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Capcom cancels their EVO panel but notes that there will still be several announcements over the weekend

Capcom has announced that they had to cancel their panel at EVO this weekend. No reason was given as to why.

Despite the cancellation, they do reassure that there will still be several announcements over the weekend. Most likely, what we are getting still hasn't changed.

Considering Ono's Tweets and the Street Fighter 5 logo changing on Facebook (and Twitter), we're not too surprised that there will still be announcements. Abigail appears to be the most likely candidate for an announcement.

What is interesting is that they are using the plural form of announcement. We can likely expect more than just one thing announced then.

Seeing as how Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is going to be playable at the event, that is a candidate for an announcement as well. Definitely something to look forward to.

They also let us know that Ono will still be at the Capcom booth on Friday and Saturday.

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Source: Street Fighter Twitter. Sent in by: anonymous user.

Ono teasing something for EVO 2017 - claims that Blanka has something in his 'pocket' and the Street Fighter Facebook has an updated logo

Update: The Street Fighter 5 logo has been updated on Street Fighter's official Facebook page. Hit the jump below to check it out.

Earlier: It probably wouldn't be too surprising that Capcom would choose to announce something at EVO 2017. It's one of the biggest gatherings of eyes for the FGC.

We haven't heard from Ono in quite some time. It seems that he is now in Las Vegas up to his antics that we love (and miss) so much.

Ono is claiming that his toy Blanka has something in his pockets. History has shown that whenever Ono has said this in a Tweet, we got an announcement of some sort.

Last year at EVO, Ono went on stage and announced that Juri would be coming out later that month for Street Fighter 5. This announcement could be for either Street Fighter 5 or Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

Expectations are pretty high that we'll see Abigail announced as the next Street Fighter 5 character. Maybe something for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite as well.

What do you think it is? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Loser does 25 push ups - Gootecks and Mike Ross duke it out in Street Fighter 4: Champion Edition

Just yesterday, Capcom Mobile released Street Fighter 4: Champion Edition -- a version of the game on iOS that brings new characters and improvements into the fold. Two longtime FGC members have taken it upon themselves to run a nostalgic set with some stakes added to it.

Gootecks and Mike Ross uploaded a video over to their Cross Counter YouTube channel in which they throw down in a match up that declares victory to the first player to win two 2/3 sets. Unfortunately for them, the loser has to do 25 push ups as punishment.

We get to see the usual suspects here, as Gootecks plays characters like Balrog and Dhalsim, while Mike Ross brings E. Honda, Sagat, and Makoto into the fray. Unbeknownst to Gootecks, Mike gets a bit of assistance from the controller add-on he connects to his iPhone.

Below is just a quick clip to get you started. To catch all the rush punches, Tiger Uppercuts, and Ochios, check out the full video after the jump.

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Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition is now backward compatible on Xbox One, Ultra Street Fighter 4 upgrade available

Update: We are hearing reports that players can update the game to Ultra Street Fighter 4 on Xbox One by selecting "manage game," "ready to install," then downloading USF4. A photo has surfaced on Twitter showing the Ultra Street Fighter 4 download option. Thanks, RYU81!

Yun and Yang players, rejoice. The boys are back in town.

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition is now backward compatible on Xbox One. The list of games has been updated today, and Major Nelson specifically noted the addition on Twitter.

Arcade Edition brought with it balance changes for the cast of playable characters, and most importantly the addition of four new fighters: Evil Ryu, Oni, Yun, and Yang. As many remember, AE was the version of the game that saw a very strong iteration of the latter two characters.

If AE wasn't your thing, though, don't forget that you can also play Vanilla Street Fighter 4 on Xbox One. Personally, I'd probably rather deal with the twins than Sagat, but to each his or her own.

A number of other fighting titles are backward compatible at this point in time. Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, Soul Calibur 2 HD, The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match, Tekken Tag Tournament 2. and Skullgirls are just some of the games you can fire up right now.

