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Fei Long Strategy Guide and Moves: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix

Guide last updated on
September 16, 2009 at 1:40 a.m. PDT

Fei Long Character Guide: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix

Character Overview

Fei Long is a character you rarely saw people play in Super Turbo, but he's becoming a bit more common in HD Remix because he's not as hard to play as he once was, but there's still a good learning curve.

He got quite a few improvements, and then some nerfs, yet still he ends up being deadly character — but only in the right hands.

Many Fei players will try to push their opponent into a corner to trap them. This works pretty well because you're taking away their ability to back up and get a little breathing room as you continue to pound away with tick throws, your pokes and some Rekka Kens.

While Fei Long's offensive skills are excellent, you still have to pick and choose your spots because coming full out with all of your attacks without regard to what your opponent is doing will likely set you up for easy counters.

Instead you'll want to mix up your game and use your incredible speed to tick throw along with safe moves to chip away at the other fighter — all the while keeping them off guard by never letting them know what's coming next.

Playing a great Fei Long is an art, and it's a path not many are going to take. Learning when and where to use his Special Moves and pokes take a lot of time and patience.

Fei Long players will have to be mindful of turtling characters and Fireball throwers, something they'll commonly run into while playing HD Remix, but once they know how to deal with these situations they'll have learned one of the strongest rush down characters in the game.

+ Excellent foot and move speed.
+ Great offensive pressure game.
+ Lots of viable pokes.
+ Dominant ground game.
+ Takes off a nice amount of damage with most of his moves.
+ Has a number of viable combos to deal damage with.
+ Many of his moves have high priority.
+ His Super is awesome.
+ Probably the best character in HD Remix at punishing mistakes.
+ His throws are damaging and have good range.

- Has a difficult time with Fireball traps still.
- Little distance game. Only really effective from mid-range or closer.
- High learning curve.
- Must be patient and smart when playing him.
- Range on Flame Kick is sucky.
- Has a big hit box for a character his size, so he's easy to cross up.
- Difficult time beating some defensive characters who 'turtle' up.

Staying Outside "Sweep" Range

Since Fei Long's distance game lacks, you really want to stay just outside of "Sweep" distance from your opponent in most cases.

Sweep distance is best thought of as the range that Ryu can hit you with a Crouching Hard Kick. From just outside this distance Fei Long has ready access to his best moves. He can throw out Rekka Kens, counter pokes with a Crouching Hard Punch, threaten a throw or several other tactics.

Also from this spot your opponent likely won't have many moves they can hit you with which will limit their options while you'll still be very effective.

Getting in this range can be difficult, especially against an opponent who specifically tries to keep you out of that position, so remember to use Fei Long's excellent poke counters and Flying Kicks to help gain ground.

Throw like there's no tomorrow

If you're a Fei Long player you CANNOT be bashful about throwing, unless of course your goal is to lose.

You're an incredibly quick fighter with a damaging grab and keeping your opponent out of his defensive position is going to require multiple throws.

Once the other fighter starts looking for ways to counter your chucking it will open up Fei Long's other offensive options.

Special Moves

Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick      Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick      Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick
Rekka Ken (Dash Punches)
This move is great in combos and even does good block (chip) damage, but you'll mainly be using it as a punishing and pressure tool.

Do note that Rekkas can be pretty easily countered by jump attacks and projectiles, so you can't just throw them out there all day.

You'll want to Rekka when you think your opponent is going to throw out a Poke or misses an attack, and in some cases after you block one of their attacks. Hitting with three Rekkas in a row will take off a substantial amount of life, and it will soon make the other fighter fear throwing out random limbs.

When your opponent becomes afraid of throwing out random attacks is when you can get inside and start throwing them, or chip away their life with repeated Rekka Kens.

If the other fighter blocks the first two Rekka Kens, you may want to throw the last one with Light Punch, which bounces you away and has the shortest recovery time, meaning that you'll be safer from counter attacks.

