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Wii Fit Trainer, Bayonetta and Little Mac saw surprising representation in the top 64 at Super Smash Con: Fall Fest

Super Smash Con: Fall Fest's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate event had 750 people signed up for it this weekend. Notable names in attendance included TG|MVD, Moist|Kola, SSG|Maister, NPT|Tilde, Sparg0, PG|Marss, PG|WaDi, DA|Sinji, Liquid|Dabuz, PG|Esam and many more.

This particular Super Smash Bros. Ultimate offline event will serve as our last opportunity to really look at how the meta is shaping up for version 12.0.0 as Sora and version 13.0.0 will be dropping tomorrow at some point. Let's take a look at the character usage stats to see which characters are performing well here.

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Opposing May player performs meterless touch-of-death against Leffen during Guilty Gear Strive round but Leffen isn't surprised

Many had hoped that the October Guilty Gear Strive patch would balance out the characters a little bit. However, it seems that May, a character that was seen as top tier before the patch, might be stronger than ever.

During one of TSM|Leffen's online Guilty Gear Strive sessions with Millia, he ended up playing against May. Unfortunately for Leffen, he found himself on the other end of a meterless touch-of-death combo after less than 10 seconds into a round.

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Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Europe East/Russia results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The Capcom Pro Tour is back yet again this weekend and this time focusing on the eastern parts of Europe.

Notable players set to compete include RUFGC|Duwactik, Jamie TTM, SunMate, Aerokrator, Evgen-Chocoman, Papoi and more.

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Masahiro Sakurai has unveiled many high quality shots of Sora leading to the release in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Kingdom Hearts' Sora is joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on October 18, 2021 — that's tomorrow. Leading up to this release window, Masahiro Sakurai has stuck with his tradition of releasing high quality images of the character.

One shot depicts the aftermath of Sora's Final Smash, Sealing the Keyhole. Sora's opponent or opponents get locked behind a door that is then locked by Sora's keyblade. The door then explodes, causing damage to those locked inside.

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There's something really wholesome about this clip showing a senior practicing the fireball in Street Fighter 5 on the stick

It's never truly too late to pick up a fighting game. A clip uploaded to Twitter by Chyococo69 really demonstrates this.

According to her, she's been teaching her husband how to perform a fireball with Ryu in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. "It was completely unexpected that the fun of the couple's old age would be a fighting game," said Chyococo69 on Twitter.

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This mod to bring Bowser into Guilty Gear Strive over Goldlewis is beyond perfect

When Goldlewis was first released for Guilty Gear Strive, we saw someone cleverly edit him into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but what if the roles were reversed?

The talented modder NotAustin just released a special skin for Strive that transforms the secretary of absolute defense into Bowser from the Super Mario series, and the end result is pretty darn perfect.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ World Championship Tenkaichi Online Master Challenge USA East results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will be seeing some tournament circuit action despite the current situation in the world for these next few months under the name of Dragon Ball FighterZ World Championship Tenkaichi events.

Notable players participating in this particular event include Proton|Coach Steve, DoubleLL, PerfectLegend and more.

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Which platform will be the best for Street Fighter 6?

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with the chip shortage and high GPU prices, getting viable gaming hardware is not only difficult to do, it can be very, very costly. Street Fighter 6 is currently unannounced, but we're expecting an unveiling here in the reasonably near future.

Due to the scarcity of gaming hardware, we wanted to discuss which platform Street Fighter 6 will likely play best on. While there's speculation offered here, Capcom has recently tipped their hand, and looking over history, there should be one platform that performs above all of the rest.

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Red Bull used a 2000-year-old Roman theatre as their Guilty Gear Strive tournament venue for a one-of-a-kind show

We've all seen fighting game tournaments take place in hotel ballrooms, giant eSports arenas and even an Olympic stadium or two, but what about an actual World Heritage Site built thousands of years ago?

Red Bull Gladiators 2021 pulled off something special this weekend by holding their Guilty Gear Strive tournament in a Roman empire-era theatre, and the sight is certainly something to behold.

