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Android 16 Dragon Ball FighterZ artwork

Android 16 Dragon Ball FighterZ moves


Tier Ranking: 25th DBFZ Tiers Popularity: 12th

Android 16 was featured among the base 24 characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ, which initially released on January 26, 2018.

The hulking mechanical fighter first appeared in the Dragon Ball manga back in 1991 and a year later in the Dragon Ball Z anime in 1992.

This big bodied character has a much larger stature than his other Android compatriots, and his unmistakable ginger mohawk helps make him one of the tallest roster members in DBFZ.

Android 16 is FighterZ's original grappler character, which means he can rack up a lot of damage off of command grabs, but his neutral game leaves much to be desired if he doesn't have assists to back him up.

Although his normal attacks are generally slower than the rest of the cast, 16 makes up for that with his heavy attacks providing super armor to help him get in on foes.

He also basically has a one-hit KO Super in his explosive Last Resort, but players are probably better off sticking to his Hell Flash Maximum Output in almost all cases considering it doesn't blow him up too.

Android 16 is of course made to please grappler fans, but his dunks have a certain sense of charm, which kept a dedicated number of players picking him after all these years.

When Dragon Ball FighterZ first released, 16 was a bit of a monster at the casual and competitive levels though his popularity and tier list placements decreased as time went on.

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Tips for Android 16

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BrinkFayX posted March 20, 2018

When using 16:
There is some stupid stuff you can do with 16, especially with the right teammates. His fireballforward-M is probably gonna be your best friend in combos, and if your opponent is walled, you can use the L version as well. A helpful hint too: if you continue a combo after a command grab, you cannot use that ability in the combo again. For example, if I use the fireballforward command grab, and continue the combo with an assist, I cannot use the fireballforward command grab, I have to use the fireballback version. Jumping around and using his S is a good spacing tool, and if you get lucky and your opponent gets too close, you can cancel into one of 16's command grabs to start a short combo. Finally, you probably won't want to use his Air-2H unless you're going into a snapback, however anything can be used into a vanish for a snapback.

When fighting 16:
Android 16 has some of the best spacing and combo tools in the game, making him a dangerous threat. Most of his moveset are quick command grabs, but this can be used to your advantage if you play your cards right. For example, his fireballforward-L is not block safe, because it doesn't hit you if he uses it after comboing you while you're blocking. This is the easiest variation to punish, since it leaves 16 wide open for you to start comboing.. Next is the H version, it's slower (not by the most incredible amount) so it's easier to punish, however if you don't react right it will go through your block. If you jump as a reaction, you will be able to punish it. However, if your opponent reads your jump, he can go for a fireballback-L/H to punish. Also, keep away from the wall, since that is 16's best friend. If you can, take out 16 as quickly as possible, as he will usually be the biggest threat on your opponents team.

Edit: The recent patch killed his super armour, so he's only resistant to physical attacks, and not ranged attacks.

BeardedPancake posted September 9, 2019

Dunk: to bring the enemy to the ground via command grab into a knockdown (this is needed to understand for these tips)

The name of the game with 16 is: How many times can I dunk the enemy before I need to super or back up?

This is why it's CRITICAL to pick your allies carefully, as their assists can (and should) be used to extend his combos after a dunk. You'll want characters with assists that can pin the enemy in place, or launch them into the air, both of which are very useful to keep his combos going.
16 doesn't *need* meter to do a lot of damage, but depending on your screen position, spending just a small bit of meter can help you corner your enemy and keep on the pressure.

16's biggest strength is by far his surplus of command grabs, if applied properly, you can use them to make ridiculously long combos, or surprise a guarding enemy with a 236-M on the ground.

Another benefit to 16 is his armor (although not as much after the patch). Similar to Broly, Android 16 has armor when preforming a 5H, or 2H. It's a generally good idea to use 5H at the beginning of a match to throw the enemy off, as they'll usually either attack, switch, jump, or block. If the enemy blocks, make sure to step back. If the enemy jumps, try a 2H to catch them if they super dash, otherwise, play safe and back-dash.

16's supers (except 214RT) will always connect after a dunk, as they always bring you to the ground, with the enemy right in front of you. So if you need to get a lot of damage fast, dunk and spend whatever meter you want on supers.

One of 16's downsides is that, unlike most characters, his 2H in the air does not act as a launcher, so you can't use it to extend aerial combos like most other characters. What this is good for however is that it acts as an overhead. Have an overly defensive player who doesn't use standing block? get into the air and use a 2H.

Here's a basic BnB combo for Android 16:
L,L,2M,M,H > Super Dash > L,L > JC,L,L,L,236L,236RT/RB

Once you master this, try throwing in some assists, then jump cancel and keep the combo going a bit longer before using a super.

16 isn't too hard to learn, and once you master him, you'll have an almighty truck on your team. Keep testing different characters and their assists, and you'll be dunking Goku in no time.

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