You can check out the tweet from Major Nelson below. For the current list of backward compatible games, be sure to hit the link.

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Sent in by MrThirdWheel and RYU81.

Former NBA veteran Jared Jeffries becomes president of Echo Fox, excited to be involved in the 'next great spectator sport'

Popular eSports organization Echo Fox has appointed a new president. The team announced this morning that former NBA veteran Jared Jeffries has taken on the role and will officially begin on August 1st.

Jeffries recently served as Director of Player Personnel for NBA team the Denver Nuggets. Once he begins his work with Echo Fox, Jeffries will be in charge of recruiting players and team development. He aims to use his experience nurturing players and discovering talent to make Echo Fox the strongest eSports organization in the world.

“Jared Jeffries is a proven winner and fierce competitor on and off the court,” said Rick Fox, the organization's founder. “We cannot be more excited to have someone with his pedigree as a professional player and front office executive help lead Echo Fox as it continues its ascension to the number one esports organization in the world.”

Also included in Jeffreis' new duties as President is roster selection and team management, overseeing player training, health and wellness programs, and hiring and managing team coaches and GMs. Additionally, the NBA veteran will assist Echo Fox brand building, including overseeing the streaming platforms, social media efforts and sponsor and advertiser relationships.

“I couldn’t be more excited to join the Echo Fox family as it’s clear they’re leading the way in the next great spectator sport,” Jeffries said about his new role.

Echo Fox has made serious waves in the FGC as of late. To start out 2017, the organization acquired Justin Wong, Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi, Yusuke Momochi, Yuko “ChocoBlanka” Momochi, Dominique “SonicFox” McLean, Brad “Scar” Vaughn, Leonardo “MKLeo” Lopez Perez, and former Evil Geniuses FGC manager Antonio Javier.

As it stands right now, Echo Fox has more representation across different fighting games than any other eSports team.

Source: Echo Fox.

Samurai Shodown 5 Special coming to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita this Summer

Fighting gamers are getting a blast from the past very soon. Samurai Shodown 5 Special is coming to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita this Summer.

As the ninth title in SNK's samurai fighting series, Samurai Shodown 5 Special is an upgraded version of its predecessor. The main changes implemented came in the form of audio and visual improvements, however, balance changes were also made.

This iteration added Samurai Shodown boss Amakusa Shiro Tokisada and Samurai Shodown 3 boss Zankuro Minazuki, replacing Sankuro and Yumeji. Additionally, hidden character Poppy was replaced by Rashoujin Mizuki, the boss from Samurai Shodown 2.

Samurai Shodown 5 Special has not seen a release since its original NeoGeo launch back in 2004. Though there is no release date or pricing info just yet, fans may be seeing the game in action as soon as this weekend.

Early this morning, the official SNK Twitter account sent out a tweet hinting at an EVO 2017 showing. "A new Classic NEOGEO project" is set to be exhibited at the Atlus/Sega - SNK booth, and we can only assume that it will be SamSho 5 Special.

Below are some screenshots to get you started. Be sure to hit the jump to view the trailer.

Samurai Shodown 5 Special screenshots image #1 Samurai Shodown 5 Special screenshots image #2 Samurai Shodown 5 Special screenshots image #3 Samurai Shodown 5 Special screenshots image #4 Samurai Shodown 5 Special screenshots image #5 Samurai Shodown 5 Special screenshots image #6
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'Japan cares more about growth as players and sharing knowledge than just winning ' - Alex Myers' findings after playing casuals with Tokido

In preparation for EVO this year, Tempo|Alex Myers got to run some sets with one of the strongest fighting game players in the world: Hajime "FOX|Tokido" Taniguchi.

We're not here to show you match footage or even discuss who won. Instead, we're focusing on the broader lessons learned from different cultures' approaches to playing fighting games.

Myers was moved after his practice with the Japanese god, heading straight to Twitter to try to share some newfound insight with the rest of the FGC.

