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Cell's Rolling Crush Dragon Ball FighterZ

Rolling Crush
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Gun_Flame posted March 24, 2019

Cell's Rolling Crush moves are also Air OK.

L Rolling Crush. Grounded version doesn't see much use other than ending blockstrings or possibly extending pressure with an assist. Final hit is an overhead, it is safe on block but you lose your turn. Can sometimes surprise opponents since it is relatively quick, but don't count on it too much. On hit, you cannot extend with assist as it always leads to a soft knockdown, which means opponents can tech almost immediately after the attack lands.
Air OK version is used much more often, it can be used to end most air combos into a soft knockdown, or be canceled into Cell's supers before the last hit. Keep in mind this will not work properly if used from greater heights, as the opponent tends to flip out of the multi hits. Typically, air combos end like this: j.LL > j.LL > j. L Rolling Crush.

M Rolling Crush. Much like the L version, the grounded version sees little use. It is similar to L Rolling Crush in almost every way except; the move has more start up, the final hit ends in a hard knockdown, which forces the opponent into a tech chase scenario, and you can change the travel distance by holding forward or back. Grounded, you can convert 6H into M Rolling Crush for a grounded hard knockdown, and the final hit can be canceled into a super, no combo extensions available after the final hit.
Air OK version sees much more use. After using Cell's j.2H you can end air corner combos with ... j.2H > M Rolling Crush, and this works from almost any height. You can also use his j.S Ki blast extensions in the corner for a M Rolling Crush set up ... j.LL > j.LLL > j.S > M Rolling Crush. Keep in mind that M Rolling Crush does not work on heavily scaled combos, you'll usually be forced to use L Rolling Crush in most cases to continue the combo.

H Rolling Crush. Like most grounded versions, this hardly sees uses. It's just L Rolling Crush's speed with the final hit properties of M Rolling Crush and more damage. Like the M version, you can change the travel distance by inputting forward or back. Air OK version is a little bit better, it is relatively quick, does a hard knockdown, and works from almost any height. Use only if you've got nothing else to knock the opponent down, or if you're trying to maximize damage and have the meter to spend.

Overall: Decent moves, not used much outside of combos, but have their practical uses.

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