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Super Street Fighter 4 rivals conversation transcript

Guide last updated on
December 29, 2010 at 3:19 a.m. PST

Super Street Fighter 4 rivals conversation transcript


Adon: Looks like you have enough pride to not run away from a fight…Sagat!
Sagat: The power you’re after is twisted.
Adon: Just save it! Everyone will bow before me.
I will see them worship me as a God!
Sagat: This path you walk leads nowhere, Adon. This fight is pointless.
Adon: Bah! I’ve had enough of your empty platitudes. Die!

During Fight
Adon: The time has finally come.
Adon: Grovel before me.
Adon: How do you live with your shame?
Adon: Get out of bed fool!
Adon: I’ve lost all respect for you.
Adon: I am the new King of Muay Thai (Ultra startup)
Adon: The tiger’s claws are broken.
Sagat: You think you can scar me?
Sagat: Communicate with your fists.
Sagat: Why do you fight?
Sagat: Pitiful.
Sagat: You’ve already lost to your own cowardice.
Sagat: Why won’t you fight me?
Sagat: Just not good enough.


Guy: So you’re going after S.I.N., are you? Tell me why.
Cody: Look, I don’t need a reason.
Guy: Seth is an evil man that brings chaos to this world. Cody, tell me you’ll fight him alongside me.
Cody: Sorry Guy, it’s like I told you. I fight by myself nowadays.

During Fight
Cody: Face it, I’m better as street fighting (1st hit)
Cody: You, stay away from me.
Cody: Getting tired of this.
Cody: Whatcha waiting for?
Cody: This feels familiar, don’t it?
Cody: You like that?
Cody: Let’s finish this already.
Cody: I learned this in prison.
Cody: Let’s wrap this up (Ultra startup)
Guy: I can’t force you to do anything.
Guy: Cody!
Guy: Not much time left.
Guy: You’ve grown a great deal since those days.
Guy: I wish you’d reconsider.
Guy: Is there anything I can do to make to reconsider.

Dee Jay

Dee Jay: Oh! What do we have here?
Rufus: *Talks to himself while Dee Jay does the same, neither is paying much attention to the other*
Dee Jay: Your voice has a unique rhythm to it!
And that stomach of yours it’s poundin’ out it’s own rhythm mon! That’s simply fantastic! Say, you feel like throwin’ down?
Rufus: Ok! Come on.

During Fight
Dee Jay: 1 point (1st hit)
Dee Jay: Time for the climax (Ultra bar ready)
Dee Jay: Let’s get started.
Dee Jay: Bouncin’ like a tub of jelly.
Dee Jay: Stay tuned (Ultra startup)
Dee Jay: Feelin’ full (full super bar)
Dee Jay: That was fun mon.
Dee Jay: Sorry, that was low key.
Rufus: Minus five points (1st hit)
Rufus It takes only 30 points to win.
Rufus: Wake up man, let’s fight!
Rufus: Yeeeah! Watch the master at work.
Rufus: Now you’re in for it.
Rufus: No bonus points on this test. (Ultra startup)
Rufus: You’re strong enough to be my apprentice.
Rufus: Maybe kids’ll like your music or somethin’.


Dudley: What’s this then?
Can I help you sir?
Balrog: Hmpf you mean to tell me this little wimp is s’pposed to be the British champ?
You gotta be kiddin’ me! Hey! Take me on wimp!
Dudley: Does your rudeness know no bounds sir?
Very well then. Far be it for me to turn down a challenge. And from a fellow pugilist.

During Fight
Dudley: Pretty pathetic, for a former champ.
Dudley: Let’s show a little propriety, shall we?
Dudley: Think you can make it to the end of the round?
Dudley: With all due respect, you’re simply too weak for me.
Dudley: Not on my watch.
Dudley: Powerful fighter.
Dudley: You classless oaf.
Dudley: Time to finish off this round.
Dudley: You’re an embarrassment to boxing.
Balrog: Hehe this is getting interesting.
Balrog: I’ma Smash up that handsome face of yours.
Balrog: You won’t wake up next time.
Balrog: Comeon, put up a fight.
Balrog: Think you can get away?
Balrog: Keep your eyes open chump!
Balrog: Wipe that grin off your face!


Rose: I must hurry…
It’s you!
Guy: Being prepared to die in battle is not the same as offering yourself to death willingly.
Rose Tell me – Do you intend to die today?
Rose: Guy – I…
Just let me pass!

During Fight
Guy: This may hurt (1st hit)
Guy: You are as strong as ever.
Guy: Never surrender.
Guy: You don’t have to do this.
Guy: You seem troubled.
Guy: Please rethink your plan Rose.
Guy: I cannot allow you to continue.
Guy: Forgive me (Ultra startup)
Rose: The time has come.
Rose: How’s this?
Rose: You’re not an easy man to understand.
Rose: Let’s stop fighting.
Rose: It cannot be helped.


