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Wednesday Night Fights 2.2 results ft. Commander Jesse, Alex Valle, Chris Tatarian, Krayzie

Updated: Results and the stream archive have been added to our story.

Earlier: It's Wednesday night, and that means the SoCal FGC is out in full force for Wednesday Night Fights.

This will mark one of the very first Injustice 2 tournaments of this magnitude, as some of America's strongest fighting game talent come together to show off their extremely early tech.

We're afraid we may run into a ton of Deadshots (we hear he's pretty good right now) over the course of the night, but we're excited to see anything and everything from the brand new game.

The live stream embed is below so you can watch along with us.

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Next Level Battle Circuit v.66 results ft. Sonic Fox, Punk, Sleep

Updated: This story has been updated with results and the stream archive.

Earlier: Injustice 2 is now in the hands of the public, and though we're sure some scenes have already put together their own day one tournaments to see which community members are starting out on top, we're especially excited to see what the East Coast fighting game community has come up with thus far.

With Injustice 2 being brand new, there's no telling what kind of play we'll see tonight. Anyone could win at this highly volatile stage, and so we expect a fairly large turn out as players show up to try to make an early mark.

Next Level Battle Circuit will be coming live from New York and will also be featuring Street Fighter 5. We've got the live embed ready to go after the jump so you can tune in to the live action.

Check out the brackets right here.

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From realistic to cartoons to Peanuts parodies... Suwono can draw it all

Richard Suwono's art is so top tier we couldn't help but feature him yet again.

The Indonesian artist seems to be able to beautifully express himself in a myriad of different styles as we see a wide range from realistic to toon-like in the gallery below. You may have noticed from the banner he even parodies the famous Peanuts comics.

Give this gallery a look through and share your love in the comments.

Suwono Gallery 02 image #1 Suwono Gallery 02 image #2 Suwono Gallery 02 image #3 Suwono Gallery 02 image #4 Suwono Gallery 02 image #5 Suwono Gallery 02 image #6

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Venom, Dr. Strange, Groot, and more headed to Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite? Marvel comics set for August may hint at potential characters

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is set for release on September 19th, but during the month prior Marvel Comics is going to be doing some special promotion for the upcoming fighting game.

The company has announced a run of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite variant covers for 20 different comic books on the current Marvel line up. These alternate covers will feature characters from the fighting title, Newsarama reports.

Among the list of books getting the variant treatment are Venom #153, Spider-Man/Deadpool #20, I Am Groot #4, and several other characters that have not yet been revealed as playable in MvCI. If these variant covers are giving characters from the game their time in the spotlight a month in advance, then this list might be revealing potential roster additions that we haven't seen yet.

You can check out the full list of comic books getting Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite variant covers after the jump.

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Fan-made makeover for Street Fighter 5's heads up display looks to make the game more discernible for casual audiences

My parents called me late Friday night to excitedly share that while flipping through channels, they stumbled upon TBS' Eleague. The outreach is growing, and more eyes are on us than ever before.

We're growing more and more eSports every day, and so we naturally have a growing number of audience members that aren't as familiar with all the different glowing meters and bars on the screen. Rarely have we ever heard fans take much issue with Street Fighter 5's heads up display, as it does a fine job giving fighting game fans and players all the information they need to know.

Enter Andrew "nevbamshew" David Murphy, illustrator and Street Fighter fan. Nev has imagined a slightly touched up HUD with the objectives of making the presentation more enticing as well as informative to those less Street Fighter savvy:

HUD image #1 HUD image #2
Click images for larger versions

There's a quick video after the jump for those that prefer.

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Injustice 2 move listings, tiers, stats, and stamina ratings added to EventHubs

Injustice 2 is officially available for purchase. To help you get a jump start on your trek to becoming a champion, we here at EventHubs have added moves, tiers, stats, and stamina ratings to our Injustice 2 section.

Thanks to the hard work of Justin (AdaptiveTrigger), Jon (Catalyst), and Josh (TheUncharted) everyone can now access all of these features.

If you'd like to begin casting votes for your favorite characters, be sure to check out our Injustice 2 tiers. Let us know which matches you feel they do well in, which they don't, and which are fairly even.

You can also head over to our stats page, which will provide information such as character popularity, how many registered EH users play them, and more.

Lastly, we have our Injustice 2 moves. Be sure to peruse the full list of combo strings, special moves, and more for all 29 of the game's launch characters (Darkseid included).

You can also hit the jump for quick links to each character's move list.

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Welp... that makes sense - Cody is the only character in Alpha 3 who can't block Rolento's 'Take No Prisoners' super

D-NO recently showcased another... interesting facet of an old school fighting title. Today's oddity involves Cody and Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Apparently, in the arcade version of the game Cody cannot block Rolento's "Take No Prisoners" super. Not only is he incapable of doing so, but Cody is the only character on the roster who can't block it.

Check it out below.

Click image for animated version

If you stumble upon an old Alpha 3 machine and you're a Cody player... watch your toes.

Injustice 2's netcode is extremely promising right out of the gate

Injustice 2 has been in the hands of the public for a couple of days now, and players everywhere have had the opportunity to jump online and try their luck against others across the world.

