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Injustice: Gods Among Us - Basic Gameplay Guide

Guide last updated on
April 16, 2013 at 1:03 p.m. PDT

Basic Gameplay Injustice: Gods Among Us Guide

Blocking: Unlike previous NetherRealm Studios game, Mortal Kombat, Injustice: Gods Among Us does not have a block button. To block simply hold back/away from the opponent.
Character Power: Each character in the game has a special ability which is triggered by pressing . Abilities different from characters doing extra damage, switching weapons and more. Check each individual character guide for information for that character.
Meter Burn Button: Almost every special in the game can be turned into an EX by pressing after doing the normal motion for the move. This will give the attack extra properties.
Super Move: Each character has a unique super move which is activated by pressing at the same time. This will cost four meters to use however.
Clash System: The Clash is the game's wager system, which allows a player to escape an attack or combo for the potential cost of some meter. Characters will wager their meter against the opponent to either get extra damage or get extra health. This can only be activated once per match, per character after revealing your second health bar. To activate simply press while the opponent is attacking.
Push Blocking: Push blocking is done by pressing while you are blocking, this will cost a single stock of meter but will get the opponent out of your immediate area.
Bounce Cancels: During an attack or Attack String you can perform a Bounce Cancel by pressing , or , . This will cost two meters but you can extend many combos.
Wake Up Attacks: Any special move can be performed during your character's wake up animation after getting knocked down. Instead of returning to the standing position, the character will immediately initiate the special move inputted.
Tech Roll: Pressing or when you hit the ground from an opponents attack will allow you to tech roll and get up faster than normal.
Interactive Objects: Each arena contains several Interactive Objects which can be used to cause significant damage to your opponent or escape a bad situation. To interact with the objects you must be by an interactive item and press or the game's shortcut button RB/R1 at the same time. All characters will use the interactables differently depending on their character type whether it is Power-Ground, Power-Flying, Acrobatic or Gadget. If you're unsure if you can interact with an object, an icon will show by your lifebar. You can also add to get additional armor during the attack, at the cost of a single meter.
Stage Transistions: All characters have a stage transition attack by pressing , if you are near a transition the opponent will go flying into the transition and take extra damage. If the opponent is not near a transition point they will bounce off a wall or ground and you can extend the combo.
Universal Overheads: All characters have an overhead by pressing .
Character Stamina: All characters in the game have an equal amount of stamina, 100 hit points. However, various characters can negate some damage with their character power.
Damage Reduction & Gravity: Damage reduction happens during combos, each subsequent hit after the initial hit in a combo will do less damage and the character will hit the ground faster. Doing a super after a long combo will reduce it's damage and potentially cause the opponent to fall out of it as the opponent is falling faster.
Move Legend
— This icon represents the lightest attack in Injustice. This can be done by hitting the X button on Xbox 360 or the Square button on PS3.

— Injustice's middle strength button. This translates to the Y button on Xbox 360 or Triangle on PS3.

— This symbolizes the hardest hitting of the basic attacks. This move is performed by hitting A on the Xbox 360 or X on the PS3.

— The last of the 4 face buttons, this icon stands for "Character Power" and represents the button that activates each characters' traits. This is activated by pressing B on the Xbox 360 or O on the PS3.

— This icon represents the Meter Burn button used for performing EX attacks, Bounce Cancels and Supers. You can input this by pressing RT on the Xbox 360 or R2 on the PS3.

— Much like our Mortal Kombat 9 guides, the "F" icon represents the Flip Stance action. This is activated by hitting LT on Xbox 360 or L2 on PS3.


Devhawk124 said on April 16, 2013 at 3:51 p.m.

I'm not understanding the "F" icon. Does it change Stance, because for a character like Nightwing his Character power changes how he uses he his weapon, that is definitely a stance change.

GokaiGreen said on April 16, 2013 at 3:53 p.m.

(This user was banned.)


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