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Mortal Kombat 11 becomes the best-selling game of 2019 in the US after topping NPD's list for May

The NPD Group tracks sales of video gaming hardware and software in the United States on a monthly basis where Mortal Kombat 11 had itself a very strong launch month of April that apparently didn't lose much steam going into the following month.

Mortal Kombat 11 once again topped NPD's sales chart for May 2019 where it apparently became the best-selling game of 2019 thus far quickly moving up from its already impressive second place sitting back in April.

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Artist illustrates Dragon Ball's Kid Goku in realistic style complete with tribute to Grandpa Gohan

Dragon Ball fan art seemingly has unlimited potential as their is no shortage of colorful characters to illustrate and it's an IP that artists of all skill levels tend to take on as a project.

One of the many styles we see Dragon Ball characters depicted in leans more toward the realistic, and an artist by the name of Sangsoo Jeong has put together a fantastic piece featuring Kid Goku in such a style.

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I think Rashid still needs to be nerfed in Street Fighter 5, and here's how I'd do it

He's undergone a handful of nerfs over the last few season of Street Fighter 5, and yet Rashid still persists as one of the game's most dominant and, in my opinion, imbalanced characters.

I'll be the first to admit that things are much better than they have been, (especially during the earlier days of Season 3) but the fighter used to win Capcom Cup 2018 could use just a few more tweaks that, if done right, would make the game more enjoyable for everyone else.

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Yoshinori Ono shows off never-before-seen artwork for Street Fighter 5 in preparation for Anime Expo 2019

Capcom has been rather quiet in regards to news about future content for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. Something big appears to be planned for the month of August as Yoshinori Ono can be quoted in saying that they "want to live up to everyone's expectations" with whatever they have in store for fans.

Interestingly enough, Ono posted something interesting in preparation for the Capcom art panel for Street Fighter 5. Attached to the tweet is an image that's never been seen before.

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How Axe and Wizzrobe have defied the odds and welcomed in a new age of Super Smash Bros. Melee

If you were to ask any seasoned Melee viewer or player a few weeks ago if they thought Pikachu or Captain Falcon could win a major, it would be a resounding no. But if it was gonna happen, it would be because Tempo|Axe or Wizzrobe did it.

In the last two majors, back-to-back we have seen Captain Falcon win a super major and Pikachu do it. How did we get to this point?

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Mortal Kombat 11 patch for the Nintendo Switch now available, here's another look at the changes

With Shang Tsung available today for Kombat Pack owners, it's easy to imagine how there might be a sudden influx of players starting today. To begin playing, it's important to ensure you have the latest patch downloaded.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users were able to get access to the update last week. Those that play on the Switch will now find that a near identical patch is now available for them today.

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Mew2King releases his 3.1.0 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tier list

Patch 3.1.0 for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate provided a number of changes to the top and low tiers of the previous patch. As a result, the meta has been taking dramatic shifts ever since. It's not entirely clear which character is the best anymore.

Not too long ago, PG|ESAM released his tier list for version 3.1.0 of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Now it seems that FOX|Mew2King (via Most Valuable Gaming) has decided to try his hand at the tier creation process.

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r/StreetFighter is sending players to EVO 2019 and needs your help deciding who will go

Time flies and it just so happens that we're suddenly less than two months away from the big fighting game dance in Las Vegas: EVO. Players from all over the world will be in attendance as they clash and spar in their favorite fighting games, but Vegas is expensive and not everyone can afford to take the time off and shell out all the pretty pennies it takes to make this happen.

r/StreetFighter is rallying their sub community together to send a person or two out to EVO 2019, but could use your input in deciding who actually goes.

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Shang Tsung now available via early access in Mortal Kombat 11, here's how to download him

Mortal Kombat 11 sees the addition of its first DLC character today. Classic MK boss Shang Tsung joins the fight with magic in tow.

While there will be many players getting their hands on Shang for the first time today, not everyone will be able to pick him up just yet. Shang Tsung is available for Kombat Pack holders via early access.

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Mortal Kombat creator says we should 'get ready for a surprise' while posting images of an Arnold Schwarzenegger action figure

Shang Tsung is dropping today for Mortal Kombat 11 players who own the Kombat Pack, but the series' co-creator may already be teasing one of the next big announcements to be coming to the successful game.

