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Two Zekus, a G and where did all these Mikas come from? Top 64 character usage statistics for Street Fighter 5 at SoCal Regionals

We started with over 260 players but are down to just a few left as the Street Fighter 5 action has been raging on all day at SoCal Regionals.

With a ton of upsets and top players like FOX|Tokido, Ghost|NuckleDu and CYG|Fuudo taken out much earlier than normal, things have been particularly unpredictable this year.

We've recorded the top 64 placings with both players and the characters they've used, and further taken inventory of just how many times each character has been used.

No surprises that Cammy is the most common fighter in our top 64 with no less than eight appearances, but we also saw a comparable amount of R. Mika, Rashid and Akuma attendance.

We also got two Zekus and a G, two characters we haven't seen a ton of in the latter parts of Premier event brackets. Read on to see the full breakdown and please share your reactions in the comments.

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Check out Kitty Kaboom's gender bender Broly and icy Kolin cosplays

SoCal's own Kitty Kaboom has been hard at work putting together some quality cosplay costumes of both her and our favorite fighting game characters.

Today we're featuring some of her more recent work as she assumes the identities of both Street Fighter's Kolin, the "Phantasm of Snow and Ice," and Dragon Ball's Broly, the "Legendary Super Saiyan."

Kitty teams up with Cory Bell and his Sakura to put on a more casual shoot with Kolin, but things get intense when she displays the awesome power of Broly... and she's not even Super Saiyan yet.

She offered us the following commentary on why she chose to pursue the Dragon Ball character. Once you check out the full gallery be sure to hit us with your reactions in the comments.

Let me tell you a little bit of why I decided to make my Broly cosplay. I'm very picky with Dragon Ball characters and he is one of my top five. I also watch the Dragon Ball abridged episode by teamfourstar that they did of the Broly movie while I sew because it has one of my most favorite lines in it.

And it's something I just had to say to my best friend who is Trunks in real life, that line is, "Your hair is the color of lavender but smells like strawberries." One of the reasons I had to do the cosplay was just to make him laugh hahaha! I'm really looking forward to the new Dragon Ball Super "Broly" movie and I hope that with this cosplay and it's evolution I'm doing, I'll be at the movie premiere in my femme-Broly watching it!

Kitty Kaboom image #1 Kitty Kaboom image #2 Kitty Kaboom image #3 Kitty Kaboom image #4 Kitty Kaboom image #5 Kitty Kaboom image #6

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Is Mai's cow bikini inspired, sexy, lazy as hell or a combo of all three? Maximilian and the Doods rate the costumes in SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy

SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy has been out for a little over a week now and has seen what feels like a generally lukewarm reception from the fighting game community.

Simplified controls and a story line fueled by voyeurism have made for fairly easy targets of those who are looking to complain, but the game does get to boast some victories in excelling in the visuals category.

Not only does Heroines bring together a bunch of SNK's most famous leading ladies, it also gives them a handful of new looks with which to fight in. Maximilian and a few of his friends recorded their reactions to each of the game's costumes in a recent episode of "Rate the Costumes."

There's no denying that part of this title's foundation is sex appeal, but this very much is not a mere matter of rating how hot these fighters appear. Instead Max and his pals consider multiple factors including how well threads jive with characters' known personalities, how inspired the outfits come off and how captivating they are.

For instance, most of the panel members see the Mai Shiranui cow bikini as more on the absurd side. Some of us, however, think it's amazing in its absurdity.

Give the video a watch and let us know which outfit is your personal favorite in the comments afterwards. Heads up, there's NSFW language throughout.

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The third and fourth ranked players for the Capcom Pro Tour have been eliminated after day one of the SoCal Regionals 2018 Street Fighter 5 event

Action is already running rampant at the SoCal Regionals 2018 Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition event, despite the fact that only one day has transpired thus far. This is a premier Capcom Pro Tour event during a time where points are becoming more and more precious as the season is beginning to wind down to its finale.

As you might imagine for an event of this scale, the competition has been particularly fierce. The list of notable competitors includes the likes of FOX|Tokido, CYG|Daigo Umehara, FOX|Justin Wong, FAV|Sako, Ponos|Moke, GGP|Kazunoko, Liquid|John Takeuchi, 801 Strider, BCF|Commander Jesse, CYG|Fuudo, FD|Fujimura, RB|Snake Eyez, UYU|OilKing, FE|Humanbomb, Tempo|Alex Myers, Neon, and many more.