The lesson is admittedly simple, but profound: Japan's end goal isn't to get a "W" next to their names or move forward in a bracket, it's to grow their players' skills and understanding.

I've personally played in quite a few scenes across the United States, and while not everyone resorts to this kind of approach, there are an overwhelming many that choose to let their salt dictate how they interact with fellow players post match.

Instead of discussing how others could become better, many will discuss why their opponents should not have won. Click the thumbnail to see exactly what Myers and Tokido spoke about.

Myers' Words of Wisdom image #1
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Last year's champion has placed in only one CPT event this year, but is he saving his tricks for when it matters most? Infiltration's road to EVO 2017

He was untouchable for the first half of 2016, winning back to back Premier events without breaking a sweat, then he decided to go and win EVO, and then... things went downhill fast.

Seonwoo "RZR|Infiltration" Lee is one of the greatest fighting game players of all time, having won Street Fighter 4 back at EVO 2012, Street Fighter X Tekken that same year with partner Laugh, and countless other major events since his competitive start in 2009.

The Korean player's performances began slipping later in 2016 after a brief break from tournament play, and though he was a favorite to win Capcom Cup last year, he wound up surprising virtually everyone with a 0-2 run.

Infil expressed a disliking for certain facets of the game once Season 2 dropped, and seems to have carried with him a of loss of enthusiasm.

His tourney run in 2017 has been sparce, and unless he begins attending and winning Capcom Pro Tour events like a madman, he's not in position to even qualify for Capcom Cup this year.

While he has participated in other events such as Eleague, Infiltration has actually only made it to one CPT event in 2017, and failed to reach top eight at it:

Infiltration's EVO Road image #1
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Here's what you need to know about net neutrality and why it's so important to you

Few and far between are the times that you'll jump on EventHubs and see an article not directly related to fighting games in one way or another, but this is something that could have a very major impact on the FGC, as well as you as an individual.

Net neutrality is the principle that internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites.

The FCC is currently attempting to put laws in place that would abolish net neutrality, and that could very easily open the door for ISPs to reach a place of power allowing them to manipulate where people do and do not go on the internet.

As you may have noticed, many websites are drawing attention to this as today has been deemed "Net Neutrality Day of Action." If you've been on Twitch today, an FGC staple, you've surely noticed the big red banner that reads "Stop Net Neutrality rules from being repealed!"

We've grabbed a short, non-profit video on YouTube from TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit that further details what this is and how it could impact individuals, companies and sites like ours if restrictions on internet service providers are lifted.

Please take a just a few minutes to watch and learn about net neutrality, and find out what you can do to maintain it.

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EventHubs EVO 2017 spectator's guide: Here's when and where to find everything related to the event's main games

Our EVO 2017 coverage has started, you can watch and follow along here throughout the weekend. The largest fighting game event of the year begins this Friday, and with nine different live streams, nine main games, and thousands of players from all over the world competing, you might be wondering how and where to find all of the action for your favorite titles.

Much like last year, we have put together an EVO 2017 spectators guide to make your viewing experience this weekend as smooth as possible.

Contained in this story is information on all nine of the main games, where and when they are being streamed, and which players to look out for. Of course, there are a plethora of amazing players competing this weekend, but we chose a handful that we felt newcomers watching EVO for the first time might have fun looking out for.

This year has seen the rise of many amazing competitors. From WhiteBoi's outstanding CEO 2017 win with Scarecrow in Injustice 2 to PG|Punk's dominance in Street Fighter 5, the talent competing this weekend is 100% top-notch. This weekend will determine who is the best in the world.

A big thanks to Velociraptor and MajinTenshinhan for their contributions to this story.

There's a lot to get to, so be sure to check out our spectator's guide after the jump.

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Rumor: Sagat and Sakura headed to SF5, Oro, Viper, Necro and Q 'won't make it to Season 3' says reliable EventHubs user, Flowtron

More unofficial news on the Street Fighter 5 front today as one of our users here on EventHubs has allegedly leaked more information about the game's upcoming DLC characters.