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Street Fighter 5 could receive some new Resident Evil costumes for Halloween

The worlds of Street Fighter and Resident Evil have technically been clashing now for over 20 years with Jill Valentine's inclusion on the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 roster, and if we're lucky, there could be more crossover potential lurking around the corner.

Capcom recently revealed a 25th anniversary for Resident Evil promotion just in time for Halloween promising a good chunk of announcements, and some new Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition DLC costumes are fairly high on that list for making an appearance.

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Jarek is said to be the 'Master of Unbreakable Damage' but has only ever been playable in Mortal Kombat games twice

Jarek is generally known for two things when it comes to Mortal Kombat games. First, he's basically seen as a knock off of Kano. He's also known for being involved in some of the cheesiest arcade endings in Mortal Kombat history — which is actually saying a lot.

With how important Kano has become in recent Mortal Kombat titles, it's hard to imagine a scenario where we'll ever play as Jarek ever again in an official Mortal Kombat title. DEspite this, PND|Ketchup (via PNDK&M) has released a video looking at Jarek's competitive history... in the two games that he's been in.

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This fan-made comic strip hilariously explains why Sora joined Super Smash Bros. Ultimate over Phoenix Wright

Sora from Kingdom Hearts was recently revealed to be the final challenger joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He'll become playable on October 18, 2021, this upcoming Monday. It's still kind of crazy to think that this is actually happening.

I myself believed that Sora was a complete impossibility because his inclusion would inevitably have to involve Disney. As a fan of Capcom's Ace Attorney series, I was seriously hoping for Phoenix Wright, but I can still be happy for those that wanted Sora. But why is it that Sora got in over Phoenix Wright?

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Here are some changes to expect for the upcoming Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl balance patch

We recently heard how Michelangelo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was banned from Super Smash Con's Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl event. It's becoming quite clear at this point that Mikey is by far the best character in the game right now.

Thaddeus Crews, one of the Ludosity developers that worked on Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, has revealed a few snippets of details of what to expect in an upcoming patch to address some of the broken and "unfun" things that are currently in the game.

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Shine uses Cody's knife to snipe opponent out of the air and makes an outstanding confirm in this Street Fighter 5 clip

As Street Fighter 5 continues to grow in its fairly old age now, it really feels like players are finding new ways to express themselves with many different characters on the roster. Though one of the earliest complaints about the game was that it was extremely limited on that front, here in 2021 it feels like we're seeing new things from all kinds of characters, and today we have such a thing for Cody courtesy of Shine.

Consciously anti-airing an opponent with Cody's V-Trigger 1 knife throw is impressive enough and not something we see often, but what's even more impressive is being aware of it, loading another knife, then confirming into Cody's multi-strike to close out with Critical Art. Well, that's exactly what Shine did here.

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Panda Global's Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl tier list put together by ESAM, Marss, and WaDi

We've yet another Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl tier list for you, this time from three notable Super Smash Bros. players from Panda Global: ESAM, Marss, and WaDi.

These three come together to share their research in the new game thus far and order the game's 20 roster members in terms of their overall strength and effectiveness. Given that we're still in the first week of NASB's official life, we won't go in too hard about the fact that Michelangelo doesn't make it into the top tier section.

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Juri cosplays as Sakura, Ruby Heart strikes a pose, and Menat walks like an Egyptian in Calvin Sims' gorgeous fighting game art

There's a particular balance of toonish mischief and grace when it comes to the fighting game artwork of Calvin Sims, and we feel the gallery we've put together of his drawings showcases both.

Ladies across Street Fighter titles make up the majority of the subjects here, though we also get a beautiful pose from Marvel vs. Capcom 2's Ruby Heart, one from Hsien-ko of Darkstalkers, and a pair of Guilty Gear gals join in on the fun.

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Guilty Gear Strive just got a new balance patch, here's footage of some of the biggest changes in action

The brand new Guilty Gear Strive update rolled out earlier this week and brought with it a ton of changes across the entire roster, but seeing patch notes on paper and seeing them play out in game are often two very different things.

We first turn our eyes to a new video upload from Hi-Fight as he's compiled footage of a few crucial changes for each of Strive's 17 characters, and then check out Rooflemonger's more detailed analysis.

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