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Tokido prioritizes match footage and strategy over longer grind sessions, and aims to snatch the #1 CFN spot from Momochi; Yahoo Esports interview

This past weekend at South East Asia Major 2016, Yahoo Esports own Michael Martin caught up with Tokido, who shares a bit of insight on his plans for the remainder of the year, and what he's doing to prepare.

In order to compete at a high level, naturally one would have to train effectively. Since CEO, Tokido has made some changes to the way he trains. Previously, he would pour hours on end into just playing the game, but now he spends less time playing to make room to focus on watching matches and improving his strategies.

Part of making those improvements include developing strategies against the other major contenders for the Capcom Cup title, and you can already see some payoff with his win over EG|Momochi, who has also already qualified.

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SoCal fighting game player opens up one of the most successful food trucks in Los Angeles

Gerald "LA Akira" Abraham is one of the strongest Street Fighter II players in the States, a fierce Virtua Fighter competitor and now the proud co-owner of one of Los Angeles' most successful new food trucks.

Gerald and his wife, Chizuru, have teamed up to bring an authentic taste of Japan to Southern California. Introducing Okamoto Kitchen, a roaming eatery that offers lesser-known Japanese dishes.

With dishes such as the Nom Bom Sandwich, cheese mochi and Okamoto Curry, Okamoto Kitchen was able to win the LA Weekly reader’s choice for best food truck of 2016.

Okamoto Kitchen image #1 Okamoto Kitchen image #2 Okamoto Kitchen image #3 Okamoto Kitchen image #4
Click images for larger versions

While Gerald deals with customers up front, Chizuru uses her learnings from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts to create top tier foods for customers all over LA. The culinary duo already has a full schedule booked for the rest of the year, and will be at SCR tonight from 5-10 p.m.

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Bonchan's Hail Mary Critical Art sends Milan Games Week into state of shock, but Sako is none too pleased

Milan Games Week 2016 is the home of the European Finals bracket for the Capcom Pro Tour. This 16 man event will offer a spot in the Capcom Cup for whomever is able to best the rest of the competition.

The final two spots in this bracket were up for grabs via a Last Chance Qualifier, and two titans of fighting games, RB|Bonchan and HORI|Sako, met in the Grand Finals of this LCQ.

The story between these two was already in later chapters, as Bonchan sent Sako to the losers bracket earlier, and then Sako had reset the score by defeating Bonchan in their first set in Grand Finals. Up two games to one, Sako hoped to clinch the tournament, (and the cash prize for first place) by taking the final round he needed.

Pulling out one last trick to stay alive, Bonchan surprised all onlookers with a desperation Critical Art that found its mark. Shortly thereafter Bonchan would take the round, and a small smirk spread across his face showed a slight acknowledgement of guilt. Sako's smile, on the other hand, expressed something entirely different.

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Street Fighter 5 bug allows Urien to throw his opponent from across the screen; TOOLASSISTED takes the combo throw tech a step further

You're probably familiar with the recent discovery of Urien's ability to combo a throw off of a reflected projectile by now, but it appears that tech is tied to a bug.

TOOLASSISTED uploaded a video today that shows off some very weird behavior with this throw tech. Apparently with the correct timing, if Urien's opponent is hit with a reflected projectile, going for the grab will teleport his opponent to him.

In the clip, Urien lands a grab on Chun-Li at fullscreen distance, but according to TOOLASSISTED, it doesn't matter where you are on the screen, the grab works the same.

You can check the clip out after the jump.

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Curious about the damage output in King of Fighters 14? The Combonauts have you covered with their top 10 damaging moves showcase

The King of Fighters 14 offers a massive cast of characters to choose from, but when it comes to raw damage output, there are a few characters that stand out above the rest.

The Combonauts take a step away from their usual flashy combo compilations to showcase the most powerful super moves that the game has to offer.

While a few characters do appear on each list, it is interesting to note the variety of characters that appear across the board.

You'll find the top 10 list for highest damaging super specials, EX super specials, and climax moves in King of Fighters 14 after the jump.

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Tricky cross-under mixups, reflector combos that set up meaties and more: Dr.fatbody shows off some awesome Urien tech

Since Urien's release, many players have been devoting quite a bit of time to uncovering useful tech for the character.

Dr.fatbody is one such player. Recently he's put together a video showing off some setups that would make a welcome addition to any Urien player's arsenal. Many of the setups you'll find here leave Urien with an opportunity to open up his opponent.

This particular setup for example is a double whammy; should an opponent under pressure fall for the throw setup at the beginning, they end up caught in a juggle that gives Urien a shot at a reset:

Click image for animated version

You can check out the full video for yourself after the jump.

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'We definitely want to make [Persona 5: Arena] happen' says Persona 4: Arena series director Kazuhisa Wada

During the medal ceremony at Toushinsai's Arc Revolution Cup 2016 portion tonight, after presenting prizes to the victors, each game's director got to speak a few words to the fans.

Kazuhisa Wada, the director for the Persona 4: Arena series, from Atlus, was well aware that fans are really hoping to see a new installment in the fighting game series now that Persona 5 is out and has been greatly received all over Japan.

While there was nothing official to announce just yet, Wada's comments were extremely positive for any hopefuls out there.

You can see what Wada said, translated personally by me, Nicholas "MajinTenshinhan" Taylor, below.

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This Sakura tattoo is amazing, the perfect pixelated tribute to her Alpha days

After seeing this, I just had to share it.

SleezySqueeze over on /r/StreetFighter recently posted a photo of their freshly inked tattoo. This one is an amazing homage to Street Fighter's Sakura from her Alpha days.

