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Super-Skrull Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide

Guide last updated on
February 21, 2011 at 11:22 p.m. PST

Super-Skrull Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide

Character Overview
Super-Skrull is a very fast and mobile rush down character that can deal big damage once he gets in. Skrull has an excellent command throw with great range that can open up overly defensive opponents and can also get around projectiles using Meteor Smash.

Unfortunately for Skrull, he can only air dash at an up forward so his offense can become very predictable. Also, as with most rushdown characters, Skrull needs a decent assist to help him approach.

+ Fast wave dash
+ Command throw has great range
+ High damage output
+ Multiple moves that OTG
+ Can combo from all of his grabs
+ Skrull in X Factor level 3 is absolutely devastating
+ One of the best anchors in the game

- One directional air dash
- Doesn’t have too many defensive options
- Mashing buttons can easily leave you open due to unwanted Tenderizers
- Randomness can be a double edged sword

Notable Normal Moves and Unique Attacks

Rolling Hook
Super Skrull rushes forward performing a giant spinning punch. This move is slow on start up and can be difficult to use. When this move connects it causes an untechable knock down and if it connects mid-screen, you can follow up with a Meteor Smash or a level 3 hyper. If you hit your opponent while in the corner or closer it to it, you can follow up with Tenderizer, Stone Smite, Flame Kick and Brutal Pile Bunker as well.

You can also cancel this move while Skrull begins the attack with any of his special moves or hypers. When successfully hitting this attack in a corner you can follow up with standing S for a full combo.

Worm Squash
Skrull stomps his foot down on his opponent inflicting little damage. This move can only hit as an OTG, does very little damage and has virtually no use.
Stone Smite
Charging up a devastating fiery punch, Skrull unleashes a powerful attack that causes a wall bounce. Although it takes a bit of time to charge fully, once Stone Smite does finally release, the attack is quite fast. This move can also OTG and is best used after a standard magic series air combo for more damage.
Flame Kick
Skrull charges up a fiery kick that hits low, has a decent amount of range on it and OTG’s when fully charged. This move takes about as much time to fully charge as Stone Smite but doesn’t have quite as many uses. This move is mainly used as a combo ender but considering Skrull has better moves to finish combos with, this move is rarely used.
Brutal Pile Bunker
Skrull dives straight down toward the ground with a lethal punch. Brutal Pile Bunker causes a ground bounce when successfully connecting and can also OTG. Using this attack after a basic magic series air combo will OTG your opponent and allow Skrull to continue the combo with a relaunch for more damage.
Stone Dunk
This move is very similar to Stone Smite but instead of a wall bounce, this will net you a ground bounce. Used with an assist to cover, this move can be a solid tactic for pressuring your opponent and if landed successfully, will lead to big damage.

Elastic Punch
Skrull stretches his arm forward horizontally attacking his foe. This punch has great range and is special and hyper cancellable.

Elastic Uppercut
This is essentially a variation of Elastic Punch. Skrull attacks with the same punch but this hits up forward instead. This can be used to keep an opponent out at a distance but the hit box isn’t very large so it can be difficult to land successfully.
Special Moves

Orbital Grudge

Skrull spins his arms around creating a circle of fire that moves forward for a multi-hitting attack. Short of being used to apply pressure to an overly defensive opponent, this move has little to no use. Damage scaling affects combos too much for this move to be used effectively in any of Skrull’s bread and butter combos.

Fatal Buster


A follow up attack to Orbital Grudge, this move causes a wall bounce and can be followed up with a combo or hyper.

(Mash attack button)


Mashing L, M or H three times quickly will result in Skrull performing his Tenderizer attack. With the L version of this move Skrull rapidly punches the ground in front of him 10 times. This move can OTG and is most commonly used after an Elastic Slam for an easy combo into Skrull Torch.

The M version hits directly in front of Skrull and doesn’t have much use. Tenderizer is a highly unsafe move so it should be used sparingly and in proper situations.

The H version hits up forward in front of Skrull and works well as an anti-air or on a character coming in after a snapback. Each version of Tenderizer can be performed in the air and can be canceled into a hyper at any time.

Elastic Slam (Command Grab)


This is Super Skrull’s command throw. Skrull lashes forward grabbing at the opponent and proceeds to slam them multiple times. The L version has the least range and is used for close range combat.

The M version can be used from quite far away and is typically used most often because it covers so much ground. Remember when using the M version, you cannot be too close to the opponent or else it will whiff. If you are standing right in front of your opponent, (at normal grab range), this move will whiff entirely so make sure to use the L version in that situation.

The H Elastic Slam is an anti-air command throw with a bit more range than the M version. Its trajectory is very similar to Elastic Uppercut in that it travels in an up forward direction. Each version of Elastic Slam can be followed up with either Tenderizer, Brutal Pile Bunker after a forward dash or Meteor Smash. Examples of these follow ups can be found in the combo section below.

Meteor Smash


Skrull leaps into the air and smashes down with incredible force. Each version of the attack determines where Super Skrull will land on screen. When using the L version, Skrull will smash down on the far left side of the screen. With the M version, he will attack the middle of the screen and using the H version he will end up on the far right side of the screen.

