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How much does Daigo Umehara believe that Luke's new nerfs will impact the Street Fighter 5 newcomer now?

Following Street Fighter 5's Definitive Update, it became quickly apparent that Luke was almost assuredly the best character in the game, so Capcom decided to hit him with some surprise nerfs earlier this week in a new patch.

As to how much those changes will impact the Street Fighter newcomer's competitive strength, fighting game legend BST|Daigo Umehara recently shared his thoughts on Luke's latest adjustments.

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Was Shaggy inspired by the 'Ultra Instinct' meme? How big is Iron Giant? I ask these questions and more during MultiVersus interview

In part 1 and part 2 of my MultiVersus interview with Chris White, head of engineering for Player First Games, we discussed the roster selection and character balancing for MultiVersus. In this final part of my interview series, we'll be tying up some loose ends.

It's with these remaining questions that I ask Chris White about the Iron Giant's size during gameplay (who isn't available in the MultiVersus alpha), was Shaggy inspired by the "Ultra Instinct" meme and about the possibility of third parties in MultiVersus. Hit the jump below to find out how Chris White answered.

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Rose Street Fighter 5 match up charts created by Pochoclo23 and then collaboratively by Filipinoman and Flaquito

Though Rose herself received no changes in patch version 202205 (the patch that came after the Definitive Update), characters like Luke did get nerfed somewhat. It's possible that changes to other characters could've affected Rose's match ups.

ZK|Pochoclo23 recently released a Rose match up chart that followed after the release of patch 202205. This apparently prompted Filipinoman and Flaquito to collaborate in the creation of their own Rose match up chart.

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Fans have taken notice of the sneaky Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reference in the new Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers movie

The Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers movie was made available to watch just yesterday as a Disney+ original film. As outlined in the trailers for the movie, the Chip 'n Dale chipmunk brothers' story has transformed into a "Roger Rabbit" kind of deal after 30 years since their heyday.

During the credits of the movie, a certain billboard depicting the Chip 'n Dale brothers along with some of Disney's other anthropomorphic creatures has caught the attention of video game fans. More specifically, this billboard appears to strike an uncanny resemblance to the box art for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (which has also appeared in billboard form before).

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Five Mortal Kombat stages that really stand out

So much of our attention during fighting game play is on the foreground action that we can often forget just how important a part of the puzzle the arenas said action takes place in can be. Clever or peculiarly enticing details may capture our attention or imaginations, and breakaway walls or dangerous hazards can inject all new levels of excitement into the battle.

Even from its earliest days the Mortal Kombat franchise made capturing fully utilizing the potential magic of stages a prominent box to check (The Pit had a special stage Fatality and hidden bottom arena in which you could fight Reptile). The next 30 years have seen MK developers further evolve and interact with stage potential, and PNDK&M count down the five notable stand out arenas in their latest video essay.

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Daigo Umehara talks about how he'd like Street Fighter 6 to differ from Street Fighter 5 and Street Fighter 4

During a recent stream, BST|Daigo Umehara was asked what he'd like for Street Fighter 6. He was also asked what he wouldn't like for the upcoming Capcom fighting game. FGC Translated has provided a translation of Daigo's response.

Daigo has effectively said something like this before, but he once again talked about how he wants Street Fighter 6 to be different from the last two entries in the series, Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 5. More specifically, Daigo wants Street Fighter 6 to do a better job of rewarding the player that is more active during a match.

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What happens when Velma loses her glasses in MultiVersus is an absolutely brilliant touch

The MultiVersus closed alpha test is currently running as those lucky enough to get an invite code are now exploring the upcoming platform fighter, garnering first impressions and seeing what all it has to offer at this early stage.

Ten of the fourteen currently revealed roster members are available to play, including Velma from Scooby-Doo. Velma has a fairly unorthodox fighting style to begin with as she uses talk bubbles as projectiles and collects clues to summon the police to track down and capture foes, but we were especially charmed to find out what happens when she initiates her crawl.

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All character visual evolutions from Street Fighter 4 to Street Fighter 5... which game looks better?

Now that Street Fighter 5's roster has been finalized, it turns out that no fewer than 23 characters appeared in both Street Fighter 4 and its successor. These two games released some seven years apart, and a lot can happen in both the creative and technological realms that can alter character appearances.

We've put together a visual comparison video so you can compare and contrast the looks of all 23 combatants. We provide intro and outro animations for both titles, as well as side by side comparisons of the characters as they appear in their neutral states in-game.