Hakan: Well if it isn’t my old friend, Mr. Honda!
How are you Edmond?
E. Honda: Fine, long time no see!
Hakan: My goodness, how many years has it been?
So what’re you doing out here anyway?
E. Honda: Just trying to spread the word about sumo! Gotta show people it’s the best technique on Earth!
Hakan: Oh yeah? Can’t say I agree with you there friend. The best technique out there is Turkish wrestling everyone knows that!
E. Honda: Nghh…maybe we oughta put that to the test!
Hakan: Sounds Good!

During Fight
Hakan: Here I come Edmond. (1st hit)
Hakan: Hurts, yes?
Hakan: We both know how this will end.
Hakan: I’m ready now (full super bar)
Hakan: Time to turn the tables (Ultra ready)
Hakan: That was a blast my friend.
Hakan: Mind telling me what type of oil you use in your hair.
E. Honda: Come on buddy (1st hit)
E. Honda: You’ll see how great sumo is!
E. Honda: Behold the power of sumo!
E. Honda:Wow! You’re pretty good.
E. Honda: Thanks for the memories. (Ultra startup)
E. Honda: Is that all Turkish wrestling has to offer?
E. Honda: I don’t know, maybe you need to get out more.


Ibuki: Oh!
Sakura: Ack!
Sakura: Sorry I wasn’t payin’ attention…
Ibuki: Hey, are you a fighter too?
Sakura: Uh yeah…Why?
Ibuki: Listen. If I beat you in a match, will you introduce me to some cool boys?
Sakura: That’s kind of a weird request…Okay I think I know just the guy!
Ibuki: Really? Awesome!

During Fight
Ibuki: You look pretty strong.
Ibuki: Just as planned.
Ibuki: I’m Ibuki, nice to meet you.
Ibuki: Whoa, I’m starving.
Ibuki: Tell me about this guy! Is he handsome?
Sakura: So exciting
Sakura: Nice outfit, say are you a ninja?
Sakura: The name’s Sakura Kagasano.
Sakura: I hope you’re ready.
Sakura: Oh no! I’ve really gotta be somewhere.


M. Bison: Hmm…you’ve grown quite strong.
Juri: Ah-ah what’ve we here? Didn’t expect you to come after me yourself.
I’da thought a supervillain would send his henchmen instead.
M. Bison: Fool. Words have consequences.
Juri: Oh man…I was really planning on saving the main course for last.
Whatever, I’ll just eat you up bones and all!

During Fight
Juri: Hahaha, Give me a break.
Juri: I’ll try to control myself.
Juri: So what if I lose, no big deal.
Juri: Stings, doesn’t it?
Juri: Oooh yeah. (full super bar)
Juri: Almost ready, Kill, Kill, Kill! (Ultra ready)
Juri: Go to hell! (Ultra startup)
Juri: I really thought this would be more fun.
Juri: Alright then, who wants to go next?
M. Bison: You won’t get away alive! (1st hit)
M. Bison: You’ll know defeat.
M. Bison: Fear me.
M. Bison: You think you can escape?
M. Bison: Worthless insect.
M. Bison: You’re a child (Ultra startup)
M. Bison: Know your limits.


Makoto: Hey you! Mister!
Fei Long: What is it?
Makoto: Hey I recognize you! You’re that guy from all the martial arts movies! Fei Long , right?
Fei Long: Yeah, what about it?
Makoto: If I can beat you, it’d do a lot for Rindo-kan’s reputation. Put up your dukes!
Fei Long: I have no idea what you’re talking about but….You’re on!

During fight
Makoto: I won’t lose this match.
Makoto: Don’t underestimate me.
Makoto: I’m gonna go for it.
Makoto: Try and dodge this!
Makoto: I’m not finished.
Makoto: The End! (Ultra startup)
Makoto: Rindo-kan karate! Remember that!
Fei Long: Time to really show off.
Fei Long: Deal with that!
Fei Long: Your spirit is weak.
Fei Long: You mean to tell me that’s all your dojo teaches?
Fei Long: Get ready to lose. (Ultra startup)
Fei Long: Rindo-kan huh? I’ll remember that.

T. Hawk

El Fuerte: How about a fight, amigo?
I’m a lot stronger now!
T. Hawk: You haven’t changed.
El Fuerte: What!?
T. Hawk: That attitude…It looks like I have more to teach you.