Back in late May, a reader by the name of Flowtron claimed to leak the identities of the remaining Season 2 characters.

They listed them as Abigail, who is looking extremely likely right now, Menat and Zeku. While we're waiting to see if these come to fruition, we do know that the EH user correctly called Ed before his release, and even went as far as to explain that he would be bigger and buffer than in his Story Mode appearance.

Flowtron has now made references to Season 3 characters for SF5, claiming that both Sagat and Sakura will become part of the cast, though they will be very much unlike their respective iterations from Street Fighter 4.

Furthermore, the info leaker has stated that Oro, C. Viper, Q and Necro will not be coming in the game's third season.

You'll see the direct comments after the jump below.

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These 4k screenshots of King of Fighters 14 are incredible

When King of Fighters 14 was first revealed, there was an overwhelmingly negative response to the game's visuals. If there were still any question, I think this solidified the fact that those days are completely behind us.

We've come across a great deal of extremely high resolution images (3840×2160) that showcase the game in its best light yet.

We've rounded up a handful of these to share with you here, as we see characters like Kyo, Mature, Angel and others in their absolute Sunday best.

A lot of these highlight Supers and Climax Supers, though they do show both animation cut scenes and standard gameplay.

King of Fighters 14 continues to chug along with rumors of exciting new content floating around the community.

Don't forget to post up your reactions in the comment section when you're done browsing.

Super Hi Res KOF 14 image #1 Super Hi Res KOF 14 image #2 Super Hi Res KOF 14 image #3 Super Hi Res KOF 14 image #4 Super Hi Res KOF 14 image #5 Super Hi Res KOF 14 image #6

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Capcom Cup champion buys himself a house with Street Fighter 5 eSports earnings

If you've been following competitive Street Fighter 5 lately, you may have heard of a young buck by the name of Du "Liquid|NuckleDu" Dang. He's one of the greatest and most accomplished players the game has seen so far.

Du's most notable win came last December at the PlayStation Experience where he defeated EG|Ricki Ortiz in the Capcom Cup grand finals and took home the title. For this victory, the 2016 champion earned a whopping $230,000.

Since then, Du has gone on to win 3rd place at Final Round 20, 2nd place, NorCal Regionals, and 1st at Combo Breaker. His eSports earnings have been impressive for sure, and today we learned that the champ has treated himself to something very nice.

NuckleDu sent out a tweet this morning sharing with followers that he just finalized the purchase of a new home. Next up on the agenda, he'll be saving up to buy one for his mother.

Back in January, we saw Du purchase a brand new car with his earnings.

They say hard work pays off, and NuckleDu definitely worked hard to get where he is today. Congratulations on your new house, Du!

Click image to view the tweet

Photo credit - Chris Bahn.

EVO 2017's official stream schedules released

Our complete coverage of EVO 2017 has started for the largest fighting game tournament of the year.

Throughout the tournament weekend, we'll be seeing the best competitors from all around the world going at it for the #1 spot. Due to the high volume of competitors, prizes are pretty spectacular.

The number of competitors have already been revealed to us. Not surprisingly, Street Fighter 5 has the highest numbers with 2,622 players participating.

Earlier today, EVO's own Mr. Wizard released the official stream schedule for this weekend's event. Additionally, AceKingOffSuit put together schedules for the official AnimEVO games.

You can find each of the schedules below. After the jump, we note other important times to keep in mind for EVO weekend.

Note that times are in PST or west coast time.

EVO stream schedules, main / AnimEVO image #1 EVO stream schedules, main / AnimEVO image #2 EVO stream schedules, main / AnimEVO image #3
Click images for larger versions

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Street Fighter 4: Champion Edition now available on iOS

It's what the community has been clamoring for... Street Fighter 4 is back, y'all!

Okay, it's not the revival people speak of, however, it is a new way to play on the go. Capcom Mobile has released Street Fighter 4: Champion Edition on iOS.

