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Is Ibuki returning to her scary Street Fighter 4 ways? These kunai sequences and mix ups from the RnK Clan are shockingly similar

Those who played the latter installments of the Street Fighter 4 series probably know that Ibuki was a mix up master back in the day. Once she knocked you down, it was really tough to escape her kunai mix ups and her side switching.

In Street Fighter 5, however, her mix ups aren't quite as overpowered, by design. But that hasn't stopped the RnK ℂlan from finding set ups in the latest Street Fighter installment that are highly reminiscent of what she was known for doing back in the day.

Most of these set ups are catered toward not using her V-Trigger, so those looking to add new tricks to the arsenal will definitely want to check out this video.

Below is just a quick example of a kunai mix up that can cause Ibuki to hit in front and behind the opponent.

Click image for animated version

Hit the jump to check out the full video.

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K' got destroyed by nerfs, but Nakoruru remains strong? Community reacts to latest King of Fighters 14 patch

The latest King of Fighters 14 patch has been live since yesterday, and with it came several damage reductions and nerfs to some of the stronger fighters.

It seems as though one character was hit with the nerf bat harder than others, though. Quite a few Twitter users have expressed their thoughts on K' post-patch, and it's not good. Many feel the character has been "destroyed" by the changes.

This quick clip from SCanon5749 shows that one of his useful juggles no longer works.

Click image for animated version

Even Juicebox -- known for being a King of Fighters series guru of sorts -- believes that though the patch brought forth a lot of good, K's nerfs were pretty harsh.

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Evil Bizz Gaming disbands due to financial issues; Chris Tatarian, KitanaPrime, and more now free agents

Another competitive eSports team has closed its doors today.

Evil Bizz Gaming announced on Twitter this morning that they are officially disbanding, citing a lack of outside funding as their reason.

"It is with a heavy heart and all our love for our team that we are unable to personally financially support a team moving forward," EVB continued on Twitter. "We look forward to watching eSports grow and hope that the FGC soon gets its due recognition for fans and players alike.

"No matter what jersey our friends wear. We will always be their biggest fans."

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Be afraid when someone with a duck hoodie and waifu pillow calls you out to a $1000 Money Match - Duck throws down the gaunt...err, pillow to Leffen

Duck has called out Leffen in probably the most hilarious way possible. While wearing a duck hoodie with a waifu pillow in the background, Duck has issue a $1000 money match challenge challenge to Leffen as a way to secure votes for himself to enter Smash Summit 3.

Duck was unable to play in Smash Summit 2 as a result of only being outvoted by Ice by a very small margin. It seems that Duck has decided to show off a little "personality" to secure the extra votes necessary to compete this time around.

Duck has made it clear that he has beaten Leffen many times before and that he is willing to put his money where his mouth is. Or maybe he is putting his bill where his beak is?

After everything was said and done, Duck made his exit about as epic as he could have.

Click image for animated version

Unfortunately, it seems that Leffen was not very amused by the act.

Hit the jump below to see Leffen's response and the video.

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Why can't player two hit rematch in Street Fighter 5? Ernesto Lopez Jr has a hilarious way of asking the question that's on everyone's mind

How many times have you been in the middle of a fierce set with a friend, ready to dive headfirst into the next match, but find yourself iced as you suddenly have to wait for them to send a text, finish a tweet, get their clothes out of the dryer or any other of the long list of interruptions Street Fighter players seem to come up with?

Ernesto Lopez Jr shares your frustrations, and has come out with a new video to comment on both this and the fact that Capcom made it so that only player one has the ability to hit "rematch" on the post game menu screen.

Leave it to Ernesto to take things to the next level as he continually escalates the common situation to hilarious heights. You'll catch the video below.

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Darkstalkers visual retrospective part 1 relives what many called one of Capcom's most beautiful fighting games

The first entry in our Darkstalkers visual retrospective examines the first game in the series.

Released in July 1994 in arcades, this was often considered one of Capcom's best looking fighting games at the time.

With colorful graphics, silky smooth animation and over the top characters, Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors, had a terrific style and look which sparked a strong fan following.

You can find all of the initial images below, but be sure to check back as we look at other games in this franchise and the artsy style they contributed to the FGC.

Darkstalkers 1 artwork gallery image #1 Darkstalkers 1 artwork gallery image #2 Darkstalkers 1 artwork gallery image #3 Darkstalkers 1 artwork gallery image #4 Darkstalkers 1 artwork gallery image #5 Darkstalkers 1 artwork gallery image #6 Darkstalkers 1 artwork gallery image #7 Darkstalkers 1 artwork gallery image #8 Darkstalkers 1 artwork gallery image #9

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Combo continued after EX Shoulder, meaty headbutt loop used three separate times in one sequence: Oh my days, this Urien combo video is fantastic

This might be the best Urien combo video we've seen yet.

It feels as though Urien's combo possibilities are endless as quality content creators continue to bring us amazing compilations. Today's combo exhibition featuring Street Fighter 5's latest DLC fighter comes from the mind of Adriano Lopes.

This is the quintessential Urien combo video; anything that you can think of that Urien is capable of is in here. There are instances where the meaty headbutt loop is utilized at three separate points in one combo, crazy side switching with Aegis Reflector goes down, and even combo continuation after EX Chariot Tackle, which I've never seen before.

Below is just a quick clip to get you started. Be sure to catch this Urien CMV after the jump.

Click image for animated version

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Nakoruru gets shortened hitboxes, many characters receive damage decreases, and more: King of Fighters 14 ver. 1.03 patch notes

The latest King of Fighters 14 patch officially went live yesterday evening. In the 1.03 update, many balance changes have been mode both to the characters and the fighting system.

