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Reddit user compares every Super Smash Bros. Ultimate model to its previous counterpart showing off the extra details, expressions and new models

The original Super Smash Bros. launched 19-years ago which has now culminated after four titles in the series in the creation of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that looks to combine that nearly two-decades of history into a single, massive video game.

Previously, we took a look at how the character models for the original cast of 12 for Super Smash Bros. have evolved over every iteration, but today it's time to delve even deeper to see how the rest of the cast has changed... and how some of them haven't.

Reddit user EasyEvil recently compiled a gallery of comparisons between the character models for every returning fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (sorry Ridley and Inkling) to their previous incarnation whether that be Smash 4, Brawl or even Melee with descriptions as to what they have noticed to have changed.

Ryu along with a decent number of the roster appear to have brand new models in Smash Ultimate making them largely more expressive with added details from their previous counterparts. The Street Fighter poster boy appears to be more in line with his Street Fighter 5 appearance with a change in hair style plus a more intense expression among other changes.

Other characters, like Wario, Ness, Cloud and Bayonetta, appear to be largely identical to their Smash 4 versions with the only differences seeming to come from the universal changes to the games lighting, expressions and shadows.

We've collected a handful of the more interesting and most changed models from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the gallery below plus some examples of his descriptions and the full list of comparisons can be found after the jump with some possible mild NSFW language.

Smash Bros. Ultimate comparisons image #1 Smash Bros. Ultimate comparisons image #2 Smash Bros. Ultimate comparisons image #3 Smash Bros. Ultimate comparisons image #4 Smash Bros. Ultimate comparisons image #5 Smash Bros. Ultimate comparisons image #6

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Yun gives new meaning to the term 'hat trick' in Street Fighter 3: Second Impact

Yun is recognized as one of the poster boys and most recognizable characters for the Street Fighter 3 series of games, even outside of being among the top tier characters in Third Strike for his style, animation and possibly his resemblance to a certain Gundam character.

The Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection came out in May (unless you live in Japan) bringing with it 12 classic Street Fighter titles to the modern era including all three of the games from th Street Fighter 3 series.

A Twitter user by the name of FlashG recently uploaded a clip showing off how to easily get a perfect score using Yun for Sean's level 5 basketball parry Bonus Stage in the oft overlooked Street Fighter 3: Second Impact plus the special goody you receive for performing such a feat.

Yun's taunt in the game sees him spin his signature cap around his finger, and as it turns out, the hat has enough of a hit box to knock away all 20 of Sean's balls that get tossed his way with ease giving him a perfect score of a cool 160,000 bonus towards his arcade run.

For getting the perfect score on the Bonus Stage, it appears as though the game will go into your character's Super Art animation to celebrate your supposedly difficult accomplishments.

You can take a look at FlashG's full clip of the Bonus Stage below, and let us know what your favorite tidbit or small detail about these classic Street Fighter games is in the comments section after the jump.

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Broly confirmed to return as the villain of the new Dragon Ball Super movie due out this year

Update: Toei Animation confirms that the title of the new movie will be Dragon Ball Super: Broly stating that 'the Legendary Super Saiyan appears' for the movie releasing December 14, 2018 in Japan. You can see their Tweet below.

Earlier: Dragon Ball as a franchise has a long established history in the realms of manga, anime, video games and film. With Dragon Ball Super wrapping up this year, a new spin off anime in production, Dragon Ball FighterZ released and a brand new movie set to come out in December, the series has as much going on now as it ever has.

Dragon Ball's 20th movie is scheduled to release later this year in Japan, and up until this point we only knew that the film is set to star Goku as per the norm battling it out against a mysterious Saiyan, who we may now know the identity of.

A new promotional poster and advertisement appear to have leaked and show the film's title along with it's returning villain. These reported items suggest that the new movie will be called Dragon Ball Super: Broly meaning that the Legendary Super Saiyan might be arriving for technically his fourth appearance in Dragon Ball movies.

The teaser trailer released earlier this year shows Goku preparing to battle with a Saiyan who has a green aura of energy similar to Broly's and something wrapped around his waist in a similar manner to the Legendary Super Saiyan.

