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Justin Wong lists his top 5 fighting games of all time, includes Street Fighter 5

With tons of amazing tournament performances across a myriad of titles and more Evo victories than anyone else on the planet, (by a wide margin) Justin Wong has most certainly carved out a place for himself in the fighting game hall of fame.

As one of the genre's most legendary players, his words and opinions carry quite a bit of weight in the community, and he's very recently shared his thoughts in terms of the top 5 fighting games of all time.

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Yoshinori Ono laments failing to bring Darkstalkers back, tweets out that he still wants Capcom to make it happen

This year's Comic Con marked the 10 year anniversary of when Capcom famously told fans via teaser video that its Darkstalkers fighting game franchise was not dead. Amid a foggy, moonlit graveyard with Street Fighter 4 era and style graphics we saw the bony fingers of Lord Raptor emerge from the ground and clasp his trademark guitar before seeing what looked to be a promise of an all new Darkstalkers entry. It never did happen.

We're now just a few weeks shy of the one year anniversary of Yoshinori Ono's departure from Capcom, and the Head Producer for Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 5 tweeted a few words about Darkstalkers (a franchise he was especially fond of) that seem to put a bit of an onus on the company he worked with for nearly 30 years to bring the dead franchise back to life.

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Liu Kang and Kotal Kahn rock realistic looking body paint and ink in these glorious Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate screenshots

If you haven't heard the news... Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate is a beautiful looking game. While standard screenshots of NetherRealm Studios' big blockbuster fighting game look great on their own, things get kicked up 10 notches when the shots were captured by TQT1995 on Twitter.

We here on EventHubs have been featuring their work a lot lately not only because of how incredible these artistic photos look, but also because we're probably feeling a bit of longing for more now that we know content support for MK11 has officially concluded. This time around, we get to see some killer body paint and tattoos on none other than Kotal Kahn and Liu Kang.

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Here's everything we know about League of Legends fighting game 'Project L' as Evo 2021 approaches

Riot Games officially unveiled their League of Legends fighting game, currently known as Project L, all the way back in October of 2019. Though the presentation sent the fighting game community into a frenzy of hype, it was made expressly clear that development was not very far along and that we shouldn't expect much more for a good while.

Here we are nearly two years later in 2021 with Evo, (the major yearly event co-created by one of Project L's head developers Tom Cannon) less than a month away. The FGC is naturally suspecting some new developments might be revealed at this year's big dance, but it may not be such a great idea to hold our breath for them.

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The Tokyo 2020 Olympics opening ceremony definitely featured music from Soul Calibur, Chrono Trigger, and Sonic the Hedgehog

The world is collectively watching the big show that is the Tokyo 2020 Olympics right now. With its official kick off this morning (last night in Japan), eyes around the world stayed glued to screens of all sizes as the opening ceremony commenced and introduced each country's teams.

If you were one of those catching the action who happens to be a video game fan, you may have thought you were going crazy in hearing some tracks that sounded awfully familiar. Rest assured, you're not crazy as the Olympics 2020 opening ceremony did indeed feature a slew of popular video game songs during the walkouts.

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This acoustic fingerstyle cover of Vega's Street Fighter 2 theme has all of the makings of a perfect rendition

A few specific, standout things come to mind when you think of Vega's iconic Street Fighter 2 theme. The Spanish tone of the classic track brings with it immediate thoughts of acoustic guitars, castanets (that little clicking instrument that you've definitely heard before), and a strong lead.

All of the above is essentially a recipe for creating a great arrangement for Vega's theme, and musician Daniel Gabassi constructed a top notch guitar cover of Vega's Street Fighter 2 theme by following this blueprint and adding some extra layers of awesomeness to it to bring it to perfection.

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Goldlewis' Guilty Gear Strive starter guide reveals exactly how the peculiar new DLC character plays

The starter guide for the latest Guilty Gear Strive character, Goldlewis Dickinson, has been posted by Arc System Works. It cycles through the newcomer's attacks and maneuvers, and gives a general idea of how he'll function in game.

As you'll see in the video, this big bodied behemoth has a handful of unique and perhaps somewhat awkward inputs that are unlike most other characters we've seen in Strive thus far.

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Guilty Gear Strive developers: We are going through the verification processes for crossplay, but it'll take some time

Since its release last month Guilty Gear Strive has received high praise from both the East and the West as players from both the East and the West have been able to legitimately play with one another over the internet thanks to the game's stellar netcode.

With so much potential for relatively smooth online international play, it's a bit of a shame that Strive doesn't also boast crossplay... at least, not yet. During a recent interview with Comunidad Arc System Works, producer Takeshi Yamanaka and director Akira Katano spoke about the potential for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC users to be able to play Strive with one another.