Players can choose from between 25 different characters, including combatants such as Dudley, Poison, and Ibuki. Of course, mainstays like Ryu, Sagat, and Balrog are also playable here.

Veteran Street Fighter 4 players will find familiar controls as soon as they jump in, granted they'll be on a touch screen. Newcomers, on the other hand, will find the option to activate easy special moves at the press of a button.

Street Fighter 4: Champion Edition works on both iPhone and iPad. You can find it in the app store for $4.99 USD.

Below are some screenshots to get you started. Hit the jump for a rundown of what Street Fighter 4: Champion Edition is all about, as well as the official trailer.

Street Fighter 4: Champion Edition image #1 Street Fighter 4: Champion Edition image #2 Street Fighter 4: Champion Edition image #3 Street Fighter 4: Champion Edition image #4 Street Fighter 4: Champion Edition image #5
Click images for larger versions

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'Who's going to stop me? You?' Xiao Hai confidently boasts 'obvious' King of Fighters 14 win at EVO 2017, Hellpockets responds in kind

As unquestionably one of the strongest King of Fighters players in the world, Qanba|Xiao Hai certainly has the right to brag if he so chooses, and he's so choosing to do just that.

The EVO 2016 (as well as CEO 2017) KOF14 champ responded to one of Mr. Wizard's recent tweets asking who would be taking the King of Fighters trophy home this year with a very blunt "me obv."

Though he's traditionally been more on the quiet side, the more playful part of Xiao Hai's personality has been peeking through in recent times. He went in on Twitter with some trash talk when he finally defeated his personal demon, Liquid|NuckleDu, at Eleague earlier this year.

This did not go unnoticed by the KOF community, as player and commentator Hellpockets stepped in to contest this notion, and the two had quite the entertaining little back and forth as a result.

Things became even more interesting after the stakes were raised with SNK and Atlus' announcement of a $14,000 pot bonus on Tuesday.

You'll see the Twitter war after the jump below.

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A turbulent trip through main characters and varying Pro Tour results, here's a look at Daigo's 2017 road to EVO

The most iconic Street Fighter player of all time already has his name cemented into the record books, but to say that CYG|Daigo Umehara has had a relatively rough time with Street Fighter 5 would be an understatement.

The Beast is heading to EVO this year with perhaps the weakest string of tournament performances he's had in the past decade.

By no means is the Japanese god helpless in Street Fighter 5, but relative to his previous tears and near untouchable status in Street Fighter games of the past, he's struggling.

Having spent SF5's entire first season playing and studying as Ryu, Daigo continued to try to make the character work in Season 2. The problem was that the Street Fighter poster boy lost crucial tools in the Season 2 balance patch, making him much weaker on the general tier list.

After some time Daigo finally made the switch to main Guile, now one of the game's strongest characters. He has shown promise with the All American Street Fighter, but will it be enough to get him back to his former status?

Daigo's highest placing on the Capcom Pro Tour this year was his recent fifth place finish at Thaiger Uppercut. Outside of that, he's failed to reach top eight in any of five other events he's been to.

Daigo Road to EVO image #1
Click images for larger versions

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What would it take to put the wind in Street Fighter 5's sails?

Street Fighter 5 isn't dead. It's not on life support, nor does it feel as though it'll be on its way out anytime soon. I want to make a stark delineation between the idea that people are abandoning SF5 (they're not) and the idea that people are just damn disheartened with it too often.

I recently jumped back on the traveling tournament circuit, making it out to CEO in Orlando just last month. If you've ever been to a major tournament before, (CEO is virtually always the second largest yearly event of its kind next to EVO) then you know that the games don't stop when the streams go offline.

Players retire to rooms, either making plans to continue to game and play money matches (for Bison Bucks only, of course) with their friends, get lucky and make it into the more prestigious Salty Suite(s) or meander the hallways listening for button clicks and knocking on the appropriate doors.

