Chun-Li vs. Character Strategies: Street Fighter 4

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November 6, 2009 at 9:58 p.m. PST

Chun-Li vs. Character Strategies: Street Fighter 4

Abel Match Up Information

Vs. Abel

Do not throw many Fireballs in this match because Abel has multiple tools to deal with these and punish you.

Most of Abel's combos start off close so try to keep him at sweep distance โ€” which is also outside the reach of his command throw.

Chun-Li's Jumping Up Hard Kick can be very useful in this match as it can keep Abel at a distance and beat out a lot of his attacks.

Be wary of getting predictable with your pokes because Abel's EX-Change of Direction can blow through your attacks.

Use a lot of Jumping Hard Punches as well as your cross-up games, as both of these are very effective against Abel.

Akuma Match Up Information

Vs. Akuma

Akuma's Demon Flip cannot be EX-Spinning Bird Kicked, and your other anti airs don't work well against it either. A Focus Attack can beat this out sometimes, but Akuma's Throw and Punch option will bust up this strategy if you use it too much. So mix in Back Dashes to avoid his Demon Flips and get airborne to counter them as well.

Be very careful when jumping over Akuma's fireballs, because he can set up his Dragon Punch or Raging Demon here. But if you're patient you can work your way in and take advantage of Akuma's soft underbelly (low stamina).

Your Overhead Flip Kicks work against Red Fireballs, just don't get predictable with them or you'll be eating a Raging Demon. Jump over his fireballs when you're at midrange distance and use your best Jumping Hard Punch 2x combo when he's open.

Balrog (Boxer) Match Up Information

Vs. Balrog

You mostly want to keep your distance in this match. Watch out for Balrog's Crouching Light Punch, which will lead to a combo and possibly an Ultra when he connects it.

Jumping straight up with Hard Kick will help you maintain some space, and throwing out occasional EX-Fireballs will stop him from getting inside with his EX-Run Punches.

When you score a knock down, you can set up Chun-Li's auto cross up attack, or go for a regular cross up. Watch your timing here though because if you're off a bit, one Buffalo Headbutt from the Boxer and you'll probably be eating an Ultra.

A lot of Balrog players like to charge up their attacks from the crouching position which should give you some good opportunities to use your Overhead Flip Kick to help keep his defense honest.

Standing Hard Punch and Crouching Hard Kick work as anti airs, but Crouching Hard Punch is probably your most reliable counter against Boxers jump ins when you're on the ground, but it does the least amount of damage of the three. But any combination of these will work well if your spacing and timing is good.

Chun-Li has a difficult time punishing Balrog's various Running Punches, but if you can predict when he'll do one, you can catch him with your Ultra.

Blanka Match Up Information

Vs. Blanka

This is a match you'll mostly have to play defensively, because it's very difficult to stay on Blanka after a knock down and both characters have a lot of counters against each other. You can punish Blanka's Horizontal and Vertical Roll attacks with a well-timed Ultra. You can also do a Standing Light Punch to knock him out of his Beast Roll, and he'll end up very close to you setting up Crouching Light Kick 2x into EX-Lightning Legs if he doesn't block after wards or a tick throw if he does.

On the other end of things, Blanka has great ways to counter your projectile with his slide and EX-Beast Roll. Can you can use Focus Attacks if he gets sloppy with his slides to punish him though, but your fireball isn't nearly as useful in this match as it is in others.

The Beast's Jumping Hard Kick attack will stuff a lot of your ground anti airs, so you'll often need to resort to EX-Spinning Bird Kicks to get him off of you.

Blanka also has many counters to your jump in attacks while he's getting off the ground โ€” and in most cases โ€” it's best off to never to jump after a knock down, unless your timing is dead on or you think you can catch him off guard.

Because Blanka is a charge character, your Overhead Flip Kick can be handy to catch him when he's blocking low and make his defensive game a bit more honest.

