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Step Your Game Up with EG|Justin Wong

Step Up Your Game: Chapter 18 - Changing styles

Written by Justin Wong
February 18, 2014 at 5:12 p.m. PST
One thing about growing as a player is to try to have multiple styles for your character.

Now this part isn't very easy, because if you are usually an defensive player, than most of the time your offense is not amazing. Same goes with having a strong offense, but that doesn't mean you should ignore having a good defense as well.

In this chapter, I will be explaining the benefits of having different styles and why it will help you win in certain scenarios/match ups.

Using some of the top players as an example, we will start with the two premiere Guile players, NuckleDu and Dieminion.

Both players are very good and Guile is known to be a very defensive character. Dieminion plays a very defensive wall and throws more sonic booms than anyone in the world.

Now with this being said, there are many situations where Guile is down on life and he needs to make a comeback. Perfect example is when these two players go against each other, Dieminion and Infiltration.

Now Infiltration has a very good track record against Dieminion's Guile. Infiltration can chuck more fireballs with Gouken/Akuma and wins often with the timer close to zero. Now NuckleDu's first time meeting Infiltration, he destroyed Infiltration because he infiltrated his defense with Guile's upside down kick and f+lk to keep the pressure going.

Recently, I started to see Dieminion using the upside down kick a lot more which helps his offensive game a lot. Most of the time Dieminion's damage comes from sonic booms, wake up flash kicks FADC, and a lot of standing heavy punches but with the upside down kick tech, this will help Dieminion make big comebacks, or get a big life lead.

Here is some evident proof. There was a situation that happened recently with myself vs. Dieminion in the grand finals of KIT for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012.

My track record against Dieminion is not in my favor. His defensive style usually kills my defensive style. Now going into the grand finals, Dieminion bodied me the first set and then wins the first two games in the second set.

Now before I started the 3rd potential match game for Dieminion, I thought to myself how did Ricky Ortiz beat Dieminion at APEX and how did Ricky do so well in loser finals?

Now before I go any further, just know that my Rufus is more defensive while Ricky's Rufus has a more offensive approach. So what do I do, I try to imitate Ricky's playstyle and because of that it helped me come back 3 games straight.

Now it is very hard to copy a style to a T, but because of Ricky's offensive style combined with my defensive style it helped me secure my win.

The only thing I did differently is that I took more precaution on Dieminion's wake up, so I blocked more Flash Kicks than getting hit by them, and once I got in, I played so offensive that it looked like Ricky playing the match.

Here are some of the players that play completely different from each other:
• EMP|Dieminion(Defensive) EMP|NuckleDu(Offensive)
• EG|Justin Wong(Defensive) EG|Ricky Ortiz(Offensive)
• Ryan Hart(Defensive) EMP|Sanford Kelly(Offensive)
• Wolfkrone(Defensive) Latif(Offensive)
• Snakeyez(Defensive) Vangief(Offensive)
• CCG|Air(Defensive) LU|Alex Valle(Offensive)
• Infiltration(Defensive) MCZ|Tokido(Offensive)
and many more.

There are also situations where you might not have an evil twin that can help you with the other style that you are missing/lacking.

A perfect example is EG|PR Balrog. Now there is not another Balrog that plays complete opposite from PR Rog. Before his consistent tournament streak, he made top 8 in SF4 with a very defensive Balrog.

Throughout the years, most of the time PR Rog lost was because he got lamed out, which meant his offense wasn't strong enough to penetrate the more defensive characters.

As you can see, PR Balrog practices a lot and tries different strategies to fix his lack of offense which he now has. Now PR Balrog can turn on offense and defense at any given point and because of that it helped him to get consistent results and also conquer certain players.

A perfect example for that is Infiltration vs. PR Balrog. Infiltration had PR Rog's number in tournaments throughout the years, but as you can see at EVO 2013, PR Rog sent Infiltration's Akuma to losers bracket with an rushdown Balrog which caught everyone off guard.

Now this doesn't just apply in AE v2012, it applies in every game. Here is another example but in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

We all know the BE|Nemo vs. Filipino Champ rivalry, but if you guys do not know, here is a history lesson. F. Champ lost to Nemo in a money match, but at Capcom Cup, F. Champ got his revenge by eliminating Nemo from the tourney.

Now what did F. Champ do differently to change the pace? He played more offensive and because of that, Nemo's defense was penetrated with triangle jumps, throws, triangle jump into low, etc.

Make sure if you guys feel like you have hit a plateau, think about what style is more dominant for YOU personally and try to raise the other style so it can help you in certain scenarios and match ups!

Create your own “Wong Factor” comebacks

Justin Wong is a member of Evil Geniuses, you can find more information about this organization at


RedRyu said on February 18, 2014 at 6:59 p.m.

So overall, balance is key. Guess I should go back to ryu. Thanks justin. :D

RedRyu said on February 18, 2014 at 7 p.m.

I wonder how sakura can be defensive. :/


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