During Fight
T. Hawk: It has been many moons since we last fought.
T. Hawk: Take a closer look. (1st hit)
T. Hawk: Power is not everything.
T. Hawk: I haven’t had that much fun in many moons.
T. Hawk: Calm yourself
T. Hawk: The wind has begun to blow (full super bar)
T. Hawk: I should have expected as much from you.
El Fuerte: Looks like I’m leading this dance (1st hit)
El Fuerte: Strong as ever.
El Fuerte: We got a lot to talk about.
El Fuerte: I got a new recipe to try out.
El Fuerte: You haven’t changed a bit.
El Fuerte: It’s been a long time amigo.
El Fuerte: How’s the Chief?
El Fuerte: Soup’s on! Let’s eat!

Second (Alternative) Rival Match Characters

The following characters have a second rival match. In order to fight the alternate match press and hold all 3 punch buttons as the “Now Fight Your Rival” text comes across the screen and until the next vs. screen appears.


Juri: Hey there kitten. Looking for someone?
Cammy: Juri… You’ll pay for what you did to my sisters!
Juri: Hah! I think you’re the only one who’s gonna be paying for her sins here. Or did you think you could your brainwashing to avoid responsibility for what you’ve done?

During Fight
Cammy: I will win this fight.
Cammy: I’ll make you pay. (1st hit)
Cammy: You won’t get away!
Cammy: It’s my turn (Ultra ready)
Cammy: Too skilled for you am I?
Cammy: This is for my sisters! (Ultra startup)
Cammy: Don’t expect any sympathy.
Cammy: Was it just a fluke that you seemed so strong before?
Cammy: You can wallow in the guilt of your sins.
Juri: I’m going to enjoy this. (1st hit)
Juri: Ready to run away?
Juri: Heh, you think you’re cool?
Juri: Go join your friends in hell!
Juri: You’re pretty strong.
Juri: This is gonna feel good (Ultra ready)
Juri: Did you think you were special?


Chun-Li: Juri! Hold it right there!
Juri: Wow. Back for another beating officer?
Or maybe you’ve got a little school girl crush?
Chun-Li: One way or another you’re coming with me!
Juri: This is gonna be fun.

During Fight
Chun-Li: No mercy
Chun-Li: Time for you to give up!
Chun-Li: Let’s get started. (1st hit)
Chun-Li: Looks like we’re on equal footing.
Chun-Li: Ready to surrender now?
Chun-Li: I remember you being tougher than this.
Chun-Li: I have no sympathy for you, own up to what you’ve done.
Chun-Li: I’ve got this. (Ultra startup)
Chun-Li: You’re under arrest.
Juri: You’re still weak (1st hit)
Juri: Go on, counter me.
Juri: Hmpf, you’ve gotten even weaker.
Juri: Hope you last a little longer this time.
Juri: You look tired, everything ok?
Juri: Showtime! (Ultra ready)
Juri: Try and last a little longer next time.

C. Viper

Hakan: What’s this?
C. Viper: Hmm…I honestly thought you’d be taller. You didn’t look that short in your file.
Hakan: Watch your mouth!
C. Viper: Temper’s out of control too I see.
Hakan: Listen up lady, you sure you wanna start a fight with me?! Really sure?
C. Viper: I came all this way to see if you were worth recruiting, but I guess not. See you later.
Hakan: Hold it right there! I’m not just going to let you walk away after that!
C. Viper: You’ll regret this.

During Fight
C. Viper: I see you’re as obnoxious as they say. (1st hit)
C. Viper: All bark and no bite, huh?
C. Viper: I have places to be.
C. Viper: Hurry up!
C. Viper: I’m about ready for you to give up.
C. Viper: That’s it! (Ultra startup)
C. Viper: I don’t have all day.
C. Viper: I told you, you’ll regret this.
C. Viper: We’re done here, call me if you have any work.
Hakan: I’ll ring you like an oily towel. (1st hit)
Hakan: You’ve got no guts!
Hakan: Get ready!
Hakan: You’re pretty strong lady.
Hakan: I think you’ve had enough for now lady.
Hakan: Ready to apologize for hurting my feelings?


Guile: Bison!
M. Bison: Hmpf…your presence annoys me worm!
Guile: This time I’ll send you straight to hell!
M. Bison: Hmpf!

During Fight
Guile: I’ll stop you!
Guile: That hurt? (1st hit)
Guile: This one’s for Charlie.
Guile: We’re gonna finish this one way or another.
Guile: It won’t be long now.
Guile: It’s all over now (Ultra ready)
Guile: I’ll finish this. (full super bar)
Guile: Finally, it’s over.
Guile: You’ll pay for what you’ve done. With interest.
M. Bison: Forget your friend, he’s nowhere to be found.
M. Bison: Don’t make me laugh.
M. Bison: Fight you coward.
M. Bison: I’ll put you out of commission for good.
M. Bison: It’s finished! (Ultra startup)
M. Bison: My power is born of despair.
M. Bison: Enough parlor tricks.
M. Bison: Burn in hell fire.


