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Daigo Umehara explains why only buffing characters to balance fighting games doesn't work

Current fighting games are more balanced than any point in history before, but that doesn't mean there aren't still issues with some characters being too strong / weak — and certainly doesn't stop players debating how they should be fixed.

The legendary BST|Daigo Umehara recently received a fan question asking if it's possible to balance a fighting game by only buffing characters, and the longtime pro has a pretty poignant response.

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Super handy visual patch guide showcases the new King of Fighters 15 buffs and nerfs in action from Rooflemonger

The King of Fighters 15's first big balance update finally dropped this week tuning up or down the entire cast, but it can be hard to parse what exactly is different now in the game, especially when the patch notes don't include frame data.

Luckily, fighting game content creator Rooflemonger has just released his massive and super handy visual guide for the KOF15 going over every balance change for every character.

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Alex, Kage, Rose and Necalli saw huge jumps in popularity during the 1st full month of Street Fighter 5's Definitive Update

Although Street Fighter 5 did just receive a new patch a few days ago, the game's balance going forward will be primarily based around the Definitive Update, and we finally have some concrete insights into how much the overhaul had an impact on players.

Capcom has now released SF5's official online statistics for April 2022, which reveals almost half of the roster saw a notable jump in popularity while a handful of others dropped like rocks with their nerfs.

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Tweek and friends speedrun tier lists under pressure for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in just 10 minutes each

TSM|Tweek, one of the best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate competitors in the world, recently hosted episode 48 of his "Tweek Talks" series. It was during this episode where he and his friends would each create a tier list for Smash Ultimate.

However, there are some interesting caveats that need to be understood here. Each member is only allotted 10 minutes to create their tier list and defend its placements. During the tier list construction phase, the other members are allowed to ridicule and question the participant in hopes of getting him to second guess himself.

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Nemo sure is happy about the Luke nerfs but wishes there were even more nerfs after Street Fighter 5's latest update

After the Definitive Update, most players seemed to agree that Luke was the undisputed best character in Street Fighter 5. Seemingly in response to this, Capcom released another patch basically out of nowhere that did apply some minor nerfs to Luke.

Evidently, WPRZT|Nemo is quite happy that Luke has been nerfed. In fact, he even states that he believes Luke should've been on the receiving end of more nerfs.

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Special sketch from King of Fighters 15's lead designer features a very angry looking Geese Howard in a spiffy suit

Team South Town has recently been released as DLC for King of Fighters 15 on most platforms. Billy Kane, Ryuji Yamazaki and Geese Howard are now all playable as a result.

To celebrate the occurrence, King of Fighters 15's lead designer, Tomohiro Nakata, has released a special sketch of Geese Howard. Notably, Geese is looking very angry (or ready for battle), but still manages to look spiffy in that suit of his.

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This Abigail mirror match is like a kaiju battle mixed with the dumbest game of chicken... and it's great

The behemoth Abigail is one of the most stress-inducing characters to go up against in all of Street Fighter 5 with his power to armor through all attacks and melt lifebars out of nowhere, but there's just something about this mirror match in particular that tickles the brain nicely.

During the most recent Korean Online Warrior SF5 tournament, Hulkmania and R_Joint666 squared off that can only be described as Godzilla vs. Mecha Godzilla if they were both big bozos, and it's just fantastic.

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DNF Duel Story Mode trailer released

Story Modes within fighting games have grown exponentially in terms of size and scope over the past decade or so, but the way developers approach them still vary wildly between each other and different projects.

Neople has released the official Story Mode trailer for DNF Duel tonight, which gives us our first taste of how the tale of Dungeon Fighter Online is being handled for the spin-off.

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These are the fighting games coming to the new PlayStation Plus subscription service

With Game Pass finding success by making subscriptions more appetizing for players in the Xbox ecosystem, There have been a ton of eyes on PlayStation to see what they'd be doing to compete, and now we finally got a picture of what's coming.

Sony recently released the list of titles that will be included in the overhaul of their PlayStation Plus subscription service, and there will be a handful of new and classic fighting games for players to get their hands on.