The Saiyan in the trailer appears to have slightly darker skin than the berserker Saiyan had in previous showings, but perhaps getting shot through the sun gives a person a nice tan. This could also be a brand new take for one of Dragon Ball's most iconic villains as none of the previous movies are canon to Dragon Ball's existing timeline, and he is shown to have a tail in promotional leaflets.

Attendees of San Diego Comic Con will be given the chance to see a special sneak peek of the Dragon Ball Super movie's official trailer later this month that will likely reveal more about the upcoming title and if the Legendary Super Saiyan will be returning to make up for his "appearance" in Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly. You can take a look at the reported leaked images below and the film's teaser trailer after the jump.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly image #1 Dragon Ball Super: Broly image #2 Dragon Ball Super: Broly image #3
Click images for larger versions

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Dragon Ball Super season 1 is free right now, go download it immediately

The Dragon Ball Super anime came to its conclusion back in March with the final installment of the Tournament of Power. Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, and the strongest warriors of Universe 7 battle the incredibly powerful opponent, Jiren, along with the best fighters that every parallel universe has to offer.

Originally, the Dragon Ball Super series kicked off in 2015, picking up after Majin Buu's defeat in Dragon Ball Z. The show follows familiar faces like Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and company, while introducing franchise newcomers such as Beerus, Hit, Goku Black, Zamasu, Whis, and more.

If you're like me and have only seen Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, then you'll want to listen up. You can get the full first season of Dragon Ball Super -- for free -- over on Microsoft's website.

You'll need a Microsoft account to get the first 13 episodes of Dragon Ball Super (if you have Windows 10, you can sign in with your username), and you can either watch them directly from the website, on Xbox One, HoloLens, and mobile, or even download them to your PC for offline use. This is the English version of Super, so no subtitles needed here.

Dragon Ball Super's season 2 through 4 are also heavily discounted on Microsoft's website right now, dropped from $26.99 each to only $12.99 each. The whole offer ends tomorrow, though, so be sure to act fast.

Dragon Ball FighterZ, Arc System Works / Bandai Namco's 3v3 team fighting title, currently has representation from Dragon Ball Super among its playable roster. Goku Black, Hit, Beerus, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegito, and Fused Zamasu all hail from the series.

That being said, we recently took a look at some of the Dragon Ball Super characters that still need to join Dragon Ball FighterZ, so be sure to check out our picks here.

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Link's Breath of the Wild remote bomb mechanics in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate offers insane stage control and combo applications

Link in Super smash Bros. Ultimate is apparently getting quite the overhaul. His mechanics appear to mostly be inspired by his Breath of the Wild iteration.

This Legend of Zelda character no longer has access to a hook or claw shot, leaving him with a normal grab for the first time in the Smash series. His arrows will now jut out of the ground and can be thrown like darts.

He's now back to using Melee's boomerang before it was converted to the Twilight Princess Gale Boomerang. While his damage is at 0%, a forward smash will cause him to shoot out a blade beam from his sword.

Finally, his bombs might be the most interesting change. They are now remotely detonated. This gives him a way of controlling the stage similarly to how Snake does it with C4.

Rather than launching the opponent straight up upon activation, the enemy will be launched away from the blasts's epicenter. This can create some very interesting combo opportunities.

A Link player was able to show off some insane stage control and combo possibilities during Nintendo's Japan Expo 2018. Here's a quick sneak peak that was clipped by Virum on Twitter. After the jump, you can find the full match.

Click image for animated version

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Behrudy lists five buffs he'd like to see for Beerus in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Of all the characters that are currently playable in Dragon Ball FighterZ, Beerus is likely canonically the most powerful. Given, a case could be made for Fused Zamasu or Super Saiyan Blue Vegito...

The point is, Beerus is the God of Destruction of Universe 7. So what does that mean in terms of a fighting game like Dragon Ball FighterZ? Absolutely nothing.