Ryu: You’re early.
Ken: Well, you know me. Let’s go!
Ryu: Hoooh!

During Fight
Ryu: What’re you up to?
Ryu: How do ya like that?
Ryu: I’ll show you what I’m made of (Ultra startup)
Ryu: Now’s my chance (full super bar)
Ryu: This is fun (1st hit)
Ryu: Neither of us have reached our full potential.
Ryu: I always learn something new when we step into the ring together.

Ken: Ooho yeah! (1st hit)
Ken: If you don’t do something soon, I will.
Ken: What a rush!
Ken: Ready for the finale?
Ken: This oughta do it. (Ultra ready)
Ken: Looks like I win.
Ken: You see Ryu, this is why I enjoy fighting you.


Hakan: Daaah! What is this?
How are you floating like that?
Oh I know what this is! This must be a new S.I.N. weapon!
Seth: Interesting. You utilize an unusual moveset. It may serve me well to assimilate it.
Hakan: Hey! Just because you devised some new technology doesn’t mean you have to act high and mighty!
Get down here. I’m going to teach you a lesson about humility.
Seth: Stop wasting my time. Here I come!

During Fight
Seth: Don’t give up too soon. (1st hit)
Seth: Let us begin.
Seth: Weaker than you look.
Seth: Are you finished yet?
Seth: The time has come (full super bar)
Seth: What a complete waste of time.
Seth: Nowhere left to run. (Ultra ready)
Seth: I will delete you (Ultra startup)
Hakan: Are you for real? (1st hit)
Hakan: I’ll beat that rudeness out of you.
Hakan:Can’t hurt me.
Hakan: That hit the spot.
Hakan: Come on now, you are a grown up now act like it.
Hakan: Here it comes (Ultra ready)
Hakan: You may float but you can’t fight.

Street Fighter 4 (Vanilla) rivals conversation transcript

Street Fighter 4 rivals conversation transcript

Abel Rivals Transcript


Abel: That move… How is it that you can do that?
Guile: You mean my sonic boom? Do you know someone else that can do it? Who did you see? Where is he?
Abel: I don’t even know you. Yet you expect me to spill my secrets?

During Fight
Abel: This will only take a minute. (first hit)
Abel: The other man is stronger.
Abel: Do your worse.
Abel: Are you really in the military.
Abel: Getting close.
Abel: You’re not like him.
Guile: This will be over in ten seconds. (first hit)
Guile: So strong.
Guile: I’m going to let you have it.
Guile: You’ll give me the info I want.

Akuma Rivals Transcript


Akuma: Still haven’t transcended your humanity, eh? You lack discipline!
Ryu: You haven’t transcended your humanity! You’ve thrown it away!
Akuma: Prepare to meet your maker!

During Fight
Akuma: Prepare for your doom. (first hit)
Akuma: Show me your hado boy.
Akuma: Fear overcomes you.
Akuma: Abandon your humanity.
Akuma: Unaccepatable
Akuma: Time has come.
Akuma: No use.
Akuma: You gotta long way to go! (when you win with an ultra)
Akuma: Just an ordinary human after all! (when you win with a super)
Ryu: I can not allow you to win. (first hit)
Ryu: Here I go. (Ultra)
Ryu: I’ll get you this time.
Ryu: Can’t find an opening.

Balrog Rivals Transcript

Balrog (Boxer)

Chun-Li: Balrog! There’s no where left to run!
Balrog: Ha, ha, ha. You’re the one’s who’s trapped! Now die!

During Fight
Balrog: Ha, ha, ha. (first hit)
Balrog: I’m going to enjoy this.
Balrog: Feeling groggy.
Balrog: Let’s finish.
Balrog: Heah, what’s your problem.
Balrog: I’ll put you out of your misery.
Chun-Li: Over here slow poke. (first hit)
Chun-Li: Too late to apologize. (Ultra)
Chun-Li: Looks like somebody is punch drunk.
Chun-Li: That was neat.
Chun-Li: Resisting will only make this harder.
Chun-Li: I’ll take you down.
Chun-Li: Get ready for your punishment.
Chun-Li: That was mean.
Chun-Li: Ready to get serious.

Blanka Rivals Transcript


Blanka: Who are you?
El Fuerte: Me? Who are you?
Blanka: Only bad men hide their faces!
El Fuerte: Lay off the mask, Amigo! I’ll show you!
Blanka: Grrrrrr!

