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Step Your Game Up with EG|Justin Wong

Step Up Your Game: Chapter 9 - What did I do wrong?

Written by Justin Wong
November 23, 2012 at 11:36 a.m. PST
You're ready for the tournament and you believe you will beat some top players, make top 8 or even win the tournament. But then something happens... You don't beat any top players, or make top 8 or even win the tournament at all.

I think a lot of players have potential talent and they could possibly be the next top player, but they might have the jitters and choke in tournament. You think to yourself that wasn't me playing up there, I usually do a lot better when I am playing casuals in my boxers at home.

Here are some things you need to do to improve at the next tournament.

1. Have a video recording of all your matches, win and losses.
2. Study them and try to realize the faults in the matches.
3. Think about what you could have done better (a more damaging combo).
4. Practice against the technique that caused your loss.
5. Run it back the next tournament.

This also helps show some of the weaknesses your opponent has if you face that opponent again.

I will be providing feedback on one of my matches so you can understand more clearly on what I mean.

Here is a match I played against AVM|GamerBee (Adon) at Shadowloo Shadown 2012 in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012.

First Match

In the first 20 seconds of the video, I lost about 5% worth of chip damage due to the Jaguar Kick. At the 21 second mark I also noticed in the video that he was neutral jumping a lot so he can neutralize my D/F MK (Rolling Kick) and get a free combo.

At the 30 second mark I landed a throw to try to get a 50/50 mix up but he does an EX uppercut to escape. He does that because the angle goes really far and its hard for me to punish.

At the 44 second mark, GamerBee goes for an instant overhead, which I should remember for future reference. This round is already over because I have no meter and Adon's jump is really hard to react to while he is crossing me up. He also loves doing Crouching Light Punch into the Hard Kick version of the Jaguar Kick for easy chip damage.

At the 1:02 mark I block a DP and he FADCs and instantly goes for throw and I punish with a dive kick into combo. That is a human habit, so its something I will always go for.

For that round it seems like when GamerBee has no meter he starts panicking a lot. So, I want him to never have meter.

At the 1:43 mark I try to punish his Crouching Light Punch into Jaguar Kick string probably with EX Messiah but it didn't come out. During the duration to 1:51 I have been using the rolling kick like crazy and he finally punishes me with a big combo that probably cost me the round.

At the 2:06 mark I block the DP FADC and went for my dive kick attempt after he dashes, but he jumps straight up, which is OK, because I would walk under him and dive kick again but I did not dive kick (jitters). At 2:11 I get an input error which I get punished for.

At 2:17 my EX Messiah goes over because of the safe jump set up GamerBee did.

Second Match

The beginning of second match I lose a lot of life from the Jaguar Kicks. It's a really hard move to deal with, especially if you do not have any meter.

At 2:48 I land a throw and go for the same setup but I beat his DP with my dive kick. It's probably because it wasn't an EX DP. That round was pretty sloppy. I mashed a lot of EX Messiah and GamerBee is probably going to watch out for that in the next round or during this set.

At the 3:36 mark I landed a throw and then a divekick but I was expecting a DP from GamerBee.

At the 3:44 mark I did another EX Messiah Kick, but this time he blocked it which he punished with a combo into an ultra. And I woke up with another EX Messiah Kick right after which gets punished again.

At the 4:44 mark I landed a Far Standing Hard Kick but did not get the dash into ultra 1. I got an ultra instead which caused the ultra to miss but GamerBee doesn't punish me well. He was probably nervous, also. GamerBee starts abusing the off the wall move since he barely used it throughout the whole set. He is pressuring me hard in the 3rd round. And he misses his instant overhead setup twice, but I was standing.

At the 5:33 mark GamerBee throws out a very bad air Jaguar Kick and I punished really badly. After I landed my ultra at the 5:45 mark, I go for a cross up and he does EX DP to get out but I punished with a Crouching Hard Punch instead.

Third match

At the 6:14 mark GamerBee does the off the wall move again and I finally punished with a dive kick combo since it does not have a hitbox on top. GamerBee misses his combo and I drop my punish at the same time. He hits my rolling kick again with the neutral jump and then he missed his instant overhead setup again.

At the 7:01 mark I backdash his Hard Kick Jaguar Tooth but punished with sweep only. That was a very bad punish. I should've done ultra. I also bait his EX DP but didn't get the punish when I jumped at him. GamerBee misses his ultra but he did it too early.