Also in this situation it can be tricky to delay the last Rekka Ken to almost the last possible second you can throw it out. Often times your opponent will think you're done and try to counter with a move, and then you'll nail them with the third Rekka Ken.

Here and there you'll want to bait the other player into attacking you when they think you do not have enough time to block after recovering from a string of Rekkas.

This works best after performing two or three Rekka Kens. Simply wait for them to walk up and attempt a throw or counter move — and go right into a Flame Kick. This is an old school tactic, but it still works well to this day.

Typically your first Rekka Ken will be thrown with Medium Punch, Medium Punch for the second and then Light on the third. This does depend on if you land the first hit or not though. Light Punch is tricky to combo as the final Rekka, but Medium Punches for all three hits should land in most situations.

Hard Punch works best when you're a decent bit outside of Fei's Sweep distance, and you can follow up with Hard Punches the whole way through if you combo, but if they start blocking use lighter button strengths for the 2nd and 3rd Rekkas.

Again, always be mindful of which button strength leaves you in the best situations not to be punished.

Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick
Flame Kick (Shien Kyaku)
Your Flame Kick is a pretty good defensive/reversal move, and a solid anti air option. Mainly you'll want to bait your opponent into attacking you so you can hit them with your Flame Kick, but like any bait tactic, getting predictable with it means it won't work for long.

Because of how you execute this attack, you barely leave the block position which lets you pull it off in tight situations with little risk of being hit.

This comes out very quickly, does nice damage, has top end priority and it's not easy to counter the Light Kick version if its blocked unless you do it from too close. And sometimes even when your opponent tries to counter it they won't have enough time and you can go right into another Flame Kick to catch them.

The range is pretty crappy on this move and if you miss, there's a solid opening for your opponent to hit you, so you don't want to throw these out there all day long.

Fei Long's Flame Kick is a nice anti air tool, but it's a lot like Sagat's Tiger Uppercut, you need to do it almost as your opponent is about to hit you to avoid being knocked out of it.

The Kick button pressed determines the power and range of this attack. Light Kick does the least damage, but has the shortest range. It's the version you'll be using most often.

The Medium and Hard Kick versions do a bit more damage and hit twice, but they're both easy to counter if blocked. You'll mainly use Medium and Hard Flame Kicks in combos and for juggling after a Flying Kick.

Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick
Flying Kick (Chicken Wing)
This counts as an Overhead Attack, therefore it must be blocked high.

The Light Kick version of the move is going to be your main tool to get through Fireballs. It's invincible to projectiles during the first 14(!) frames of animation.

The thing to avoid is getting predictable with your Flying Kicks because if your opponent thinks you'll do one they can set you up for some easy anti air situations.

Also depending on when and where you hit your opponent with this, you can juggle with Fei's Flaming Kick after wards, or additional Flying Kicks.

Works alright as a getting up move because on its invincibility properties, and can be an alright anti air tool when timed properly.

Super Move

Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick
Rekka Shin Ken (Super Dash Punches)
When you execute this you're invulnerable for the first three hits, you'll do an assload of damage when you land it and it still charges up pretty quickly despite the nerfs.

You'll want to bait your opponent into an attack or throwing a Fireball and go right into your Super to blow through their move and give 'em a smack down. Taking off a healthy chunk of your opponent's life for sticking out a move tends to scare them a bit... And even if you don't hit them, you'll still do a good amount of chip (block) damage.

And to top it off you can still juggle with this puppy.

What you'll want to be wary of though is being too predictable. It's easy enough for your opponent to jump out of harm's way if they think this is coming, so make them think it is and let them jump right into a Flame Kick.

Because of Fei's style of play your Super should be charging up fairly quickly, so make sure you learn how to use it.


Jumping Hard Kick, Standing Hard Punch, Cancel into Rekka Kens
5-hit combo and you're going to take off a ton of damage when you land it.