During Fight
Blanka: Me first. (first hit)
Blanka: Here I come. (Ultra)
Blanka: You’re a bad man.
Blanka: Quit messing around.
Blanka: Over here.
Blanka: You’re not bad.
El Fuerte: So wrong. (first hit)
El Fuerte: Apologize to the mask.
El Fuerte: You pretty strong.
El Fuerte: Try an appetizer.
El Fuerte: What’s the matter?
El Fuerte: You’re really strong.
El Fuerte: Time to start washing dishes, amigo! (when he wins with an ultra)

Cammy Rivals Transcript


Cammy: Who are you?
C. Viper: Who wants to know?
Cammy: Funny, Chun-Li told me someone was getting in her way.
C. Viper: Is that so?
Cammy: Out of my way!

During Fight
Cammy: What organization do you work for? (first hit)
Cammy: It’s over. (Starts Ultra)
Cammy: Done for now? (Dizzies rival)
Cammy: Take this seriously.
Cammy: Too slow. (Successful reversal)
Cammy: Well then, up for a little interrogation? (when you win with an ultra)
Cammy: Suspect in custody! (when you win with a super)
Cammy: I won't let you get away!
Cammy: Get in my way and pay the price.
Cammy: Slow... (Chains a combo)
Cammy: Did that wake you up? (Connects a Level 3 Focus Attack)
Cammy: Get ready! (Max super)
Cammy: This should finish you... (Ultra on the ready)
Cammy: You Amateur! (Connects Super)
C. Viper: How about that instead of a hand shake.
C. Viper: Oow.
C. Viper: You can give up if you want.
C. Viper: Aren’t you watching me.
C. Viper: Playing sultry there cutie.
C. Viper: Maybe you'll use your head next time (when she wins with an ultra)
C. Viper: I bet that hurt! (right after she performs an ultra)
C. Viper: Time for? Drastic Measures!
C.Viper: Take this!

Chun Li Rivals Transcript


Chun-Li: You! Stop impeding my investigation!
C. Viper: Impeding? That’s not very nice.
Chun-Li: Now you’ll get what’s coming to you! This is going to hurt, sister!

During Fight
Chun-Li: Off to a good start. (first hit)
Chun-Li: Time to finish this. (Ultra)
Chun-Li: I can feel energy within.
Chun-Li: You like running do you.
Chun-Li: I won’t lose.
Chun-Li: Last chance to apologize.
Chun-Li: Did that hurt?
Chun-Li: I hope you learned your lesson. (when you win with an ultra)
C. Viper: I hate fighting amateurs. (first)
C. Viper: What a pain.
C. Viper: Hurry up and do something, I haven’t got all day.
C. Viper: Nap time.
C. Viper: You like that.
C. Viper: Time go running home now, little miss police woman! (when she wins with an ultra)
C. Viper: You can try again if you want! (when she wins with a super)

C. Viper Rivals Transcript

C. Viper

Chun-Li: So, you’re S.N.S.’s new superstar? I need answers. You’re coming with me.
C. Viper: Interpol is really mucking things up. Listen, missy… You need to stay out of our business.
Chun-Li: Who was that?
C. Viper: Sorry, but your investigation ends here.

During Fight
C. Viper: I hate fighting amateurs. (first hit)
C. Viper: What a pain.
C. Viper: Settle down girlfriend.
C. Viper: I’m not losing to Interpol.
C. Viper: Whatch and learn! (right after she performs an ultra)
Chun-Li: Off to a good start. (first hit)
Chun-Li: That was weak.
Chun-Li: Boys are no match for me.
Chun-Li: You like running do you?
Chun-Li: You like that?
Chun-Li: Finished already.
Chun-Li: I won’t lose.

Dan Rivals Transcript


Dan: Sakura.
Sakura: Yeah?
Dan: Looks like the time has finally come. This is something we fighters must do.
Sakura: Oh. Ready to go?
Dan: I’ll make this painless for ya, kid!

During Fight
Dan: Beautiful hit. (first hit)
Dan: Watch carefully Sakura. (Ultra)
Dan: I’m on fire.
Dan: Hope you’re paying attention.
Dan: Stand still for a second.
Dan: Time to get serious.
Dan: This is no time for a nap, keep it together.
Dan: Here I go father.
Dan: Master of pupil.
Dan: What?! What?! It's already over! (when you win with a super)
Sakura: Got you first. (first hit)
Sakura: What’s the matter.
Sakura: Now I got ya.
Sakura: Better kick this into turbo.
Sakura: Oow.

Dhalsim Rivals Transcript


Rufus: What the-? Wha- wha- wha- wha-? Are you floating? How you doin’ that? What? ESP? Plasma? Magnets?
Dhalsim: This… is Yoga.
Rufus: What, are you an alien or somethin’? Because I’m not sure if you know this but there are all sorts of aliens, Martians for instance.
Dhalsim: Ah.

