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Defend the North 2019

Date: July 19 - July 21, 2019
Location: New York City, New York, U.S.A.
Address: 4818th Avenue
Zipcode: 10001
Timezone: US/Eastern (UTC -0400)
Estimated Attendance: 2,000

On July 19-21, the New Yorker Hotel will host Defend the North: New York City's only major fighting game tournament! Considered by many to be one of the biggest travel destinations in the world, NYC is also home to a diverse gaming community with a rich and storied legacy. This summer, be a part of that legacy and register today! Why Go to Defend the North? - 20+ Tournaments for Current and Retro Games - 30+ Different Games Available for Casual Play - Arcade Room featuring Japanese Candy Cabs - 24 hour Gaming in the BYOC and Arcade Rooms - Community-Run Side Tournaments - Cosplay Contest with Cash Prizes - Vendor and Exhibitor Booths - And much more!

Tournament Games - Street Fighter V (2K pot minimum) - Smash Ultimate ($1K pot minimum) - Doubles: Smash Ultimate - Dragon Ball Fighter Z ($1K pot minimum) - Mortal Kombat 11 ($1K pot minimum) - Vampire Savior ($250 pot minimum)* - Under Night In Birth Exe: Late [st] - Fortnite 1v1 ($500 pot minimum) - Capcom vs SNK 2 ($250 pot minimum)* - SF III: 3rd Strike (2K pot minimum)* - Smash Brothers Melee - Doubles: Smash Melee - Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Tekken 7 ($1K pot minimum) - SF Alpha 2 ($250 pot minimum)* - Guilty Gear Xrd REV2 - For Honor - VF5 Final Showdown ($250 pot minimum)* - Ultra Street Fighter IV - Pokken Tournament DX - Marvel vs. Capcom 2 ($250 pot minimum)* - Soul Calibur VI ($500 pot minimum) - Super Turbo ($250 pot minimum)* - BLazBlue Cross Tag Battle - Overwatch 6v6 - Injustice 2 *Free Entry and Crowdfunded

Notable Player(s):
SFV - CJ Truth - Chris G. - Idom - Punk - Kreymore - Mena - Caba - DR Ray - Chris T - Smug - NuckleDu - Dieminion - Justin Wong DBZ - Hookganggod - Nicomaki - Nakkiel - Knowkami - Ray Ray - Coach Steve - Dragongod - Rogue Yoshi


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