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Lucia's Capcom Pro Tour 2020 DLC costume colors and Easter egg in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

The latest Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition update is in full effect as it introduced balance changes and improvements to the game's online matchmaking. With this patch also came the new Capcom Pro Tour 2020 DLC, which is now available for purchase and use.

Two new costumes have been released, along with the special color EX 11 for all characters — though, more content is still en route to be revealed for this pack. Let's have a gander at Lucia's CPT 2020 costume, its colors, and the Easter egg variation.

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Should parts of the V-System be carried into future titles? Yoshinori Ono talks development and reception of Street Fighter 5's unique mechanic

Street Fighter 5's V-System is a double-edged sword. Unlike many other Street Fighter titles' unique mechanics, the V-System has so many variables and moving parts that trying to balance it across a roster of 40 playable characters becomes a mountainous task, but properly doing so could mean mountainous returns in the way of character diversity and player expression.

This particular system has, no doubt, been the source of a lot of frustration for players over the last few years. In a recent interview with USgamer, SF5 Executive Producer, Yoshinori Ono, was asked about the way fans have received the V-System as well as if he and his team plan on carrying it forward (presumably to future SF titles).

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You can do entire combos while on fire in Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha

It doesn't do any extra damage to your opponent's life bar, but it definitely doles out bonus hit points against their psyche and looks extremely cool when you pull off an entire Street Fighter Alpha 2 custom combo while ignited.

Footage of this glitch was recently showcased by D-NO on Twitter as he shared a sequence that sees Rolento kindle Zangief and then immediately regret his decision to do so as the towering Russian marches forward, flames flaring.

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Teaching fencing with fighting games? Pro fencers create tutorial using concepts and terms from Super Smash Bros.

Those of us who have spent ample time working in restaurants know all too well the faux pas of calling out "CORNER!" and using similar work terms via force of habit while outside of the workplace. Having now spent over 10 years in the active fighting game community, I dare admit that I've called my fiancé out for using "option selects" while debating where we'll eat or what we'll watch on Netflix.

It seems it's almost impossible to keep the day to day lingo used in the various avenues of our lives from peeking through into others, and that's not always a bad thing. In fact, a pair of professional fencers, Joseph and Eli Schenkel, have put together a fencing tutorial video in which they use concepts and terms from fighting games to get a few points across.

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True Under Dawg Gaming reveals his final Kombat Pack 1 Mortal Kombat 11 tier list

It's somewhat hard to believe that the one year anniversary of Mortal Kombat 11 (April 23) is fast approaching. The six additional DLC characters from Kombat Pack 1 have all been released and the community has now had a few weeks to get acquainted with Spawn and so that means it's time to reexamine tiers.

True Under Dawg Gaming has been exploring MK11 just about every single day since release, it seems, and the learned content creator has produced his final KP1 tier list complete with explanations for all 31 of the game's playable combatants.

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Should you still be using snapbacks in Dragon Ball FighterZ now that they've been heavily nerfed here in Season 3?

One of the most fruitful gameplay strategies during the second season of Dragon Ball FighterZ saw competitors opt not to directly go for the KO once they'd opened an opponent up, but instead to enter into "snapback loops."

While we will admit that "snapback loops" is a perfect name for a DBFZ-themed breakfast cereal, the tactic itself put a bit of a damper on the action for both spectators and players alike. Developers chose to nerf snapbacks in Season 3, leaving us now to reassess how often we should be using them.

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Watch Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Isabelle adorably sing the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate theme, Doom, and other popular tunes

It feels as though everyone is playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons right now — everyone except me. While I do intend on picking it up soon, I have not been able to escape the flood of content that is being shared across social media.

Those who have played any of the main Animal Crossing games know that you can set a custom tune for your town / island, and in New Horizons, Isabelle will actually sing you a preview whenever you set a new one. Fans have been hard at work adding popular songs to their islands, including the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate theme, and Isabelle's little vocalization of each is freakin' adorable.

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Guile's Critical Art unintentionally hits opponents behind him after hitbox extended inward change in latest Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition patch

One of the common changes found in the patch notes of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's latest balance update indicated that numerous attacks had their hitbox "extended inward." While this was a fairly confusing note for a lot of folks, it looks as though these changes were made to make certain attacks more consistent when performed up close as some had a tendency to whiff where they shouldn't have.

Among those that received inward hitbox extensions was Guile's Critical Art, but it looks as though making this change introduced some unintentional behavior. The super now hits opponents that are behind Guile if they manage to teleport to the opposite side of him in the corner.

