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Cell Dragon Ball FighterZ artwork

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Tier Ranking: 4th DBFZ Tiers Popularity: 4th

Cell was included among the 24 playable characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ when the game first released on February 26, 2018.

The big green bug man first appeared as the primary antagonist of Dragon Ball Z's Android Saga where he becomes his Perfect final form.

His design is very much different than Dr. Gero's previous androids with his hard outer shell, wings and pointy head that makes him look like an insect.

Cell is a powerful all-rounder type character in DBFZ with enough good tools to handle most situations, which is quite fitting considering he was created with the DNA of other fighters.

As far as pressure, corner carry and ability to extend his own combos, he's right up there with the best of them along with a really good level 1 Super.

His only real weakness is having a harder time approaching from mid-to-full screen without sliding or rolling in.

Cell is the perfect character to learn for those wanting to play Dragon Ball FighterZ a little more seriously, and he's still pretty darn good at any level to play.

The character was a monster back in Season 1, but many balance changes and an evolving meta made Cell slip from a top tier to more in the high tier range.

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BrinkFayX posted April 27, 2018

Performing the loop is the most common way for getting damage with Cell. If you have the chance, it should always be used.

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