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Dhalsim Strategy Guide and Moves: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix

Guide last updated on
February 9, 2009 at 5:46 p.m. PST

Dhalsim Character Guide: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix

Character Overview

Dhalsim is one of the dominant characters in HD Remix. He's great defensively, has some pretty good offensive tactics and a strong throwing game.

In short, he has tools to deal with almost every situation and character, and he only has trouble with a few.

The combination of his Light Punch Yoga Flames and pokes attacks give him a top notch defensive game where he can slowly whittle away your life. And he can use his Light Kick Slide into a throw to get you off of him when he needs a bit of breathing room.

He can also apply offensive pressure with his Air Drills, close range pokes and throws. And he has multiple ways of countering projectiles.

This guy is nasty.

+ Exceptional defensive game.
+ The combination of his Yoga Fire and anti air moves is formidable.
+ Very few weaknesses.
+ Lots of tools at his disposal to handle a variety of situations.
+ Has a bunch of ways he can counter projectiles.
+ Gives some characters absolute fits.
+ Lots of ways to keep his opponent at a distance.

- He's really slow.
- His limbs can be hit by some moves.
- Can have problems dealing with constant offensive pressure.
- He's very susceptible to Reversal moves.
- Sucks at combos.

Sliding into a Throw Joystick Joystick Joystick      Joystick Joystick Joystick

One of the main reasons Dhalsim is so good in HD Remix is because he can do a Light Kick Slide (Down + Light Kick) immediately into a Throw.

If you time it well โ€” it makes it very difficult to counter, depending on the character you're fighting against. Because even if you land this or it's blocked, you can still chuck your opponent.

You'll want to hit the other fighter with the tip of Dhalsim's foot right as the animation for the slide is ending, and then throw them with Hard Punch.

Timing on this is crucial because doing it too early or late makes it easier to counter.

Also Dhalsim's Noogie (Medium Punch Grab) works OK here too, but the Hard Punch throw has more range and tends to work a little better overall.

This takes off quite a bit of damage and it's a great way to get the other fighter off of you when they get too close, which is all too key for Dhalsim players. The other player can spend a lot of time trying to get in on you just be thrown back for their efforts.

Most people who play against Dhalsim will expect to see this tactic pulled off at some point against them, so not sliding when your opponent expects it, or throwing out off-timed slides should start becoming part of your advanced tactics to keep the other fighter guessing.

Corner Lock Downs

Dhalsim's Yoga Flame is a really good move when you have your opponent pinned in the corner. As they're standing up, go right into a Hard Punch Yoga Flame, if they get hit they'll be knocked back down, so just repeat this until they start blocking.

When they start blocking, walk up to them and the moment they recover โ€” throw them. If they start to counter this you can instead go for a Light Kick Slide into a Throw or start throwing out repeated Light Punch Yoga Flames or simply stand back and give them enough rope to hang themselves as they go for a counter.

This corner trap can turn into a big guessing game for the other player, and when you execute it well they may have to pull out a Reversal attack to escape it.

This takes some timing and a bit of a six sense to know what move to pull out at which time, but this corner trap is nasty in a skilled player's hands.

Also you can hit people in the corner with Dhalsim's Light Punch Yoga Fires and walk up and throw too, but the Hard Punch Yoga Flame tends to work better because it's difficult to jump around or use a move to escape it.

Special Moves

Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick
Yoga Fire
Most of the time you'll be using Dhalsim's Light Punch Yoga Fires. These stay on screen for the longest time and are difficult for your opponent to avoid without jumping or taking some block damage.

Also when they hit your opponent will stand and burn for a short period of time sometimes allowing you to sneak in an extra attack for a 2-hit combo.

A popular tactic is to throw out a Light Punch Yoga Fire and put yourself in a position to knock our opponent out of the air if they jump. If they stand back and take the block damage, simply throw another one on screen and repeat this over and over again.

