Moves for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath
Tiers for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath

GimR demonstrates how one frame can make a huge difference in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate by revealing tech for Sheik, Byleth, and Roy

VGBC|GimR released a video that's simply titled "One Frame." This video demonstrates quite thoroughly how one frame can make all the difference in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (and any fighting game).

Despite the fact that Sheik's up tilt is -11 on block, there are some fun frame traps that can be done with this attack. The fastest grabs in the game come out in six frames. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has this tendency to add four additional frames of start up to grabs after blocking an attack.

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Infexious explains how to defend like the pros by outlining the strengths and weaknesses of all wake up options in Street Fighter 5

Fighting games are one of the toughest video game genres to get into. Luckily, we have pros like MO|Infexious giving tips on how to play games like Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition with the mindset of a pro.

The topic of the latest video teaches how to defend upon waking up. Once again, Infexious is putting on his best narrator voice to explain all the possible options in this scenario.

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Who are Street Fighter 5's hardest and easiest characters to play? EventHubs' roundtable technical tier list part 2

We're continuing our latest roundtable endeavor as four of us here on the EventHubs staff are ranking every character on the Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition roster by how difficult we perceive they are to play.

MajinTenshinhan, DreamKing, Catalyst, and I have already posted our top 10 easiest fighters, and are moving on today to ranks 30-21.

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'It's official, we're back' — Killer Instinct Cup 2020 announcement imminent

Killer Instinct fans might be excited to hear about some news that came about earlier today. It's been all but outright stated that we're due for a Killer Instinct Cup 2020 announcement in 2-3 weeks.

"I’m extremely proud of the Killer Instinct Community for making waves these past few months," said Brandon Alexander on Twitter. Notably, Alexander is the head of the Killer Instinct World Cup and owner of Ultra Arcade. "Happy to say that after talking with Dave, we are making moves to get you all an announcement within the next 2-3 weeks. All I can say right now is that, we’re back."

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This clip of HungryBox against a random player on the Magicant stage is a perfect example of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's faulty preferred rules

There are plenty of stages that are just not meant for 1v1 in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate while items are turned off. This is why there is only a small percentage of stages that are legal during tournament play.

Unfortunately, there are those that intend to win through the cheesiest of methods in their quest to obtain GSP. Even worse, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Quickplay mode actually allows them to do this.

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Ultra Instinct Goku Dragon Ball FighterZ launch trailer released

Dragon Ball FighterZ is gearing up for the release of their next DLC character this week. Ultra Instinct Goku is joining the battle, and Bandai Namco has just shared an official launch trailer for the upcoming warrior.

Fans are given another look at UI Goku's Dramatic Finish versus Kefla here. Additionally, more gameplay of the new Goku in action comes just before his official release.

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Batman makes an indirect cameo in Joker's Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath Friendship and Mileena returns to play Patty Cake with Kitana

A new trailer for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath was released this morning that puts a major focus on Friendships. The returning finisher type aims to allow players to close out their games with a pleasant offering instead of a brutal bloodbath.

In this trailer, a quick glimpse at many of the roster's Friendships was shown, and there's quite a bit to take in. Right off the cuff, we see somewhat of a cameo from Batman in Joker's finisher, and Mileena fans will either be very happy or very unhappy with Mr. Ed Boon after watching this showcase.

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Ronin Rumble GBVS Week 10 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Ronin Rumble is an actively held online tournament series hosted by Geoff the Hero which primarily focuses on Granblue Fantasy Versus and Samurai Shodown though not always with both games in the same week.

Notable participants this week are Jan, SQ, Crescent|Shinku, KyleP, Havaniceday, AAA|Kusanagi, AF|Juliocrivera, Levitate|SonicSol, PME, OCG|FluxWaveZ, Slay and many more.

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Is Sheik really the most difficult character to get into Elite Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Those of you that are attempting to get every character in Elite Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have probably heard about the "horror" of Sheik. Out of the 80 characters in the game, it is often stated that Sheik is the most difficult to obtain Elite status with.

