Tiers for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Moves for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Where are pros placing fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? This new tier list combines them all together to get a bigger consensus of who's on top

Tier lists in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate certainly vary from player to player due to their match up experience and beliefs which is why ideas like community tier list can help get a better idea of how the audience as a whole is feeling.

So with all these professional players dropping their opinions and tier lists, which do you trust? Inktivate has helped clear that up a bit by creating a composite tier list based off of the rankings being dropped in the last few months from people like NRG|Nairo, GW|Zackray, TG|Raito, CLG|Void, Alliance|Armada, eU|Samsora, Liquid|Dabuz, TSM|Leffen and many more.

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SEA Major 2019 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

SEA Major is back again in 2019, and as usual it's happening in Singapore.

There's a huge amount of notable players attending for various games, and some of the players set to compete are RB|Bonchan, Rohto|Tokido, FD|Fujimura, CYG|Fuudo, YOG|Machabo, Talon|HotDog29, Mago, Liquid|John Takeuchi, CYG|Daigo, BC|Kazunoko, UYU|OilKing, RB|Gachikun, CO|Fenrich, UYU|NL, FAV|Sako, Liquid|Nemo, CO|Dogura, RZR|Xian, DNG|Itabashi Zangief, AZ|Kichipa-mu, Samitto, CYG|GamerBee, RRQ|Moke, RB|Luffy, PG|Shen Chan, BC|ApologyMan, FD|Johnny, BC|Tachikawa, ASM|MisterCrimson, PG|BNBBN, RSG|Shen Yuan, Matoi, ALUS|Qiuqiu, DouyuTV|Xiao Hai, ALUS|Yang Mian, PGW|Kamizono, ORDER|Travis Styles, AXIZ|Shuto, WE-R1|Trashbox, Chuan, RSG|Seo, GE|Abegen, EHADA|Xanxus, Rudi and Mame Spider, though there are of course many more as well.

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Zeta and Vaseraga revealed for Granblue Fantasy Versus along with boxart

Though it was originally supposed to launch sometime this year, Cygames' foray into the fighting game genre has even more to show off for its slightly delayed arrival.

Cygames announced today that Zeta and Vaseraga will be part of Granblue Fantasy Versus' launch roster seemingly revealing all 11 fighters available in the base game as shown off by the title's Japanese boxart.

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New Guilty Gear 2020 trailer shows Axl Low gameplay, teases a playable demo at ArcRevo America featuring 6 characters to choose from

After the Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 finals wrapped up at SEAM 2019, we were treated to a brand new trailer for the upcoming Guilty Gear 2020.

As had been foreshadowed a few weeks earlier at CEOtaku 2019, this trailer focuses on showing gameplay for series mainstay Axl Low.

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Thunder Smash 3: Clash of the Pandas results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

This Saturday, Thunder Smash 3: Clash of the Pandas will be happening in Long Beach, California, U.S.A.

Some of the notable players attending are PG|Marss, SST|Shuton, PG|Esam, R2G|Kameme, Tea, CLG|VoiD, MVG|Salem, MVG|DarkWizzy, PG|Cosmos, TG|MVD, Raito, TG|MuteAce, Larry Lurr, Tsu, Lea and many more.

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Latest Soul Calibur 6 Season 2 trailer shows brand new moves for each character in the game

The Soul Calibur 6 Asia League Finals just wrapped up over at SEA Major 2019.

After the prize ceremony, we were treated to a video from Soul Calibur 6 producer Motohiro Okubo, in which he spoke of the team's hard work on Season 2 of the game, and shared a few details of upcoming events.

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Ibuki, Rashid, and M. Bison were the most common choices for SEAM 2019's Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition event

The Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition tournament at SEA Major 2019 was an Open Premier event for the Capcom Pro Tour. This means that there were a ton of points on the line for those that managed to place well.

As a result, attention was attracted from CYG|Fuudo, RB|Gachikun, CO|Dogura, FD|Fujimura, RB|Bonchan, and many other notable names. Yet again, we're presented with an opportunity to see which fighters are the most successful in these type of events.

