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Capcom rebuilding Street Fighter 5's CFN from the ground up, we take a closer look at what this means

We wanted to take a closer look at Capcom's CFN announcement today and what it means for Street Fighter 5.

"We understand that Street Fighter V’s server performance has been a less than optimal experience for many of our players," as mentioned on Capcom Unity.

This is definitely a step in the right direction for Capcom, as they are acknowledging the need for improvement in the area of server performance. The load times for getting into ranked and casual matches are very noteworthy as being very long (especially on the PlayStation 4 version).

While there has been a perception of Street Fighter 5 having a rushed launch due to its problems and lack of features, Capcom appears to be reassuring us that they are wanting to ensure that the proper time is given towards ensuring a quality experience based on their next few statements.

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Team Ally or Team ZeRo? Which team will win the 2GGC: Civil War crew battle?

We're rapidly approaching one of the most hyped crew battles for Super Smash Bros. 4. The 2GGC: Civil War tournament featuring Team Ally vs. Team ZeRo.

Both teams consist of many of the best players in the world. In any other situation, either one of these teams would be extremely stacked if they went up against another set of players.

Let's take a look at each team and then get to the poll.

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The CFN is getting improvements including faster load times - beta for Steam players starts March 28th and lasts until April 3rd; sneak peak at patch

It has been announced over at Capcom Unity that the Capcom Fighter's network is getting a revamp. We will be seeing a few new features for Street Fighter 5's online play, including faster load times in between matches.

There will be an exclusive beta for Steam players starting on March 28th at 1 PM PST and will last until April 3rd at 12 PM PST. New players will be able to download the PC client for free and set up a new CFN profile to play for the duration of the test.

You don't need a copy of the game in order to participate in the beta.

Capcom has noted that Street Fighter 5's server performance has not been on the level that players expected. It seems this is an attempt to improve many of the qualms of the player base.

During this beta period, Capcom will be collecting data for launch of this system improvement. It is also noted that players will also be able to test the upcoming balance adjustments during this test period.

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Shattered Alliances Trailer part 3 showcases Supergirl's story and confirms Black Adam as a playable character

The third part of the Shattered Alliances trailers has been released for Injustice 2. During this trailer, we follow the story of Supergirl.

We see Supergirl fight against Black Adam briefly, which basically confirms him as a playable character for the game (returning from Injustice 1).

Shattered Alliances part 3 image #1 Shattered Alliances part 3 image #2 Shattered Alliances part 3 image #3 Shattered Alliances part 3 image #4 Shattered Alliances part 3 image #5 Shattered Alliances part 3 image #6 Shattered Alliances part 3 image #7 Shattered Alliances part 3 image #8

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'I focus on how my opponent feels... it's my weapon' - Itabashi talks SF5, Gief and the potentially big effects of seemingly small balance changes

DNG|Itabashi Zangief is the Zangief player to beat right now in Street Fighter 5. The strong Japanese player spoke with BornFree at Final Round this year to discuss his gameplay, his thoughts on Zangief and Street Fighter 5 as a whole.

At one point in their conversation, Itabashi describes himself as a read-based player as opposed to reaction-based. He describes his ability to catch on to his opponents' feelings and tendencies as his "weapon" during play.

Here's an example as Itabashi counters BST|Daigo's close range EX Sonic Boom:

Click image for animated version

Itabashi also talks about the dangers of even seemingly small changes in fighting games when he references Gief's green hand technique alteration in Ultra Street Fighter 4. You'll catch the full interview below.

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Here's exactly what's happening to Ryu in the next Street Fighter 5 update

Regarded as one of the absolute best in Season 1, Ryu's fall down the Street Fighter 5 tier list has perhaps been more acute than any other fighter on the roster.

For Ryu, the second balance patch for Season 2 seems to have been an absolute godsend. He's gaining a few buffs from Capcom come late April, but the question now is "will it be enough?"

Vesper Arcade has put Ryu's changes under the microscope, detailing exactly what's changing and how that'll likely affect him given the overall game shifts coming down the pike.

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Top five Capcom characters for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite that have never been in a Versus game before

With the exception of an Ono Twitter tease , it's been quite some time since we've had any updates on the progress and content of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

No longer content on waiting for news to come to him, Maximilian has released a video detailing his top five wish list picks for Capcom characters on the MvCI roster. Since it's so easy to nab five go-to figures from previous Versus games, Max has comprised his list of only characters that have never been on a Versus title roster.

Picks range from new games like Resident Evil 7 to older, more obscure titles. Not only does Max pick out some clever choices, but he explains how they might fight and why they'd be perfect additions.

Give the video a watch and let us know in the comments if you agree, disagree and how you'd go about making a list like Max's.

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Mr. Clean K-Brad, Laura How To Get Away With Murder, Alex is a soccer player, and more: Ridiculous FGC memes and images

Today we're back with some more hilarious fighting game community memes and images.

