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Moves for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath
Tiers for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath

Update: Super Baby 2 is now available in Dragon Ball FighterZ for FighterZ Pass 3 owners

Update: Super Baby 2 is now available to play in DBFZ for owners of the FighterZ Pass 3 though PC users are reporting that he may still not be unlocked there quite yet. You can find all of the information you need to get started with the GT villain below.

Though Super Baby 2 will officially release on January 15, this Friday, for most players, those that have acquired the FighterZ Pass 3 will be able to gain access to the Neo Machine Mutant Tuffle as early as tomorrow.

The FighterZ Pass 3 can be purchased for $19.99. In addition to Super Baby 2, players will get access to Ultra Instinct Goku, Kefla and Master Roshi. Notably, Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta will also be joining the fight later this year.

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Major nerf spotted in Akuma's Garuda trailer is not included with the new Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition update

Today is an exciting day for Akuma players, Fighting EX Layer owners and Street Fighter EX fans considering the demon just received his Garuda crossover costume though there's something else that Street Fighter 5 players were more keenly interested in with its arrival.

The reveal trailer for the Garuda costume appeared to show a pretty substantial nerf to one of Akuma's best combo options, but upon updating the game, the change is still absent from the up-to-date build of SF5.

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Akuma's Garuda crossover costume from Fighting EX Layer is now available in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Despite being one of the most popular characters in the game, Akuma rarely receives new costume support like Ryu and the ladies do, but today is apparently his lucky day for cosplay.

Akuma's new crossover costume for Garuda from Fighting EX Layer is now available to unlock in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition though you can't get everything for him until over a week from now.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ character select screen updated to include Super Baby 2; there doesn't appear to be much room left

The Dragon Ball FighterZ community seems especially excited to welcome Super Baby 2, a figure from the GT series, to the game's roster in the next few days. Some players have already gotten their hands on Baby, however, and are showing off what he's capable of.

A fan by the name of Renaldo_Saiyan has posted an image of the updated Dragon Ball FighterZ character select screen to include Baby and bring the total roster up to 42 playable characters.

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I got teabagged the most in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate when I was trying to get Sonic into Elite Smash

If you're playing Sonic online in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, then you probably aren't very popular with most opponents. I recently found this out for myself while attempting to get Sonic into Elite Smash.

By this point, I've already managed to get most of the roster into Elite Smash. For some characters, this has proven to be a somewhat difficult task while others have been relatively easy. Much to my amusement, I found that opponents, once they've secured a lead, were much more likely to teabag against my Sonic than against other characters I've used.

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Darkstalkers, Final Fight, several versions of Street Fighter 2, and Killer Instinct featured in newly revealed Arcade1Up cabinets

Arcade1Up announced seven new arcade cabinets this week that are being added to their already strong library of at-home machines. Among the bunch are two arcades that fighting game fans will undoubtedly be excited about.

The company unveiled their upcoming Killer Instinct and Capcom Legacy Edition arcade cabinets that are set to bring several top notch fighting games into your household. Between these two new products, fans can look forward to getting their hands on Darkstalkers, Final Fight, five different versions of Street Fighter 2, and Killer Instinct.

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Crazy corner carry, confirms into Spirit Bomb, and more... Super Baby 2 early footage roundup shows scary potential for Dragon Ball FighterZ newcomer

Dragon Ball FighterZ's next character, Super Baby 2, is slated to launch tomorrow for FighterZ Pass 3 holders, but it appears some players from certain parts of the world (New Zealand and Japan, it seems) have already got their hands on the newcomer.

Already we're beginning to see some of what Baby can do, and honestly, it is a little intimidating. Not only are community members predicting that this body stealer will have exceptionally strong neutral, but he's also able to convert his hits into follow ups that both dole out massive damage and grant full screen corner carry.

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NieR: Automata's 2B was initially planned as a guest character for Tekken 7

NieR: Automata ended up being one of the surprise smash hits of the last console generation thanks to its engaging combat, rich plot threads and immediately recognizable characters led by 2B.

The protagonist got so big that she became one of the first DLC characters added to Soul Calibur 6, but there was apparently a time when she was first being worked on as a guest fighter for Tekken 7.

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Update: Which characters would you like to see return in King of Fighters 15?