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No Guilty Gear 2020 character teaser for SEAM, only Axl Low gameplay footage incoming

About two weeks ago, we were provided a look at May's gameplay for the upcoming Guilty Gear 2020 game. In addition to this, we were provided a little tease about the next fighter that was revealed — Axl Low.

As Arc System Works originally did something similar to this for the character May, it was speculated that there'd be yet another fighter revealed at SEAM 2019. Unfortunately, Arc System Work on Twitter confirmed that we only have the gameplay trailer (likely for Axl Low) to look forward to.

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Kid Buu, Bardock, and Kid Goku overshadowed the rest of Dragon Ball FighterZ's cast at SEA Major 2019

SEA Major 2019 is one of the tournaments that's happening over this weekend. Notably, this is a Tenkaichi event on the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour.

Exceptional players that were in attendance included CO|Fenrich, BC|Kazunoko, PG|BNBBN, BC|ApologyMan, and more. This presents yet another opportunity to look at which characters are the most successful at these type of events.

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We all lose and things happen — here's how to avoid getting tilted in fighting games

We see it happen all the time, whether on stream or in real life. Players get tilted because SOMETHING happens that triggers the reaction.

The question is how in the world do you avoid that feeling and reaction? What are the top players doing to avoid it? This video details how you can beat getting tilted. Be advised there is some NSFW language in the video.

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The mischievous goose steals a spot in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in this creative and fun moveset mock-up from the Untitled Goose Game

The Untitled Goose Game has been making its way around the internet all this month crossing over with all sorts of different games from Pokemon to Dark Souls and even facing off against Fatal Fury's Geese Howard, so of course someone would want to put him in Super Smash Bros.

Reddit user Evilsnowcookie recently posted a mocked up move list and costume set for the mischievous goose in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and it actually sounds kinda fun.

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Akatsuki is ready to blitz in his new gameplay overview trailer for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

In just over a month from now, we'll all be able to try out BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle's big Version 2.0 update including a nice chunk of new characters to play around with.

One of those new fighters will be the main protagonist from the oft-looked over fighting game Akatsuki Blitzkampf, Akatsuki himself, and Arc System Works has put out a new gameplay overview trailer to go over exactly how he'll work in the crossover.

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Here's a better look at the free athletic costumes coming to Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

Earlier this week, Yoshinori Ono got up on stage in at the Brazil Game Show to reaffirm us that new Street Fighter 5 characters and content is coming this year alongside a batch of free costumes.

The new batch of athletic costumes will be releasing in December, and they'll available for every member of the roster — which means that G will finally receive a new outfit after more than a year of being out.

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A legendary Smash 64 combo contest player has begun doing the same in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — you have to see it to believe it

Super Smash Bros. 64 is well known for its combo heavy game plan. One of the best parts when the top Smash 64 fighters get together, is the combo contest.

The most intricate combos come out, some involving the stage, items, and more. It has remained a staple in the Smash 64 scene, never quite taking hold in the later Smash games. After PG|Prince Yoshi's clips that might change.

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Which characters are the best candidates for Street Fighter 5 DLC here in the end of Season 4?

After Yoshinori Ono's Brazil Game Show address we're one step closer to new Street Fighter 5 "characters, content, and information."

We're not sure if we'll be getting any newcomers in November or December, nor do we know how many are still en route for Season 4, but we can fantasize and take some estimated guesses based on rumors, trends, and community preferences.

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Why doesn't anyone play Street Fighter EX anymore?

We've got yet another entry in Top Hat Gaming Man's historical look back over Capcom's fighting game evolution with an entry that gets a little less attention than most others: Street Fighter EX.

Flash back to 1996 when making the transition to three-dimensional graphics and arenas was all the rage in video game land. Though Capcom was developing beautifully two-dimensional Street Fighter 3, they needed something to match what the cool kids were doing at the time.

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How does Wolf fare in the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate patch? Larry Lurr shares his expertise with this updated match up chart

Since the last time we checked in with T1|Larry Lurr, a few patches have shuffled things about a bit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Wolf has been one of the game's better characters since launch, but how is doing these days?

During a recent stream session, Larry took the time to order an entire match up chart for Wolf, discussing how he fares against each and every one of the game's 80+ characters. That alone should be reason enough to at least see what he came up with.

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