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Step Your Game Up with EG|Justin Wong

Step Up Your Game: Chapter 11 - Trending

Written by Justin Wong
March 4, 2013 at 9:43 p.m. PST
Every region or area, there will be that person who is the best on their block. That person can also be a trend setter on what the community will use or what does that specific community deem top tier. Knowing this information is extremely important if you like to travel a lot for tournaments or if you are an up and comer player who doesn't know much outside of YOUR community.

Here is a list of examples that you can see what I mean. There may be more players I might have forgotten but you will understand the concept.

Northeast UMVC3 - Morrigan/Doom Territory
Chris G - Morrigan Vergil Doom
Nerdjosh - Morrigan Vergil Doom
JRosa - Morrigan Doom Strider
Dieminion - Viewtful Joe, Dr. Strange, Morrigan

Norcal UMVC3 - Vergil/Viper/Doom Territory
PR ROG - Wolverine, Doom, Vergil
CJ Showstopper - Magneto, Doom, Vergil
Drew Grimey - Viper, Vergil, Strider
Shady K - Magneto, Doom, Vergil
KBeast - Viper Dante Magneto

Southwest Territory - Zero/Haggar Territory
Mihe - Zero Vergil Dante
Stone - Zero Wesker Dorm
Jan - Haggar based teams
Ranmasama - Haggar, Dorm, Magneto

Now these trendsetters do not make up the game's tier list because the overall tier list does not match. It just means that sometimes the best players from that region do not play the best characters or best team in the game. The reason why people pick the same team or similar team as the #1 player in the area is because they either see it work effectively or they try to learn the same tactics to find a loophole in that game plan. Usually it is very hard to XCOPY a style of play because everyone thinks differently and reacts differently which is why sometimes the results are usually never the same.

Now as a tournament player who travels frequently, I personally like to do research on the best players on the region so I know what type of style I will be up against. Its really important to do this because if you live in an area where there is no Morrigan players and you know you are going to a Northeast Major tournament, then the chances of you winning will be slim to none.

A prime example of a tournament player going to an enemy territory and trying to fight off a specific trend is FilIpino Champ going to APEX 2013.

Filipino Champ vs JROSA
This match was a back and forth which led into F Champ favor 3-2. I do believe that if JROSA picked his Morrigan team from jump it could've turned into his favor. But based off the footage you can see that the Northeast community has been heavily invested with Morrigans because the person who put F Champ into losers was Dieminion

Filipino Champ vs Chris G
This match you can tell just from watching that the only game plan F Champ had was to get 5 meters for Dark Phoenix. Morrigan did everything just because F Champ Dorm could never spend a bar due to having Phoenix on the team. The last game was a brilliant plan by Chris G because no one saw it coming that he would use the soul steal fireball to prevent F Champ from getting D. Phoenix.

Now even if you did study the specific trend and learned the match up for your upcoming encounter, that does not mean YOU will 100% win. It just means that it is better going in with a game plan. Some trends may be too strong but every trend can be broken. It just takes time, dedication and motivation.

So if you are looking forward to travel to Norcal Regionals for the next USA EVO Qualifier, have a game plan for the list that I have put out earlier. Not everyone will use that type of strategy because there are character specialists but if you want to go through the winner/loser brackets and you do not know the players name/face then you should assume that its possible they will pick something along of a anchor Vergil team or a mauling Viper or maybe a Doom that just throws beams and missiles from the back.

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mrdrofficer said on March 5, 2013 at 7:04 a.m.

This is defintely where the game's evolved to. And it's not surprising. Status changing ultras and assists with lots of delayed space coverage have always been strong historically. And doom has a really broken amount of moves he can reuse in a combo.

I would love a patch changing all status change ultras to lvl2 or 3, including weaker ones like Wolverine and Arthur, provided buffs are given to those weaker characters as well.

JakePeskin said on March 5, 2013 at 7:17 a.m.

eh, I would say that the Northeast is more Haggar territory, and the Southwest Spencer territory


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