Indeed, there were over 250 players gunning for first place when the tournament began. The winner would be awarded with 700 points.

Even if they previous had zero points up until this point, they could immediately be ranked at 21st place in the Capcom Pro Tour season, depending on the placements of a couple of other players present at the tournament.

We often see a number of upsets occur in the bracket when stakes are this high at a tournament event like the SoCal Regionals 2018. This is exactly what ended up happening...

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801 Strider cracks Daigo's defenses with G's command grabs while Neon destroys Cammy's V-Reversal — SoCal Regionals 2018 highlights

Day one of the SoCal Regionals 2018 has already concluded. We're already seeing a lot of action at the Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition tournament.

This is a premier event for the Capcom Pro Tour which means there are a lot of valuable points on the line as the end of the season draws near. As a result of this, there are over 250 players competing for those points.

The players included FD|Fujimura, FOX|Tokido, GGP|Kazunoko, TF|DidimoKOF, CJ Truth, CYG|Fuudo, Tempo|Alex Myers, FOX|Justin Wong, Ponos|Moke, Neon, FE|Humanbomb, CYG|Daigo Umehara, Liquid|John Takeuchi, BCF|Commander Jesse, FAV|Sako, UYU|OilKing, RB|Snake Eyez, 801 Strider, and many more.

We've got a number of highlights to showcase already. First, let's talk about 801 Strider's set as G against Daigo who was playing as Guile.

If I was a betting man, I'd probably be wagering some money on Daigo to win this confrontation. G was still relatively new, after all. Despite this, 801 Strider put on a stellar performance.

By this point, 801 Strider had already caused a bit of an upset by beating Kazunoko with a 2-0 victory. Thanks to his clever usage of G's command grabs, he was able to crack Daigo's amazing defense and defeat him with another 2-0 win.

Click image for animated version

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Arby's pulls perhaps one of its strangest campaigns yet turning people's or characters' faces into sandwiches including Li Joe, Chris Sabat and Broly

Arby's has had one of the strongest / most unique social media pushes over the past few years tapping largely into the gaming, anime and generally nerdy pop culture references mixed together with their food and packaging.

The restaurant chain has even had fairly strong ties to the fighting game community creating rad Street Fighter references, a life-size statue of Soul Calibur's Nightmare made out of cardboard and a Qanba arcade stick also made out of cardboard with the latter two haven been shown off at EVO 2018.

Now Arby's is back with a brand new campaign that is crossing over into the area of uncanny valley by recreating real people's or fictional characters' faces using nothing but bread, meat and vegetables — they actually manage to be quite impressive.

People can reach out to Arby's under the Hashtag #MakeMySandwich if they'd like to see themselves turned into a sandwich, or the restaurant will even reach out to people on Twitter to ask them directly if they want to be made a sandwich.

The talented people running Arby's social media accounts have already made sandwiches out of the likes of LI Joe, Dragon Ball voice actor Christopher Sabat, cosplayer Vampy, tournament organizer Bear, Broly from Dragon Ball Z and All Might from My Hero Academia plus other games like Lara Croft, Guild Wars 2, Borderlands and Final Fantasy.

You can take a look at some of their handy-work in the gallery below, but to get the full experience you'll need to head over to Arby's Twitter account to see all of the sandwich people they have created.

Arby's Make My Sandwich campaign image #1 Arby's Make My Sandwich campaign image #2 Arby's Make My Sandwich campaign image #3 Arby's Make My Sandwich campaign image #4 Arby's Make My Sandwich campaign image #5 Arby's Make My Sandwich campaign image #6
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Image sources: LI Joe, Chris Sabat, Bear, Vampy

Dixie Kong's chances of joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate may have just increased dramatically with Isabelle's inclusion

Yesterday, we finally got to see the Nintendo Direct which had been delayed a week because of the earthquake that hit Hokkaido, Japan the week before.

In said Direct, Nintendo announced a few new titles, showed new footage of several titles we knew of, brought out a bunch of remakes and remasters, and ended it on a very high note with a Smash Bros. reveal and announcement for one of their biggest franchises.

Yes, the Direct ended with a new Animal Crossing game being confirmed for next year, and one of that series most popular characters since her debut in Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS, Isabelle, joining the battle.

In Super Smash Bros. discussions, Isabelle had generally been viewed as something of a shoo-in, with people always saying she was a locked character and there's no way she would miss the cut.