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Gill's Capcom Pro Tour 2020 DLC costume colors and Easter egg in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition saw a patch earlier this week that introduced balance changes and improvements to the game's online matchmaking. The update also made way for the new Capcom Pro Tour 2020 DLC that is now available for purchase and use.

At this point in time, two new costumes have been released, along with the special color EX 11 for all characters. Today, we're taking a look at Gill's CPT 2020 costume, its colors, and the Easter egg variation.

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Morry Evans' brilliant art will make you fall in love with Chun-Li all over again

We've got a feast for your eyes today as we share the incomparable work of Morry Evans, a freelance artist with absolutely top notch skills.

Evans' favorite fighting game character to draw is very evidently the Strongest Woman in the World, Chun-Li, but he also offers a captivating Cammy, a stellar Morrigan, and a few others from around the genre.

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Four characters from Dragon Ball Super who could be cool to have in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ had its third season unveiled about a month ago and we've already gotten Kefla released for the game alongside a slew of changes to characters and the game's systems.

With Ultra Instinct Goku on the horizon, we also have several currently unrevealed characters coming up and given the expansive universe of Dragon Ball that's been building since its start over 30 years ago, it felt like a good time to take another look at some great characters who haven't joined the game just yet. This fourth part of the multi-part article series will be focusing on characters from Dragon Ball Super, the newest part of the Dragon Ball mythos which introduces many new characters and story arcs and follows up on the events from the original Dragon Ball and the Z series.

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Fan made custom costumes bring Street Fighter's Sakura Kasugano and Karin Kanzuki to Animal Crossing: New Horizons

We may not be able to participate in the usual hustle and bustle of outdoor routines right now, but large swaths of the gaming community are participating in the virtual equivalent thanks to the recently released smash hit Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch.

The real life simulator allows players to participate in a wide variety of activities via the cutest anthropomorphic avatars you ever did see. You're able to dress said avatars in custom made outfits that you can design yourself, and a player by the name of JoJoWentBananas used this particular mode to bring a little Street Fighter into ACNH.

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This level 3 Captain Ginyu Super gone awry may be the closest thing to the 'Dance of Joy' we'll see in Dragon Ball FighterZ

There's a scene during the Dragon Ball Z Frieza saga wherein the very theatric Captain Ginyu (one of the Universe 7's most fearsome warriors) performs the passionate-yet-cringey "Dance of Joy" to honor his evil superior. Said scene is directly referenced in the Dragon Ball FighterZ story mode, though Frieza puts the kibosh on the recital before it can begin.

The leader of the Ginyu Force was granted a brand new level three Super attack in Season 3 of DBFZ, and a comical sequence posted by a player by the name of Opebin shows off the closest thing to the Dance of Joy we've seen in FighterZ.

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Desk shows off new potential from Ryu, Akuma, and others thanks to Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's latest balance patch

A new and improved Street Fighter 5 means Desk combos are never far behind, and sure enough, the master combo creator has produced a new video showcasing fresh potential from a handful of the game's characters.

Not everyone was altered in the way of combo abilities, but Ryu, Akuma, R. Mika, and Birdie sure were. Desk's use of both Ryu and Akuma's V-Skill 2 buffs make up the majority of today's showcase.

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The internet REALLY wants Min Min from ARMS in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans found out just a few hours ago that first new DLC fighter from Fighters Pass 2 will be a character from Nintendo's ARMS.

Things didn't get much more specific than this, though the Nintendo Direct mini did cut to a scene showcasing no fewer than 15 ARMS characters, all with reasonable potential for being the next Smasher. One of these, however, seems to be floating to the top of the popularity pool on social media: Min Min.

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'More awesome content' is coming to Tekken 7 according to Bandai Namco

Fahkumram's big release earlier this week officially marked the end of the announced Season 3 content coming to Tekken 7 though there may be even more in store for the game's seemingly bright future.

Bandai Namco released two new trailers this morning; one was centered around Haohmaru's release date for Soul Calibur 6 while the other was a recap video for Tekken 7's Season Pass 3. What's most interesting about them though is the press release that came alongside videos.

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Samurai Shodown update Version 1.70 patch notes released tied to Sogetsu's release, includes big balance changes for roster

Sogetsu Kazama is the next character set to join Samurai Shodown's roster at the start of April, and now we also know that a bunch of other changes are coming with him.

SNK has released the Version 1.70 update patch notes for Samurai Shodown set to drop on April 1 with some major balance adjustments for the entire cast.

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