Meteor Smash can be great for getting around projectiles and punishing a mistimed fireball. However, since each attack has a predetermined spot on screen that it will target, you must make sure your opponent is in one of those hot zones. Misjudging your spacing could lead to severe punishment so learn each range.
Hyper (Super) Moves

Skrull Torch


Mimicking the Human Torch, Skrull flies across the screen engulfed in fire hitting the opponent multiple times. This hyper can be steered up and down the entire time it is active which can be used to make it relatively safe on block. Skrull Torch also has a bit of invincibility on start up making it a useful counter for an opponent’s own hyper.

284,100 - 340,400


This is the hyper of choice for ending combos. Skrull jumps up and bursts into a giant ball of flame. Inferno deals great damage, does a sizeable amount of chip damage and can also be performed in the air.

Death Penalty


This is Super Skrull’s level 3 hyper. In Marvel vs. Capcom 3 this hyper worked a lot like Meteor Smash and targeted set areas on the screen. Now this hyper actually tracks the opponent and hits them wherever they stand. This level 3 hyper deals good damage and if successfully connected in the corner; it can be followed up with a st. L for a reset.

You can also score a full combo afterward if you land Death Penalty after a throw in the corner of after hitting it raw. For an example of this, refer to the combo section below.
Type Move Class Angle
A Stone Smite Direct
B Orbital Grudge Direct
Y Tenderizer Direct

Assist Alpha: Stone Smite - This assist is the most difficult to use out of Skrull’s three assists. Stone Smite comes out faster than the move itself but still has a rather long start up. On hit, Stone Smite causes a wall bounce, which works well for combo extension. Due to it’s slow start up, this assist should be used with a character who retains a move that can hit OTG in order to give Stone Smite enough time to successfully connect.

Assist Beta: Orbital Grudge - This assist can be used as a combo extender for any character with a move that hits OTG. Orbital Grudge moves forward quite a bit when Skrull is called making it useful for hitting an opponent, including smaller characters. It can also be used for applying pressure to your opponent when using a rushdown character.

Assist Gamma: Tenderizer - Skrull jumps out and performs the H version of Tenderizer. This assist can be used for locking down an opponent but is very situational due to the angle of the attack. This assist is best used after a snapback in the corner or when an opponent’s character dies and another is coming in.
Characters best used in conjunction with
Super Skrull benefits most from assists that allow him to cover his rushdown. Characters with multi-hitting projectile assists can prove most beneficial for helping Skrull get in on his opponent. Also, assists that lockdown or horizontal moving assists help apply pressure and can also be very useful.

• Doctor Doom
• Sentinel
• Taskmaster
• Iron Man
• Hawkeye
• Frank West
• Ryu
• Akuma
• Amaterasu
Important note: Not every possible combo is listed here. Instead, you'll find the most common and helpful combos that you should know. There are many variations to these as well.

St. L, st. M, cr. H, S, air M, M, H, S, forward air dash, air D+H, forward dash, S, air M, M, H, S, Meteor Smash, Inferno.
117 Hits
709,300 Damage
A basic mid-screen bread and butter combo for Super Skrull that uses a relaunch.

Elastic Slam, L Tenderizer, Skrull Torch.
35 Hits
387,400 Damage
A simple combo after an Elastic Slam that goes straight into Skrull Torch for easy damage.

Elastic Slam, air dash forward, air D+H, dash forward, S, air M, M, H, S, Meteor Smash, Inferno.
113 Hits
577,100 Damage
A combo that is a bit more complicated following up after an Elastic Slam. Typically, this is the combo that you should be going for after an Elastic Slam due to it dealing more damage.

(Corner) St. L, st. M, cr. H, S, air M, M, H, S, Stone Smite, S, air M, M, H, S, Meteor Smash, Inferno.
115 Hits
718,400 Damage
A corner bread and butter combo that uses a wall bounce and deals a bit more damage. When performing this combo, try to slow down the first air M, M, H, S so that you will be closer to the ground and can successfully hit Stone Smite.

(Corner - X Factor) St. L, st. M, cr. H, S, air M, M, H, S, Stone Smite, Stone Dunk, st. S, air H, Inferno, XFC, air S, Meteor Smash, Inferno.
204 Hits
1,043,700 Damage
A combo in the corner using X Factor level 1. Make sure to X Factor cancel the Inferno at the correct time because if canceled too late, the opponent will fly up too far for you to hit the air S.

(Corner) Forward throw, Death Penalty, st. L, st. M, cr. H, S, air M, M, H, S, Meteor Smash, Inferno.
123 Hits
825,800 Damage
A combo off a throw that uses Death Penalty. When scoring a throw in the corner, you can go straight into Death Penalty then follow up afterward with a full combo due to the small amount of hit stun scaling. If you try this after hitting Skrull's level 3 hyper at the end of a full combo, your opponent will tech out immediately after the st. L.
Move Legend
— Press any Attack Button (Light, Medium or Hard)

— Light Attack

— Medium Attack

— Hard/Heavy Attack

— The Exchange/Air Combo button

— Press two of the Attack Buttons at the same time.

Costume Colors
Super-Skrull's main costume colors in Marvel vs. Capcom 3
You can find more information about playing Super-Skrull on the Central Character Discussion Thread on the forums.
Contributions to this guide by SFilp, Ragionus, NekoStar, Raijin, Cyclone_Arkana, Janomy, Kanta Kun, Bad_Ken, TomatoHat, Poll Dog, FeelmissUU, Trintin, Akasha, DreamKing and ScytheWP.


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