As far as Street Fighter 5 was concerned, it felt like this was no longer the case. Yes casuals were played, and I'm sure there were a few Bison Bucks exchanged, but the action was nowhere near that of the Street Fighter 4 tournaments I was used to.

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That beautiful moment where everything goes EXACTLY right for you in Street Fighter 5...

It has happened to all of us at least once. The stars align, the blue moon shines bright, you rub your lucky rabbit's foot, and everything you do in that one round of Street Fighter 5 works. Everything.

KikoMasterRD sent us an instance of exactly this phenomenon. In the clip, we see Juanfraroth's Alex -- revered as the best Alex in the Dominican Republic -- down and almost out at the hands of a Urien.

Things look grim for the grappler, as he takes a beating until only a sliver of health remains. And then it happens...

A counter hit crouching medium punch gets the party started as Alex cancels into V-Trigger and converts into a big combo. After the Flash Chop to close out the combo, Urien attempts raw Critical Art as a last ditch effort, but the entire thing gets parried.

What follows is a comeback of epic proportion. Check it out below.

Click image for animated version

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EVO 2017's Street Fighter 5 finals will be broadcast on ESPN2 once again

EVO 2017's Street Fighter 5 finals are returning to a television set near you! This year's grand finale will be aired on ESPN2, broadcasting live from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The coverage is set to begin Sunday at 7 p.m. PDT / 10 p.m. EDT on ESPN2. Mobile viewers will also be able to catch the action via the ESPN app.

Those who can't watch on ESPN2 can tune in on EVO's main Twitch channel, and tickets for finals day are still available for purchase if you'd like to attend.

Along with the announcement, Shoryuken provided a statement from director of ESPN programming and acquisitions, Kevin Lopes. “It’s great to be back at the Evo Championship Series Finals with Street Fighter 5 this year. This final will provide no shortage of compelling competition, and we look forward to delivering this event to fans.”

Last year, we saw nearly 2 million people tune in to ESPN2's EVO broadcast. Hopefully we'll see close to the same number, if not, more than 2016.

Be sure to stay tuned here at EventHubs for the latest EVO 2017 coverage. As always, we will be covering the tournament with extensive results throughout the weekend.

Robaato's artwork is something to behold - has worked with Udon, Capcom, Namco-Bandai, Marvel, and more in the past

It's time to feature another artist's work. This time, we took notice of a user on Deviantart known as Robaato.

We've actually featured Robaato before, but he has had a lot of time to add some new stuff. It's been a long time since we last featured him.

What is particularly interesting about this artist is that he's worked with official companies before. These companies are Udon, Capcom, NamcoBandai, Marvel, Dark Horse, and Wayforward.

On his Deviantart gallery, he's worked on characters from Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Marvel, Dragon Ball Z, D.C., Smash Bros., Rival Schools, and more. He's is certainly pretty flexible on his styles.

Not that the images below aren't everything that he's worked on. This is only a small sample.

You'll have to go on Deviantart to see the rest.

Robaato's Gallery image #1 Robaato's Gallery image #2 Robaato's Gallery image #3 Robaato's Gallery image #4 Robaato's Gallery image #5 Robaato's Gallery image #6

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$14,000 pot bonus added to King of Fighters 14 at EVO 2017, courtesy of SNK and Atlus

If you weren't already hyped for King of Fighters 14 at EVO 2017, SNK and Atlus just raised the stakes. Both companies have come together to add a whopping $14,000 pot bonus to the tournament this weekend.

According to EVO's official website, the prize pot is determined by taking $10 from each entrant's registration fee. With 374 registered players in King of Fighters 14 (according to Smashgg), this means the pot sat at $3,740 before the bonus.

Whomever takes home the gold at EVO 2017 is going to be paid considerably more now that roughly $17,740 is on the line. So, how will that money be divided up among the top placers?

EVO rules state that the prize pot is distributed 60/20/10/4/2/2/1/1 between the top 8 competitors. Meaning, if you win first place you receive 60% of the total prize money, second place gets 20%, and so on.

