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I believe that Cody and Sodom will be added to Street Fighter 5 in the near future, and here's my reasoning

Since you guys seemed to enjoy my piece on Oros' potential inclusion last week, I decided to throw another one your way, this time focusing on Cody and Sodom, who I believe are both prime candidates to be added as soon as next year.

There are multiple reasons why these two characters seem to be likely additions, but let's tackle them one at a time, starting with the long-absent Sodom.

The main reason I believe that Sodom is practically a shoo-in for Season 2, or maybe Season 3, lies in a Famitsu interview with Capcom that I had the pleasure of translating almost a year ago.

Continue below for an excerpt from said interview and to read further elaboration for these two characters' potential inclusion in Street Fighter 5.

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Six back-to-back throws on Gachikun, nonstop hop kicks on Sako, and more: When Daigo wants to, he can REALLY 'disrespect' his opponents

In fighting games, we use the term "disrespect" to describe when one player completely disregards what their opponent wants to do in a match and imposes their will in dominating fashion. This doesn't mean that the players have no respect for one another, but it's one of those FGC terms that just kind of... stuck.

With that having been said, BST|Daigo might be one of the best at "disrespecting" his opponents.

121jigawatts over on /r/StreetFighter recently put together a thread that highlights some of the greatest examples of Daigo going HAM in competitive play.

One of the first clips that comes to mind is Daigo's grand finals set against ZW|Gamerbee at Dreamhack Winter 2013. In the very first round of the match up, Daigo pushed forward and tagged Gamerbee with three Heavy Punch Shoryukens, one after the other, to score a stun, then ended the game withe one more for good measure.

Click image for animated version

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Who's competing for the 'European champion' title this weekend? Here's what you need to know about the Capcom Pro Tour's first regional finals

The new system of the Capcom Pro Tour allows players to qualify for finals based on region via Ranking events, and our first such final is finally about to take place.

This weekend, the Regional Finals for Europe are taking place at Milan Games Week. The tournament format is to have an open qualifier the first day of the event, Saturday, where the 2 top placers will qualify for the finals bracket on Sunday, where 14 others have already qualified via Ranking events.

Continue below to check out who's part of the finals bracket, as well as which other players are looking to qualify for the final spots.

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Ibuki's float avoids Rashid's super, Injustice player rages online, and the best/worst EVO Moment #37 fail we've ever seen: Funny and Cool Moments

LiangHuBBB is back with a fresh installment of the Funny and Cool Moments series. This marks the 96th episode, and featured here you'll find awesome clips from a number of different games.

Crazy comebacks, double KOs, online players raging through voice chat, there's a lot to see here. One of our favorite clips is the worst attempt at recreating the EVO Moment #37 parry in an actual match. It's so bad, that it's hilariously the best.

Check it out in the GIF below.

Click image for animated version

There is quite a bit of language NSFW here, especially towards the end. To check out the full video, be sure to hit the jump.

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Street Fighter 4 concept sketches for Cammy, Dhalsim, El Fuerte, Akuma, Zangief

The fourth batch of Street Fighter 4 concept artwork features some killer pieces of Dhalsim and El Fuerte.

Cammy, Akuma and Zangief are also shown here is this behind the scenes look at the images Capcom's art team created for the dev team to bring these characters to life.

You can find everything below.

Street Fighter 4 concept sketches of Cammy, Dhalsim, El Fuerte, Akuma, Zangief image #1 Street Fighter 4 concept sketches of Cammy, Dhalsim, El Fuerte, Akuma, Zangief image #2 Street Fighter 4 concept sketches of Cammy, Dhalsim, El Fuerte, Akuma, Zangief image #3 Street Fighter 4 concept sketches of Cammy, Dhalsim, El Fuerte, Akuma, Zangief image #4 Street Fighter 4 concept sketches of Cammy, Dhalsim, El Fuerte, Akuma, Zangief image #5 Street Fighter 4 concept sketches of Cammy, Dhalsim, El Fuerte, Akuma, Zangief image #6

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3-hit combo scores 39% for Tanya in Mortal Kombat XL, all you need is one meter and Dark Shroud

ElChakotay recently sent us an interesting Mortal Kombat XL clip.

Apparently, Tanya has the ability to dish out 39% damage with a simple 3-hit combo.

After hitting the opponent with Dark Shroud, all Tanya needs to do is hit jumping 4 into EX air fireball in her Pyromancer variation. If hit at the correct height, you'll get a large chunk of damage for little effort and only one meter.

You can check out the clip after the jump.

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Which characters are missing from the latest Super Smash Bros. installment? We share our opinions on who we'd like to see settle it in Smash

Whenever a new Super Smash Bros. game is on its way, roster discussions are very heated.

While there's no such game in development at the moment (as far as we know), enough time has passed to reasonably say that these characters, in our opinion, got snubbed, and for us to hope that they'll make it in (or back in, for one of our picks) next time around.

As usual, it's been me and Steven "DreamKing" Chavez discussing which characters we want to see in the Nintendo brawler, with specific writeups explaining every character.

Check out our choices below.

