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Frank West Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide

Guide last updated on
November 18, 2011 at 11:27 p.m. PST

Frank West Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide

Character Overview
Frank West is a unique character that requires a series of level ups in order to become fully effective. In his higher levels he is a versatile character with tools for almost every situation. He has a great stamina rating and can deal a ton of damage with combos that aren’t too difficult to perform. His normals also have massive range and he retains multiple moves that can hit off the ground.

Frank needs to be up close in order to be a threat and without an air-dash, closing the distance can prove to be a major problem. Leveling Frank up successfully can be difficult as well. Without the proper assists or character choice to back him up, you’ll find yourself having to land quite a few large combos in order to get him to his most effective state.

+ Great stamina rating.
+ Shopping Cart assist is one of the best in game.
+ In higher levels, normals deal chip damage and have excellent range.
+ Versatile Hypers.
+ Can OTG very easily.
+ Fast dodge move.

- Without proper assists he has trouble getting in.
- Can be very difficult to level up solo.
- At lower levels normals aren't very good.

Notable Normal Moves and Unique Attacks

Special Attack

Object Throw
Frank sends a pie rapidly hurtling toward his opponent. Much like many of his other moves, as he progresses in level the item in which used changes and deals more damage. In level 3 Frank replaces the pie for a jug of orange juice and once in level 4 he uses a bottle of wine.

Knee Drop

The Knee Drop can be used to apply pressure to your opponent. It has the ability to cross up with proper distancing and can be performed rather low to the ground making it difficult to block. Using a lock down assists in unison with this move can make it completely safe and even lead to some devastating mix-ups. Once Frank reaches level 2, he can cancel his Knee Drop into his Barrel Roll on hit or block to further mix-up his opponent and or safely evade an opponent’s counter attack.

The Slide is one of Frank’s most effective tools for closing the distance between him and his opponent. When performed from max distance this move is virtually safe and this attack is both special and hyper cancelable. This move works great as a punish for an opponent’s whiffed attack and can easily lead into Frank’s bread and butter combos.
Special Moves




The Snapshot is the one move that allows Frank to level up. Frank must obtain a specific number of pictures to proceed on to each level. The numbers required to achieve each level up are as follows:

Level 2 - 5 Snapshots/hits
Level 3 - 20 Snapshots/hits
Level 4 - 50 Snapshots/hits
Level 5 - 100 Snapshots/hits

This may seem like a tall order to fill, however, if Frank can perform multiple Snapshots within the same combo then whatever number of hits currently on the combo counter will be added to the number from the first Snapshot. For example, if Frank takes a picture on the 10th hit of a combo and continues the combo afterward with the aid of an assist or X Factor, if he were to take another snapshot on the 20th hit of the combo, 20 hits will be added to the first 10 giving him a total of 30 hits and an instant level 3.

Snapshot can also be used to attack an opponent from quite a large distance away. This move will interrupt many attacks and can be useful when needing to snag an extra picture for a level up.

Bottoms Up
Frank indulges himself in a large gulp of alcohol resulting in any picture taken using Snapshot to be worth double. This move is very slow and leaves Frank completely vulnerable, however it can be X Factor Canceled to become safe. The effects of Bottoms Up last for 10 seconds and when that time is up, Frank will hunch over and vomit which also leaves him completely vulnerable. Even switching Frank out will not cancel out the vomit action, for once Frank is tagged in he will vomit as soon as he hits the ground considering the 10 seconds have passed.

Tools of Survival
Damage Level 1-5
103,000 - 178,000
90,000 - 187,000
80,000 - 165,000


Light: Frank stabs at his opponent with a plunger multiple times. At level 1, this move actually brings the opponent closer to him.

When in level 3 Frank uses a broom stick instead of a plunger and deals more hits plus more damage to this attack. In level 4 he uses a boat paddle with two chainsaws strapped to each end. This version nets more hits than level 3 and deals more damage as well. Once in level 5, this attack adds a bit more damage than level 4.

Medium: Frank swings a baseball bat at his foe causing a wall bounce. As Frank increases his level, the weapon he uses changes and the attack deals more damage.