However, the majority's assumption was that she would be an Echo Fighter of Animal Crossing's current playable character, Villager, which was not the case.

In fact, while Isabelle seems to have some moves that are similar to Villager's, her situation seems much more similar to that of Lucas or Toon Link from the Super Smash Bros. Brawl days than any sort of Echo Fighter, and this is great news for my personal most wanted character of all the ones not already in, Dixie Kong of Donkey Kong Country fame.

If you're wondering how Isabelle relates to Dixie in this regard, I'd be more than happy to explain it to you. Just continue below to be enlightened.

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SonicFox is doing some very SonicFox things adding Nappa to his Dragon Ball FighterZ team at SoCal Regionals and wrecking shop

SoCal Regionals has just gotten started though Dragon Ball FighterZ is already whittled down to its top 8 players at this World Tour Dragon Radar event, and surprise! FOX|SonicFox is sitting in prime position to take another major in the game. This time he has a new team though.

It feels like almost every time that we see the EVO 2018 DBFZ champion in tournaments now he's playing a new team and beating players who have been mastering their same team since the game launched. This week that team includes Nappa.

SonicFox has been using a team consisting of Nappa, Android 16 and Bardock this weekend making it all the way to winner's side top 8 defeating the likes of FOX|Dekillsage and Tatsunical 2-0 each including a three character comeback using only Vegeta's former partner.

Nappa was generally seen as one of the weaker characters in the game with only a dedicated few using him with any sort of success though he turned out to be perhaps one of the biggest winner's of August's massive balance update for Dragon Ball FighterZ along with other previously weak characters like Frieza.

In the fight to make it to top 16, Tatsunical came very close to evening up the score with SonicFox taking him down to just his Nappa while the fellow Saibaman planter still had his whole team of Nappa, Broly and Goku. He ultimately made the mistake of leaving SonicFox alive with Sparking and seven bars of Super meter that the EVO champ would put to good use.

SonicFox ended up getting the Happy Birthday against Tatsunical taking out both his Broly and Nappa in one hard hitting combo. By the time Goku came out to try and finish the job, SonicFox was already one step ahead with impeccable reads and reactions. SonicFox is set to go up against NRG|Supernoon in top 8, but until then, I suggest checking out his big comeback in the clip below.

Click images for animated versions

Photo credit: Chris Bahn.

Dead or Alive 6's 'Strongest Package' includes highly sexualized mouse pads and posters, points to 25 characters at launch

Team Ninja announced Dead or Alive 6 earlier this year as a more serious entry in the fanservice heavy franchise with overall toned down sexuality, but their special editions of the game appear to be keeping with their old ways body pillows and all.

The Collector's Edition and 'Strongest Package' edition were recently unveiled for Japan and include many of the goodies you'd expect with a special edition like artbooks and soundtracks... and mouse pads accentuated with characters' breasts and rears.

Dead or Alive 6's Collector's Edition is actually fairly tame, as it comes with the game, soundtrack, artbook, tin badges with character artwork, and a code for the content of the Digital Deluxe Edition which will retail for 12,800 yen or $115 USD.

The 'Strongest Package' bundle on the other hand includes special set of five posters that are treated to hang in the bathroom, a dakimakura / body pillowcase, three busty mouse pads — one featuring Honoka's chest, one for Marie Rose's booty and another yet to be announced — plus everything included in the Collector's Edition for 25,800 yen or $232.

There are 25 character pins included with the special editions which are leading many to believe that is the number of characters we'll see as a part of the game's roster at launch, and the mystery sexy poster and mousepad are also said to include one more brand new female character joining the crew.

Dead or Alive 6's director, Yohei Shimbura, originally stated that the team was making a "conscious decision to make the characters less sexualized" in the new game when it was first unveiled in June. While these bonuses are not part of the actual game's content, it does still muddy their overall message of wanting to create a more serious fighter this time around.

Dead or Alive 6 'Strongest Package' image #1 Dead or Alive 6 'Strongest Package' image #2 Dead or Alive 6 'Strongest Package' image #3
Click images for larger versions

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One of America's strongest Dragon Ball FighterZ players disqualified at SoCal Regionals after last minute bracket change

A bit of controversy has struck SoCal Regionals shortly after it kicked off this afternoon as one of the event's bigger names, Christopher "EG|NYChrisG" Gonzalez, was disqualified out of his Dragon Ball FighterZ pool.

