Rose vs. Character Strategies Super Street Fighter 4

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July 1, 2010 at 12:17 a.m. PDT

Rose vs. Character Strategies: Street Fighter 4

Balrog (Boxer) Match Up Information

Vs. Balrog (Boxer)

A big key to this match is not letting Balrog get easy opportunities to do damage to you, and smart use of your fireball will help prevent that from happening.

So pester the Boxer with Light Punch Soul Sparks. If he uses his Headbutt to go through them, Dash forward and throw him as soon as he comes out of it. Beware of his Turn Punch though.

Use Crouching Medium Punch after you block his Running Punches and apply some pressure with follow up Light Kick Soul Drills.

Note that Balrog has some excellent pokes, so you'll have to be a bit more careful against him when throwing out some of your normals.

When you think he'll go for an EX-Running Punch, throw out an EX-Soul Spark to knock him out of it.

If he gets in close try to gain a little breathing room by jumping away. If he's expecting you to jump back, use Crouching Medium Punches with Soul Drills to push him back and then jump away. Then start throwing Soul Sparks again.

Also your Crouching Hard Kick has more range than any of Balrog's normal attacks, so if he's Crouched and throwing out a bunch of normals to try and catch you, sweep him and go for a cross up attack.

Blanka Match Up Information

Vs. Blanka

You can punish Blanka's Beast Roll on block with your Ultra โ€” but the key is you must be standing in most cases to do so.

The frame or so it takes you to stand when crouching will cause you to miss your Ultra when trying to punish a blocked Beast Roll, and many Rose players mistakenly assume they cannot punish this move.

If you don't have Revenge Meter, use Standing or Crouching Light Punch to knock him out of his Beast Roll and then go for a cross up, or use your Fireball to create some space.

E. Honda Match Up Information

Vs. Honda

Use a lot of Soul Sparks in this match. Honda is really tough to beat up close, so you want to push him away with your fireballs at every possible chance.

When he jumps in, if you're pretty far under him use a Crouching Hard Punch to knock him back and as soon as he lands make him block another Soul Spark.

If you're not in position to anti air him with Crouching Hard Punch, set up your Soul Throw.

Again keep your distance and jump away when he tries to Oicho Throw you. Make him work to get inside.

T. Hawk Match Up Information

Vs. T. Hawk

This match is similar to the Zangief fight. You'll want to use your Soul Drill sparingly because you're going to eat a command grab if you're not VERY careful with it. Instead, stick with Crouching Medium Punch Canceled into Light Fireballs in most instances.

Also, T. Hawk doesn't have an all purpose "get the heck off me move" like Zangief's Lariat, so you can and should go on the offensive for parts of the match, but again you have to be careful of his grabs.

Your main weapons will be pokes โ€” Crouching Medium Punch, Crouching Hard Kick, Standing Hard Kick and Toward + Hard Kick โ€” all the things that keep him outside of his effective throw range and occasional Jumping Hard Kicks to knock him out of the air when he gets predictable with his Condor Dives and jump ins. Anti air him with Crouching Hard Punch when he jumps in as well.

Light Punch and EX-Fireballs are OK as well, but Hawk has plenty of ways of getting around your projectiles, so DO NOT over use it.

You have to be patient and smart in this match, but you have solid tools to deal with T. Hawk if you're careful.

Vega (Claw) Match Up Information

Vs. Vega (Claw)

You can effectively ground Vega's Wall Dive tactics with Rose. When he's hopping off the wall and some what far away from you, either jump in the air with Medium Punch or use a Soul Throw.

When he's directly above you after diving, use Crouching Hard Punch, and if he's to the side, go low and use a Crouching Medium Punch, which has a surprisingly high hit box.

Using these tactics will make it very difficult for Vega players to consistently apply pressure to you with his Wall Dive.

Zangief Match Up Information

Vs. Zangief

Rose's Toward + Hard Kick command will beat Gief's Lariat clean each time if you do it from the proper distance. This thing has a surprisingly amazing range, because your foot can hit Zangief's outstretched arms.

Avoid executing this though if he's some what close in, because if you try this from too close, you'll likely trade hits and doing so is always in Zangief's favor because not only does he do more damage, but he'll also score a knock down.

So keep your distance as much as possible. Throw a lot of Light Punch Soul Sparks to pester Gief, using your anti air and ground game to maintain distance. Jump back or straight up when he gets too close for comfort.

Also, don't get too predictable with your foot games or Fireballs from mid to close range, because Gief can hit you right out of these moves while his Lariat is starting up, or blow through them with an EX-Green Glove.

Use your Ultra to catch him when he gets predictable with his jump in attacks, or does a Lariat too closely to you.


QX7 said on July 23, 2014 at 9:19 p.m.

I am so hoping that we get a Vs Bison guide because I am so lost when I fight him. Im not sure what I can punish and when I can punish it. Bison just walks all over me.


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