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Step Your Game Up with EG|Justin Wong

Step Up Your Game: Chapter 19 - Autopilot FTW or FTL

Written by Justin Wong
February 24, 2014 at 10:13 p.m. PST
With a show of online head nods, how many people who are reading this remembers how did they win or how did they lose?

I certainly can't remember every detail, but I know that my friends remind me of specific situations, because they are watching the match while I am playing the match...

And why is that? It's because when you are playing a match, everyone tends to autopilot specific sequences, which can be good or bad, based on the player you are going against — but in the end its not something to be proud of.

It's also not very easy to think about while in a high pressure situation, but it can be done if you know what your autopilot habits are.

Autopilot examples

Here are some key examples in specific games:

1. AE2012 - When you spam focus over and over, but you keep doing it after you get punished for it. "*Cough* Fei Long *Cough*..."

2. UMVC3 - When you commit to a block string against an opponent's anchor character, but then get X-Factor guard canceled to death. "WHAT VERGIL DOES BEST."

3. Killer Instinct - When someone wakes up with wake up instinct when there was no threat in the mixup. "Pretty much everyone, even me..."

4. AE2012 - Rose doing her cr.MP into Soul Spiral over and over and over and over... "ARTURO SYNDROME"

And the list goes on and on in every game... Now why do it? It's simple... It's because the player is probably not conditioned to get punished for it, or he is just not aware that he does it.

I mean its true... Why stop doing something that works against your training partner, local scene, etc.

If you play Cammy in AE v2012, and you land your usual bread and butter combo into HK Spiral Arrow, most of the time the average Cammy player will just jump and do dive kick because the opponent will quick get up and get hit... No reason to stop, but there is a risk to this.

The risk is fighting someone that can expose your autopilot tendencies and because of that, 9 out of 10 times — you don't know why you lost...

The only thing you can think of is that the other player outplayed you. Even if you watch the replay of the match, you might not see the little things that affected the match dramatically.

It might be the match before that, and that was the reason why you lost, because you were so comfortable auto piloting someone who isn't a veteran of the game.

How to fix the situation

How to fix this is if you take two matches that you had at the same tournament or gathering, one that was a win, and one that was a loss.

Compare both matches and see what was similar, and if it affected the match — in a good way or bad way.

One of my auto pilot examples is when I play Rufus, and I land a back throw mid screen and then I do a jump HP. That is not a safe jump!!

You can always do a 5 frame reversal to that jump HP... but sometimes I just forget and I still do it... Sometimes it also works against my opponent and sometimes it doesn't work, and when it doesn't work it could have changed the momentum of the game to the opponent's favor.

I also had a Ken player from Texas who came up to me and he was telling me his problems in AE v2012, on why he cannot open people up... So I sat down with him and we played a set, and I realized that every time he gets a knockdown he will always go into the same string of cr.LK cr.LP into throw, and I told him this, but he never realized it until I told him...

Giving things a fresh look

This is definitely something that having another pair of eyes will definitely help... I think we can all agree that having a coach sitting next to you is very, very strong.

Hence the Infiltration/Laugh duo of destruction.

Watching these two work together was literally flawless victory all over the place. Infiltration is such an amazing player already, and has very little autopilot tendencies, but with the help with Laugh on his side, he was pretty much the most dominant player in 2012 in AE and SFxT.

The only time I have ever beaten Infiltration was at the Korea LG Cup tourney, and this was before Laugh and him fused as one.

The only autopilot tendency I got from him is that when it became a stalemate, he loved to throw st.HK at neutral, and in return I neutral jump and punished every time. But from then on, Infiltration/Laugh literally destroyed everyone.

So go to your training partner/local scene and ask them, "What is the key to my wins and losses?" or "What do I do that seems too obvious in my gameplay?"

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SoftShocks said on February 24, 2014 at 11:27 p.m.

Example number 4 is totally me haha.
Great read though.

DOUBLEKEN said on February 24, 2014 at 11:56 p.m.

Rose doing her cr.MP into Soul Spiral over and over and over and over...
All Rose in the world.....even Luffy.......hahhahah... XD
And me.... :(


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