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Nanase searches for her sister Hokuto, while wielding a staff that can extend and shrink - Another Street Fighter EX character gets detailed via CFN

The Capcom Fighters Network profiles have taken a somewhat surprising turn the last few days, delving into Street Fighter EX characters.

These characters have long been considered off-limits to Street Fighter fans, considering the games were developed by Arika, and although each profile has a "Copyright Arika" mark at the bottom, these characters are still being introduced, and some even contain references to Street Fighter 5's story and current happenings.

Whether Capcom and Arika have reached some sort of deal or not, it's quite exciting to see. We've already seen Hokuto and her elder brother Kairi, but here's the youngest in the family - Nanase. Check out her image here.

Street Fighter 5 Nanase Profile image #1
Click images for larger versions

Continue below for Nanase's full profile.

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Hungrybox quits engineering job after disappointing The Big House 6 placing to focus more time on Super Smash Bros. Melee

Juan 'Liquid|Hungrybox' Debiedma has no shortage of amazing placings in Super Smash Bros. Melee, even managing to snag the championship victory at EVO 2016, after having placed 3rd in 2013 and 2nd in both 2014 and 2015.

But even though Liquid|Hungrybox has seen great success, his 5th place finish at The Big House 6 last weekend sent a clear message to him - that it was time to step it up further.

As such, he has made the huge commitment to resign from his engineering job so that he can focus more time onto the game that has become such a huge part of his life.

He's not going to focus full-time only on Super Smash Bros. Melee, though. You can find a brief clip where he explains some of his intentions below.

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Almost 10 seconds of parrying leading to a Super Art finisher - D-No shows us how magical Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike can be, even today

Probably the most famous fighting game moment ever came from Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, back at EVO 2004, the legendary "EVO Moment #37" between the (back then unsponsored) BST|Daigo Umehara and EG|Justin Wong.

While this moment doesn't have stakes nearly as high, or a crowd reacting to it for that matter, this is definitely a parry moment that perfectly hits the spot of how to make magic happen in 3rd Strike.

Whenever you're ready, you can check out the full sequence below.

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Scizor added to Pokkén Tournament as the latest playable character, releases for arcade version on October 20th

A new playable character is being added to Pokkén Tournament, and it's the Steel/Bug Pokémon Scizor.

Scizor is going to be added to the arcade version of the game on October 20th.

You can check out the full trailer as well as some additional gameplay videos below.

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Urien's Knee Drop canceling itself in mid-air? Fighter Generation's 'Aegis Amibition' video brings over 99 different combos, and some bizarre stuff

We've almost gone a month since Urien's release, but it's been obvious for a while now that there's a lot of stuff to find with this character.

This new video from Fighters Generation boasts to contain 99 different Urien combos (though it actually has even more than that), so chances are very high it'll contain something you haven't seen yet.

One thing that I, personally, had not seen yet is this bizarre instance where Urien's Knee Drop seems to cancel itself in mid air. Why this occurs is unclear, but perhaps some diehard Urien mains could enlighten us in the comments. Check out the phenomenon below.

Click image for animated version

Continue further below to check out the full video in all of its glory.

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Alex Valle and John Takeuchi do the Rashid dab, Justin Wong does the Shooter McGavin, Daigo dances... this pop off compilation is top tier

Video games have an uncanny knack for bringing out the best and the worst in people, and competitive fighting game play seems to bring emotion to the surface more quickly than perhaps any other genre.

The BEAST has brought us a pop off compilation of some of the most hilarious and emotionally charged moments in Street Fighter 5's life thus far. EG|Justin Wong, BST|Daigo, LU|Alex Valle... the list extends for quite a while.

Dabs, dances and sometimes disrespectful celebrations sometimes turn out to be the most memorable parts of a match. This one may be our personal favorite, simply because Daigo is traditionally so stone-faced and respectful. It's nice to see his human side, and watch as he has a bit of fun:

Click image for animated version

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Dieminion's Red Bull invitation reminds me of something you'd see in a movie and it's awesome

Kevin "Dieminion" Landon has gone fully Hollywood, well, at least his invitation to the Red Bull Proving Grounds has gone that route.

Looking like something you'd see in a movie, this is just too damn cool, as Landon released a video showing how it opens.

Click image for video

This lockbox joystick is awesome, here are more photos from the man himself.

Red Bull's invitation to Dieminion photos image #1 Red Bull's invitation to Dieminion photos image #2 Red Bull's invitation to Dieminion photos image #3
Click images for larger versions

Photo of Dieminion from Karaface.

Should Street Fighter 5's online system rank players' characters as well as overall progress?

We recently stumbled upon a post by Gcjboah on /r/StreetFighter prompting the question of whether or not Street Fighter 5 should bring back separate character ranks for online play.

This actually may not be too bad of an idea. For those that did not play Street Fighter 4 online all that much, it actually had two point systems for every player: Battle Points (BP) and Player Points (PP).

Street Fighter 5 has but one system, League Points (LP), that does keep things fairly neat and tidy, but has made it hard to maintain status and rank when trying to play characters other than one's main.

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