Yukiko Amagi Persona 4: Arena Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide

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Yukiko Amagi Persona 4: Arena Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide

Character Overview
Yukiko is a mixed-bag character that primarily relies on spacing the opponent where she wants them to be. She has a great ability to convert from defense to offense easily while having great mixup potential and unblockables. She is one of the few characters gifted with projectiles that angle in all directions along with one of the longest ranged All Out Attacks in the game.

Yukiko dies easily to pressure though. Her reversal is easily spaced out and she loses to characters with long-ranged normals such as swords. It's often difficult to space her Persona properly so it doesn't get hit when sent out for ranged attacks. Since her specials often leave her very vulnerable to airdashes (since she stands in place), you have to be very careful when to initialize an attack.

+ Can cover nearly every angle with projectiles.
+ Chargeable unblockables.
+ The ability to threaten the opponent offensively from any position.
+ A reversal with great utility.
+ Multi-hit confirms.
+ Good priority on normal attacks.

- Poor health rating.
- Low overall damage.
- Aerial fan tosses have a ton of recovery.
- Heavily Persona reliant, Persona is broken easily.
- Reversal has very poor horizontal range.
- Special moves have a lot of startup.
- Loses ranged normals battle.

Notable Normal Moves and Unique Attacks

Standing A
Also Yukiko's best grounded confirm since you can chain it into itself and it has a great hitbox. You can keep mashing this button to get her Auto-Combo.

Also one of Yukiko's best anti-air normal attacks on the ground. Has to be spaced properly so that it hits opponents in front of you, not above you.

Standing C
Yukiko's anti-air attack for opponents attempting to do a low, instant air dash. Since this move comes up over Yukiko's head and downwards (like an axe) it's great for grounded counters as well. Good move to "check" the opponent. Not a good idea to use this if the opponent has ranged normals such as Mitsuru or Elizabeth.

Also is a multi-hit move, making it great for easy confirms. Has a lot of whiff recovery, so make sure you're in range at the very least. The hitbox on it is good but it's likely to trade with strong air normals. Practice your spacing so that you hit with the tip of the move.
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Fan Toss

Yukiko's fan throw is her primary zoning tool. She can throw up to two fans on the ground at once. While they don't do the best of damage, they are great for keeping the opponent in check.

Be wary of the recovery of this move. Throwing out two fans on the ground will often give the opponent way more time to attack you if they made the correct read. Most Yukiko players don't throw fans unless they're at the very least a half screen or more away from the opponent. Air fan throws have a huge amount of ground recovery.

By altering the joystick angles as shown above you can change the angle of fan tosses on the air or ground. One unique property of the aerial fan tosses is that if the fan hits beneath the opponent's waist it is considered a low attack.

When it comes to aerial fans, most Yukiko players like to throw them after an air backdash to minimize risk.
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Standing, Crouching or Jumping D

Yukiko's grounded D calls her Persona out for a ranged attack. This move is unsafe on block, but Yukiko recovers before the Persona begins attacking meaning you can dash up and counter punish attempts if you space it properly. While combo followups aren't possible without a Fatal Counter, it's still a good move to use to stop the opponent.

Crouching D and Aerial D are a different move altogether. This command causes Yukiko to call her Persona to drop from above onto the opponent for an overhead attack. This allows Yukiko to set up some insanely hard to block situations, so hard that it might as well be considered unblockable.

This is also one of the primary ways Yukiko can attack across the screen. It's difficult for most characters to counter this Persona if you space it properly so that it lands behind the opponent.

Once you summon the Persona with your D button for either attack you can continue attacking using the C button. Note that these strings are not tight blockstrings, meaning it's easy for the opponent to punish the initial attack. For the aerial Persona attack you should space the Persona to land behind the opponent and for the rushing Persona attack you'll want to cover it using a dash up A attack.
Special Moves
(Hold to charge)
All-Out Attack (Universal Overhead)
Yukiko's All-Out Attack is one of the slowest in the game, but it's still a good enough overhead to keep the opponent guessing. The unique property is that it has a wide radius of attack and that she moves very far forward when doing it.

(Hold to charge)
Yukiko's reversal move. Hits once and is fully invulnerable for a big period of time, but has slow startup. Has a great hitbox above her head for stopping airdash crossup attempts. Like most reversals, if blocked, you will be heavily punished.

By holding down the two buttons, you can indefinitely charge this move which slowly recovers Yukiko's health. It'll also deflect projectiles the entire time it is active.

The projectile-absorbing property of this move is actually very useful for avoiding long cinematic projectile attacks. This also includes certain Instant Kills!
or (Delayable)

Yukiko summons her Persona to strike with its wing, and it leaves a small flame circle behind that detonates next to the opponent. A two-hit move that always comboes into itself. The unique feature of this move is that you can hold down the button to delay the detonation and to leave a trap on the screen.