Ironically, Beerus is widely considered to be the worst character in the entire game. It seems even Krillin, a canonically weak fighters, has more viability than Beerus right now.

Behrudy has apparently been playing this bottom tier combatant. Doing so has apparently inspired him to upload a video that details five buffs he believes Beerus needs.

By watching this video, it gives us a pretty good idea on what Beerus's problems are. According to Behrudy, Beerus suffers from bad normals, problems with his aerial down heavy causing a wall bounce, too much start up on his Destruction God's Rampage special, a bad reversal, and a lack of hitstun for his orbs.

Notably, Behrudy mentions that making it so that Beerus's orbs are no longer negated by Super Dashes would make Beerus the best zoning character in the game. Instead, Behrudy suggests increasing their hitstun. Hit the jump to check out the rest of his recommendations.

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Alex Myers releases his Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Season 3.5 tier list

Not too long ago, Flash released a tier list that depicted his opinions for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Season 3.5. CYG|Chris Tatarian ended up doing the same thing a few days later.

Now it's Tempo|Alex Myers's turn. Alex Myers is known for being an exceptionally good Cammy player. With that said, he's also a fan of Sakura.

So which characters are at the top of the list this time? Well, there's definitely a familiar theme here. Akuma, Cammy, Menat, Guile, and Ibuki occupy the highest five spots.

Recently, Akuma was hit with a nerf that caused his standing medium kick to be -4 on block rather than -2. Despite this, he's apparently no worse for wear as he continues to be the #1 character in most people's eyes.

Ryu, Vega, Alex, Falke, Ed, and Zangief can be found at the very bottom. Unfortunately for Sakura fans, he believes her to only be a step above these particular fighters.

Keep in mind that Mayor Cody Travers is not present on the list. Alex Myers likely thinks it's too early for him to get a rating. Feel free to draw comparisons to our community voted tier list.

Alex Myers's SF5AE Tier List image #1
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This 8-bit recreation of Ridley's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer creates a similar sense of brutality and epicness

Ridley's announcement as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was quite the shock. It was always perceived that Ridley was too big and too overpowered to ever join the series as anything other than a boss or stage hazard.

Regardless of all that, it ended up happening. We'll get our chance to finally use Samus's archenemy along with all of the returning characters on December 7, 2018 -- after all, "everyone is here." Rumor has it that there are a few more newcomers that have yet to be revealed too.

YouTube channel Blocked Content created an 8-bit recreation of Ridley's trailer that is arguably as brutal and epic as the original. It perfectly captured many of the moments that we all remember.

Just like the reveal, the trailer starts off with Samus, Mario, and Mega Man walking down a path. One-by-one, they begin getting ambushed by Ridley.

Ridley seemingly kills Mega Man and then mocks Mario after defeating him too. Samus has to take a moment to compose herself before facing off with her parents' killer once again.

In the end, Samus is thrown against her ship and then raided by Ridley's powerful attacks. Check it out after the jump!

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I've discovered when I have the most fun playing Street Fighter 5

This will likely be more ramblings of the heart than a super structured post, but I do think subject matter concerning the enjoyment of Street Fighter 5 will resonate with a good chunk of you.

With Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection having dropped I've found myself revisiting titles like Third Strike, Super Turbo and even Street Fighter 4 a bit more than usual. One of the statements I hear the most during sets in older games: "Man, this is a lot of fun... way more fun that Street Fighter 5."

I've been wrestling around with that a bit, well aware that people are very prone to highlight the negatives of the current generation games while ignoring those of older titles.

Still, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I have found a sense of enjoyment simply trying to manipulate opponents with 3S Ken's low forward into Super confirms or being a total jerk with ST Old Sagat's Tiger Shot/standing roundhouse space control.

I've contrasted that against the feelings I'll have after sessions in SF5, which are usually determined mainly by how much victory I've seen. If a fighting game is about the destination instead of the journey (as SF5 has somewhat seemed to be) then I'd argue it's not a very worthwhile investment of your time.

Contrary to what I'd been leaning towards, I've recently experienced a great sense of fun and enjoyment while playing Street Fighter 5. Read on to hear why.