Heavy: Frank smashes the opponent down with a hammer causing an OTG. In his earlier levels, Frank cannot convert this attack into a combo. Once he reaches level 3 this attack causes a small ground bounce and you can follow up with an attack. In level 4 and 5 the ground bounce is much greater allowing for different follow-ups.

Roundhouse Kick [Level 2 or Higher]
Damage Level 2-5
70,000 - 77,000
70,00 - 77,000

Frank performs a kick that changes depending on which attack button you press. The L version is used as a feint and does not actually hit the opponent. The M version causes untechable knockdown. The H version causes a techable knockdown and each version of this attack is Hyper cancelable.

Giant Swing
122,000 - 134,200
159,900 - 175,500
193,700 - 213,000

Frank grabs a zombie by its legs and swings it around horizontally forward. The number of times the zombie is swung depends upon which button is pressed. You can follow up with a st. S after this move successfully connects to further combo.

Hammer Throw
80,000 - 88,000
80,000 - 88,000
80,000 - 88,000


A zombie is tossed forward at the opponent resulting in either a hit or a grab. The L and M version of this attack result in a single hit and does not retain much projectile durability. When the H version of this attack successfully connects it actually results in the opponent being grabbed and immobilized for a short period of time. Although the zombie grabs the opponent, this move can be blocked as a normal attack.

Barrel Roll [Level 2 or Higher]
Once Frank reaches level 2 he will be able to perform this move. Frank dives forward horizontally and evades enemy attacks. This move has decent start up and recovery but Frank is vulnerable during both. This move can be used to pass through opponents and in turn set up some devastating mix-ups when used in conjunction with an assist.
Hyper (Super) Moves

Blue Light Special
248,100 - 297,700


Frank West pushes a cart full of zombies and survival tools horizontally across screen toward his opponent. This Hyper is mashable and will net you extra hits when doing so. Although this Hyper does less damage than Survival Techniques, Blue Line Special can be X Factor Canceled and used to level Frank up when he finds himself in a situation where his assist characters have fallen. For an example combo, refer to the combos section below.

Survival Techniques
Damage Level 1-5
253,100 - 356,100


This is the most damaging Hyper Frank retains and is best used as a combo ender to score more damage. During Survival Techniques, Frank lunges toward his opponent and when successfully connected, goes into a Hyper animation using many of his tools to combo the enemy. This Hyper cannot be X Factor Canceled once it connects, so if your goal is to continue a combo with X Factor and finish an opponent, it is best to use Blue Light Special.

Funny Face Crusher [Level 3 or Higher]


This Hyper can only be used once Frank has leveled up to level 3 or higher. Funny Face Crusher is an anti-air grab Hyper that is reminiscent of She-Hulk’s. Frank leaps up forward dragging the opponent down, smashes a Servebot mask on top of their head, and proceeds to giant swing them around multiple times.

This Hyper is not mashable but you can actually net more hits and damage by spinning the joystick around repeatedly during the giant swing animation. Funny Face Crusher leaves the opponent in an untechable knockdown state and Frank can actually continue to combo after this move by using the heavy version of Tools of Survival. For an example combo proceeding Funny Face Crusher, refer to the combo section below.

When continuing a combo after Funny Face Crusher, always remember that the Hyper will leave you on the opposite side of where you started. For example, if you land this Hyper while standing on the Player 1 side, when the Hyper finishes it’s animation, you will end up on the Player 2 side and vice versa. So when planning to combo afterward always keep that in mind.
Type Move Class Angle
A Shopping Cart Direct
B Tools of Survival L Direct
Y Pick Me Up Extra Instant

Assist Alpha: Shopping Cart - This is easily Frank’s best assist and one of the best assists in the game. Frank rushes forward pushing a shopping cart at his opponent. This assist works great for high pressured rush down and mix-ups involving teleports.

Assist Beta: Tools of Survival L - Frank jumps out and performs the L version of Tools of Survival. This assist isn’t quite as useful but can be used to extend combos. Depending on what level Frank is currently at, the weapon he uses will change accordingly.