The Medium and Hard Punch Yoga Fires are used mainly to throw off the other player's timing, which is crucial in some instances. They'll most likely expect you to throw the slowest Fireball most of the time, so mixing in a few of the faster versions will help keep them on their toes.

Also the Medium and Hard versions knock down when they land.

Like Guile when you match your opponent's projectile with a Yoga Fire, you can sometimes follow up with one of Dhalsim's pokes to hit your opponent before they recover. Standing Medium Kick and Standing Hard Punch seem to work the best here.

Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick
Yoga Flame
Useful for countering Ryu/Ken/Akuma's Hurricane Kicks since these can fly right over your Yoga Fires, but not this attack.

Also if you have good timing and prediction skills, can be a handy way to score a knock down.

Dhalsim's Yoga Flames have quite a few lock down uses when your opponent is in the corner, see the section above for details on how to use it.

Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick
Yoga Blast (Upwards Fireball)
Now this move detaches a bit and flies upward a bit more. Handy in dealing with Vega's Off the Wall attacks and sometimes to blast an opponent backwards who thinks you're doing a normal Yoga Fire.

Joystick Joystick Joystick or Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick or Joystick
Yoga Teleport
This move was made a little worse in HD Remix so that it now has 9 frames of recovery time.

This change basically makes it difficult to use in offensive situations, but it still works well as a defensive/escape move. If you're in a really tight spot, simply teleport out of there.

Note that besides Dhalsim's Super, this is his only way to perform a true Reversal move.

Here's a breakdown of where each version will place you when you're coming out of a teleport.

  • Shoryuken motion with 2x punch or kick: Teleports you behind your opponent.
  • Reverse Shoryuken motion with 2x punch: Teleport in front of opponent, at about sweep's distance.
  • Reverse Shoryuken motion with 2x kick: Mid-screen teleport in front of opponent.

The main way to use this offensively is after you've thrown your opponent with Hard Punch and they're full screen's distance away from you.

Immediately throw a Light Punch Yoga Fire and quickly Teleport behind them. While they're recovering from your Yoga Fire you'll be behind them and in a great position to throw.

Note, your timing needs to be dead on to set up this up properly. Being just a hair off will give them a bigger window to escape.

If they start countering after your teleport try a Light Kick Slide into a throw or Link two Crouching Medium Kicks together to score some damage.

Air Drills

Important Note: With all of Dhalsim's Air Drills you can press down almost the instant after you jump to execute the move. And in many cases, almost right after you jump or right before you land is the best time to use these attacks, because doing them at other times will often leave you open for counter attacks.

Joystick Joystick Joystick
Light Kick Foot Drill (In the air)
This move alters Dhalsim's hitbox so that he can traverse over projectiles pretty effectively. As such, it ends up being a nice counter to Fireballs from full and about 3/4th's distance away from your opponent.

From mid to close range though it becomes much easier for your opponent to counter these if you hit or they're blocked, and besides which your other Kick drills are better options when you're closer in.

Joystick Joystick Joystick
Medium Kick Foot Drill (In the air)
Use this one from about sweep's distance. It's a GREAT counter for low attacks and if your timing an angle is on, you can even hit low with it.

This is one of those moves that helps Dhalsim keep offensive pressure on.

Repeated Medium Kick Foot Drills can cause some big problems for certain characters.

Joystick Joystick Joystick
Hard Kick Foot Drill (In the air)
Use this when you're very close to your opponent. This also can hit low.

You'll be switching back and forth between this Air Drill and the Medium Kick one when you're up close. Learn your ranges and timing and Dhalsim's Foot Drills become quite formidable.

Joystick Joystick Joystick
Head Drill (In the air)
Using this move from mid to close range is a good way to get yourself killed. The recovery time and angle it flies at means that even when you hit with it โ€” most times the fighter is going to have enough time to hurt you.

But from far away this actually becomes somewhat useful in getting around projectiles, and sometimes getting a hit or two on an overzealous fireball thrower. Just be careful with it.

