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Cetrion and Noob Saibot full match shown for Mortal Kombat 11

Cetrion and Noob Saibot are two characters in Mortal Kombat 11 that have only recently been revealed. The Elder God of life and earth, better known as Cetrion, is actually a complete newcomer to the series.

Game Informer recently uploaded a full match between these two characters. We get a better glimpse at what they can do as a result.

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Go1, Dogura and Fenrich release a joint tier list for Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 2

Cyclops Gaming has perhaps the strongest collection of talent for Dragon Ball FighterZ players on Earth considering CO|Fenrich, CO|Go1 and CO|Dogura finished their World Tour Finals run in second, third and fourth places respectively only bested by the champion GGP|Kazunoko.

The latest update Version 1.15 for Dragon Ball FighterZ features the biggest balance patch for the title yet adding in new combo routes and buffs for most characters that were in desperate need of them. Now that those changes have been out in the wild for two weeks, Cyclops' best have come together to collaborate on a tier list to rank their thoughts on the fighters thus far.

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Kombat Pack owners will receive DLC characters one week early in Mortal Kombat 11; Nintendo Switch players will require a hefty day one patch

Mortal Kombat 11 is now less than two weeks away from its launch date on April 23, and its updated appearance on the digital storefronts has given us a better understanding of what to expect for post-launch content and file sizes for at least one platform.

The Nintendo eShop and other stores now list NetherRealm Studios' new title's Premium Edition that includes the first Kombat Pack for MK11 plus its contents. Some data-miners have also been poking around its listings to discover even more hiding underneath the surface.

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Cody's rock toss can actually counter Chun-Li's glitch that allows her to fly off the top of the screen due to a funny interaction in Street Fighter 5

Potentially round-breaking glitches are nothing new for the Street Fighter franchise or fighting games in general, but seldom do we see actual counters appear that can effectively deal with the bugs when they occur.

Chun-Li was recently discovered to have one such glitch in Street Fighter 5 that lets her potentially float forever off of the top of the screen, but Cody's second V-Trigger apparently gives him the perfect tools to deal with such an occasion seemingly due to an odd feature of his rock toss ability.

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The curious case for Karin as a top five character in Street Fighter 5

I've been trying to put together a top five Season 4 character list for this week's EventHubs Podcast (spoilers) and have been having a surprisingly difficult time doing so. It's pretty easy to give S-tier status to Akuma and Rashid, but after that things get hazy quickly.

There are some very clear candidates for a top 10 or 15, but top five? Birdie, M. Bison, Cammy, Zeku, Guile, Urien, Menat, Kolin, Ibuki, and Karin are all up there, but who of those makes it into that upper echelon? I don't have a stapled down answer yet, but I do find myself gravitating toward Karin in a way that's kind of peculiar, but seems to hold water as I continue to think on it.

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Stage Builder mode for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate revealed by Nintendo's latest ad

Nintendo has just released an ad for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Interestingly enough, they just casually revealed that the Stage Builder mode will be returning in the version 3.0 update.

In the first few seconds, we see a young boy in the menu screen for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. There's a sub-menu shown that's not visible on our current version.

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'Here we go again' Super Smash Bros. Ultimate memes are incredibly relatable and hilarious

Here's a situation that's probably very familiar to many of us. You're playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online matches and you've ran into a Pichu user for the fifth time this session.

"Aw shi-, here we go again," you'd probably exclaim out loud even while in the room by yourself. Fans of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will probably recognize this line of dialogue.

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Hellboy coming to Brawlhalla on April 10th

Hellboy has been announced for Brawlhalla. He'll be joining the fight on April 10th.

Of course, Hellboy isn't the only character from that universe that's being added to the roster. Nimue, Daimio, and Gruagach will also get in on the action.

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Here's our first look at Zeku's Red Earth Kenji costume in action along with an his new theme, coming to Street Fighter 5 April 12 to May 10

We got a gander at Zeku's upcoming Kenji costume a few weeks ago as Street Fighter 5 continues their crossover outfits from Capcom's Red Earth fighting title that dropped all the way back in 1996.