During Fight
Dhalsim: What a predicament. (first hit)
Dhalsim: Listen to me child. (Ultra)
Dhalsim: Are you alright?
Dhalsim: Feeling better.
Dhalsim: This is not good.
Dhalsim: I’m sorry but you must let me pass.
Dhalsim: Must we do this.
Dhalsim: This is not magic.
Dhalsim: I am no alien! (when you win with Ultra) Rufus: Why I outta. (first hit)
Rufus: You punishment awaits.
Rufus: I’ll show you how big the ice balls are.
Rufus: You getting some sort of signal.
Rufus: This is going to smart.

E. Honda Rivals Transcript

E. Honda

E. Honda: Heah! I hear you’re a chef! Whaddya say we get a bit after this? Chanko stew’ll blow you away!
El Fuerte: Sounds good!

During Fight
E. Honda: What do you think of that? (first hit)
E. Honda: Don’t worry about me.
E. Honda: Ha, this gonna be fun.
E. Honda: My reputation is on the line.
E. Honda: I’m ready.
El Fuerte: Let’s see what you can do.

El Fuerte Rivals Transcript

El Fuerte

El Fuerte: Tornado Rojo?
Zangief: I’m the Red Cyclone all right, comrade. I am Zangief!
El Fuerte: I am the Hurricane from the Gulf of Mexico! My name is El Fuerte! Hah! Can a cyclone beat a hurricane?
Zangief: Muah ha ha! Let’s find out, shall we?
El Fuerte: Ooooh!

During Fight
El Fuerte: How does sushi sound?
El Fuerte: I’m getting hungry.
El Fuerte: Ready for the main dish?
El Fuerte: It’s not over Red Cyclone.
Zangief: Let me get the setting. (first hit)
Zangief: Easy.
Zangief: This is not time to sleep.
Zangief: I’m ready for a good fight.
Zangief: Here’s the real deal.
Zangief: Too late.

Fei Long Rivals Transcript

Fei Long

Abel: Hey, you’re Fei Long! Would you fight me?
Fei Long: If you insist.
Abel: Seriously?
Fei Long: I won’t repeat myself!

During Fight
Fei Long: Stay frosty there. (first hit)
Fei Long: Not bad but not good enough.
Fei Long: Keep your eyes open.
Fei Long: I’m about to get serious.
Fei Long: You ok there?
Fei Long: Ready for more?
Fei Long: Gotcha! (Right after you perform an ultra)
Fei Long: That was fun! let's do it again sometime! (when you win with an ultra)
Abel: Never thought I get to fight you. (first hit)
Abel: I’ve seen your movies.
Abel: Get Ready! (Right after he performs an ultra)
Abel: Thank you, it was an honor! (when he wins with ultra)

Gen Rivals Transcript


Gen: Come forward.
Chun-Li: Gen… This time, I’ll get you to talk.
Gen: Come child. You want to face me? Seeing as who you’re father is… I won’t hold back.

During Fight
Gen: What now child? (first hit)
Gen: It is over. (Ultra)
Gen: How will knowledge help you?
Gen: Those eyes, I can still see him.
Gen: You punch like your father.
Gen: Fight seriously child.
Gen: Too slow.
Gen: Fear not I shall I not kill his daughter.
Gen: Come then, rain your vengeance upon me.
Gen: Do I so frighten you?
Gen: I should not kill his daughter! (when you win with ultra)
Chun-Li: Where is my father? (first hit)
Chun-Li: If I win, will you tell me what I want to know?
Chun-Li: That’s what you get.
Chun-Li: Can’t find an opening.
Chun-Li: I can’t give up now.
Chun-Li: I know your style better than you do.
Chun-Li: I've got you! (right after she performs an ultra)
Chun-Li: Talk! Tell me where my father is! (when she wins with ultra)

Gouken Rivals Transcript


Gouken: Ryu?
Ryu: Master!

During Fight
Gouken: Show me what you learned. (first hit)
Gouken: Well. (Ultra)
Gouken: Perhaps this should finish you.
Gouken: Mmm.
Gouken: I’m not getting any younger.
Gouken: Like this.
Gouken: You can do better than that.
Gouken: You’ve grown a bit.
Gouken: It’s been a long time.
Gouken: Come now.
Gouken: Little rough around the edges.
Ryu: That should get us started. (first hit)
Ryu: Master.
Ryu: Can’t find an opening.

Guile Rivals Transcript


Abel: That… I’ve seen it before.
Guile: Who did you see? Where is he now?
Abel: A stranger has no business asking me that!