You can check out the tweet from EVO below.

 $14,000 added to King of Fighters 14 pot bonus at EVO 2017 image #1
Click images for larger versions

Let's take a look at how that would break down for King of Fighters 14.

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Sub-Zero now available in Injustice 2

Injustice 2's latest DLC fighter is now available in-game. Sub-Zero of Mortal Kombat fame enters the fray with icy punches, blasts, and weapons to defeat the opposition.

Today, players who purchased the Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition, Deluxe Edition, Ultimate Pack, or Fighter Pack #1 gain access to Sub-Zero. He will become available for standalone purchase on July 18th for $5.99.

Much like Scorpion in Injustice: Gods Among Us, Sub-Zero's look was designed by legendary artist and DC Comics publisher, Jim Lee. Of course, players will be able to give the character unique flair using the plethora of different gear pieces he can equip.

In Injustice 2, Sub-Zero excels at defensive fighting, forcing his opponent to work their way in. He can, however, also play an aggressive style and once he corners his foe, they're in big trouble. You can check out our Sub-Zero character breakdown recap from the most recent Watchtower stream for more info on how the character plays.

Sub-Zero is the second DLC character out of the nine we will be seeing added to the Injustice 2 roster. Next up, we'll be seeing Starfire join the battle.

Below are a handful of screenshots to get you started. Hit the jump to view Sub-Zero's Injustice 2 trailer.

Sub-Zero in Injustice 2 image #1 Sub-Zero in Injustice 2 image #2 Sub-Zero in Injustice 2 image #3 Sub-Zero in Injustice 2 image #4 Sub-Zero in Injustice 2 image #5 Sub-Zero in Injustice 2 image #6
Click images for larger versions

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Capcom could be revving up for a Street Fighter 5 or Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite announcement at EVO 2017 - here is when they're most likely to happen

It's been a little bit of time since we last heard from Capcom when it comes to the subject of fighting games. EVO would certainly be a really good time to make a new announcement.

The last time we heard news for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite was during E3, where we gained access to the story demo and learned about the inclusion of a plethora of characters. For Street Fighter 5, May 30th was when Ed, balance adjustments, and the CFN changes were added.

Last year at EVO, it was revealed that Juri would be released later that month by Yoshinori Ono himself. By this point, we already knew all the characters that would be released for Season 1 because they were all data mined already.

While we don't officially know the entire roster for Season 2, many signs are certainly pointing to the eight foot tall Abigail as the next playable character for Street Fighter 5.

Given, there certainly isn't any guarantee that there will be any announcements from Capcom at all. Chances come off as being very likely considering how much attention EVO tends to get from the FGC.

Now while there could be announcements at virtually any time during the big event, there are two points in time in particular where they are most likely to occur for SF5.

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New animation for Ryu's level 3 hyper in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite? Or just unabridged? Old vs. new comparison

Update: It appears that this comes from a video of Peter Rosas showing the game in the PlayStation underground. Hit the jump below to check out the full video.

Earlier: A rather interesting GIF has recently surfaced on the internet. It depicts Ryu performing his level 3 hyper on Ultron in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

While it is true that we've already seen the Shin Shoryuken hyper before, it seems that more the animation upon hit has had an interesting addition. This is in comparison to the hyper we saw during the trailer for the game.

It looks like after Ryu has connected the first punch of this three hit hyper, he is saying something while battling the Satsui No Hado. Eventually, he is able to completely overcome the evil energy.

The red aura that surrounds him is then replaced by his typical blue aura. Afterwards, he continues on with the rest of the devastating attack.

Since there is no sound in the GIF, we don't know what Ryu is saying. Knowing Ryu, it is probably something pretty cliché, which is befitting of his character.

Keep in mind that it is possible that what was shown in the trailer was simply an abridged version of the hyper and we are only just now seeing the full animation. We're not sure what to make of it.

Below I've attached GIFs of what was shown in the trailer and the "new" version with the added animation.

Click image for animated version

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