Due to the history of how NetherRealm Studios' games have performed online in the past, their new DC Comics brawler has quite a bit to prove right out of the gate. So, how does the netcode stack up in Injustice 2?

After nearly 140 ranked matches, I can say that Injustice 2's online experience is a real contender in the modern fighting game world.

Here's what I've found during my time with Injustice 2.

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Street Fighter 5 PC mods: 'Heartbreaker' Juri, Overwatch's Solider 76 and Genji enter the battle

PC Best Mods brings us footage of more epic Street Fighter 5 PC mods.

Today, we have Solider 76 and Genji from Overwatch, as well as a mod called "Heartbreaker" Juri. These come to us from the creative minds of THE JAMK, SIEGFRIED129, and TaNooki.

As always, for download information be sure to check out each video's description.

Below are some screenshots to get you started. Hit the jump to view the footage.

Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #1 Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #2 Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #3 Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #4 Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #5 Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #6 Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #7 Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #8 Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #9 Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #10 Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #11 Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #12
Click images for larger versions

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We've caught two Easter Egg references in the Injustice 2 story so far...

We have to widely agree with the positive reviews Injustice 2 has been getting for it's amazing single player modes.

As we've been playing through the story ourselves, we've noticed at least two noteworthy Easter Eggs that we wanted to share with you. Don't worry, we won't spoil things without making you click, and even then the references aren't really spoilers to the story.

To see the first, click the image below and pay attention to the code Catwoman shouts out to the computer:

Click images for animated versions

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Nash is not great, but even if a character is considered weak, they can still win - Bonchan proves the world wrong by winning BAM 9 with Nash

The character of Nash in Street Fighter 5 was, at one point, regarded as possibly the best in the game. This was widely because Korean player RZR|Infiltration seemed absolutely unstoppable at the first two CPT Premier events and EVO last year.

After a reduction in input lag and a balance patch that left the character with fewer tools than before, much of the community, including Infiltration, thought the character became bad. Extremely bad. Possibly bottom of the entire tier list bad.

This way of thinking has been prevalent for some time now, but RB|Bonchan surprised everyone, suddenly placing in the top portions of major event brackets, and eventually winning BAM 9.

Having finished doing the latter, Bonchan sat down to an interview with Jiyuna, who asked him what he thought about winning with a perceived low tier character. His answer stands as a pretty big inspiration to those who have chosen characters out of the top tier.

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The rise of a new alpha, a delayed CFN update and the reason Wolfkrone keeps winning... Ernesto Lopez comically recounts SF5's recent history

He's been on a bit of a break in recent months, but we're happy to announce that Ernesto Lopez Jr. is back to his usual laugh-inducing, video-making self.

In his absence, the Street Fighter 5 scene has watched PG|Punk rise in tournament success, gotten an early gameplay experience with Ed and seen Wolfkrone continue to stay alive at the highly competitive Eleague.

In a quick "I'm back" announcement video, Ernesto comments on all of these happenings with a pinch of humor sprinkled over each. Give the video a watch and let us know in the comments if you found it as funny as we did.

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Injustice 2 receiving top marks for visuals and single player content, but loot system can be a bit frustrating

Injustice 2 has made it to consoles and seems to be being received in a very popular light.

We've made the rounds and read the reviews from the likes of IGN, GameSpot, Kotaku and Eurogamer, all of whom are exceptionally enthusiastic about the game. Reviewers can't seem to get enough of Injustice 2's visuals and story mode (a facet of fighting games NetherRealm Studios has set the bar for in recent years).

The only real issue that seems to continually come up is in the game's gear system. The system itself is fun to use and a welcomed component, but the randomized divvying of loot seems to be a little annoying for some.

If you're on the fence about nabbing NRS' latest fighter, check out the reviews below to see if they can't persuade you in one direction or the other.

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Watch Poongoko play Ed in the beta against an ultra diamond Ryu player in this FT3 set

Thanks to DeadAceBS's video on YouTube, we get to see how a player like Poongko plays Ed in Street Fighter 5. This match was obviously recorded during the beta.

In this first-to-three set, Poongko, as Ed, went up against OtaniRyu, as Ryu. It was a pretty back and forth set so Ryu players might be interested in this video as well since Ryu was played by an Ultra Diamond player.

If Poongko's play is anything to go by, then it shows that Ed would be a very rewarding character to play in combination with a patient playstyle.

Click image for animated version

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More footage of Buddy Battle, color edit mode, and Way Of The Hado in Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers

The release for Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers on the Nintendo Switch is right around the corner.

This version of Street Fighter 2 takes a legendary fighting game title and adds new characters and content. Today, we have some more footage of the game's new modes.

First up, Nintendo sits down with Capcom to run through the new Buddy Battle mode -- that which allows two players to take on one opponent at the same time. We also get to see more of the color edit mode, as well as some interesting colors made by the Nintendo crew that reflect characters such as Yoshi, Princess Peach, and Mario himself (with his fire flower power up).

You can check out these colors below.

Ultra Street Fighter 2 colors image #1 Ultra Street Fighter 2 colors image #2 Ultra Street Fighter 2 colors image #3 Ultra Street Fighter 2 colors image #4
Click images for larger versions

Additionally, GameXplain has uploaded new gameplay footage of USF4's first-person game mode, Way Of The Hado. You can check it all out after the jump.

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