This is usually a boring match for Chun-Li, but most players think this is an even set if you play smart, as there isn't a clear advantage for either fighter.

C. Viper Match Up Information

Vs. C. Viper

This is generally regarded as being a match C. Viper's favor. Viper does more damage and her moves tend to beat out Chun-Li's. For example, your EX-Spinning Bird Kick sometimes loses to her Flame Kick and the invincible frames with her EX-Seismic Hammer can negate some of your poke/footsie games.

But Chun-Li's Jumping Straight Up Hard Kick attack causes problems for Viper's air game, and Crimson has limited anti-air options, so you can get a few good jump ins in this match. Also, your Overhead Flip Kick can be good counter if the other player starts to abuse EX-Seismic Hammers.

You'll probably be facing an offensive onslaught, so adopting a counter-attack mindset tends to work well in this battle.

Dhalsim Match Up Information

Vs. Dhalsim

Get in on Dhalsim and don't let up. You can follow in behind your fireball to gain ground, use your Overhead Flip Kick to go over low attacks and absorb pokes with your Focus Attack and Dash Cancel out of it to advance.

If Dhalsim tries to go offensive with a slow fireball/teleport behind you trick, either EX-Spinning Bird Kick, or if you're not charged go for a Jumping Straight Up Hard Kick or Standing Medium Punch.

You can hit his limbs with your fireball, but be wary of charging down-back because many Dhalsim players like to use his instant overhead attack. Instead, stand tall for most of the match.

When you're close, Standing Medium Punch Canceled into an Overhead Flip Kick works well to apply pressure, and if you get him near the corner you can set up your Ultra. If his defensive wall is keeping you out, jumping straight up with Hard Kick can work well to throw off his timing.

Guile Match Up Information

Vs. Guile

Guile's projectile is much better than yours, so avoid getting into a fireball war. More than likely you're going to be up against a very defensive player, so working your way inside is the main challenge.

Whenever possible, let him corner himself so he doesn't have any more space to backtrack. Once you get inside on Guile you have many more options than he does to do damage, so you can really cause havoc up close.

Well timed Overhead Flip Kicks can get you over his Sonic Booms and let you apply pressure, and also your cross up Jumping Light Kick attack can give him problems as well.

EX-Flash Kicks will knock you down if you're too aggressive, giving him a lot of breathing room, so don't get predictable when you're trying to rush him down.

Zangief Match Up Information

Vs. Zangief

If Gief gets close more than a couple of times this match is usually over for you. Keep your distance, use a lot of Standing Hard Kicks against him as this will beat out many of his jump ins and Lariat if timed and spaced correctly. Standing Medium Punch is also a good fast poke you can throw out here and there.

Mix in occasional fireballs, just don't abuse these as Gief has many tools to get around projectiles and make you pay a heavy price.

If you sniff out a Green Glove, jump straight up with Hard Kick and go into a combo after you connect.

When you see Gief blocking down-back a lot, start throwing in Overhead Flip Kicks to keep him off guard. Use your EX-Spinning Bird Kick to get him off of you when needed.

Contributions to this guide by Zombiebrian, Azrael and Gun-Fu_Projekt.


LuckyD said on March 19, 2010 at 7:29 a.m.

the info is helpfull but they dont tell how to fight those runaway akumas jump backward fireball the whole match those things are getting on my nerves why are ryu/ken/bison/sagat/cammy not listed here?

Nanaya said on May 4, 2010 at 1:26 p.m.

To fight Runaway Goukis is pretty simple. Fireball, fireball, fireball. Gouki is at a bad disadvantage when you get close enough and he's dumb enough to air FB. Focus absorb dash forward or dashing under air FB are your only options unless you have Ultra 1. Getting mid ranged will guarantee you raw ultra on a regular air fb recovery. It's a very tough fight since Gouki can Option Select vs Chun all day. It's more of how patient you can play and pick your spots.


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