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Ippatsuman: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide

Guide last updated on
June 9, 2010 at 3:10 p.m. PDT

Ippatsuman: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Character Guide

Guide by Nyoronoru

Character Overview

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Button Move Key

+ Powerful Hyper Moves.
+ Can cross the screen very quickly.
+ Light version Rainball is really fast.
+ Damaging air reset combos.
+ Great anti-air game.

- Poor Level 3 Hyper.
- Medium and Hard projectiles have slow recovery.
- Assist is very difficult to apply midscreen.
- Home Run Hyper requires close range.
- Below average walking speed.

Ippatsuman is another top-rated character from the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom universe. He has a very flexible fighting style and can be played both offensively and defensively very easily.

Special Moves

A (2) next to an arrow means to hold the joystick in that direction for 2 seconds to 'charge' the move.

With moves that charge by holding back or down, you can use the diagonal positions to charge up as well. For example, if you're holding back, you can jump backwards or block low and still maintain your charge.

2.4 B
2.4 B
2.4 B

Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick
(Can also be performed in the air)
Rainball (Baseball)
A projectile attack. The baseball's arc changes depending on which button you use. You have to wait for the baseball to return to your hand before you can throw it again.

The Light version throws a fastball straight ahead. Medium version throws a curveball that goes almost full screen before it curves up and returns. Hard version throws a screwball that also goes full screen straight ahead but more slowly. If you do this motion in the air, the Light and Hard versions travel at a downwards angle. Since the angle isn't very steep, it's primary use is for hitting people who chase you into the air. The Medium version travels the same path as the ground version.

Ippatsuman's Light baseball travels and returns almost as quickly as Yatterman's Kenda Magic, so you can actually fire off baseballs pretty quickly despite the fact you have to wait for the baseball to return. Another interesting fact about the grounded Light Rainbow Ball is that using it causes Ippatsuman to take a small jump backwards. This is good if you want to use a projectile that will place additional distance between you and an advancing opponent.

2.8 B
3.7 B
5.4 B

Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick
(Can also be performed in the air)
Quick Upper
Ippatsuman stands in place and then jumps directly upward, surrounded in purple energy. This is an anti-air and air combo ender. The Light version is a good anti-air if you can bait an aerial attack out from an opponent. The Light version has the smallest vertical range, the weakest damage but the fastest startup and recovery time. Hard is the opposite, Medium is a mix of the two.

Performing the motion while dashing causes Quick Stance to come out at a 45 degree angle. The incredible speed this move has is rather shocking, but executing a dragon punch motion while dashing is somewhat tricky. Also, since it can only be done while dashing, it can't be comboed without a partner assist. The Light version travels the shortest distance but has the quickest recovery time, Hard is the opposite. During the recovery time of this move, you float to the ground helplessly.

The dash version is a semi-useful surprise attack, but since there are better options, it's best to avoid it.

2.5 B
3.7 B
4.8 B

Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick
Mound Zapper
Makes Ippatsuman punch the ground and create a wave of purple energy around him. This is another anti-air attack. It's really good to use against people attempting to cross you up or attempt a quick flying high attack, because Ippatsuman's hitbox becomes almost impossible to strike when executing this move. Light version has the shortest range and weakest damage along with the fastest recovery. Hard is the opposite. You can be punished rather badly if this move is blocked while the opponent is standing on the ground.

This move, like Quick Stance, has very little horizontal range. However, this attack hits as an on-the-ground move, making it useful to end ground combos with. If you apply Baroque it is possible to use this move as a launcher after a knockdown to start an air combo.

2.4 B
2.8 B
3.2 B

Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick
Justice Liner
A very fast Psycho Crusher-esque attack. The Light version goes the shortest distance and Hard the farthest, but the startup time for all versions is the same. It's possible to go past opponents using the Medium or Hard versions if they block this move, putting you a good non-punishable distance away from them. This move cannot be comboed into, but it is a good surprise and escape tactic. The primary use for this move is escaping corners.

A nasty trick to cross up the opponent is to use a version of Justice Liner that places you behind the opponent, Baroque, and begin attacking immediately. Such a situation is similar to Ken's Bird Shot mixups.

As an assist, this move isn't very good. It can have defensive uses.

Hyper (Super) Moves

4.0 B
14.7 B

Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick
Gyakuten Home Run (Level 1)
Ippatsuman whips out a bat and blasts a bunch of baseballs at his opponent. It comes out in a cone pattern. The more baseballs that hit his enemy, the more damage the Hyper does. Generally, you want to be standing almost directly in front of someone before you fire this move off to attain maximum damage. For an unknown reason, if you use this move in the corner while the opponent's back is against the wall a lot of the baseballs will miss.

This Hyper is actually incredibly damaging at the right ranges and it is easy to combo into. This also works wonders against the Giants if you see an opening, since every baseball will hit their large frames. Just keep an eye out for Lightan's Gold Crash.