This happened because Level Up, the organization behind SCR, changed the brackets after additional on-site emergency registration earlier this morning. Some competitors were moved at the last minute, and Gonzalez was switched from his 2 p.m. pool to a 12 p.m. pool.

The Evil Geniuses player tweeted out around 12:30 p.m. PST "WTF. They changed my DBFZ pool last second? I wont be there until 2 p.m. when I was supposed to play. Seriously WTF!!!!"

An upset ChrisG followed up his initial tweet on the matter with a picture of his bracket showing the disqualifications along with the caption, "GGs....... After practicing so hard for DBFZ I get screwed in the end. Welp there's always the bar."

Tournament organizer LU|Alex Valle responded to the Twitter thread, stating, "The issue here is we had online emergency registration and seeding/pool requests were still being finalized after we closed online registration at 10 p.m. Chris was affected [by the] change. I’m talking to Chris offline for a resolution."

The 12 p.m. bracket has already been completed. You can see how it played out (as well as ChrisG's disqualifications) by clicking the image here:

SCR DBFZ Bracket DQ image #1
Click images for larger versions

We reached out to Gonzalez for any further comments on the matter. He responded with the following:

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'IS IT SMASH OR ANIMAL CROSSING?!' - prominent competitors, streamers and content creators react to Isabelle's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate unveiling

You can almost always expect the Super Smash Bros. community to turn excitement levels up to 150% whenever new content is revealed for a title in their franchise and yesterday's Isabelle reveal was no exception.

Many tuned into yesterday's rescheduled Nintendo Direct to find out what new announcements the titan of gaming had up its sleeve and those hoping for Smash Ultimate news were not disappointed.

Animal Crossing's Isabelle is taking a break from her duties as the Mayor's assistant to beat the living tar out of every character that's ever been in a Smash title as well as the handful of newcomers in the upcoming entry.

While certainly not a household character name in the gaming world, Isabelle does seem to be a generally welcome addition to the roster. We've gone out and collected a few videos as prominent members of the Smash and/or fighting game community recorded their reactions.

These include the likes of TSM|ZeRo, Maximilian, Alpharad and The Keef Crew.

Continue on to watch as these personalities react to Isabelle's unveiling and then let us know if (and how loudly) you lost composure when you first saw her. Here's the first and most over the top. Headphone users will want to turn down the volume. Also expect some NSFW language in any and all of these.

Click image for animated version

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Finish 'Funny Guy' and Street Fighter 5's missions for 3,050 FM, get the next piece of Cammy's Fiona costume, beat a Shadaloo Solider and more

It's Fight Money Friday as Street Fighter 5 players now have access to this week's missions. In addition to in-game currency we also now have access to the third of four parts of Cammy's upcoming Fiona costume.

As always you can also garner some additional Fortune Tickets if you enjoy rolling the dice in the game's loot box-esque lottery.

If you do all the new missions you'll walk away with 3,050 FM, but you can nab a good bit more because of the Silver Shadaloo Solider Extra Battle that's available only for the next three days.

This EB costs 500 FM a pop and can be attempted up to three times. The reward is 10,000 experience which will most certainly level up any characters that you haven't been using regularly.

The Soldier himself is pretty easy to beat with basics and so you can probably defeat him with whomever you want. I used Guile and jumped up four levels for winning three times leading me to a net profit of 2,500 FM.

The weekly missions themselves are fairly self explanatory with the exception of "Funny Guy." You can see the details on how to rapidly fire through all of them after the jump, and here's the list if you haven't already seen it:

SF5 Missions 9/14/18 image #1
Click images for larger versions

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Capcom Cup moves to Las Vegas this year

We're nearing the end of the year and the conclusion of the Capcom Pro Tour is fast approaching. Capcom has been tight-lipped on information about this year's Capcom Cup finals — until today.

Capcom Cup 2018 will be taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada this year, Capcom has announced. The end-of-the-year event will run from December 14-16 at Esports Arena Las Vegas located inside the Luxor Hotel & Casino.

This is the first time we're seeing the Capcom Cup leave California. Previously, we've seen the big finale held in San Francisco and later move to Anaheim as part of the PlayStation Experience.

Capcom Cup 2018 will pit 32 of the year's best Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition players against each other for the ultimate Street Fighter 5 title. The line up is set to include last year's Capcom Cup champion, RISE|MenaRD — who earned a guaranteed spot for winning last year — the player who wins the last chance qualifier event that takes place at Capcom Cup (before the main event, and 30 of the top placers in the CPT standings (including four regional champions).