Again at the 7:49 second mark I miss my jump punish after the EX DP. I landed another throw at the 8:05 mark and try to option select with Hard Kick version of EX Messiah Kick against his EX DP, but mistimed it. I got too anxious in the 3rd round and threw out an EX Messiah Kick which cost me all my life. GamerBee beats me, but I also lost because of how many wake up EX Messiahs I did.

I learned a couple of things is that he does not like teching throws because he is just pressing Crouching Light Punch on his wake up against Rufus, because he is scared of the dive kick pressure. I should not wake up EX Messiah Kick when I am panicking. And I need to find a better punish for his EX DP escape after I go for a throw. So I did all of that and more and we had a rematch at East Coast Throwdown, which was 1-2 month right after.

Here is the second match I played against GamerBee at East Coast Throwdown 2012 in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012.

First Match

I immediately throw him because he does not like teching against Rufus and since he does not have meter I can land a dive kick on him. After a while I get knock down and I get hit by the instant overhead setup so I should always remember that. I am not doing as many rolling kicks because I know he is neutral jumping a lot.

At the 2:46 mark I landed a throw and went for the same setup and GamerBee gets hit by my dive kick because he does not have a meter to use EX DP on.

At the 3:17 mark I did a higher dive kick against GamerBee because if I did a standard dive kick, his Crouching Light Punch would beat my dive kick. I haven't done any EX Messiah throughout the first match until 3:27 which is why he went for the counter hit setup with Standing Medium Kick. Also, learned a new combo with the EX Galactic Tornado FADC buff which helped me win that round.

Second Match

GamerBee always beats me in the long range match because I cannot react fast enough with my normals against his Jaguar Tooth, so I am constantly losing damage because I try to press a normal.

At the 4:31 mark I finally get close enough to land a throw and try to attempt some offense. I went for the cross up Medium Kick, which I didn't do at Shadowloo Showdown 2012, but GamerBee blocks it like a boss.

At the 4:41 mark I landed a throw again and go for the cross up, and he finally does EX DP and I option select with a jump but I did not get the punish I wanted.

At the 4:50 mark where I have no life, the only thing I can do is try to react with an ultra but GamerBee knows I am looking for that and does not give me what I wanted there.

At the 5:24 mark I finally EX Messiah Kick his block string into Jaguar Kick. Landed a throw at 5:26 and goes for cross up and GamerBee responds with EX DP and I option select jump with a Jump HP into Crouching Medium Kick into EX Galactic Tornado.

After I landed a sweep at the 5:48 mark I empty jump and did EX Messiah Kick because if he blocked I can FADC back and if he DPed I would have snuffed out his DP.

At 6:06 I EX Messiah Kick his block string into Hard Kick Jaguar kick. Did it again at 6:11 mark. At the 6:29 mark he DP FADCs and I try to dive kick after I block but then he neutral jumps and I walked under him and dive kick again and he tries to throw but I landed an ultra because of that (human habit).

I try to go for cross up at 6:38 and he goes for DP again but I Crouching Hard Punch so I can get that easy damage but I should have Option Select jump and I could have landed something more damaging and I would have won at that moment. But GamerBee does a Hail Mary Jaguar Kick at 6:41 and I punished it with a Crouching Light Punch for the win.

So because of me watching my loss at Shadowloo Showdown 2012 against GamerBee it gave me more information on him as a player and what new things I can bring to the table when I face him again. I found a better punish for his EX DP after I go for a mixup and I also stopped doing a lot of EX Messiah Kicks on wake up because the move goes over him, I also stopped spamming the D/F MK with Rufus which gave GamerBee a free jump in combo and I also figured out that cross up MK works on Adon and I also learned the SSF4 AE v2012 Rufus combo with Crouching Light Punch into EX Galactic Tornado.

I still watch this video because I know GamerBee is probably doing the same thing so he can prepare for our next match and he won't fall for the same tricks or even have new tricks for the Rufus vs. Adon match up.

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Oroku_Saki said on November 23, 2012 at 12:35 p.m.

Nice article Justin. The self-analysis is really nice to read. Thank you for the insight into your thoughts/planning.

SgtKonus said on November 23, 2012 at 1:03 p.m.

Wow, and I thought I was good at self-analysis. I love how you break the game down into a science, its invigorating to read.


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