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Throwing, Ticks and Counters: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix

Guide last updated on
January 16, 2009 at 9:56 a.m. PST

Throwing, Ticks, Counters and Reversals: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix

Throwing is Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix is a very basic thing, but the ways you can counter throws and repeatedly use them to stay on your opponent aren't familiar concepts for all players.

This guide will walk you through some tactics you should know as you get better at the game.

Teching/Softening Throws

You can dramatically reduce the amount of damage you take from being thrown in HD Remix by holding back or towards your opponent and pressing Medium Punch or Kick, or Hard Punch or Kick. But you need to input this command within 13 frames after being thrown.

This reduces the damage you take by about half, and you recover faster and land on your feet — but it only works against traditional throws.

Command grabs like Zangief's Screw Piledriver and grabs/holds like Dhalsim's Yoga Noogie cannot be teched.

Tick Throws (Cheaps)

Tick Throwing is a very popular tactic in the Street Fighter series. It's done by hitting your opponent with an attack that causes block or hit stun and throwing them the moment they recover.

In HD Remix, if you time your Tick Throw perfectly, your opponent only has a one frame (1/60th of a second) input window to pull off a reversal move to hit you before your throw attempt, which is very difficult to time correctly.

The other player can also attempt a reversal throw or at least try to tech/soften the attack if you successfully throw them.

The ease at which you can pull of a Tick Throw and how difficult it is to counter means that most top end players will use these frequently, so learning how to counter them is absolutely key to high levels of play.

Standing Up to Counter Throw

Being in a Standing position when you attempt to Counter Throw is very important, because it takes time to go from a Crouching to Standing state.

And obviously you can't throw when you're crouching.

As such when you think the other fighter is coming in for a throw attempt, you should be standing BEFORE he's in throw range or you'll likely going to get tossed.

Although standing up means you'll be open to low attacks, you should only be standing up right before your opponent is close enough to throw, which puts you in a good position to reverse and still block low for most of the sequence.

Countering throws after jump in attacks

Many players will jump in with an attack and then either go for a low hitting move to set up a combo, or walk up and throw.

For example with Ryu, they'll jump in with Hard Kick, then into a Crouching Medium Kick and Cancel into a Fireball, which is a 3-hit combo if it lands.

If you block low after the jump in, they'll often just walk up and throw you.

This basic tactic is very effective because the offensive player puts you at risk to take damage either way, but there's a great way to counter it.

After the jump in attack, start blocking low and roll the joystick to a standing defensive position (Away).

This lets you block any immediate low attacks, and if your opponent tries to run up and throw you, you'll already be standing and in a good position to counter throw them.

This is a very important strategy to learn because it helps reduce some of the dominance of Tick Throwing.

Quickly escaping from Grabs/Holds and Dizzies

You can speed up the rate which you escape from grabs and dizzies by pressing the buttons and wiggling the joystick rapidly when you're being held or have been dizzied.

Most players wiggle the joystick from left to right which does speed up the escape process, but there's another trick here some players do not know about.

Moving the joystick from a down-left to an up-right state and hitting the neutral position in the process will speed up how quickly you can recover even more.

The reason why is the game counts the down-left movement as hitting two directions, and the up-right movement as hitting another two directions. HD Remix also counts how many movements you make from a neutral position when trying to escape, so rotating the joystick 360 degrees continuously will not work very well, because you need to hit a neutral state in your wiggling process.

The above tactics do prevent some charge characters from setting up their reversal moves, so you might want to try this tactic for a short period of time and then begin charging up for a special move as you're coming out of a hold.

Throw Invulnerability

There's a few times in the game when you cannot throw the other fighter. They are...

• A short period after being knocked down. All characters cannot be thrown again until they've been on their feet for 13 frames (13/60ths of a second).

• While recovering from block or hit stun. Immediately after wards they're fair game though.

• When executing some moves. For example you cannot throw Ken when he's in the animation for his Dragon Punch, but you can toss him while he's throwing a Fireball.


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