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Marvel vs. Capcom 2 basic gameplay details

Guide last updated on
July 28, 2009 at 4:02 a.m. PDT

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 basic gameplay details

Guide by RPGFighter, edited by staff

Gameplay and terminology

Assist: This is a move that happens when you press one of the partner buttons. Partner A calls the 2nd person in your party and Partner B calls the 3rd person. They show up and do a single move that you chose during the character select screen. They help in multiple ways, but it takes time to figure out which one fits your style. You have 3 options for each character and they can only do that one assist for the whole match. You can't use an assist move when you are attacking in the air or being attacked.

Joystick Joystick Joystick      or       Joystick Joystick Joystick
Switching out characters: Pressing both Light Attack or Hard Attack buttons at the same time will swap out your characters. The Light buttons swap in the 2nd person in your lineup, Hard buttons the 3rd.

Air Combos: Combos that take part in the air, usually you use some move on the ground to shoot the opponent in the air. This move is called a Launcher, once launched you can use continuous attacks in the air for a combo string. Air Combos are a must in this game, because many of them are easy to do and can take off a good amount of life.

Launcher: A move that shoots your opponent in the air, usually to start off a combo. Most characters can do a Launcher with Crouching Hard Punch or Kick. While some characters have different ways to do the Launcher, this is the most common.

Super Jump: A jump that travels much higher. This can be used to catch a flying opponent or to go into an Air Combo. You do a Super Jump by crouching and quickly jumping. It needs to be one quick motion, when done correctly your character will have a blue aura around them.

Joystick (when blocking)
Push Back: When blocking, press both punch buttons at the same time right when someone is hitting you and you will cause a Push Back. Your opponent and your character will then be pulled back from each other, giving you more breathing room. This is commonly used when they are doing chip damage or trying to pressure you.

Double and Triple Hypers: In MvC2, you can have up to 5 bars of Hyper meter, which is referred to as Super meter in other fighting games. To do a Double or Triple Hyper move you press both Partner buttons at the same time. If you have 2 bars of Hyper meter only one of your characters will jump out to assist you, but if you have 3, all of your characters will jump out to help.

Infinites: A combo that never ends. Once the combo starts you can keep doing the same moves in a row and the opponent has no chance of blocking it. These can eliminate a whole character's life bar quickly. Usually they require REALLY STRICT timing though.

Suggestions on picking a good team

Remember the screen is split down the middle by Capcom and Marvel characters. Capcom on the left, Marvel on the right. This makes navigating through all 56 characters a little easier to manage.

When you're getting into the game, aim for a balanced team. Have an all a round character who has the skills to deal with multiple situations. Then have a strong character and quick character. For example: Magneto, Sentinel and Psylocke. Magneto is the speed while Sentinel is the powerhouse and Psylocke keeps everything together.

Also, make sure you choose assists and Hyper moves to cover all your major needs. You want your selections to work well together.

As you get more advanced, you may want to experiment with all sorts of different combinations though.


You have 3 different assist options, A, B or Y. The order of which assists differ between all characters.

To help you understand the differences, here's a list of the assist types with a brief description of what they do.

Air Throw: Zangief only. When he comes out he does an air throw.

Anti-air: These can be deadly. They usually cover a good amount of air or can setup nice combos. Typically good against people who jump in too much. Some of the best assists in the game are Anti-airs, but it's probably best to avoid having your whole team based around them.

Balance: Usually just a projectile assist.

Capture: A assist that captures the opponent. Sets up combos, catches them off guard and can sometimes combo into a Hyper.

Dash: An assist that gets the character dashing right at the other side of the screen. Usually does good damage and shoots the opponent away if they are trying to pressure.

Enhance: Usually something fast or speedy, kind of like a dash.

Expansion: Something fairly different for each character.

Ground: A assist that usually helps in ground pressure, usually as a projectile on the ground or a strong attack that covers a good amount of the stage.

Heal: A move that if you touch a certain item near the assist character, you regain some health. Be careful though because your opponent can also use it once it is out.

Launcher: A assist that launches your opponent in the air for combos.

Projectile: A projectile attack, helps with defense and also helps your zoning game. Some projectiles are better than others, though.

Throw: If the opponent is right next to the assist character they then will be thrown. Some do good damage and some lightly toss them in the air for combos.

Variety: Something that differs between all characters, and has different outcomes depending on how you use it.

Here are some of the best assists.

Captain Commando: Anti-air assist.
Cyclops: Anti-air assist.
Doctor Doom: Anti-air assist.
Psylocke: Anti-air assist.
Sentinel: Projectile or ground assist.
Tron Bonne: Projectile assist.

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mach1545 said on July 4, 2010 at 6:14 p.m.

I have no idea who Blackheart is outside this game(or most of the cast that isn't Capcom, don't know if he is) but when I first played this I thought he was the coolest character ever...

mach1545 said on July 4, 2010 at 6:18 p.m.

Oh, he's not Capcom, duh it's right there on the front page...


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