The tattoo doesn't only depict the character perfectly, but the artist captured Sakura in all of her pixelated sprite glory.

Check out the tattoo in the photo below.

Amazing Sakura tattoo image #1
Click images for larger versions

The artist's name is Whitney Caskey, and you can find more of her outstanding work by hitting the link.

Source: SleezySqueeze on /r/StreetFighter. Banner photo credit - THOR.

We all know Urien can combo after throw in Street Fighter 5, now he can combo into throw: Desk shows us how it can deal huge damage

Desk returns with more godlike tech for Street Fighter 5's latest DLC fighter.

By now, we all know that Urien can combo after his throw by using Aegis Reflector or going into Critical Art if the opponent chooses not to recover. However, comboing into throw is something we haven't seen before -- aside from going into a throw after a crush counter.

Apparently, Urien can grab an opponent while they're being hit with a projectile that has been reflected by his V-Trigger. The throw doesn't reset the situation, but simply continues the combo. With Aegis on screen, Urien can even continue the sequence after that.

Below is a basic example of this tech from Desk.

Click image for animated version

Urien can do the same with projectile Critical Arts, and tag the opponent with crazy damage if the conditions are right. Be sure to check out the full video after the jump to see the full extent of this discovery.

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Xian: I think what we do is equivalent to sports, feels Singapore is 2nd behind Japan in fighting game ability

Ho Kun Xian, better known in the FGC as RZR|Xian, recently chimed in on the subject of how eSports stack up with traditional athletics.

"I definitely think what we do is equivalent to sport," Xian told Channel NewsAsia.

"We are training just as much as sportspeople train. There is more strategy involved in gaming, and you also need... to maintain focus and concentration," he said.

Xian feels that eSports could even be considered more difficult, in some cases, due to the mental stamina top players need to handle the highest levels of competition.

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Woah, Captain Commando is REALLY popular: Here are the Capcom characters EventHubs readers would like to see return if we got Marvel vs. Capcom 4

Updated: The results are in! To see how EventHubs readers voted, be sure to hit the jump.

Earlier: While we're aware that Marvel vs. Capcom 4 seems like a long-shot at best (though the same was said of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 before its reveal), it's still fun to think of what might become if such a project happened.

As such, we've made two polls (one for Marvel, one for Capcom), where we ask you, our readers, which characters you would like to see RETURN if the franchise got a new installment.

Although Capcom might not have as many viable choices as Marvel, there's still a plethora of characters to choose from, from a huge variety of different franchises. As such, we've limited it only to characters who were in the previous games, leaving you to vote on who you'd like to see make a comeback if we got MvC4.

You can find the full poll below, where you may choose up to 3 different characters, in keeping with the series' team spirit, you'd like to see return from Capcom's side of the cast.

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Full V-Gauge and Critical Art meter at the start of every round? Something's not right: This weird Street Fighter 5 clip may be showing a new PS4 hack

EventHubs reader Jaehyunp recently sent us a very peculiar Street Fighter 5 clip.

The footage shows a typical ranked match between a Nash player and Jaehyunp's Necalli. At the start of the first round, we see that the Nash player has full Critical Art meter and V-Gauge right out of the gate, which is not normal. This essentially equips the player with full resources for free.

The oddity continues into the second round as Nash's bars are fully replenished, despite him having only one stock of meter at the end of the previous round. In the third round, we see it happen once more.

Though the quickest explanation is that this is merely a PC mod of some sort, Jaehyunp reports that the player was actually playing on PlayStation 4. We are unsure about how this was achieved, but our best guess would be that this is one of the first PS4 hacks we've seen for Street Fighter 5.

You can check out the clip below.

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Street Fighter 5's newest missions net you 6,800 Fight Money: Here's how to complete 'Safety Measures' and the rest of the latest challenges

A fresh batch of Street Fighter 5 missions has gone live. This week, we've got another set of four objectives to complete, and doing so will grant you an extra 6,800 Fight Money for your troubles.

Below are this week's missions.

Street Fighter 5's missions 10-14-2016 image #1
Click images for larger versions

As we have seen previously, three out of the four challenges are self explanatory and straight forward. The "Safety Measures" mission is a bit more cryptic and requires some thinking to complete.

But if you find yourself stumped, don't fret. Here's how it's done.

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An OHOHO so beautiful version of Karin's Street Fighter 5 theme: xclassicalcatx and The Consouls team up to perform a fan favorite

It's got the beauty of the viola, the technicality of the keyboard and the sexiness of the saxophone... the Consouls join up with xclassicalcatx to perform perhaps the smoothest version of Karin's theme we've heard yet.

These internet music starts are great on their own, but together they're on an even higher level. We normally hear this theme in a very distracted state, as we're following the match playing out in front of us.

Seeing each instrument highlighted as it contributes to the song angles our perspective and appreciation of the piece as a whole in a brand new way.

Give the theme a listen, and then please share your reactions to it in our comments section.

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Daigo shimmies his way into 3 throws in a row, Nuki responds with 3 back to back counter hit combos: Legends clash in this first-to-7 set

BST|Daigo and CBZ|Nuki have faced off against one another countless times over the years, and yet again the two have met for another brilliant set of Street Fighter 5 matches.

XusesGB recently put together some footage of the two legends facing off against one another, and the matches are just as action packed as you would come to expect. Both players pull out all the stops against one another to bring the entire set down to the wire.

Take this sequence for example, where Nuki started to gain some momentum. Daigo became a bit accustomed to hitting buttons whenever he wanted, but Nuki quickly shows him why that might be a bad idea:

Click image for animated version

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