pressure game 2L, 2L, 2M, 6H, all these moves are lows, so using something like 2M > 6M for an overhead, or 2M > 6H for a delayed low can throw off players blocking.

It does however come with the small weakness of having slightly slow start up, so delaying into it often can lead to other players using reversals before the move connects. It doesn't happen often, but it happens so just be wary of how often you use the move in blockstrings.

Overall: incredibly good tool in Cell's arsenal, for ground combo extensions, good for confirming 5M > 2M > into 6H.

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