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Player First Games' Chris White emphasizes that character balance is important for all modes in MultiVersus and not exclusively for 2v2

During the first part of my interview with the head of engineering for Player First Games, Chris White, we talked about specifics regarding the roster selection. In this part, our discussion mostly shifted to how Player First Games intended to approach character balance.

It's been previously emphasized that 2v2 is intended to be a bit of a focus for MultiVersus, but 1v1 and FFA would also be available. What would this mean for the balance of these modes, though? To determine Player First Games' intentions here, I asked Chris White directly about how the developers intend to approach balancing MultiVersus as a whole.

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Infiltration banned from Twitch, Evo, Combo Breaker, CEO and other fighting game events

Seon-woo "Infiltration" Lee has been banned from Twitch and this year's Evo, CEO, Combo Breaker and multiple other events, according to screen shots he posted online. Combo Breaker 2022 is slated to start a week from today.

For both Evo and Combo Breaker, two events in which he had already registered for this year, refunds have reportedly been processed for Infiltration. Although the staff for Evo 2022 and Combo Breaker 2022 have both cited each event's code of conduct as to why Infiltration was denied, Infiltration said that neither event has provided details beyond this.

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King of Fighters 15 version 1.33 patch notes

Version 1.32 is so far the biggest update that King of Fighters 15 has ever seen. It stands to reason that another patch would be needed to clean up some bugs, which is where version 1.33 comes into play.

According to SNK, patch 1.33 for King of Fighters 15 has already been released for the Steam and Epic Games Store versions of the game. Users for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and Windows 10 versions will have to wait just a little bit longer. Regardless, patch notes for patch 1.33 have already been released.

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Ganondorf has never looked as hype or stylish as he does in this crazy Super Smash Bros. Ultimate montage

The Legend of Zelda's Ganondorf may hit like a freight train without brakes in Super Smash Bros., but he's consistently been one of the worst competitive characters across all of his appearances for being slow as frozen molasses.

It turns out he just needs a partner to transform into one of the coolest characters in the series, however, as AU|ShaZam recently showcased an absolutely ridiculous Super Smash Bros. Ultimate montage to make the world realize how hype Ganondorf can be — at least in 2v2.

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How much did Street Fighter 5's Definitive Update actually impact match ups according to hard data?

Street Fighter 5's big Definitive Update has been in the hands of players for almost 2 months already, and the impact can certainly be felt.

We recently took a look at how the final major re-balancing for SF5 shook up character popularity upon arrival, so we decided to take a similar approach with how the game's match ups have shifted over the period too.

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The top 4 winners and 3 losers of The King of Fighters 15's first balance patch may not be who you first expect

The King of Fighters 15 received its first big balance update earlier this week, and while most characters received buffs this time around, not everyone will be benefitted by them as much as others.

Fighting game content creator Rooflemonger has just released their latest video breaking down his top winners and losers from KOF15's re-balancing in terms of both buffs and nerfs.

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Xbox's big Fighter Sale features The King of Fighters 15 and many more sweet fighting game discounts

It's not everyday we see a video game sale dedicated specifically to fighting games, so this should be considered a special occassion.

Xbox is currently putting on their Fighter Sale, which as the name suggests includes a bunch of sweet deals for the genre including The King of Fighters 15.

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Justin Wong and Punk rank fighting games from easiest to most difficult, and definitely don't agree on Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

With as much competition as the fighting game market has these days, developers are making larger and increasingly pointed efforts to make their games as accessible as possible. Players are only going to give so much of their time for a first impression, and if leave feeling like they'll never see the ball go through the hoop, they'll likely never come back.

Panda Globals' Punk and Justin Wong represent cream of the crop competition as Punk has been one of the fastest rising Street Fighter stars in recent times while Wong has been winning tournaments across franchises for almost 20 years now. Both come together in Panda's latest video to order many of today's most popular fighting games from easiest to hardest to play.

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Street Fighter 5 sales continue to close in on Street Fighter 2's franchise console record of 6.3 million

Capcom has released updated numbers for their Platinum Titles page, and we note that 2016's Street Fighter 5 is still selling units despite being in its sixth year after release.

In fact, Street Fighter's fifth installment is now within striking distance of Street Fighter 2's long-held title of being the best-selling title in the franchise as it's garnered 100k more sales since our last snapshot. Street Fighter 5 isn't the only game making moves, though, as few other Capcom fighting titles have shown progress as well.

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