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How to get a fighting game community to thrive and grow

"What makes the community thrive?"

This is a question that came to me often while I was very active in the King of Fighter scene when KOF 13 was the main game. I really love the game and the community, so I thought if I could apply concepts from other thriving scenes, the KOF scene could grow just as well.

I didn’t get around to finding an answer at that time but I was always still curious about what makes a community thrive.

So now, I finally went ahead and asked leaders from 3 different communities on their perspective and experience on community building: Sharpie, TO for Xanadu Monthlies & the Skullgirls Tour, Tania Miller and Eugene Lin, TO duo for Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo at Wednesday Night Fights and the ST Revival movement, and finally Stephenson Bamidele, Esports Arena’s FGC project manager.

From speaking with these leaders in the FGC, I’ve discovered 3 key ingredients for having a fighting game scene that thrives. The first of these 3 keys is Leadership & Organization.

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The Ninja Turtles have had their own fighting games before their Injustice 2 announcement - let's check them out

The announcement that the Ninja Turtles would occupy a single character slot in Injustice 2 was quite the surprise. Leonardo's statement to Mikey that they "fight as a team" was pretty telling of that.

Still, this isn't the first time we've seen these pizza loving turtles in a fighting game before. They've actually had a few games dedicated their battles.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters was released on the Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and the Sega Genesis by Konami. Each version of the game was actually quite different and had unique rosters.

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Winter Soldier and Captain America have a team hyper in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, but what about others? Who has bonds that would allow for this?

We witnessed something pretty cool in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite not too long ago. If Winter Soldier initiates his level 3 hyper combo with Captain America on his team, they perform a team-coordinated attack against the opponent.

This actually doesn't deal any extra damage. It's purely just an Easter Egg. This cinematic really highlights the friendship that exists between the Winter Soldier and Captain America.

Currently, these are the only two characters to have a sequence like this. It really gives them a unique personality.

Still, wouldn't it be really awesome if more characters had a chance to showcase their bond with another? Other relationships similar to these two do exist within Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

Perhaps this is something Capcom could patch in later if fans really wanted it. So which of the fighters could this work for?

Let's take a look at some of the bonds that exist so far.

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Free copy of Tekken 7 for the PlayStation 4 comes with purchase of arcade sticks on Newegg for a limited time

I remember when I got my first arcade stick. It was the result of seeing a really good deal posted in an article, here on EventHubs...

There is apparently an offer going on over at Newegg involving arcade sticks. While the price hasn't dropped for these devices, it does come with a free game.

What good is a fight stick if you don't have a game to play it with? Purchase one and you get a free copy of Tekken 7 for the PlayStation 4.

As of right now, Tekken 7 is going for an average price of around $40 to $50. Meanwhile the prices of these fighting game peripherals do not appear to have increased at all.

This deal appears to available whether you get the $79.99 fight stick or the $299.99 one. Seems like a pretty good offer.

Be aware that this does look like this offer of a free game is only for a limited time. Likely it will be available so long as supplies for Tekken 7 lasts.

Sent in by: AriesWarlock

Homer Simpson? Hank Hill? Shrek? Thanos's face in the Avengers: Infinity War has become a hilarious meme

As pointed out by Polygon, Thanos's face has become somewhat of a meme. This is thanks to its changed appearance in Marvel's trailer for Avengers: Infinity War.

Apparently, this started because one of the writers from Late Night with Steven Colbert, Daniel Kibblesmith, Tweeted out a picture of Thanos mentioning that there was a "search for Thanos's little hat." This would cause users to start photo-shopping the image with hats and hairdos.

Somehow, this ended up evolving into photo-shopping Thanos's face instead. He was made to look like many recognizable characters like Shrek, Homer Simpson, and Hank Hill.

In the case of the Homer Simpson and Hank Hill pictures, Thanos was also given something to hold. The iconic doughnut and beer for their respective characters.

As for the Super Mario Odyssey reference, he also had an added mustache. Fans have obviously put some effort into this meme...

Here's a handful of the images. Check them out:

Thanos meme image #1 Thanos meme image #2 Thanos meme image #3 Thanos meme image #4 Thanos meme image #5 Thanos meme image #6 Thanos meme image #7
Click images for larger versions

Image sources: Chip Zdarsky; Bryan, The Jolly Knight; Paul O'Rourke; Ryan Broderick; Dylan O'Brien.

