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Basic gameplay details: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix

Guide last updated on
January 16, 2009 at 4:10 p.m. PST

Basic Gameplay Details: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix

Learning and Controlling Spacing

It's very important in this game to control the spacing of the characters. All of the fighters have ranges where they're better off being at, and most of them have pretty good tools to get them in these spots.

For example, most Fei Long players like to hang out right around sweep distance. From this spot he's very effective because most of his moves will hit from this range, and he's so quick he's a threat to just walk up and throw his opponent.

But when he's far away, his opponent has him at a serious disadvantage because from this position he doesn't have many options he can use to deal damage.

Zangief on the other hand is a fighter you'll want to be almost point blank with whenever possible. From this spot on the screen he has a ton of tactics he can pull out to win fights.

On the flip side, consistently getting in close against a really good Zangief player is a fast way to get yourself killed.

Learning which screen positions the characters are trying to get to and how to keep them out of those spots will make you a much better player, and the best way to do this is with a lot of practice and playing against people who play a variety of the fighters.

Random Factors

There's quite a few things that will happen in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix seemingly at random. Here's the known stuff to be aware of.

Damage moves do: This can vary — a lot. It depends on many factors, like who you're fighting against, how much life they have and when and where you hit them. Just because someone's Super move normally takes off 50% of the other player's life doesn't mean it always will.

How many hits it takes to dizzy someone: This is another one you'll probably notice at some point. Sometimes a few Hard Punches will dizzy the other fighter, sometimes not.

Who wins when a throw is executed at the same time: If both players key in at the exact same moment, it's random who will execute the throw.

Charge times for moves: Some moves can require up to 3 additional frames (3/60th of a second) in some instances to charge up, but it will usually be 1 or 2, if any. Not usually perceivable for most players, but it's there none the less.

Duration of Dizzy Effects

All of the dizzy graphics that float above a character's head in HD Remix directly relate to how long the other fighter will be stunned. Here's the breakdown.

Stars: Shortest stun duration. Players can recover extremely quickly from this one, especially if they use quick escape techniques.

Birds: Mid-length stun duration, but can be recovered from very quickly.

Angels: Long stun duration. You should have time to attack your opponent if you're quick.

Grim Reapers: Very long stun duration. You can hesitate for a moment here and still likely hit the other fighter.

Frames Per Second and Frame Windows

The HD Remix engine runs at 60 frames per second, at most times.

In these guides there's several points where we talk about how big of a window or how many frames you have to execute a move.

For example, a Reversal move must be executed within the 1st frame of animation as you recover from a blocking or knocked down state. So you have 1/60th of a second to execute a Reversal, which is very difficult to do consistently.

Also note that the game's frame rate will occasionally slow down, for example sometimes when Guile hits with his Sonic Boom. There are also other instances where various moves and attacks will cause the game to lose it's normal 60 frames per second rate.

While the game runs at 60 frames, it doesn't mean there's 60 frames of animation going on every second. On the contrary, moves like Ryu's Light Punch Shoryuken have about 6 frames of animation and the move takes about 1 second to fully execute.

Executing a move within a certain "frame range" is best thought of as executing within a specific time window. If you're required to execute a command within 13 frames, that means you must do so within 13/60ths of a second.

Contributions to this guide by Majestros, ShinVega.


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@Rudy Ya, because scrubs should definitely stay out of the "Basic Gameplay" Section. That's where us pros hang out.


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