Super Move

Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick Joystick
Yoga Inferno (Super Yoga Flame)
Dhalsim's Super does a lot of damage if all of the hits land, has tons of invulnerability and is the only offensive way he can execute a Reversal besides throwing.

And it's a pain in the butt to pull off. Doing two complete half-circle motions in a short time period will take a lot of practice, but it's well worth it to have complete and ready access to is move.

While Dhalsim doesn't need this Super to win, knowing where and how to use it will make you a much better player.


Dhalsim is NOT a combo character, but there are a few two hitters that come in handy.

Hard Kick Foot Drill, Crouching Medium Kick
Two hits, and it's not a bad idea to throw a Yoga Fire at the end. It won't combo, but it should push the other fighter back a few feet.

Crouching Medium Kick, Link into Crouching Medium Kick
Again you'll probably want to throw a Yoga Fire at the end of this combo to push them back. This works pretty well because some fighters will start letting Dhalsim's Light Kick Slide hit them so they have more time to reverse it.

Linking two Crouching Medium Kicks together takes off enough damage that they may start blocking your Light Kick slides again, or at least it might make them think about it.

Light Punch Yoga Fire, Standing Hard Punch
If you hit your opponent with a Light Punch Yoga Fire they'll stand and burn for awhile usually giving you enough time to follow up with one of Dhalsim's normal moves, Hard Punch works well here, but you can sub most of his stuff.

Normal Moves

Remember that Dhalsim can control the range of his normal moves by holding Away on the controller, doing this will reduce the range at which his limbs fly out.

Holding Towards or maintaining a neutral position on the joystick will make his limbs go out to their full range.

Standing Medium Kick
An excellent anti air move. Very quick, does alright damage and has sick range. You'll want to hit the other fighter when they're near the top of their jump with this attack.

This move gives some of the bigger characters fits when they're on the ground because it's hard for them to duck under it.

Joystick (In the air)
Jumping Hard Punch
This... move... kicks... ass. And the odd thing is you don't see a lot of Dhalsim players use it, and that's probably because there's a bit of a learning curve here.

You need to know your angles and have your timing down really well. You'll usually be jumping away from your opponent narrowly avoiding a jumping attack and hitting them back with your fist.

The range and power of this move makes it great once you know how to use it, especially against Chun Li and Vega players who like to keep up offensive pressure by jumping in a lot.

This is one of your best anti air options against characters who have jumping attacks that can hit your limbs.

Joystick Joystick Joystick
Close Medium Kick
Another handy anti air tool. When your opponent is in close and in front of you while jumping, this will knock them out of the air consistently.

Joystick Joystick Joystick
Close Medium Punch
Dhalsim does a very quick uppercut which is another nice anti air move when the other player is jumping directly above you.

Standing Hard Punch
A good poke and punishing tool and surprising anti air move. This can be blocked high or low, so it's not easy to hit with unless your opponent lets their guard down, which they'll sometimes do when they're trying to get in close on you.

But it's a nice anti air tool from a distance, you'll want to make the other fighter land on your fists just as they're about to touch the ground.

Changes from Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

* Teleport command requires only 2 punch or 2 kick buttons rather than 3.

* Teleport recovery is not longer, but has more vulnerable frames at the end.

* Yoga Flame changed to quarter-circle back + Punch so it doesn't overlap fireball command.

* Upwards Yoga Flame changed to quarter-circle back + Kick to match other Yoga Flame.

* Upwards Yoga Flame now travels way up the screen with roundhouse version.

* Super changed to half-circle back, half-circle back + Punch to match Yoga Flame command.

* Super has more forgiving timing window.

* Super is now more vulnerable around Dhalsim's head and throwable from behind.

* Super can now be used as a reversal.

* Noogie grab has shorter range.

* Ducking ranged punches no longer cleanly go under Guile's Sonic Booms.

Contributions to this guide by Taste.


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