Infiltration's Menat is looking extra scary just in time for the Capcom Cup Last Chance Qualifier

Though he hasn't yet qualified for Capcom Cup this year, GRPT|Infiltration's fighting game skills are unquestionable.

After dominating Street Fighter 5 and winning EVO, the Korean player's amazing 2016 came to a rocky finish with an 0-2 Capcom Cup run. That turbulence carried over to 2017 as his main character, Nash, received nerfs that led Infil to look elsewhere on the roster.

The EVO champ moved to a few other characters, most notably Juri (who is also regarded as low tier this season) but has not yet been able to live up to his former glory.

It seems he's made yet another transition to the game's second newest character, Menat. The fortune telling zoner is still fairly fresh, and so it's hard to nail down exactly where she belongs on the tier list, but Infiltration's impressive plays with her thus far make us feel like she's a threat.

XusesGB has uploaded a compilation of Infil's Menat play that includes quite a few sequences, both stylish and devastating.

We're not sure whether he'll be using Menat as his main character come the Capcom Cup Last Chance Qualifier, but it's looking like that might be a good call especially given Infil's traditionally pestering playstyle. Here's a pretty slick 40-hit combo that Infil managed to pull off while streaming recently:

Click images for animated versions

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Is it about time for a Capcom vs. SNK 3?

We saw a rekindling of the Street Fighter franchise in 2009 with the series' fourth installment, and then a similar story with Marvel vs. Capcom just two years later.

The new editions for these franchises were cornerstones for the fighting game community's recent story line of immense growth and prosperity, sending us in to the booming chapter we find ourselves in now.

Momentum continued, and we got yet another installment for each series over the last two years. Other major household fighting game mainstays outside of Capcom have been chugging right along with a little more consistency than the aforementioned titles, as Tekken and King of Fighters have seen more regularity in their releases.

They too have been affected by the current age's attention to and appreciation for fighters as well as the ever growing influence of eSports in the FGC, granting all new levels of exposure.

Overlap and crossover has been a theme in this genre of gaming for most of it's 30 year lifespan, and many titles continue to welcome guest characters in. Tekken 7, in particular, boasts both Capcom's Akuma and SNK's Geese Howard.

The tweet below has been making the rounds as of late, reminding us of a series we last saw nearly 17 years ago. Not only did it make us laugh, it also got us thinking...

Click images for animated versions

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Street Fighter 5 sketch art from Sus

We're showcasing some Street Fighter artwork from sus304308 today as we take a closer look at the Japanese artist's wonderful sketch drawings.

This selection from Sus' more recent work features all Street Fighter 5 characters, many of whom don alternate outfits. You'll surely notice Kolin in her Princess Elsa from Frozen Holiday costume that just hit SF5 a few days ago.

We were also pretty blown away by Karin in her more elaborate dress, as well as Chun-Li in her ode to Princess Leia summer swimwear.

As sketches, these all come across a bit rough naturally, but that doesn't really detract from their impressiveness at all. The potential here is incredible though, and there are a few we'd hope to see fleshed out even further with more color and detail.

This isn't the first time we've featured this artist, and so if you like what you see here then be sure to check out the previous gallery we put together.

Be sure to hit up the comments to let us know what you thought overall, and which were your specific favorites.

Sus Gallery 03 image #1 Sus Gallery 03 image #2 Sus Gallery 03 image #3 Sus Gallery 03 image #4 Sus Gallery 03 image #5 Sus Gallery 03 image #6

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Only one of the last seven EVO Street Fighter champions is not qualified for Capcom Cup this year

We're just one week away now from the climactic end to what's been the biggest Capcom Pro Tour to date, and as players make their final preparations before heading out to Anaheim, Capcom has released a few quick stats along with bios for all 31 of the currently qualified players.

Some of these competitors are household names, such as FOX|Tokido, CYG|Daigo and (more recently) PG|Punk, but for others, it's the first time in a spotlight this white-hot.