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Garou: Mark of the Wolves Terry Bogard apparently didn't get the memo that a balance update just dropped in The King of Fighters 15

Players have been waiting to see just how big The King of Fighters 15's first balance patch would be for months, which has now finally arrived, but there's 1 character who is still playing like it's launch day.

It is currently being reported that Terry Bogard's Garou Mark of the Wolves bonus costume apparently did not receive the re-balancing that saw his standard version nefed a decent bit.

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Michael Jackson mod in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate looks great, but the voice clips make it top tier

It's by no means the first time the King of Pop has popped up in a fighting game, but this Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Michael Jackson mod from JJ314 might be our favorite yet.

Decked out in his very memorable, white and blue Smooth Criminal music video attire, Michael Jackson "hee-HEE's" and "YEAH-yeah's" his way about the battlefield with gameplay that you won't help but be able to smile at.

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A cheeky Ed Boon secret that turned into one of Mortal Kombat's most broken characters; the history of Noob Saibot

Noob Saibot is a Mortal Kombat regular these days who fits in just fine with the rest of the cast, but he's actually got one of the most unique histories of any of the franchise's many combatants.

From starting as a secret in Mortal Kombat 2 that the team didn't find out about until they were developing Mortal Kombat 3 to being one of the most insanely broken characters of the MK3 era, Noob Saibot's story is one worth hearing. Lucky for all of us, PNDK&M tell it very well.

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Here's footage of the character-freezing bug Capcom just patched out of Street Fighter 5

When Capcom introduced V-Shift into Street Fighter 5, they also updated Necalli's V-Trigger 1 with a timer so that he'd no longer be locked into using his gauge in just one way. This alteration also brought with it a bug that, when triggered, would cause Necalli to freeze up, unable to perform any attacks, turn in either direction, or even perform post round win/loss animations.

Though this issue has been part of the SF5 for over a year, Necalli was somewhat rarely-used and thus it was rarely seen. Capcom was able to attend to it in the game's latest patch, but we have some footage of it in action thanks to Desk's latest upload.

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'If I'm dead here then you're a god... What the F---' — Esam reacts accordingly to Steve's combo during Smash Ultimate match

There's really no character that's quite like Minecraft's Steve in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — and that's really saying something considering the size of the roster. While playing against a skilled player that's using this "World Crafter," it's especially important to be careful in the neutral considering this character's damage output.

While playing as the Mii Brawler, PG|Esam learned just how insane Steve's combos can be with the right amount of execution. After getting hit at just 17.6%, it seemed that Esam was at least somewhat confident that he'd survive by the time the combo had ended, but his opponent had a surprise for him.

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Having trouble with Poison's long-ranged pokes? This guide details how every character in Street Fighter 5 can punish her on block

The Definitive Update patch (not patch version 202205) changed some of the properties of Poison's whip pokes to be more punishable by way of making the hurtboxes easier to retaliate against when used from improper spacing. Of course, this does require both knowledge and practice to do consistently.

To help with the knowledge part, Shuckle has released a guide that spans over 30 minutes that details how every character in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition can punish Poison's crouching heavy punch and Heart Raid.

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Here's a visualization of what exactly got nerfed with Luke's medium Sand Blaster projectile in the Street Fighter 5 patch

Late last night, Capcom dropped a patch for Street Fighter 5 seemingly out of nowhere. There weren't too many changes overall, but Luke did appear to receive the most attention in the form of slight nerfs — emphasis on "slight."

One of the changes was focused on Luke's medium Sand Blaster projectile. Capcom noted that this move had his active frames and overall range reduced, but by how much exactly?

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TrueUnderDawgGaming's latest tier list rates bosses and sub-bosses that have appeared in the Mortal Kombat games

Counting Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe as the eighth entry, there have been 11 mainline Mortal Kombat titles developed thus far. It's been something of a tradition for every Mortal Kombat to have the player fight against some unplayable boss at the end of every story mode or arcade ladder mode.

Who among these boss characters is the best, though? To answer this, TrueUnderDagGaming released a unique tier list that rates all the bosses we've come across throughout the history of the Mortal Kombat series.

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