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Step Your Game Up with EG|Justin Wong

Step Up Your Game: Chapter 17 - Interrupting the download

Written by Justin Wong
December 1, 2013 at 9:48 p.m. PST
I watch a lot of fighting game streams and there are many times where I see people in the chat type "Downloaded" or "He got figured out."

This chapter will focus on how to distinguish that YOU are being downloaded, and once you do realize that you are being downloaded, how to interrupt the download, and continue on playing YOUR game.

Many people do not even realize that the download has already begun. Here is a common one that happens a lot but people do not realize it.

When you get anti-aired very early. Now there are two types of anti-airs. The standard anti-air where you just get punished, but then there are anti-airs where the player has reacted a little too fast.

Let's say I am playing Rufus and during my block string I see your character stand up and you get hit by my crouching light punch. Now right there I am thinking why did you get hit, it's not even a low attack.

Which should mean two things. You were mashing something out and it didn't come out, or you were trying to jump away or towards me.

Now 90% of the time people will automatically still want to do their original command of jumping, and now you can focus 70% of your mind to that one moment where the opponent will attempt to jump back and then you can tag them with a jump heavy kick into EX Snake Strike or Ultra.

How many times have you seen Ricky Ortiz land that? Some more common ones are like Ryu doing a early light punch DP into ultra, Hakan jump medium punch into slide, or even a character that can air throw you.

Because you landed an early anti-air, it will make the opponent think about "Why did that happen?"

Justin Wong's match analysis

Here is a good match video that I will break down so you can understand what I mean as well.

Uryo (Sakura) vs Snake Eyez (Zangief), the match starts at the 13 minute mark.

Now both of these players have match up experience, so it really comes down to who can adapt faster, keep the mental fortitude, and not give away too much in terms of their little habits.

Match 1: Snake Eyez pushing Sakura into the corner as usual and trying to counter poke Sakura while trying to be aggressive at the same time.

Its working very well and the things you can notice is that Snake Eyez landed many SPDs, which I am sure Uryo will keep a note off. And another thing that you can notice is that Snake Eyez did a combo into EX Green Hand and wanted to see what Uryo does in retaliation.

Uryo did cr.LK into EX Tatsu so now the next time Snake Eyez landed that combo into EX Green Hand, Snake Eyez answered back with a cr.LP and in return Uryo pressed either cr.LP and cr.LK which gave Snake Eyez another cr.LP into his standard BnB combo into green hand. Which resulted in Snake Eyez winning the first match!

Match 2: Right away Uryo is trying to interrupt the download by escaping all of the standard Snake Eyez SPD setups like empty jumping into SPD, cr.MK whiff into SPD, st.HK whiff into SPD and punishing with the standard Sakura combo into HP Dragon Punch.

Snake Eyez still wins the first round by hitting him with the setup that he won from the first game with the EX Green Hand combo and hitting Uryo with cr.LP into a full combo again, which puts Snake Eyez at match point!

This next round is very important. Uryo is fighting for his life and Snake Eyez is doing a very good job at playing his game. Now Snake Eyez lands the EX Green Hand combo, but this time Uryo backdashes instead of pressing a button, which shows that he is adapting to the situation.

Here is when Uryo interrupts the download. He lands the forward throw, does a setup which gets him to land a clean instant overhead on Zangief. Now because of this setup not only did he win the round right away by landing all his st.HKs, he also has Snake Eyez thinking about that setup.

Since he is thinking about this instead of playing his game, he is now in a complete different mindset than before.

Snake Eyez is playing more aggressive and less defensive which results in more st.HK in the chest, and Uryo is also back dashing every time Snake Eyez lands a combo into EX Green Hand. Which helps gives Uryo the win for match 2.

Match 3: You can see Uryo is throwing out buttons more confidently and Snake Eyez tries to go for a whiff jump knees into SPD, but Uryo has downloaded that information from the first game and avoids that, and punishes Zangief with the standard cr.MK into HP Dragon Punch.

Uryo is also landing more standing HKs and this is where things get interesting. For the first time in the whole game, Uryo throws out a random standing HP and it hits Gief. Now the match is completely in Uryo's favor because everything is just going his way.

Uryo is now on match point. Now Snake Eyez is realizing what is going on, and right away he is trying to reset the situation and is trying to interrupt the download.

He tries to resets the situation, but Uryo is not having that at all. He is making sure that download is staying at 100%. This is why it stays at 100%. Snake Eyez tries to get back the advantage by landing the EX Green Hand combo and instead of pressing cr.LP as he did before, he tries to predict a backdash but instead Uryo presses a button and punishes Snake Eyez attempt to read the backdash, which puts him in a very difficult position again in terms of the psychological aspect.

Snake Eyez is trying really hard but he isn't using the EX Green Hand to go through fireballs anymore and the one time he tries to buffer the EX Green Hand is when Uryo dashes forward and catches him with the cr.MK into DP into ultra, which gives Uryo pretty much the win against Snake Eyez.

This is the perfect match to show that after being downloaded, how can a player stop the download and start his own download.

So what can you do to reset the situation after realizing that you are being downloaded? You need to make a statement against your opponent by doing something very unpredictable, which can make your opponent forget about your bad habits.

By doing this, it will make your opponent think about "Why did that work?", "Why did he do that?" or even "Should I be more careful now?"

I hope this article will give you ideas on how to counter against the opponents who constantly beat you down, because they have you downloaded.

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Justin Wong is a member of Evil Geniuses, you can find more information about this organization at


DyingDeath7 said on December 1, 2013 at 10:16 p.m.

Godlike stuff mang

Ghost_Emperor said on December 1, 2013 at 10:31 p.m.



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