Take Renato Periera "AAG|DidimoKOF" Martins for example, whose victory at the Latin American Finals granted Capcom Cup berth to him and his Dhalsim.

The young Naoki "Ponos|Moke" Nakayama is another such player new to this level of success. Despite our regularly seeing his name in top eight brackets all year, (including EVO) 2017 marks the first year Moke has even competed in the Pro Tour.

Speaking of EVO, six of the last seven Street Fighter EVO champions are currently set to compete. The only name missing from the list is GRPT|Infiltration, who not only boasts a Street Fighter 5 win from 2016, but also a Street Fighter 4 victory back in 2012.

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Super Smash Bros. 4's greatest champion might be the most dominant overall fighting game player in the world

The very first Super Smash Bros. 4 tournament took place on June 10, 2014, during E3 at the NOKIA Theater in Los Angeles, California. This somewhat wacky event was hosted by Nintendo themselves, and invited 16 of the franchise's best players to compete before the game had even released.

Though the tournament didn't necessarily follow the format that most Smash players are used to, it may have been the most important competition in the history of Super Smash Bros. 4. The event's winner, Gonzalo "TSM|ZeRo" Barrios, has stated before that had he not won that day, he would have quit Smash as a whole.

ZeRo is not single-handedly responsible for the evolution of Smash 4's competitive scene, however, the magnitude of his impact is undeniable. We certainly would not have seen anyone replicate the run that he has been able to create over the last few years.

As of right now, Barrios is the only player that has earned over $100,000 by playing Super Smash Bros. 4 -- which is nearly double that of the second highest earning player. This in a scene that does not have a "pro tour" directly supported by the creator company, like other fighting game scenes.

His 56-tournament win streak for the game is a feat that has been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records, and he has won nearly every tournament, major or otherwise, in the years of 2014 and 2015.

ZeRo's story is quite a fascinating one. Like many others, it has humble beginnings.

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Winter Soldier has a special Easter Egg with his level 3 hyper combo if paired with Captain America in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Captain America and Winter Soldier have quite a history. There was a time in which Winter Soldier was referred to as "Bucky" before being brainwashed to fight against heroes like Captain America.

Since then, it's looking like the Winter Soldier has now been turned into one of the good guys. This is an especially prominent theme within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

During Captain America: Civil War, we saw a series of scenes that pitted Captain America and Winter Soldier against Iron Man. It was certainly a spectacular display of their teamwork.

With Winter Soldier being released as a DLC character for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, players will have the opportunity to have these two fight together. Apparently, there's a bit of an Easter Egg if they should do so.

If Winter Soldier and Captain America are on the same team when performing a level 3 hyper combo, there will be a unique animation. Captain America will assist and attack alongside Winter Soldier during the cinematic.

It looks as though the damage is the same, however. It's still pretty cool though. Check it out:

Click image for animated version

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Week in review: Changes to the Capcom Cup with NuckleDu dropping out, Geese Howard released for Tekken 7, new costumes for Capcom games, and more

Another week, another batch of exciting things happening in the fighting game community. From new content to changes in the Capcom Cup Bracket, we got the review right here!.

Though EventHubs posts several stories a day, not everyone gets a chance to check them out. So, here we have a recap for anyone who might have missed anything.

Today we're going to take a look back at some of the big headlines that went up on our front page from November 25th through today (December 1st).

We have new costumes in Street Fighter 5. Not only that, but new content for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite will be launching on December 5th.

There was also some changes made to the Capcom Cup bracket as a result of Liquid|NuckleDu having to drop out. Also, we have some speculation about the supposed "fighting president" character that is rumored for Season 3 of Street Fighter 5.

Let's get started.

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Most of our readers prefer to keep guest characters out of Street Fighter 5

Update: The poll results are in! Hit the jump below to check them out.

Earlier: We've seen the amount of hype that guest characters have been generating for titles like Tekken 7 and Injustice 2. When these fighters get announced, they become what the FGC talks about for the next few days.

Tekken 7 has Akuma, and will be getting Geese Howard and Noctis Lucis Caelum. There are still more guest characters on the way too!

As for Injustice 2, they have Sub-Zero, Raiden, Hellboy, and the Ninja Turtles. NetherRealm Studios has been surprising people since Mortal Kombat 9 with their DLC.