Update: The King of Fighter 15 reveal finally came after a short delay, but we didn't get to see any new characters outside of Mai. You can check out the final poll results below to see which fighters the community wants to see return the most.

This week, we'll finally be getting our first proper look at the long-awaited newest installment of SNK's famed fighting franchise when the first footage of King of Fighters 15 drops on Wednesday, January 6th or Thursday, January 7th โ€” depending on your timezone.

One of the biggest discussion pieces when a new fighting game is on the horizon is of course the roster. When it comes to King of Fighters, the pool of potential returning characters is absolutely gargantuan, even moreso now that previously deceased characters are back on the table after the events of King of Fighters 14.

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Here's an early Super Baby 2 combo guide showcasing his abilities before his release in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Those that own the FighterZ Pass 3 will be able to get access to Super Baby 2 on January 13, this Wednesday. Everyone else will have to wait until January 15 before they can start using the character.

Tyrant from Frame Advantage recently got early access to Super Baby 2 and used his time to create a combo guide for the upcoming GT rep. If you want to get an early start on understanding how this new fighter will work, checking out the uploaded video is recommended.

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Mario now has an official Super Saiyan transformation... sort of

Nintendo has given Mario a vast number of transformations over the past 35 plus years though his latest stands out a good bit more than most of the rest for some obvious reasons.

The developer released a new trailer for the upcoming Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury game and expansion this morning which closes off with Mario picking up a new item that makes his cat form look just like a Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball Z.

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Additional screenshots for Akuma's new Garuda costume released for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

As some had previously predicted / hoped, another Fighting EX Layer costume is about to drop in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition with one of the most fitting additions yet.

The Japanese Street Fighter Community page recently released some new and additional screenshots for Akuma's Garuda outfit for an even more detailed look at all of his glowing bits.

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The villains of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate get inspired by Dragon Ball Z's Ginyu Force and their poses in this creative fan animation

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate features many iconic video game heroes, but villains tend to be less common by comparison. This makes the addition of characters like Ganondorf, Bowser, Ridley, King K. Rool, Wolf and Wario feel particularly unique within the game's 83-fighter roster.

Recently, Sourcy created a team victory animation that highlights most of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's villains. Fans of Dragon Ball Z are sure to be reminded of certain characters from the Frieza Arc.

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5 Street Fighter 5 characters who have relatively balanced risk vs. reward

In our endeavors to try to express our hopes for what next comes down the pike, both in terms of Street Fighter 5's final chapters and the beginnings of Street Fighter 6, we frequently point out a lot of the negatives we want to see changed. That's definitely a necessary piece of the equation, but you also want to encourage the continuation of what's currently working.

We're all well aware of how frustratingly bad Alex is, as well as how enraging the overpowered nature of Akuma and Urien are, but what about the SF5 characters that have found a good stride and make for intriguing opponents instead of demoralizing ones? We've come up with five such roster members who we feel make the real time problem solving puzzle of SF5 an intriguing and rewarding venture.

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Rumor: Nintendo Direct could be incoming here in January if Nintendo website updates are an indicator

According to Porkydickson on Reddit (via Nintendo Life), the Nintendo Direct archive has seen numerous updates over the last week or so. Fans are beginning to speculate that a Nintendo Direct might be happening sometime in January to kick 2021 off for Nintendo enthusiasts.

Looking backwards, there's always been a Nintendo Direct of some kind โ€” whether it was a standard Direct that showcased multiple games or focused solely on one game โ€” in January since 2013, with 2016 being the sole exception.

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Sephiroth is top tier according to Tweek but the character takes a lot of work to be successful with in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Sephiroth is the latest challenger to join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's 83-fighter roster. Players are beginning to come to their own conclusions on just how viable the Final Fantasy antagonist is in the overall meta.

TSM|Tweek recently released a video that has him talking about his opinions on the One-Winged Angel. At the very end, he concludes that Sephiroth is among the top tiers.

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Kitana, Liu Kang and Geras were even more ridiculous than they are now in Mortal Kombat 11 before the day 1 patch

It's been nearly two years since Mortal Kombat 11 was first released on April 23, 2019. The game has seen a ton of changes via patches since then.

As highlighted by TrueUnderDawgGaming in his latest video, some of the most impactful changes actually came to the game during the day one patch. Many characters were much stronger before that first patch applied some notable nerfs that ultimately changed their playstyles.

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