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Biohazard's samurai finish, HoneyBee's call out, an extremely tense match extension and plenty more; Viennality Injustice 2 highlights

We got some Injustice action this weekend in Vienna, Austria as Viennality 2018 wrapped up just a few hours ago.

To give you an idea of the competition, top eight of the even included BC|Biohazard, NASR|TekkenMaster, PG|Hayatei, NASR|SharkTeeth, BC|HoneyBee, PG|Kitana Prime, IrishMantis and HappyPow.

We've gone back through and grabbed eight of our favorite moments to share with you as highlights from the latter portion of the tournament.

The tension during this sequence was palpable as HappyPow tried to stay alive against IrishMantis and his threatening Atrocitus.

With almost no health left at all, Pow slowly but surely whittles at his foe's life bar in an attempt to sweep the rug out and remain in the tournament.

We won't spoil too much, but will say the match went into extra innings and had us sitting on the edge of our seats for what seemed like an eternity until a winner finally emerged.

Click images for animated versions

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Super Smash Bros. has everything it needs to be the biggest name in fighting game eSports, but it just doesn't want to be

Clear attempts have been made by multiple fighting game companies to start making bigger and bigger strides in the eSports world, and for all intents and purposes the torch bearer is Street Fighter 5 right now.

The latest in the Street Fighter franchise has started to build a television audience via events like ELEAGUE, has established regular season play via the Capcom Pro Tour, and has seen much success and growth as a general result.

That said, SF5 still trails the fighting game franchise that is Super Smash Bros., and that's without a huge company trying to usher it toward a more eSports-centric status. In fact one could argue that Smash creators are trying to keep their baby away from such circles.

A recent piece by The Washington Post further examines the phenomenon that is Smash Bros. as it relates to the ever growing entity of eSports.

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Cody can juggle his rock almost like a hacky sack in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

Cody Travers in the Final Fight and Street Fighter series is known for using weapons. For Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, he makes use of a steel pipe and rocks during his second V-Trigger.

While utilizing these rocks in just the right way, Cody can create some very interesting frame trap scenarios. Unfortunately, if the opponent moves out of the location in which the rock is going to land, then it will just fall to the ground without creating any real pressure.

Apparently, Cody is actually capable of juggling the launched rock before it touches the floor. This will relaunch it to a new location. It any event, it looks really cool.

As demonstrated by OlafRedland and Eternal0Star, the rock can be struck multiple times. You can actually keep it in the air for a decent amount of time.

It's almost like a game of hacky sack. How many times can you hit the rock and keep it above the ground? Could be a fun time killer to show off...

More than likely, this is just a flashy thing that cody can do. This probably isn't going to redefine his meta... right?

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Arby's made a life size statue of Soul Calibur's Nightmare out of sandwich boxes

Arby's has made a name for themselves on the internet with a strong social media game that, unlike the godlike Wendy's, doesn't stand on a foundation of throwing shade at competitors.

Instead the fast food roast beef joint has gone the arts and crafts route with a special appeal to gaming and nerd culture as they replicate some of the most iconic figures from anime, video games and the like.

They've leveled their game up higher than ever before as they've made a full size statue of Soul Calibur's Nightmare out of sandwich boxes for Anime Expo 2018.

Nightmare stands tall on top of a mound of empty boxes, complete with a very well done Soul Edge, the character's cursed and massive weapon.

We're gonna go out on a limb here and say that, even if you're not an avid fan of their food, Arby's deserves a Twitter follow as they're a regular source of awe and entertainment.

Here are a few pics from the Anime Expo floor looking at the piece from multiple angles and distances:

Arby's Nightmare image #1 Arby's Nightmare image #2 Arby's Nightmare image #3 Arby's Nightmare image #4 Arby's Nightmare image #5 Arby's Nightmare image #6
Click images for larger versions

Thank you to Fangief for the tip.

Viennality 2018 results ft. Biohazard, TekkenMaster, HoneyBee, Hayatei

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

This weekend, Viennality is taking place in Vienna, Austria.