Ed Boon has taken to Twitter once again to potentially tease an upcoming character for MK11's DLC plans given what has already leaked by posting a certain movie quote and images of Arnold Schwarzenegger. You may want to read no further if you're still trying to avoid DLC spoilers.

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Mai Shiranui and Kula Diamond are now available in Dead or Alive 6 along with update Version 1.06

Dead or Alive has featured crossover characters from everything from Virtua Fighter to Halo, and Koei Tecmo is continuing that tradition with its latest title where the two latest fighters are ready to take into the field of battle.

Mai Shiranui and Kula Diamond from SNK's King of Fighters series are now available in Dead or Alive 6 as DLC characters along with the new Version 1.06 update that adds some more quality of life improvements and balance changes.

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Update: First look at My Hero Academia's Katsuki Bakugo in Jump Force revealed

Update: Bandai Namco has released additional looks at the explosive Bakugo as he'll appear as DLC in Jump Force which you can check out after the jump.

Bandai Namco has officially provided fans with the first look at the next DLC character in Jump Force. My Hero Academia's Katsuki Bakugo is next in line to join the fight. The company's official Twitter page shared a handful of screenshots of the new fighter in action.

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Street Fighter easter egg uncovered in original Shenmue game after nearly two decades of elusion

It was in December of 1999 that action-adventure title Shenmue launched on the Sega Dreamcast, but only here in 2019 have fans finally figured out how to unlock a secret cut scene that pays homage to the Street Fighter franchise.

Discovered by a modder named "nullpo," the easter egg sees the game's protagonist, Ryo Hazuki, pull off a Shin Shoryuken on another character during a quick time event scene. Why did this take 20 years for fans to figure out? Probably because it's impossible to pull off without first doing some tweaking to the game's binary.

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Does the Dragon Quest Hero have access to 16 different specials in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Unique mechanics may have been spotted in the trailer

During the E3 2019 weekend, Nintendo revealed two upcoming newcomers for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Fighters Pass. While many were particularly hyped about Banjo-Kazooie's inclusion, we can't possibly forget about the Dragon Quest Hero.

The Dragon Quest Hero appears to borrow the shield mechanic from Link that allows him to block incoming projectiles while idle or walking slowly. However, it's the Hero's special moves that are particularly unique and interesting.

Previously, when we highlighted the Dragon Quest Hero's trailer, it was pointed out that the Hero had more than just four typical specials like the rest of the cast. Let's take a closer look at that detail.

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Jubei's Samurai Shodown trailer revealed

Another trailer has dropped for Samurai Shodown. This time, we are given a demonstration of Jubei Yagyu's gameplay. Although he first appeared in the original Samurai Shodown, he disappeared in the third game and didn't return until the fourth entry.

Jubei is shown to wear an eye patch. He is a wandering ronin as he decided to abandon the strict lifestyle for the sake of seeking his own enlightenment.

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'Making the game easy benefits no one' - Momochi on the delicate balance between bringing in new fighting game players while still appeasing veterans

During a recent Street Fighter 5 streaming session, celebrated Japanese fighting game player Victrix|Momochi offered a few words on the struggle developers currently find themselves in as they attempt to simultaneously grow the niche genre and appease long time fans.

The unforgiving nature of fighters makes for a natural barrier of entry that tends to be more intense than many other types of games, and developers have made clear attempts to minimize said barrier via strategies such as making stronger comeback mechanics and lowering execution requirements. Momochi actually thinks that difficulty is not actually what's keeping newcomers from sticking around, and that making things easier isn't an efficient solution.

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SNK reduces Samurai Shodown input lag to 4.01 frames after sending representative to play test game in person with WydD

It was just two weeks ago that SNK's Samurai Shodown demo was found to have no less than eight frames of input lag, an offense that could have easily turned many fans off to the idea of even giving the game a try. We're happy to report that the input delay has been halved according to WydD.

Loïc "WydD" Petit has become one of the fighting game community's go to sources for testing input lag, and was the one that found the Sam Sho demo to have the "worst lag I have ever measured" in the early days of June. His post about this caused SNK to jump into immediate action and actually send a representative out to both meet and examine a copy of the game with Petit.

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