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Bardock Dragon Ball FighterZ artwork

Bardock Dragon Ball FighterZ moves


Tier Ranking: 2nd DBFZ Tiers Popularity: 8th
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BrinkFayX posted April 1, 2018

- Bardock is incredibly fast, and his attacks have decent range in comparison to other mid height characters.
- His overall strings do a decent amount of damage, and his Saiyan Spirit super attack acts the same as Beerus's Beerus Ball super, where if you spend another meter you can do more damage.
- Saiyan Spirit comes out very quickly, and has very little ending lag, so using an assist to continue a ground combo with it will work exceptionally well with this move.
- His fireballforward-L comes out incredibly fast, and has very little ending lag so it is amazing for block pressure and for engaging your opponent. It combos pretty well in the air after his basic ki-blast, too. This is also his assist move, with it's utilities being mostly the same as when Bardock uses it naturally (IE block pressure, engaging your opponents, etc.).
- His fireballback-Attack ability is an overhead on the last hit, and the M and H variations end with a hard knockdown (with H of course taking meter).
- His air-M hits twice (provided you don't cancel the second hit) making his combos do more damage, but I've found it to be difficult to time them right in an air-2H, jumpcancel combo online due to the frame delay.
- The second hit of his autocombo takes your opponent out of the air and forces them to the ground. This can be utilized into a 2M, 1M, jump cancel combo thanks to Bardock's incredible air-mobility and range.

Overall, Bardock is an amazing character, especially if paired up with the right assist and backup characters such as SS Vegeta, SS Goku, Trunks, Goku Black, etc. (my personal team is Bardock, Gohan (Adult), Vegeta, with Vegeta being the assist, and Gohan being the backup so I can switch out Bardock to recover health).


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