Below you will find Alex's attempts at soccer and figure skating, EG|K-Brad as Mr. Clean, Urien can't be punished, and more.

Here are just a handful to get you started, but be sure to hit the jump to see the rest.

Ridiculous FGC memes and images 3-22-17 image #1 Ridiculous FGC memes and images 3-22-17 image #2 Ridiculous FGC memes and images 3-22-17 image #3 Ridiculous FGC memes and images 3-22-17 image #4 Ridiculous FGC memes and images 3-22-17 image #5 Ridiculous FGC memes and images 3-22-17 image #6

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Dr. Fate has just about every zoning tool you could want, can lock background interactables and more; Dr. Fate character breakdown

Is your fighting game style to play keep away and frustrate your opponents to no end? Let us introduce you to the character you'll be playing in Inustice 2: Dr. Fate.

This magical fighter rarely uses any physical attacks, but rather pesters, pokes and "pews" his opponents with various magical conjurings from afar. We've nabbed a handful of his attacks to map out a character breakdown for you, and we'll kick things off with his Super:

Click images for animated versions

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Vanessa announced as the next DLC character in King of Fighters 14; see her reveal trailer here

A King of Fighters favorite first playable back in KOF 2000 is making her way into the latest entry in the franchise.

Vanessa will be joining the KOF 14 cast as a DLC character, and you can see a few screen shots from her reveal trailer right here. Hit the jump below to see the full trailer.

Vanessa KOF image #1 Vanessa KOF image #2 Vanessa KOF image #3 Vanessa KOF image #4 Vanessa KOF image #5 Vanessa KOF image #6
Click images for larger versions

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Robin and Dr. Fate to be showcased during today's Injustice 2 Watchtower stream, live now

Updated: The stream is now live.

Earlier: The NetherRealm Studios crew is back this week with another Injustice 2 Watchtower stream.

During today's broadcast, we will be seeing character breakdowns for Robin and Dr. Fate. If you'd like to see what each fighter is capable of, be sure to tune in.

The stream will go live at 3 p.m. CDT / 1 p.m. PDT / 4 p.m. EDT, about 30 minutes from now (at the time this was written). We will update the story when the broadcast goes live.

You can find the stream after the jump.

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First match footage of Whip in King of Fighters 14, new DLC character reveal expected today

We recently saw the reveal of Whip, King of Fighters 14's first DLC character. Today, we have our first look at her in an actual match setting.

Today we are also expecting to see the game's next DLC character unveiled. According to the official SNK Twitter account, the announcement is coming "soon" which usually indicates later that same day.

Last week, we saw Yamazaki's reveal. It seems as though SNK is revealing one of the four DLC characters each Wednesday, beginning with Whip back on March 8th.

Whip will become available for purchase on April 5th and will cost $5.99. In the meantime, check out this quick GIF of her in action and the full video after the jump.

Click image for animated version

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Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite news inbound? Ono and his trademark Blanka toy send out a tweet from Marvel's Burbank offices

Yoshinori Ono returns to Twitter for what might be a hint at things to come.

Last night, the Capcom Producer sent out a tweet from Marvel's offices in Burbank, California. Of course, his trademark Blanka toy accompanied him.

Ono writes that he and Marvel had a "good conference" and seems to hint that he has a lot to say, but can't quite write it at the moment. Note the winking smiley emotes.

Ono tweeting about Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite? image #1
Click images for larger versions

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Makoto's opponents shown off in latest CFN profiles, Karate practitioner Kenichi and Muay Thai fighter Somsak detailed

The latest entries from the CFN Portal detail a few of Makoto's opponents that she's gone up against in the past - they were even featured in her ending in Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike.

Enter the karate master Kenichi Kakutani and the Muay Thai competitor Somsak, both promising warriors, who weren't quite able to take down Street Fighter's main karate girl. Here's Kenichi's image.

Street Fighter 5 Kenichi Kakutani image #1
Click images for larger versions

Continue below for his full profile, as well as Somsak's image and profile.

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BBC interviews Ricki Ortiz about professional gaming, gender identity and how the two have affected her life

EG|Ricki Ortiz has more than just a few fighting game accomplishments under her belt, but second place finishes at EVO 2010 and Capcom Cup 2016 should give you an idea of how fearsome a competitor she is.

BBC has conducted a video interview with Ortiz in which she opens up about being transgender in the fighting game community, and how her journey has evolved over the course of the last 20 years.

"In the fighting game community I actually never had to worry about being ridiculed or belittled, or someone not liking me for being LGBTQ,' explains Ortiz.

Traditionally one of the quieter professionals in the FGC, Ricki offers a very interesting glimpse into her life many have not been privileged to before. You'll catch the full interview below.

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