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DBFZ > Cell > Kamehameha - Special Attack

Cell's Kamehameha Dragon Ball FighterZ

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Gun_Flame posted March 24, 2019

Cell's Kamehameha is your far ranged move. It can be used to disrupt grounded Ki blasts or other slower ground moves at far ranges, it's also Cell's only far ranged move to poke with as his regular Ki blasts aren't very useful in that regard. Be careful how you use it, as it can leave Cell wide open for a punish if the opponent decides to go airborne, so check and make sure you're safe enough to use it, or have a back up assist cover your exposed angles.
It isn't as good as Goku's Kamehameha (it has a bit more start up) but it still serves most of the same purposes.

Cell's Kamehameha can be angled on the ground, but it rarely sees use, you could potentially throw it out to stop a high up Super Dash, but its use is limited as it still leaves you exposed if not more exposed than before. So avoid constant use.

Cell's Kamehameha is Air OK but has more flaws than his grounded or angled versions. Using this move in the air forces Cell to have to fall all the way back down before he can act again, which sort of limits the use of this move. It does however still have some uses. You can delay your landing jumps by stalling with it, and catching Ki blast attacks on the way down. For example if the ground is being littered with Ki blasts Cell can use Air Kamehameha to interrupt. Otherwise, be extra careful when using this move, as the time it takes to recover depends on how high Cell is in the air.

Other uses: It can be used to end combos after an extension Dragon Rush in the corner to optimize damage. Just be aware of combo scaling as Kamehameha isn't like Adult Gohan's Masenko in where it can be used to further extend damage from a heavily scaled combo. End it early with a super.

Overall: Good move, just be cautious on how you use it.

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