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BrinkFayX posted March 20, 2018

When using 16:
There is some stupid stuff you can do with 16, especially with the right teammates. His fireballforward-M is probably gonna be your best friend in combos, and if your opponent is walled, you can use the L version as well. A helpful hint too: if you continue a combo after a command grab, you cannot use that ability in the combo again. For example, if I use the fireballforward command grab, and continue the combo with an assist, I cannot use the fireballforward command grab, I have to use the fireballback version. Jumping around and using his S is a good spacing tool, and if you get lucky and your opponent gets too close, you can cancel into one of 16's command grabs to start a short combo. Finally, you probably won't want to use his Air-2H unless you're going into a snapback, however anything can be used into a vanish for a snapback.

When fighting 16:
Android 16 has some of the best spacing and combo tools in the game, making him a dangerous threat. Most of his moveset are quick command grabs, but this can be used to your advantage if you play your cards right. For example, his fireballforward-L is not block safe, because it doesn't hit you if he uses it after comboing you while you're blocking. This is the easiest variation to punish, since it leaves 16 wide open for you to start comboing.. Next is the H version, it's slower (not by the most incredible amount) so it's easier to punish, however if you don't react right it will go through your block. If you jump as a reaction, you will be able to punish it. However, if your opponent reads your jump, he can go for a fireballback-L/H to punish. Also, keep away from the wall, since that is 16's best friend. If you can, take out 16 as quickly as possible, as he will usually be the biggest threat on your opponents team.

Edit: The recent patch killed his super armour, so he's only resistant to physical attacks, and not ranged attacks.

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