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Mad Catz Street Fighter 4 joystick FAQ

Article last updated on
February 3, 2009 at 5:49 p.m. PST

Mad Catz Street Fighter 4 joystick FAQ

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Will the joysticks be PC compatible?
Yes. All versions hook up via wired USB.

Will I be able to use a headset with the XBox 360 controllers?
Yes. For older style PMD headsets for the 360 (the ones with the distinct shape), there's an included adapter piece.

If I live in another country, can I still use these controllers?
There is no territorial lockout on the controllers, meaning you can use them in any country.

Why does the XBox 360 FightStick cost more money?
Because of Microsoft's licensing fees and headset port, etc.

Will opening up my stick void the warranty?

What kind of joystick gates do these have?
The sticks have a square gate that can be replaced with any other Sanwa gate, this includes the octagonal gate.

Will my XBox 360 controller work on a PS3 or vice versa?
No, but if you’re tech savvy enough you can modify your stick to work with both consoles. But that would void warranty of course.

What Sanwa parts are in the Tournament Edition stick?
• Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y-SK-W arcade stick lever.
• Sanwa OBSF-30-W (6) for the main six action buttons.
• Sanwa OBSF-30-DH (2) for the far right action buttons.
• Sanwa OBSF-24-W (2) for Start & Select (PS3) or Start & Back (360).

Are these sticks easy to modify and replace parts?
Yes. One unique feature about how the parts are installed on both sticks is that they are connected to the main electronics PCB of the controller via quick disconnect wiring. Quick disconnect wiring is something that has been used in arcades for a long time now and allow for easy replacement of the existing buttons. As long as the measurements are the same (30mm), you’ll be able to easily unplug the existing button’s quick disconnect terminal, pop out the button and replace it with the new one you’d like to install, then plug the quick disconnect terminal back into the new button, and just like that, you have yourself an easy and painless mod.

The arcade stick portion of both FightSticks, have been engineered with a special mounting plate that is compatible with almost all Japanese style arcade sticks. Obviously it fits Sanwa JLF arcade sticks but it will also fit standard Seimitsu LS-32-01 arcade sticks. They connect easily using the standard 5 pin connector into the separate PCB of the arcade stick component.

If most of the terminology here is too geeky and far fetched for you to comprehend… The bottom line is that BOTH Street Fighter IV FightSticks have been designed for easy customization and the ability to swap out parts painlessly. It should be noted that opening up the FightSticks will void your warranty, but if you know what you’re doing you should be fine.

I don't like the default button configuration, is it easy to change the buttons around so I don't have to configure them?
Yes. The joysticks have labeled wiring terminal for all the buttons. All the buttons are wired via quick disconnect and plug into a separate labeled terminal that shows you where each button/function should be plugged into. This allows for maximum compatibility with any control setup style you’d like. If you want to wire the main six action buttons to the far right more straight line buttons (for US style tastes), you can easily do so by swapping a few wires. Since they are labeled, you’ll know which ones you need to switch around right off the bat.

Thanks to Mark "MarkMan" Julio at Mad Catz for much of this information.

If you have more questions or would like to see additional photos of the Mad Catz sticks, stop by this thread on


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