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Blanka vs. Character Strategies: Street Fighter 4

Guide last updated on
May 8, 2009 at 12:10 a.m. PDT

Blanka vs. Character Strategies: Street Fighter 4

Abel Match Up Information

Vs. Abel

It works fairly well to hit Abel with random Beast Rolls until he has his Ultra built up, once he does he can punish your Blanka Balls after they're blocked.

Often times an Abel player will start spamming Crouching Light or Medium Punches to hit you out of your ball, but you can counter these with Beast Slides to trip him up and keep his defense more honest.

Abel is pretty mobile for a grappler and if you don't make it difficult for him to get inside, he's capable of destroying you quickly. So you should press the offensive when you have the advantage, but as soon as Abel gets going — get the hell away from him as soon as possible.

Able has the tools to dominate Blanka from close range, so keeping your Up Ball charged for jumps, using EX-Backstep Rolls to escape and simply jumping will help keep him from beating you down once he gets in.

Akuma Match Up Information

Vs. Akuma (Gouki)

Akuma can punish a blocked Blanka Ball with his Ultra and take off a huge chunk of your life, but until he has Revenge meter you should be mostly safe throwing these out there unless you get predictable.

Do a Beast Slide under his Air Fireballs to sweep him as he lands, and use EX-Beast Rolls through any projectiles he throws. Because of these two tactics, you can severely limit how many Fireballs Akuma throws out in a match.

Balrog (Boxer) Match Up Information

Vs. Balrog (Boxer)

This match up can be a nightmare. Your Beast Roll can be countered by Balrog's Running Punches, so you have to use it very sparingly.

The other problem is Balrog's Crouching Light Punch. This move stops so many of Blanka's attacks, it's not funny. Your best counter up close is to use Standing Light Punch, this attack has a bit more priority and range than Balrog's plus it does slightly more damage, so even if you trade — you win. The problem is the Boxer's attack is considerably faster than yours, so you'll have to use your Standing Light Punch more as a counter-poke.

As you get further away, Standing Hard Punch works well because it does great damage and if you've got a Rog player just spamming Crouching Light Punches, this will make him think twice. Some people have success with Crouching Medium and Hard Punch at this range as well, but your mileage may vary.

When he gets predictable with his Running Punches, use your Beast Slide to knock him out of them. Or you can throw out random Standing Medium Punches which will beat his non-EX Run Punches as well.

Chun Li Match Up Information

Vs. Chun Li

Your Beast Roll should be safe on block in this match UNTIL Chun Li has Ultra meter. After she has her Ultra charged, if you're playing against someone decent and they block your Beast Roll, kiss a good chunk of your health good bye.

Many Chun Li players are fond of jumping straight up with Hard Kick. Depending on your spacing and position you should be able to anti air her with Standing Hard Kick.

Guile Match Up Information

Vs. Guile

Most Guile players hate this match up. Blanka can do a Beast Slide right under Guile's Sonic Boom on reaction to tag him. The angle and range of Blanka's jump in attacks make him difficult to anti air and not only does Blanka have his Beast Slide to get around projectiles, but several other moves as well.

The thing about this match is it's a notoriously bad one for Guile, and so Guile players practice against it a lot. As such, you need to approach this battle assuming that the Mr. Flat Top knows the majority of your tricks and is fully prepared to counter them.

He'll likely try to bait you into Beast Slides which he can punish with Crouching Medium Kick. And if he's smart he's going to avoid throwing anything but the occasional Sonic Boom.

Guile players will typically try to counter your Beast Rolls with Crouching Light Punches, but since they probably won't be throwing too many projectiles for fear of your Beast Slide, it's still a good idea to randomly throw these out there. Guile cannot punish your Beast Roll on block — unless it's done in a corner — and it can frustrate many opponents to get pegged by these in a match and not be able to do much about it.

Also Blanka's cross up (Jumping Medium Kick) is difficult for Guile to counter, which lets you get into full mind game mode, constantly barraging him with cross ups, throws and combos.

While this match isn't a sure-fire win for Blanka, it's definitely in his favor.

Rufus Match Up Information

Vs. Rufus

If Rufus catches you jumping in at the wrong angle and he's got Revenge meter, you're probably going to get juggled into his Ultra. As such, you have to be very careful with your jump in attacks whenever he has enough meter for an Ultra.

Most Rufus players like to use A LOT of Dive Kicks. A well timed Up Ball will knock him out of his attack, but also Standing Hard Kick works pretty well too from close range, because even if you trade hits in this scenario, you'll still win out on damage and get a bit of breathing room.

If you meet Rufus in the air, use Jumping Hard Punch, as it should beat out most of his air attacks.

Good Rufus players can punish a blocked Beast Roll, but the timing on this isn't easy, so unless your opponent proves they can do this consistently, you can throw out random Beast Rolls to pester them.

Sagat Match Up Information

Vs. Sagat

This is an interesting match. While you can use your Beast Slide to go under Sagat's Low Tiger Shots (and obviously his High ones), they have a big hit box and travel at such a speed you have to be far enough away and time it pretty well to do so.

This makes Sagat's fireballs more of a problem than most Blanka players are used to facing, as you'll have to use EX-Balls to get through his projectiles and Coward Crouches and other means to avoid them.

A small trade off is Sagat cannot punish your Blanka Ball after being blocked, so you're free to randomly peg him — if you can get through his fireballs. Many Sagat players on reaction to blocking a ball will toss out an EX-Tiger Shot, when he does this, blow through his projectile an EX-Ball.

A big problem though is Sagat has WAY better tools to do damage at a distance than Blanka does, so you'll want to stay up close and personal through most of the battle. Look for cross up opportunities and any chance you have to play mind games. Try to keep him off guard and when he makes mistakes, punish them.

Zangief Match Up Information

Vs. Zangief

Your Beast Slide works well against Gief players who spam Lariats. This has great range and should catch players who aren't careful. Jumping in with Hard Punch is another way to counter his Lariats, this will also set up some nice combos.

You should be able to pester him with semi-frequent Beast Rolls once you have him afraid to throw out his Lariat. This is one of the few ways he can counter your Beast Roll, so getting him to back off from randomly throwing them out there is key.

Standing Medium Punch is also a good poke in this match. It will beat out a decent portion of Gief's normals and help you maintain ideal spacing. Use it to apply pressure and keep yourself out of trouble.

Contributions to this guide by The Mullah and Viscant.


alexlexus said on May 2, 2010 at 5:10 p.m.

how can i stop a boxer player who uses the ronstoppable?
the ex links with two crouching jabs into and ex straight or upper. this at times can do more damage than a super.
not only that the beast hope gets stopped by the spamming jabs which i think is hourse poopee cause with the EX armor, 2 frame jab and headbutt that stops everything. the electric cannon ball get stopped by the headbutt and i have yet to unferstand this shince shoryukens can stop blankas ultra.

watch the end of the video as to my point for any ultra vs rogs headbutt

Alfiebo said on January 29, 2013 at 1:08 p.m.

Abel is an easy match up for Blanka, most of his setups allow you to river run under him & as dumb as this sounds the timing allows for a quick punish with a light electric.


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