Today Capcom released the first video footage of this Kenji outfit as it seen in Street Fighter 5 action. As is the norm with these crossover costumes, players will need to participate in Extra Battle bouts for four weeks in a row to get their hands on this one.

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Projectiles, command grabs, a teleport, and more... what CAN'T The Kollector do? Character breakdown offers first look at Mortal Kombat 11 newcomer

We've been very happy to see the long list of characters from the Mortal Kombat franchise return for this eleventh installment of the game, but it seems NetherRealm Studios still has a knack for newcomers as they recently introduced The Kollector as the second brand new fighter (the other being Geras) to join the fray.

While his design does hearken back to some familiar faces in pop culture (something like Mumm-Ra meets Goro meets Gollum meets the Resident Evil 4 merchant) he is most definitely unique in his fighting style. We admit it's hard to pin him down under a particular archetype given his vast variety of moves.

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Chun-Li features a glitch in Street Fighter 5 that causes her to float upwards and off the top of the screen; Capcom is currently looking into a fix

It seems as though as soon as Capcom squashes one glitch in Street Fighter 5, another one pops up considering we just got done dealing with Blanka's time freeze glitch and now there's one for Chun-Li to be mildly worried about.

A new bug was recently discovered in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition which sees the strongest woman in the world float up, up and away with its only requirement being that Chun-Li needs to have her V-Trigger 1 activated.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate surpasses 1,000 entrants for EVO 2019 while Street Fighter 5, Samurai Shodown and UNIST rise up the ranks

EVO 2019 is shaping up to be perhaps on of the biggest years for the event in its history with nine titles appearing on the mainstage where the first of them has crossed into quadruple digits for entrants in just over a month after registration began.

Joey "Mr. Wizard" Cuellar has released an updated EVO scoreboard after early bird registration concluded where it was revealed that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate now has over 1,000 players planning to be at attendance for the biggest tournament of the year while ranking shakeups have occurred in just a week since the last rankings.

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What would the original Mortal Kombat be like in 3D? Simply amazing

The original Mortal Kombat was released back in 1992. This means that this series that's still going strong is nearly 30 years old now.

Despite this, we've never seen an HD or 3D version of the original Mortal Kombat officially released. This doesn't mean that fans can't dream about it happening someday.

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Here's what Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's upcoming 3.0 patch could potentially bring to the table and why there's anticipation for it

It's already been four months since Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was released. We already know that the game is due for another update — version 3.0 — sometime in April. In other words, the patch can drop any day now.

As anyone can imagine, there's a lot of anticipation behind this upcoming update. In the past, Nintendo has dropped small nuggets of hints about the contents of version 3.0.

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How strong would someone have to be to perform Mortal Kombat's iconic 'GET OVER HERE' pull in real life? Really, really strong...

Because Science is continuing their Mortal Kombat-themed experiments with a delve into the physics and particulars of one of the most recognizable moves not only in fighting games, but in gaming as a whole: Scorpion's spear pull.

Specifically speaking this test does not involve the throwing or penetration of the blade, (which likely would not be an ample anchor, especially if it were in the chest as opposed to the person's center of gravity) but rather the way Scorpion pulls his foes in an upright position from a good 10 to 20 feet away.

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Additional character renders for Samurai Shodown's entire roster

Samurai Shodown will be launching on June 27, 2019 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game's entire launch roster of 16 characters has been revealed and we got to see the official renders for everyone.

SNK released another set of renders for the entire roster. This time, we get a background and name for each character — which is especially important for those that might not be familiar with previous Samurai Shodown titles.

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Mew2King releases his Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tier list for version 2.0.2, starting with the 25 worst characters

Another day, another tier list released by a top Smash Bros. competitor. This time, it's FOX|Mew2King (via Most Valuable Gaming) releasing his first tier list for the latest entry in the Smash series — Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

To start things off, he's only talking about the 25 worst fighters in the game. Other sections of the ordered tier list will be released later.

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