SNK Playmore has released a full list of patch notes which details the tweaks made in the new update.

One character that players have been expecting to get nerfed is Nakoruru. Some of the changes made to her design include shortened hitboxes on her crouching heavy punch and jumping heavy kick, as well as an adjustment made to the projectile resistance of her hawk Mamahaha.

Below are just some of the patch notes to get you started, but be sure to check out the rest after the jump.

King of Fighters 14 v1.03 patch notes image #1 King of Fighters 14 v1.03 patch notes image #2 King of Fighters 14 v1.03 patch notes image #3 King of Fighters 14 v1.03 patch notes image #4 King of Fighters 14 v1.03 patch notes image #5 King of Fighters 14 v1.03 patch notes image #6

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Insane confirms, clutch combos and... profound sadness? Capcom counts down their top 5 moments from SCR

While they didn't quite make the top five countdown, Capcom did have a bit of fun highlighting the salty/sorrowful emotional reactions of a few players just after losing crucial matches. As commentator Steve "Sajam" Lyon notes, "we have some evil, evil people in this production team... blame Honzo Gonzo."

This highlight reel features plays by competitors like EG|PR Balrog, EG|K-Brad, MJS|Hatani and Qanba|Xiao Hai. As these fighters vie for Capcom Cup berth, they put everything on the table and hold nothing back, making for quite the performances.

Check out the sequence below, as PR Rog takes out ZW|GamerBee for the second time this tournament:

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Has Street Fighter 5's online play become a legitimate training ground for tournaments?

If you told me a year ago that I'd be entertaining the idea that online play is one of the best ways to practice Street Fighter, I would have scoffed at you and recommended you go pro in Cross Tekken, but things may have changed in recent times.

An online setting wherein players could legitimately train for local competition would be a game changer for the fighting game genre, and it goes without saying that developers have this as a goal for any modern project.

The fighting game community has developed a pretty negative stereotype for online play, but Capcom may have had a bit more success in this department than most expected with Street Fighter 5.

Given a few crucial evidences, we have to at least discuss the possibility that online play may be a viable way to train for Street Fighter 5 tournaments.

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Have you seen Urien's air grab? It's from full screen away... Desk continues to meddle around with bugs in the Mystery of the Reflected Projectile

It would seem that there's still more to learn when it comes to Urien's reflected fireball glitch, and Desk is front and center, working to try to get to the bottom of what's actually happening under the hood.

In his latest video, Desk makes a new addition to his Street Fighter 5 system series focused on figuring out what exactly makes this glitch tick.

At this point, Desk's sleuthing is leading him to believe that taking a look at damage scaling may lead to a better understand of how the glitch actually works. During his testing, he's noticed that a bugged fireball doesn't behave like a normal attack should:

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Watching this kid take his first steps toward the FGC just might drum up some fond memories of your own

If you've been a fan of fighting games for a long time, there's probably a defining moment that you can remember where you just knew that fighting games were special to you.

Travelling Controller uploaded a video recently that captures what may be one of those moments for a young player wrapping his head around Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. During a local weekly tournament in Massachusetts, things come to a halt when most of the participants crowd around to watch this kid do his best to take on Gill.

The tournament attendees were initially surprised to see his grasp on pulling off special moves, and became impressed to see the strategies he used to try and avoid Gill's Resurrection ruining things. Before long, they were all cheering him on:

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Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon to produce exclusive eSports sitcom for YouTube Red

Over at EventHubs, we're definitely big fans of Rick and Morty. If you're also a fan, there's some news on the horizon to get excited about.

Rick and Morty SF image #1
Click images for larger versions

In a recent press release, YouTube announced several exclusive original series that will be coming to the YouTube Red subscription service. Among the talent creating these series is Dan Harmon of Community and Rick and Morty fame.

The yet to be named series has eSports at its heart, and will star Game Grumps' own Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan.

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Narikun's Ibuki wipes the floor with diamond ranked players, Bonchan and even the number one ranked Momochi

She's a little harder to play, she has the lowest ratings for both life and stun in the game at this point and her facial design is... not the most gorgeous.

Despite these major road blocks holding her back, it seems Ibuki can still be quite a formidable character given one puts in enough time with her.

Enter Narikun.

This online warrior throws naysayers' comments out the window, and is up to diamond rank with the young ninja. He's been taking out top level foes left and right, styling and profiling with untraceable resets, crazy mix ups and sneaky kunai tosses.

Narikun even takes out the number one ranked EG|Momochi as though he were just another online scrub. Watch as he picks apart the world class player in the sequence below:

Click image to view animated version

It's one thing to see a highlight sequence of a player's best moments, but we also have footage of Narikun taking on Acqua in a very close first to 12 mirror match set.

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ESL's Street Fighter 5 King of the Hill week 1 live stream - NorCal vs. SoCal ft. Commander Jesse, Chris Tatarian, LPN, and Julio

A new series from ESL is premiering today. Introducing King of the Hill, the Street Fighter 5 edition.

This month-long event will take place every Tuesday for the next four weeks and will pit representatives of NorCal against representatives from SoCal in a first-to-ten bracket. The winner each week will take home $500, pride for their turf, and a guaranteed spot in the following week's event.

This weeks match ups are as follows: Commander Jesse vs. EVB|Chris Tatarian - Circa|LPN vs. FOX|Julio. UltraDavid and James Chen will also be hosting the event and commentating each week.

You can catch the live video feed after the jump.

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