Assist Gamma: Bottoms Up - Frank takes a swig of his alcohol giving you a 30% meter increase much like Morrigan’s Dark Harmonizer.

Characters best used in conjunction with
Frank needs to get up close to his opponent in order to be effective. Any character that can provide cover for him is most beneficial. Projectile assists are particularly good because not only do they cover his approach but once Frank reaches level 2, he can set up some tricky mix ups with his Barrel Roll. Also, specific characters help Frank level up very quickly such as Nova, Super-Skrull and Dante.

• Dante
• Nova
• Super-Skrull
• Dr. Doom
• Iron Man
• Sentinel
• Taskmaster
• Hawkeye
• Storm
• Vergil
• Ryu
• Arthur
• Akuma
• Amaterasu
Important note: Not every possible combo is listed here. Instead, you'll find the most common and helpful combos that you should know. There are many variations to these as well.

Cr. L, st. M, cr. M, cr. H, st. S, air M, M, H, H Tools of Survival, cr. L, cr. M, cr. H, st. S, air M, M, H, S, Snapshot.
18 Hits
423, 300 Damage
This is a basic level 1 bread and butter combo that leaves Frank at level 2 when finished.

Air D+H, air H Tools of Survival, cr. L, cr. M, cr. H, st. S, air M, M, L Tools of Survival, M, S, Snapshot.
15 Hits
379,700 Damage
A level 1 combo after Frank's Knee Drop. Hitting the air H Tools of Survival can be difficult but it is possible to OTG with Frank on his own in level 1 after a Knee Drop and continue the combo.

Cr. L, st. M, cr. M, cr. H, st. S, air M, M, H, H Tools of Survival, cr. L, cr. M, cr. H, st. S, air M, M, H, S, Snapshot, Blue Line Special, X Factor Cancel, Knee Drop, Snapshot.
38 Hits
583,200 Damage
This combo begins in level 1 and results in Frank getting to level 4 without the aid of assists. You must be reasonably close to the corner after Blue Line Special's wall bounce in order to successfully hit the X Factor into Knee Drop.

Cr. L, st. M, cr. M, st. H, cr. H, st. S, air M, M, L Tools of Survival, M, S, dash forward, H Tools of Survival, st. S, air M, M, H, S, Snapshot, Survival Techniques.
55 Hits
678, 100 Damage
A level 4 bread and butter combo that works anywhere on screen.

Cr. L, st. M, cr. M, st. H, cr. H, st. S, air M, M, L Tools of Survival, M, L Tools of Survival, M, L Tools of Survival, M, S, H Tools of Survival, st. S, air H, S, Snapshot, Survival Techniques.
73 Hits
776, 100 Damage
A corner variation of the combo above. Frank can hit 3 repetitions of M Tools of Survival in the air against the majority of the cast. On smaller characters, he can only hit 2 repetitions before the opponent is too far beneath Frank in order for him to hit the air S.

Funny Face Crusher, H Tools of Survival, cr. H, S, air M, M, L Tool of Survival, S, Snapshot.
36 Hits
423, 400 Damage
This is a combo off of Funny Face Crusher. Make sure to spin the stick as much as possible to net the maximum amount of hits and damage.
Move Legend
— Press any Attack Button (Light, Medium or Hard)

— Light Attack

— Medium Attack

— Hard/Heavy Attack

— The Special/Launch button

— Press two of the Attack Buttons at the same time.

Costume Colors
Frank West's main costume colors in Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Other Resources and Credit
You can find more information about playing Frank West on the Central Character Discussion Thread on the forums.
Contributions to this guide by Maximilian, Nyoro, DreamKing and Cpt Jack House.


Snow_Monkey said on November 15, 2011 at 6:48 a.m.

Frank seems to really benefit from some kind of lockdown assist. Doom's Plasma Beam, Iron Man's Unibeam, Sentinels drones, and even Ryu's or Akumas tatsu assist help a lot with extending combos letting Frank level up faster. All of those characters have great Team Hyper Combos that will help him get to level 4 once you land a combo and have 3 meters.

My two cents for anyone that was looking for some tips.

Smexers said on November 15, 2011 at 8:59 a.m.

there ya go ~_~


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