Some time ago, I was actually able to get Sheik into Elite Smash. I can definitely say that the experience left quite an impression on me.

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'You want to out-lag me? I'm going to load up mad YouTube tabs and download everything' — Smug hilariously challenges a lagger at their own game

Playing any fighting game online can be an outright awful experience if the connection isn't stable. Upon winning, most of us would probably have no desire to finish the two-out-of-three set in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition after a match that featured constant stuttering and skipping.

In this situation, RISE|Smug will apparently opt to challenge a laggy opponent at their own game. A recent video upload by Smug had him facing off against a Kolin user in a laggy online environment.

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Here are two new Brutalities for RoboCop in Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath Edition

Fujin, Sheeva, and RoboCop will become available in Mortal Kombat 11 along with the Aftermath Edition update on May 26. These characters will come with their own normals, specials, variations, Fatalities, Brutalities, and even Friendships.

Recently, NetherRealm Studios posted a secret code online. Once cracked, fans would be granted the opportunity to view two of RoboCop's Brutalities in Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath Edition.

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Who are the 10 easiest characters to use in Street Fighter 5? EventHubs' roundtable technical tier list part 1

We've been cooking up a new tier list behind the scenes here at EventHubs as four of our staff members have ordered the characters of the entire Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition roster by how difficult/technical they are to play.

MajinTenshinhan, DreamKing, Catalyst, and I have logged hundreds of hours watching and playing Street Fighter 5, and have averaged out our four lists to arrive at a final ordering.

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Ultra Instinct Goku isn't even available in Dragon Ball FighterZ yet but he already has touch of death combos

Earlier today, we had the opportunity to get a true breakdown for Ultra Instinct Goku thanks to the official gameplay showcase stream. A number of interesting details were revealed about Ultra Instinct Goku.

Not surprisingly, Ultra Instinct Goku is armed with some impressive damage potential. The character hasn't even been released yet and we already know that he's capable of performing touch of death sequences.

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EVO Online's decision to limit open tournaments to titles with great netcode is a bold message to fighting game developers

When news first dropped that EVO 2020 was cancelled and EVO Online would be taking its place, the FGC's immediate concern jumped to how the mainstage games would hold up considering none of them are known for their strong netplay capabilities.

The organizers behind EVO essentially side-stepped that issue completely, however, this week when they announced that none of those titles would be part of the open tournaments for EVO Online with those honors going instead to four fighting games championed by the community for their netcode prowess.

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Saltmine League Season 6 #6 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The Saltmine League's sixth season continues this week again.

Notable players participating this week are Mouz|Problem X, Hurricane, Akainu, Reason|Boltstrike, Ryan Hart, The4Philzz, ImStillDaDaddy, fhASSA, LoHii, GunSlinga, StrtFighterSteve, Hestkraft, Rikemansbarnet and many more.

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Update: Official Ultra Instinct Goku gameplay showcase stream for Dragon Ball FighterZ is now live

Update: Bandai Namco's Ultra Instinct Goku showcase stream is now live. You can watch along with us in the story below.

Ultra Instinct Goku is only about three days away from releasing in Dragon Ball FighterZ, and very soon we'll have our best look yet at what the new character will be bringing to the table.

Bandai Namco will be holding a special livestream showcase for Ultra Instinct Goku today focusing on a full analysis of UI Goku's gameplay and combos set to start at 10 a.m. PT.

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One of the coolest features of Them's Fightin' Herds is the ability to use other players' combo trials or create your own

After years of hard work from the developers over at Mane6, not only is Them's Fightin' Herds finally out of early access, it's also going to be a premier title for EVO Online later this summer.

With the new influx of players joining the game, FrozenFacade recently put together a very handy tutorial on how to utilize one of Them's Fightin' Herds' coolest features: the ability to create your own combo trials or import another player's.

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