The A version of the move leaves the opponent near you while the B version knocks them away. Choose which one to combo into based on what kind of setup you want to do afterwards. A character like Shadow Labrys and Aigis are the ones you want to keep close to you, while you want to knock away characters like Kanji, Akihiko and Mitsuru.

By delaying the explosion, you can force your opponent to stay still for a moment, allowing you to sneak in and apply some tricks. Be wary of reversals, Evasive Actions or backdashes.

EX Version: EX Agi starts up slower than regular Agi, so it's harder to combo into. The rewards are worth it though, as both of the explosions will juggle into themselves allowing you to create some damaging combos.

Using Fire Break, you can set up some really nasty unblockables with this move on the opponent's wakeup. EX Agi will always track to where the opponent is standing, so you don't have to alter any ranges.

C Maragi starts up slower than D Maragi, but recovers a bit faster. C Maragi will also travel across the ground slower. If either version of Maragi comes into contact with a grounded opponent they will immediately ignite into a large flame pillar. It will not ignite if it passes under an aerial player; you will have to manually detonate the flame by pressing the same button again.

Unfortunately Maragi has a lot of startup regardless of version, so you'll want to throw these out mostly at full screen or close it. You'll want to use these as a scare and stall tactic so that you can setup more of Yukiko's high-low game. Just like Agi's delayed detonation, it's very easy for Yukiko to move around once Maragi has been released.

Should this move land, it will send the opponent spinning into the air where you can either combo into your ground or air series of choice. The opponent cannot recover until he touches the ground. The reward is high and it's possible to land this move in combos if EX Agi was used first.

EX Version: This throws out both Maragis at the same time and you can manually detonate each one with the C and D buttons just like with regular Maragi.

Often not used, since the hits aren't guaranteed and most unblockable setups with can be done without having to spend meter.

Fire Boost
Yukiko poses and adds a point to the Flame Counter above her SP Gauge. This increases the damage of all of her flame-based attacks which include her Supers. The Flame Counter can store up to 8 Boosts.

Unfortunately the recovery of this move is rather large leaving you open to ambushes and other fast attacks. Also the damage bonus isn't that significant unless you can get above level 5 which is highly unlikely.

The usage of this move depends on your playstyle. Most Yukiko players concentrate on wakeup games rather than leveling up, but if you're confident in your ability to deal damage then this move becomes very scary.

Fire Break
This move allows Yukiko to store an unblockable property unto her next flame-based attack. A very useful move that has massive recovery, meaning you should be absolutely sure you are safe before using it.

Using Fire Break you can set up great unblockable okizeme with EX Agi, Maragi, EX Maragi and Maragidyne. Guaranteed unblockables as the opponent is standing up are a valuable tool and must be used with Yukiko's far ranged arsenal of attacks.

Once you use up the unblockable property that you stored, Yukiko cannot perform another Fire Break for a while. You can check the timer for this above your SP Gauge.

Fire Boost High
An EX move that charges up two levels of the Flame Counter. Don't use this move as it's not worth the meter tradeoff.
Super Moves
or (Delayable)
Yukiko's basic comboable super. Use the C Agidyne to finish up combos, and the D version as a followup to C Agidyne in the corner. Make sure you hold the button down after you activate the super for maximum damage.

Nearly all combos into Agidyne begin from cancelling the first hit of Agi. Once Agidyne is finished Yukiko has enough time to land some attacks or create another setup afterwards.
Maragidyne (Awakening Only)
Yukiko's version of the Magnetic Shockwave. The C version pushes opponents out while the D version pulls them in. If the opponent is forced to block this, you can perform lots of mixups against them.

This super is also fully invulnerable on startup and it will always come out upon activation, so it's great as a counter attack. It's not hard to combo into either as most players use the B version of Agi to do so.

The C version will combo easily into the D version and vice versa. Great for tacking on damage if this super lands.

Full Bloom
An Instant Kill attack that will automatically win you the game if it lands. Very slow, but fully invulnerable. A last ditch desperation attack that cannot be comboed into. Has good horizontal range but not much else.

This requires you to be up one round against your opponent. You must also have at least 100 meter. You do not need to be in Awakening.
Costume Colors

Click images for larger versions

Official Move Set video from Atlus

Challenges from Kurushii and Jourdal

Video from Jourdal's YouTube and the Dustloop forums.


Deikan said on August 3, 2012 at 1:54 p.m.

Definitely sporting the Homura Akemi colors. Day one main and favourite Persona 4 girl. Can't wait to use her!:)

PzFrHaunter said on August 7, 2012 at 4:38 a.m.

Fire Boost is QCB + C not QCB + D. The same is for Fire Break, its QCB + D, not QCB + C. You just have them backwards that's all


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