During Fight
Guile: This will be over in seconds. (first hit)
Guile: Gotcha (Ultra)
Guile: I’ll finish this.
Guile: Can’t believe an amateur would hurt me.
Guile: You’re not going to tell me what I want. I’ll drag it out of you.
Guile: You alright?
Guile: I’m gonna let you have it.
Abel: This will only take a minute. (first hit)
Abel: The other man is stronger.
Abel: Do your worse.
Abel: Are you really in the military.

Ken Rivals Transcript


Rufus: So Ken Masters! At last we meet! This going is going to hurt like nobody’s business!
Ken: Hm… This could be interesting. Bring it on, meatball!
Rufus: Why, you!

During Fight
Ken: Nice to meet you. (first hit)
Ken: Slow as molasses.
Ken: I can feel it.
Ken: Try this on for size.
Ken: Have some fun.
Rufus: Ha ha ha ha. How did you like that? (first hit)
Rufus: Do you see that Candy? I’m the best baby, the best. (Ultra)
Rufus: Here it comes baby, baby, baby.
Rufus: Are you scared Ken Masters?
Rufus: You can’t escape Ken Masters.
Rufus: Pretending to be asleep, can’t fool me.

M. Bison Rivals Transcript

M. Bison (Dictator)

C. Viper: I’m honered to finally meet you in person.
M. Bison: I don’t know who you are. Nor do I care. Your technology, however, intrigues me. Bestow it upon me, and I may let you live.
C. Viper: Sorry, but it’s not mine to give.
M. Bison: Very well… then… die!
C. Viper: I won’t be the one to die today.

During Fight
M. Bison: Do you want to die? (first hit)
M. Bison: It ends now. (Ultra)
M. Bison: Even filthy monkeys have claws.
M. Bison: Beg for your life.
M. Bison: Worthless do.
M. Bison: Perhaps I'll send? your corpse to your master (when you win with an ultra)
C. Viper: Time to put an end to this. (first hit)
C. Viper: I’m ready to do this.
C. Viper: Are you asleep?
C. Viper: Very well (right after she performs her ultra)
C. Viper: Don't even think of coming back again! (when she wins with an ultra)

Rose Rivals Transcript


Ryu: Rose…?
Rose: Ryu. You are the last hope. I can not let you pass.
Ryu: I don’t want to fight you, Rose.
Rose: Neither do I.

During Fight
Rose: You leave me no choice. (first hit)
Rose: The final card. (Ultra)
Rose: Cheesy counter.
Rose: I have no choice.
Rose: Why do you hesitate?
Rose: Missed.
Rose: Please reconsider.
Rose: I won’t give up so easy.
Rose: This is no time for a nap.
Rose: Alright.
Ryu: You asked for this. (first hit)
Ryu: You sure you want to do this.
Ryu: You sure you want to fight.
Ryu: I have no choice.
Ryu: Wow, not bad.
Ryu: Like this.
Ryu: I have no choice but keep going! (when he wins with ultra)

Rufus Rivals Transcript


Rufus: Ha! Looks like I finally caught up to you, blondie! You gave me quite the run around! The fat ladie’s about to sing, ain’t she?
Ken: Wha-? Who the heck are you?
Rufus: Why, you little… That’s it! Every time, man. Every time! I’m sick of this treatment.
Ken: Alright, man. I get it. You wanna fight. Is that it? Cool. I was looking for an opponent anyway.
Rufus: Why you!!! I’ll pulverize ya! I’ll cut you up! Then I’ll put you back together and do it again!

During Fight
Rufus: Ha, ha, ha, ha. How you like it?
Rufus: You can’t escape Ken Masters.
Ken: Nice to meet you. (first hit)
Ken: Try this one on for size.
Ken: Let’s have some fun.
Ken: I can feel it.
Ken: Hey, What’s up? Tired already.
Ken: For a big tub of lard, you dodge quick.
Ken: Slow as molasses.

Ryu Rivals Transcript


Ryu: Sagat!
Sagat: I was waiting for an opponent like.
Ryu: Ready?
Sagat: Hmph!

During Fight
Ryu: That’s just for starters. (first hit)
Ryu: Gotcha. (Ultra)
Ryu: Can’t find an opening.
Ryu: Strong as ever Sagat.
Ryu: Prepare yourself.
Ryu: Too bad.
Ryu: Can’t hit me.
Sagat: Battle has begun. (first hit)
Sagat: Ryu! (Ultra)
Sagat: What’s the matter?
Sagat: Why won’t you attack?
Sagat: Take that.
Sagat: An opening.
Sagat: Here I come.
Sagat: You’re as strong as ever.
Sagat: That’s all you have for me.