Crouching Hard Punch, Crouching Hard Punch
You need to make the first Crouching Hard Punch a Meaty (early) move to combo with the second, but this is one of those easy combos that take off a surprising amount of damage and may dizzy.

Jumping Hard Kick, Standing Hard Punch, Cancel into Flame Kick
Scores a knock down when you land it, and you'll usually be safe from counter attacks as long as you do it from the right length.

Cross up with Medium Kick, Standing Medium Punch, Link into Crouching Hard Punch
Tricky timing on this, but it's a pretty good block string.

Hard Kick Flying Kicks, juggle with Hard Kick Flame Kick

Hard Kick Flying Kicks, juggle with Super

Meaty (early) Standing Hard Punch, Standing Hard Punch, Cancel into Rekka Kens
You need to walk up to your opponent after the first Standing Hard Punch to combo the second, but this string of attacks is nasty to pull off as the other fighter gets up off the ground.

Towards + Hard Kick, Link into Crouching Hard Punch
The Hop Kick that hits twice needs to be Meaty (early) to combo the Crouching Hard Punch after wards.

Cross Up with Jumping Medium Kick, Standing Hard Punch, Cancel into Flame Kick
A simple, but damaging combo. At the end of this, a Light Flame Kick should be safe on block, but you can use the stronger Kick buttons for more damage if you're sure you'll connect. You can also sub in a string of Rekka Kens instead.

Some players prefer to go right into a Chicken Wing after the Standing Hard Punch, while this won't combo, it can catch players who are blocking low.

Normal Moves

This is not a complete list of Fei Long's normal attacks, just some noteworthy ones.

Joystick Joystick Joystick
Crouching Hard Punch
One of your best moves. It's fast, powerful, has good range and if you hit early enough with it as your opponent is getting up, you can do another one for a pretty damaging two hit combo, plus everyone except for Balrog has to block it low.

Basically, you're going to use this move — a lot. It's priority will beat out most normal moves in HD Remix.

Joystick Joystick Joystick
Overhead Kick
You can also hold away on the joystick to stay stationary while you attack, instead of hopping forward.

Nice move because it comes out quickly and has good range. Great to mix in with your Crouching Hard Punch.

Joystick (In the air)
Jumping Light Punch
Another one of those moves with nutty priority. Range isn't great, but if you're having trouble hitting your opponent out of the air, use this.

Joystick Joystick Joystick
Hop Kicks
Hits twice and it's really difficult to reverse, but it doesn't seem like it. Do this as your opponent is getting off the ground and they'll likely eat a few of them trying to counter before they realize they're better off just blocking.

If they do block, you'll be close enough to attempt a throw or bait them into a reverse.

Standing Hard Punch
Another one of Fei's great pokes. Range is alright, priority is good and the speed is nutty. Use this often in conjunction with his Crouching Hard Punch.

Also the close up version is good anti air attack in some situations, but you'll want to hit with it near the start of the animation.

Changes from Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

* Flying Kick motion changed to quarter-circle forward + Kick.

* The Light Kick version of Flying Kick has additional frames of partial invulnerability, allowing it to go through fireballs at the start.

* Flying Kicks have lower priority on first hit, allowing them to be countered air-to-air a little more easily.

* Flying Kicks have 5 additional frames of recovery.

* Medium and Hard Kick Flame Kicks always knock down and can juggle.

* Light Kick Flame Kick is no longer safe on block from point-blank range.

* Rekka Ken travels a little farther.

* Rekka Ken motion is a little more forgiving, so it's not as hard to get all 3 in the series.

* Super travels farther.

* Fei Long's head is vulnerable during 4th and 5th hits of the Super (and can't go through fireballs during that, but still can during first 3 hits).

* The Super causes a different angle of knockdown so that comboing after it is difficult/impossible.

* Super meter gains slightly reduced on Flame Kicks and Flying Kicks.

Contributions to this guide by Jumpsuit Jesse, Magus1234, Giantnine and BullDancer.


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