The big deal at this event is Injustice 2, of which it's a spot on the Injustice 2 Pro Series circuit, making it a landmark event.

Besides that, the event will also feature Dragon Ball FighterZ, Tekken 7, Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, Mortal Kombat XL, Skullgirls: 2nd Encore, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle and Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2.

Players attending include BC|Biohazard, NASR|TekkenMaster, BC|HoneyBee, PG|Hayatei, PxP|A Foxy Grampa, PG|Kitana Prime and many more.

It's a two-day event, so stay tuned throughout all of it to enjoy the full action.

Streaming is being done at NetherRealm, PND|Ketchup and Virtual Dojo Vienna.

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Du makes it rain, Fujimura enters beast mode, Tokido goes home early, Infiltration shows some leg and more; Capcom's top 5 moments from CEO

We're still reeling from the hype filled weekend that was CEO 2018, and though the fun is over for this year Capcom Fighters is helping us relive the good times with a recent recap video.

The main purpose of said video is to go back over the top five moments of Street Fighter 5 gameplay, which it definitely does do, but CEO was much more than tournament play.

With special ring entrances for players, the presence of professional wrestling superstars like Kenny Omega and a concentration of some of the absolute best competitors in the business, the event delivered as a very entertaining spectator experience.

So yes, you'll see oppressive beat downs by the likes of FD|Fujimura, surprise upsets as FOX|Tokido goes home early and clutch comebacks from players like DouyuTV|Xiao Hai, but it doesn't stop there.

Some of the player entrances will be talked about for years to come as the young NuckleDu walked in whilst tossing cash into the crowd, NVD|Phenom played the role of the vain villain and PG|Infiltration wooed everyone watching with a Val Venis tribute.

Check out the magic in the full video below and then tell us what your favorite part of CEO 2018 was in the comments afterwards.

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Chris Tatarian releases his Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Season 3.5 tier list

Not too long ago, TSM|Leffen posted his Dragon Ball FighterZ tier list. Following this, GGP|Kazunoko then proceeded to post his Dragon Ball FighterZ tier list.

FOX|SonicFox took to Twitter in order to update his Dragon Ball FighterZ tier list soon afterwards. With all these tiers lists posted for Dragon Ball FighterZ, it had me wondering when top players would post their Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Season 3.5 tier lists.

Well, I didn't have to wait long for my answer. CYG|Chris T. recently posted his tier list for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Season 3.5.

While Chris T. is mostly known as a Ken player, he'll pull out Akuma whenever needed. Notably, Chris T. appears to believe that Akuma is the best character right now despite the recent nerf to his standing medium kick.

This probably isn't too surprising to those that have been keeping up with the current meta, but he also believes Menat, Guile, and Cammy to also occupy top tier. Meanwhile, Ryu, Juri, Blanka, and Alex can all be seen at the very bottom of his list.

A keen observer will probably notice that Falke and Cody are absent. Chris T. commented that he believes it's still too early for him to give those two accurate ratings.

Chris Tatarian's Season 3.5 Tier List image #1
Click images for larger versions

Feel free to draw comparisons to our community voted tier list.

Sonic Boom 2018 results ft. Go1, Problem X, Luffy, Fergus, BigBird

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

This weekend, Sonic Boom 2018 is taking place in Madrid, Spain.

It's a Capcom Pro Tour event, so points are on the line.

With that in mind, Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition has over 100 entrants, so the competition will be fierce, to be sure.

Besides this, the event will also feature Dragon Ball FighterZ, King of Fighters 14, Tekken 7, Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 and Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Players attending are CO|Go1, Mouz|Problem X, RB|Luffy, UYU|Fergus, NASR|BigBird, Liquid|John Takeuchi, Epsilon|Takamura, FNATIC|Akainu, NVD|SaltyKid, EnVyUS|MisterCrimson, Method|ImStillDaDaddy, FNATIC|Shakz, FNATIC|Brick, Overload|VegaPatch, EnVyUS|Layo and many more.

Streaming is being done at Madrid FGC, Madrid FGC 2 and FGCVLC.

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