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Step Your Game Up with EG|Justin Wong

Step Up Your Game: Chapter 2 - Hitting your targets

Written by Justin Wong
October 2, 2011 at 4:09 p.m. PDT
What is a Training Mode Monster? A Training Mode Monster is someone who has great execution in terms of combos in the Training Room. Most common problems are that majority of the players are Training Mode Monsters which means that in an actual match, their execution goes down by a lot.

Not being able to land your combos against a moving target (Computer/Human opponent) is what a lot of players suffer from.

There are ways to increase your percentage of being able to land your combos against moving targets or in high pressure situations. When I was growing up, I played against the computer every day. Even though the computer isn’t really challenging, it still gives you an opportunity to land combos in many types of situations and not just a non-movable dummy. The computer will stand, crouch, jump, spam an unsafe move and more, but this is beneficial for the player because you will be able to change up the type of combos due to the situation.

You can set the dummy to do all of this in training mode, but you are missing one thing. You’re missing the reaction aspect of it.

What I mean is that while you set this up in training mode, you’re already expecting what the dummy will do. Playing arcade mode against the computer, you must react to the situation and land your combo right at the moment.

For example: If I am playing Rufus and I am fighting against a CPU Ryu. Let’s say I approach Ryu and I jump and cancel my jump into a dive kick. At the same time, Ryu did a crouching medium kick. Since I am in the air, his crouching medium kick will whiff and I will proceed to hit Ryu with a divekick. Here comes the follow up.

For experienced players who are able to hit the combo, they will notice that Ryu is crouching and will not go for Rufus target combo into ultra, since the heavy kick part will whiff against Ryu. For the training mode monsters, they will usually go for the target combo not knowing that Ryu was crouching.

Let’s say with the same situation, but the Ryu is a human opponent. Once the target combo fails on the crouching Ryu, they are able to punish you for your mistake and that might cost you the match. This is one of the ways to increase your ability to not choke in a match or make a situational mistake.

Some of the other good things that come with playing against the computer are that there will be times that the CPU can teach you new things that could add to your arsenal. In Marvel vs. Capcom 2, the CPU picked a team with Storm in it and the CPU did the craziest rush down with tri-dashes I have ever seen at the time. After that moment, it opened up a lot of new techniques to my gameplay and also for everyone else.

Another good way of training on hitting your targets is playing online. The purpose of online fights is to give you the match up experience that you cannot get if your area does not accommodate a scene.

Even though, online play may embed bad habits to your gameplay, you can still train your execution, strategy, knowledge and reaction online. One of the best players in America was an online warrior; WolfKrone. One of the ways he got better was because he was a grinder. He kept practicing online and learned every match up that online play can offer.

Obviously, the best type of training is playing against a human opponent because they are more strategic and skillful than the current CPU AI in fighting games, but there is a downfall to it too. If you play against a human opponent that is clearly out of your league, you will NOT learn anything.

The only thing you would learn is to know that your free and that might be quite discouraging. For an inspiring up and coming player, you should find someone that is on your skill level or near it and go from there. Doing this helps a lot, because you get more opportunities to think, strategize, and land your combos.

For example: My sparring partner is EG|Floe. He has great fundamentals and can adapt quickly to many situations. While sparring with EG|Floe, he helped me increase my offense, my defense and of course match up knowledge.

Finding your sparring partner or group is very important because you guys can trade techniques and even thoughts on what do you think on this particular match up or strategy. This also sparks a little bit of a rivalry and due to human instincts, who doesn’t want to be the better player?

Justin Wong is a member of Evil Geniuses, you can find more information about this organization at


Niebeer said on October 2, 2011 at 5:04 p.m.

Great articles! Keep it up, these are very helpful!

cryios said on October 2, 2011 at 5:25 p.m.

ty justin


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