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Batsu: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide

Guide last updated on
June 9, 2010 at 3:43 p.m. PDT

Batsu Ichimonji: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Character Guide

Guide by Nyoronoru

Character Overview

Batsu is one of the best offensive characters in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. His normals are very quick and his speed is above average. He has more mixup options than a lot of the cast as well.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Button Move Key

+ Above-average combo damage.
+ Lots of choices for mixups and counters.
+ Reliable Hyper moves.
+ Has great utility of Baroque.
+ Great footspeed.
+ Powerful, fast normal moves.

- Some of his mixups are easy to see coming.
- His uppercut can overshoot anti-air attempts.
- Shooting Star Kick isn't a reliable aerial pressure move.
- Batsu's projectile is poor in terms of distance and startup time.

Special Moves

2.8 B
3.1 B
3.3 B

Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick
(Can also be performed in the air)
Guts Bullet (Kiai Dan)
Batsu's projectile. While it might be useful for briefly controlling ground and air space, you'll probably only find use for this in combo strings. The Light version travels the least and has the quickest startup time. The Hard version travels full screen, but has the longest startup time. It retains these properties if used in the air, but it travels at a down-toward angle.

You can use this multiple times in the air to control your descent. It also has a deceptively large hitbox for a projectile.

2.3 B
3.0 B
3.7 B

Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick
Guts Upper (Shoryuken, Dragon Punch)
An uppercut where Batsu has upper-body invincibility during its use. The Light version travels forward the least, Hard the most. While it is tricky to use this as an anti-air, you can almost use it as a substitute Launcher with Baroque.

As an assist, this move is okay. It's good for corners or characters that excel at attacking juggled opponents.

3.4 B
4.7 B
5.6 B

Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick
Crescent Kick (Mikadzuki Kick)
Batsu winds his leg up a bit and then brings them down for an overhead hit. The Light version starts up the fastest, but travels the least amount of distance.

You should always call an assist whenever you use this move to either protect your recovery or to continue a combo if the Crescent Kick lands, since the hitstun isn't very good.

2.0 B
2.0 B
2.0 B

Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick (In the air)
Shooting Star Kick (Ryuusei Kick, Drill Kick)
This is Batsu's dive kick, and it is very fast. If you're talented, you can play keep away from other fighters by using this to constantly dive kick into corners. You can also use it twice in the air to generate some damaging air combos.

This move is very unsafe on block and whiff, however. If you're planning to use this to pressure opponents from the air, make sure you have some sort of assist ready. The Light version travels at the steepest angle (45 degrees), Hard the shallowest.

Joystick Joystick Joystick or Joystick while blocking
Tardy Counter
If you do this motion during a blockstring (within the frames of block stun), some Japanese lettering will appear around Batsu and he will do a counterattack.

During the attack, Batsu is invincible to the stun of limbs and projectiles. He'll still take damage, but the followup attack will do quite a lot of stun, letting you set up an easy combo. The Medium version of the counter gives you less time to follow up with an attack. Lastly, Batsu's super armor during this move is limited, so if he is hit too many times, he'll get knocked out of the counter.

The Medium version attacks faster, but you can't combo with other attacks as easily, usually just Hyper moves and such. Hard is great for setting up an air combo.

Hyper Moves

10.4 B

Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick (Can also be used in the air)
Super Guts Bullet (Level 1, Zenkai Kiai Dan)
Batsu fires a giant version of his Guts Bullet with this Hyper. The unique attribute that sets it apart from other Hypers is that the Super Guts Bullet is disjointed from Batsu the moment the Hyper animation ends. Thus, it is impossible to stop the firing of the Bullet once it is fully on screen by hitting Batsu.

It's easy to combo into this Hyper because of its large hitbox and you can use it in the air, too. In a Cross-over Combination, it's good for adding extra damage, but most of the damage scenarios for Batsu's United by Fate are a better investment for three levels of Hyper meter.

10.7 B

Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick
Super Guts Uppercut (Level 1)
Batsu performs a souped up version of his Guts Uppercut and it's one of the few Hypers in the game where you can jump at the end to continue an aerial combo.

This Hyper also has upper-body invincibility just like the regular Guts Upper. It's easy to combo into this, and is a good ground combo ender.

20.7 B
21.6 B
30.5 B

Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick
United By Fate (Level 3, Team-Up Attack)
This Hyper has a bit of startup time and can only be used on the ground, but it can be comboed into from Guts Bullet or an assist pretty easily.

Depending on who your partner is, a different Hyper animation will materialize. There are three possiblities; Double Guts Bullet, Double Guts Upper, and Double Shooting Star Kick.

Double Guts Bullet is the weakest, but you can combo after wards if you are in the corner with good timing.

Double Guts Upper is stronger than Double Guts Bullet and you can follow it up with a launcher anywhere on screen.

Double Shooting Star Kick is by far the most powerful and is unbelievably damaging, but you can't follow it up with any attacks.

Listed below are the characters that cause each Hyper animation. If your partner is KOed, Batsu will always do Double Guts Bullet, but it will be a lot more powerful than before.

Double Guts Bullet: Chun-Li, Ippatsuman, Ken the Eagle, Morrigan, Ryu, Viewtiful Joe, Yatterman-1, Zero.

Double Guts Upper: Alex, Frank West, Joe the Condor, Kaijin no Soki, Megaman Volnutt, Polimar, Tekkaman.

Double Shooting Star Kick: Casshan, Doronjo, Jun the Swan, Karas, Roll, Saki, Tekkaman Blade, Yatterman-2.

Normal Moves

Joystick Joystick Joystick
This will launch your opponent up into the air.

Ankle Breaker
Batsu's standing Light Attack hits low.

Joystick Joystick Joystick
Overhead Bash
Batsu will wind up and do an overhead hit. Tricky to see coming since the animation tends to hide his extended arm. Baroque this move to continue a combo after landing it.

Joystick Joystick Joystick
Elbow Gut Buster
The startup is similar to Overhead Bash, but instead of hitting overhead it does a large amount of stun instead, giving you a free combo.


Partner Assist Variable Counter Variable Combination
Light Guts Uppercut Down-Toward + Hard Attack (Launcher) Super Guts Bullet

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Storyline

Batsu Ichimonji is a high school student driven to fight for his friends and family. His fierce moves of the Kiai Dan ("Guts Bullet") fireball and dashing aerial "Guts Uppercut" represent his straightforward personality and pure fighting style.

Character origins

Batsu Ichimonji is the main character in both of the Rival Schools fighting games by Capcom. He's an accomplished martial artist who strongly believes in teamwork and justice.

In the first game, Batsu is a transfer student who is searching for his missing mother. Joined by his friends from the game, he finds out that the person who took his mom is his long-lost father, Raizo. His ending in Rival Schools shows him saving his mother and making peace with his dad.

In the sequel, there's a wave of attacks hitting local schools and Batsu is accused of being in on them. He fights off the allegations with the help of students from a different high school.

Contributions to this guide by Gnik and Wolf.


JCT21 said on August 10, 2011 at 7:55 a.m.

I DESTROYED an Ultra Master with Batsu and Zero and I was only a Rookie!

MacMan369 said on November 26, 2011 at 9:37 a.m.

What does it mean to whiff?


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