In Cross-over Combinations, this move is only good if your partner has a sufficient Hyper to keep the opponent locked down as Ippatsuman adds on the extra damage, since this Hyper is an instant-hit move.

8.8 B

Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick (Can also be used in the air)
Gyakuten Breaker (Level 1)
This move is an unblockable command grab and one of the reasons Ippatsuman is such a dangerous character. The best way to utilize this Hyper is to place it at the end of air combos. If timed correctly, the grab will not be damage scaled. Since it travels in a 45-degree angle upwards, it works well as a regular anti-air as well. It comes out really quickly and has great range, making it almost impossible to counter.

If you find yourself comboing into this Hyper instead of getting the damage reset you want, just keep delaying the Hyper until you have the right timing for the unscaled grab down.

2.4 B
F. Impact
1.6 B
F. Slam
2.4 B
5.2 B
34.4 B

Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick
Come Forth, Gyakuten-Oh! (Level 3)
Ippatsuman calls his giant robot Gyakuten-Oh, jumps into the cockpit and proceeds to take control. You then use the normal button and joystick commands to control the actions of the mech. During the time this move is used, Ippatsuman is totally invincible and his Hyper meter begins to act as a timer. Here is a list of what each input does. Keep in mind that the Light attack controls the left arm and the Medium attack button controls the right.

Light or Medium Attack: A punch. You can juggle with this move if you time it correctly using each arm alternatively since it bounces the opponent off the wall. This move has to be blocked high.

Down + Light or Down + Medium Attack: A fist slam. Despite the direction it travels, this move has to be blocked low. Also, the impact from the attack covers the entire floor of the stage, but it doesn't deal as much damage as a direct hit with the fist.

Up + Light or Up + Medium Attack: An unblockable spear slash. The Light version hits the bottom part of the screen, Medium hits the top. This move does the most damage out of the melee attacks but has the longest recovery time.

Hard Attack Button: This move charges up your giant laser. The damage done by this move is huge, but it is easy to prevent by hitting Gyakuten-Oh right in the hexagon on his chest while he is charging up. Since the startup time is so large, it's best not to waste your time trying to land this move.

While using this move, your Hyper meter depletes and cannot be regenerated by hits landed with the robot. Once it runs out, the robot disappears and Ippatsuman returns to the screen.

It's hard to land hits with this move because your opponent can jump around like a maniac and avoid the mixup game. The timing for consecutively landing punches is difficult. Also, if you whiff with a spear attack, you've just wasted an entire Hyper bar trying to land a hit that's not as damaging as a Hyper meter spent on Zettai Gyakuten Breaker. As such, it's hard to justify the use of the giant robot. If you need to run out the clock though, then Gyakuten-Oh is perfect for the job... but since the Hyper meter runs out so fast, you'll have to have quite a lot of it to win through Time Over.

This move doesn't work so well against the Giants either. Most good Giant players can read your attacks anyway, and even if you land in a couple of unblockable hits, you'll have zero meter when you are finished, which is always unfavorable.

Normal Moves

Ippatsuman spins twice with his arms out while stepping forward. It's a good move for baiting Advance Guard attempts.

Joystick Joystick Joystick
Jumping Kick
Makes Ippatsuman jump slightly in the air and kick. Despite the appearance of the move, it is not an overhead.

This attack launches characters that are in the air only. You can jump cancel it just like a regular Launcher. It's possible to use this move as an anti-air or to combo from a Baroque Canceled Justice Liner.

Joystick Joystick Joystick
Shoulder Tackle
Ippatsuman charges with his shoulder out. Covers good ground, knocks the opponent down and lets you set up a Mound Zapper.

Joystick Joystick Joystick
Base Slide
This move is ridiculously good. It's easy to combo off of, it knocks down on hit and it has great range. It's unsafe on block, but most players use it as a punisher since it travels so far.

Joystick Joystick Joystick
This will launch your opponent into the air.


Partner Assist Variable Counter Variable Combination
Light Justice Liner Down-Toward + Hard Attack (Launcher) Gyakuten Home Run

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Storyline

Ippatsuman is a mysterious hero who always appears just in time to save Ran and Harubou, who work for the highly successful Time Lease leasing company.

His special rubber suit protects him from attacks by redirecting the impact. He can also throw the "Ultimate Rainball" projectile weapon and manipulate its direction with his superpowers.


CycloneIsomer said on March 13, 2010 at 6:05 p.m.

I just noticed as soon as you land Mound Zapper or Quick Stance (light,or medium not sure about heavy) special you can do the Breaker super after.

Nyoronoru said on March 17, 2010 at 12:53 p.m.

Indeed. A smart move is to use the Heavy version, wait a tick until the opponent starts dropping and then use the Breaker. That way your combo will reset and you will get full damage.


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