Sagat Rivals Transcript


Ryu: Sagat! It’s been a long time.
Sagat: A promise is a promise.
Ryu: Hoooh!

During Fight
Ryu: That’s just for starters. (first hit)
Ryu: Gotcha. (Ultra)
Ryu: Can’t find an opening.
Ryu: Strong as ever Sagat.
Ryu: Prepare yourself.
Ryu: Too bad.
Ryu: Can’t hit me.
Sagat: Battle has begun. (first hit)
Sagat: Ryu! (Ultra)
Sagat: What’s the matter?
Sagat: Why won’t you attack?
Sagat: Take that.
Sagat: An opening.
Sagat: Here I come.
Sagat: You’re as strong as ever.
Sagat: That’s all you have for me.
Sakura Rivals Transcript


Sakura: Ryu-San!
Ryu: You! Long time no see. Have you been practicing?
Sakura: Aha, ha, ha! Why not take me on and find out?
Ryu: Alright. Take your shot, kiddo!
Sakura: Kay!

During Fight
Sakura: Now's my chance! (Dizzies rival)
Sakura: All chained together! (Chains a combo)
Sakura: I'll be like you one day... (Ultra on the ready)
Sakura: Gotta be aggressive! (First attack)
Sakura: Did that hurt? (Connects Level 3 Focus Attack)
Sakura: I did it! (Successful reversal)
Sakura: Rrrrr! (starts ultra)
Sakura: What d'you think of my moves? (Ultra combo finish)
Sakura: Yeah! I won! (Super combo finish)
Sakura: We’re not done yet.
Sakura: Now I got you.
Sakura: I should have known you be this strong.
Ryu: Looks like I got us started. (first)
Ryu: Let’s begin.
Ryu: Why did you stop moving?
Ryu: Go on attack me.

Seth Rivals Transcript


Abel: That face… You’re with Shadaloo, aren’t you? My name is Abel. I’m looking for someone who knows who I am.
Seth: So you are the imperfect one who fled?
Abel: You, you know me?
Seth: Abel… It appears the outside world has softened you. I’ll put an end to that right now!

During Fight
Seth: I presumed you were dead. (first hit)
Seth: Now you understand my power. (Ultra)
Seth: Defect.
Seth: You are finished.
Seth: Such weakness.
Seth: Such weakness is unforgivable.
Seth: Unbelievable.
Abel: I don’t have for this. (first hit)
Abel: What is going on?

Vega Rivals Transcript

Vega (Claw)

Chun-Li: Vega!? Shouldn’t you be dead?
Vega: Perhaps I’m a ghost.
Chun-Li: I don’t care if you are! Either way, you’re coming with me!
Vega: Pushy little wench.

During Fight
Vega: I can hardly wait to taste your blood. (first hit)
Vega: It’s time. (Ultra)
Vega: Go ahead try to kill me.
Vega: Ha, ha, ha.
Vega: You look beautiful when you sleep.
Vega: Frightening.
Chun-Li: Over here slow poke.
Chun-Li: You’ll regret this.
Chun-Li: Stay where you are, don’t move.
Chun-Li: I need to be more careful.
Zangief Rivals Transcript


Zangief: You look like you are worried about something, comrade! Fighting is the best thing to do when life get you down!
Abel: Huh?

During Fight
Zangief: Quite worrying. (first hit)
Zangief: You have the right idea.
Zangief: My juices are flowing.
Zangief: I’m ready for action.
Zangief: Ready or not here I come.
Zangief: Get moving.
Zangief: There you go.
Abel: Oh well. (first hit)
Abel: Do we really have to fight.
Abel: I am searching for something.
Abel: Make this easy.
Abel: This is pointless.
Abel: This is doing wonders for my mood.

Boss Fights Dialogue

Seth (boss character)

Seth: Ha, ha, ha, ha. I’m impressed you made it this far… Show me your power. All of it! Don’t hold back!

Akuma (boss character)

Akuma: My fists bleed death. Welcome to your doom!

Gouken (boss character)

Gouken: No illusion is safe when bathed in the light of the moon. Now is the time to test your strength!

Super Street Fighter 4 dialogue transcription by Kenshiro. Cent208, BreakingDishesz and Shannaro transcribed the Street Fighter 4 dialogue.


Kenshiro said on December 19, 2010 at 1 p.m.

Anybody working on one for Super?

Toomnyusernae said on December 28, 2010 at 9:15 a.m.

Godamn I love these. It's kinda nice not to have the ability to hear them all because it retains its mystery for replay value later_^)"Perhaps you should consider hanging up your gloves for good." Dudley to Balrog after ultra. "You're an embarrassment to boxing!"


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