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Nintendo's Skyward Sword photo shoot in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is great, but also mad disrespectful to Falco

Nintendo is flying high following the HD re-release of 2011's The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and has created some creatively cool screen shots from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to celebrate.

These stills feature Super Smash Bros. roster members Link and Zelda on the Skyloft stage utilizing a handful of the objects and items borrowed over into Ultimate from Skyward Sword. One image also features a makeshift stand in for a Loftwing featuring a character that we just know would not be happy to fulfill the role.

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Does NetherRealm Studios' reasoning for changing Mortal Kombat costumes hold up? True Under Dawg has his doubts

Mortal Kombat, a franchise that's been aimed at mature audiences since day one, has consistently and conclusively earned 17+ ratings for its trademark propensity for copious amounts of blood and gore. While development studio NetherRealm Studios has only pushed the violence envelope with 2019's Mortal Kombat 11, they have conspicuously toned their approach down in one other arena: female sexuality.

As is the case when video game creators too heavily alter most any aspect of established characters, more than a few fans have expressed distaste for the migration away from the more scantily-clad versions of combatants like Mileena, Kitana, and Jade. Mortal Kombat 11 art director, Steve Beran, addressed this in an interview with Polygon during the game's release month with a few statements on the matter.

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Visual timeline charts history of Street Fighter 5's DLC character release patterns

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's roster has more than doubled since launch day in February of 2016 as the original 16 characters have been joined by an additional 26 combatants over the last five and a half years.

Those who have been in the Street Fighter community for all of this game's life surely recall the roller coaster rides of emotion that have characterized the DLC highs and lows of exciting releases, unexpected delays, and periods of radio silence. We've put together a timeline chart depicting when each of the 26 additions dropped to help put the big picture visual in perspective.

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Top Street Fighter 5 player uses Dan in tournament and lands incredible confirm on one of the game's strongest footsie characters

Though Dan is a joke character in the Street Fighter universe, going up against a real Dan player can be absolutely terrifying. It's even more terrifying, though, when a top player like RB uses him in a major tournament.

During the Street Fighter 5 Intel World Open Finals' East Asia block, RB went up against DouyuTV|Xiao Hai's Cammy in the latter portion of the top 8 and managed to land an incredible play that's a must-see. Despite Cammy being one of the game's strongest footsies characters, RB's Dan pulled off an incredible confirm into Critical Art using Dan's own footsie tools that led to a round win for the competitor.

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Find major update patch notes for the biggest fighting games quickly and easily right here

If you've been looking for a way to quickly and easily access patch notes for major fighting game updates and you're tired of having to search for complicated version numbers, say no more, fam.

We here at EventHubs have gone ahead and added the notes for the most significant updates implemented into the top fighting games of today into our game index pages. Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and Tekken 7 now all have their most prominent patch notes readily available for you in our sections.

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Top Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player performs zero-to-death combos with Kazuya against the entire cast

Kazuya's combo ability is probably unmatched within Super Smash Bros. Ultimate thanks to his ridiculous movelist size and capabilities pulled straight from Tekken, which makes him a treat to watch once he gets going.

Top Smash Ultimate competitor PG|ESAM recently released a video showcasing how to perform different zero-to-death combos against every member of the expansive roster with Kazuya, and it's fascinating to see just how many options he has to get a KO off of a single starting hit.

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3 tips to quickly rank you up from Bronze to Silver and beyond in Street Fighter 5

If you've found that you've been unable to rank up in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition for some time now, we've got you covered. There are a lot of people stuck in Bronze and Silver and so we wanted to come up with helpful tips for them, but quickly realized that these simple tips are just as helpful (if not more so) at Diamond, Master, and even Grand Master ranks.

I found that I, as a Grand Master player, needed very much to go back and further tighten up three routine parts of my gameplay that, without regular practice, can very quickly become sloppy and cost you rounds.

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Injustice movie plot details and cast announced

NetherRealm Studios' take on the DC universe with Injustice: Gods Among Us quickly became one of the most popular of the past decade, and fans will soon be able to experience its story in a new way.

An Injustice animated film is coming out this year, and The Hollywood Reporter got ahold of new details surrounding the movie's plot and star-studded voice cast.

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The King of Fighters 15 character reveal already happened but that didn't stop Street Fighter's Director from sketching his own teaser art

Some wires appear to have been crossed over at SNK considering they released their usual character teaser silhouette for The King of Fighters 15, pulled it a few moments later and then just released the trailer early, which left the meme community unable to toss out their own guesses beforehand.

King of Dinosaurs' boisterous announcement didn't deter Street Fighter 5 Director Takayuki Nakayama from crafting his own sketch, splitting the wrestler's shadow into two fighters.

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