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Balrog (Boxer) vs. Character Strategies: Street Fighter 4

Guide last updated on
April 6, 2009 at 12:25 a.m. PDT

Balrog (Boxer) vs. Character Strategies: Street Fighter 4

Blanka Match Up Information

Vs. Blanka

Your Light Running Punch will punish a blocked Blanka ball, which severely limits how often he can use this move.

But if you attempt to Headbutt Blanka in a combo and he's crouching, you'll miss. As such you should stick mostly to Running Punches in your combos, unless he's standing.

Crouching Light Punch is a Blanka stopper. It will stuff several of his moves and prevent a lot of his cheese tactics and it will help set up some of your combos.

Much of your offense and defense will likely be keyed off of Crouching Light Punch and most Blanka players will learn to hate this move.

Chun Li Match Up Information

Vs. Chun Li

If Chun Li whiffs with her EX-Spinning Bird Kick, you can knock her out of it with your Standing Hard Punch or Ultra if you're fast. Sometimes your Standing Hard Punch will trade, but this will always be in your favor.

Chun Li Match Up Information

Vs. Dhalsim

A great Dhalsim player can consistently create space in this match with his limbs, fireballs and teleports, so you absolutely have to make the most of the opportunities you see. Look for openings and be smart about when you attack because you may not get very many chances.

Patience is of the utmost importance because if you're too aggressive and don't approach things in the right way, you'll play right into Dhalsim's hands.

You'll need EX meter to break through Dhalsim's limbs and once you get inside do not let up on him. Force him to teleport away, but until he does don't give him a moment to breathe.

This can be a really tough match for Balrog especially against gifted Dhalsim players, but it's one you can win if you're patient enough and your execution skills are excellent.

Guile Match Up Information

Vs. Guile

You're going to be dealing with a lot of Sonic Booms and anti air situations in this match. From long distance simply jump over his projectiles or use your Headbutt or Turn Punches. He should be out of range to do much about it. From mid range or closer, use your EX-Running Punches when it makes sense to do so.

These are not difficult for a good Guile player to counter, so you have to time your EX attacks so you blow through his moves, and he cannot block and/or counter.

If he tries to jump at you, use your Standing Medium Punch to anti air him. Crouching Hard Kick works well to counter his foot games when you're around sweep distance. It's a fast move and safe, but if you trade against Guile's Crouching Hard Kick, you will lose out on damage, so you have to be somewhat careful how often you throw this out there.

Rufus Match Up Information

Vs. Rufus

Rufus players tend to play this match aggressively with a lot of jump ins and Dive Kicks, so your anti airs will end up being very important.

Standing Medium Punch works well against normal jump ins and some times his Dive Kick, but Jumping Hard Punch tends to be your best bet overall.

This should knock Rufus back and take off a nice amount of damage. Getting a bit of breathing room will let you get into your offense and these anti airs will make Chubby a little more careful when he's coming after you.

Sagat Match Up Information

Vs. Sagat

Use EX-Running Uppercuts to blow through Tiger Shots and follow up with a Crouching Light Punch, Crouching Light Kick then into a Headbutt and juggle with your Ultra.

While it may seem counter-productive to use an EX-Running Uppercut against Sagat's Low Tiger Shots, this will still hit him as he's recovering as long as his Tiger Shot is a little ways out from him. In other words, you should land it if you execute your move on reaction to his Fireball. And taking off a hefty chunk of Sagat's life for throwing out a projectile will make him much more careful with these.

Doing your EX-Running Uppercut too early or too late will give him time to block or counter though, so timing is paramount, and you still have to be wary of the occasional EX-Tiger Shot.

Once you get inside, pester Sagat with a lot of high and low attacks. Crouching Hard Kick and Running Overhead and Low Punches work well, along with Crouching Light Punch combos.

Vega (Claw) Match Up Information

Vs. Vega (Claw)

Your Turnaround Punch will heavily offset Vega's Wall Dive. It offers a few frames of invulnerability which you can use to go through Vega's Wall Dive. Once you do, you'll either end up hitting him with your fist or skating safely away from his reach. Once you get your timing down, most Vega players will stop attempting so many Wall Dives.

If you can't seem to gain any ground on him with your Turnaround Punch, try using Jumping Medium Punch instead. This has a upward angle and it works pretty well for knocking Claw out of the air.

Whenever possible push Vega into a corner position and then just stay on him. He doesn't have many ways he can counter your moves when his back is against the wall.

Vega's best bet is to get away from you and use his superior ranged attacks, so don't give him much breathing room.

Zangief Match Up Information

Vs. Zangief

Your EX-Running Uppercut is excellent against Gief's Lariat. You should absorb the first hit of his Lariat, hit him and then be able to go right into a combo. Following up with Crouching Light Punch, Linking into Crouching Light Kick, Canceling into your Headbutt and juggling with your Ultra after wards is a great tactic.

This is big damage against Gief and he'll soon have to be much more careful with his Lariat against the Boxer — at least when you have EX meter. Balrog's other EX-Running Punches are hit and miss against the Lariat. Sometimes you'll absorb the first hit and get through, sometimes you won't, so you're best off sticking with the EX-Running Uppercut.

Standing Light Punch is also a good normal in this match. It's fast, has high priority and deceptively long range. At longest range you can hit with this, you'll be outside the spot where Gief's Light Punch Spinning Piledriver can grab you. Plus Zangief cannot crouch under it.

Contributions to this guide by Corner-Trap, FoxIsQuick and MOD.


BoxChamp said on May 9, 2010 at 9:45 a.m.

What about E.Honda his defense is really high and hard to fight with Balrog since he will be punished after every move
or if u counter then balrog takes damage as well


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