Ryu himself has even appeared in the Super Smash Bros. series. Still, this isn't something that Capcom has done with Street Fighter 5 thus far.

This begs the question though: should Capcom implement this with the Street Fighter series? Given, we have series like Marvel vs. Capcom and Street Fighter X Tekken that pretty much just pits two franchises against one another...

The main problem with this is that slots in which fan favorite characters from the series could be taken up by this practice. Would this be a bad thing though? I'm interested in hearing the thoughts of the community.

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A whopping 10,800 fight money is available in this week's Street Fighter 5 missions - here's how to complete 'Safety Measures' and other missions

Today is Friday. You know what that means, right? Time to earn some fight money in Street Fighter 5!

Have we seen these missions before? You bet we have! Still, let's review how to complete them in case you forgot.

There's a whopping 10,800 fight money that is up for grabs this week. This is certainly a good opportunity to raise that currency value that sits at the top right portion of our screens.

So what is this week's "cryptic" mission that is worth 5,000 FM? It's called "Safety Measures" and it's dependent on going to a specific stage in order to complete.

There's another 5,000 FM mission available this week too. If you're willing to risk your ranking, you can do this by winning some ranked matches.

Check out this week's list of missions below.

Street Fighter 5 Missions 12/01/2017 image #1
Click images for larger versions

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Gfinity Elite Series Season 2 results ft. Luffy, MisterCrimson, Packz, Takamura, Infexious

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Gfinity Elite Series is back with a second season for Street Fighter 5, and will once more be taking place on Friday evenings on a weekly basis in the UK.

Much like last time, players have been drafted by 8 differnt teams and will be facing off in a team battle format.

There have been some rule changes since the last instance, though, with the team battles being best out of 7 matches, and the team order being predetermined.

There are many top level European players partaking in this event, including, but by no means limited to, RB|Luffy, EnVyUS|MisterCrimson, Method|Packz, Epsilon|Takamura, exceL|Infexious, Method|Cobelcog and Prophecy|Akainu.

Streaming is being done at Gfinity TV.

You can catch the action at 6PM local time every Friday. We've included a time zone conversion chart at the bottom of the story.

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Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition to be streamed on Capcom Unity next week

Our first good look at Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition is closer than you might think.

The official Street Fighter Twitter account sent out a tweet this morning to let fans know that the game will be streamed next week. Capcom Unity will be running the show on Monday, December 4th, and we can expect to see the broadcast kick off at 3 p.m. PST / 6 p.m. EST.

According to the tweet, Capcom is gearing up to provide a detailed look at the game's Arcade Mode.

The long-awaited single player game mode will offer fans a run through of Street Fighter's long and legendary history. There will be different paths to take that have themes connected to the main games in the franchise (Street Fighter 1, Street Fighter 1, the Alpha series, etc.),

Each path you play will put you up against opponents that made an appearance in the particular title of choice. for example, if you choose to play the Street Fighter 2 section, you will only battle against the eight World Warriors.

Arcade Mode will also feature special, comic book panel-style endings for each character. Capcom has stated in previously that there will be over 100 endings in the game.

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition live stream coming soon image #1
Click images for larger versions

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Venom has scary ground traps, gets a combo from Web Throw without tag, and much more in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Yesterday, Capcom Unity showcased the three upcoming DLC characters headed to Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. The live stream featured a breakdown of each, as well as ample match footage featuring the new combatants.

We're continuing our recap of the character breakdowns for those who may not have had the opportunity to check out the full broadcast.

These characters have a wealth of information behind them, so we're going to be devoting an article to each one of their recaps. Today's installment focuses on Venom.

Be sure to check out our Winter Soldier breakdown from yesterday.

In Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, Venom stays true to Marvel vs. Capcom 2 form. This time around, however, he's got some new tricks for players to explore.

Venom's movement options include his Web Glide. Like Spider-Man, he can zip around the stage and traverse the battlefield quickly.

The string of web itself acts as an attack, and Venom can also throw out a move shortly after he begins pulling himself in. He can use this move in the air, and when doing so has the option to shoot the web straight down to swiftly return to the ground or unleash a quick attack from above.

Click images to view the clips

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