There will be $250,000 on the line at Capcom Cup 2018, and an added prize pot bonus stemming from a portion of the proceeds generated from the Capcom Pro Tour DLC will also be included.

Capcom has also mentioned that this year's Capcom Cup will host special guests, though details on what we can expect have not yet been divulged.

CapCup Vegas image #1
Click images for larger versions

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Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle brings Final Fight, Captain Commando, and five other classic games back to consoles on September 18th

One good turn deserves another, as they say, and it looks like Capcom is taking this old saying to heart this year. Back in May we saw the release of the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection which brought fans 12 legendary Street Fighter titles all in one package.

Yesterday, the company unveiled their latest collection of games: Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle. As the name suggests, this new title comprises of seven classic Beat 'Em Up games that fans will undoubtedly recognize.

Included in Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle is Final Fight (1989), Captain Commando (1991), The King of Dragons (1991), Knights of the Round (1991), Warriors of Fate (1992), Armored Warriors (1994), and Battle Circuit (1997).

While this style of game usually falls outside of the parameters of things we cover on EventHubs, I'm sure fighting game fans can quickly see the connection here. Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle comes with two titles that act as the debut for several popular characters we've seen in Capcom fighting games over the years.

"Cody, Abigail, Guy, Sodom, Rolento, and versions of Poison and Hugo all originated from Final Fight," Capcom Unity's blog points out. On top of that, Haggar (from Final Fight) made an appearance in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, while Captain Commando was an extremely popular fighter back in Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

If you're looking for the opportunity to revisit these classic games and play as Cody before he became the Mayor of Metro City in Street Fighter 5 or just get your dosage of Captain Commando as you wait for him to return to the Versus series, you might want to look into picking up Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle. It comes with a price tag of $19.99 and is due out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 18th.

Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle screenshots image #1 Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle screenshots image #2 Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle screenshots image #3 Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle screenshots image #4 Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle screenshots image #5 Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle screenshots image #6

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Isabelle is not an Echo Fighter of Animal Crossing's Villager in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Nintendo Direct presentation yesterday brought with it another big Super Smash Bros. Ultimate announcement — just as fans had hoped. Isabelle from the Animal Crossing series — as well as a new entry in the Animal Crossing series — was unveiled at the very end of Nintendo's broadcast.

It didn't take long into the trailer to see that Isabelle harnessed moves similar to Animal Crossing's Villager. The assumption going into the announcement was that Isabelle would simply be an Echo Fighter of Villager (based on logical reasoning and rumors we had heard previously), and possibly have a slightly different move here or there like Fire Emblem's Chrom — being an Echo of Roy, but having Ike's up B.

Isabelle's official announcement trailer showcased several unique moves, however, with other attacks being similar to Villager. This put her into a bit of a gray area, seemingly sitting somewhere between Echo and standalone character.

The official Super Smash Bros. Ultimate website has since updated with Isabelle's character information, and with that we have our definitive answer. Isabelle is not an Echo Fighter, she is a standalone character.

Among the character list we see Isabelle marked as #68 — a number indicating at what place she joined the Super Smash Bros. series. Echo Fighters on the website are represented with the same number as the character they're copying, as well as a symbol by their name indicating an Echo — which Isabelle does not have.

It appears that rather than being an Echo Fighter, Isabelle falls more on the side of a clone-type character such as Toon Link or Lucas (for Link and Ness, respectively). Basically, she's modeled after Villager, but has enough unique traits to hold her own character slot on the roster.

Isabelle Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character placing image #1
Click images for larger versions

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Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonist Yugi joins the Jump Force roster

Bandai Namco has announced a brand new playable character for Jump Force, and this one is a doozy. Main character Yugi from the Yu-Gi-Oh! series joins the fight.

Details about Yugi are scarce at the moment as Bandai Namco has not yet released a trailer for the character.

Earlier this morning, the company released a tweet making the announcement and including the first-ever screenshot of Yugi in Jump Force.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! series is a Japanese manga turned anime that sees a young boy, Yugi, dueling against friend and foe in an intricate card game. After Yugi finds and solves the ancient Millennium Puzzle, he becomes host to a strange spirit with the personality of a gambler and essentially transforms into an older version of Yugi when the spirit takes hold — which you can see pictured in the screenshot and banner.

In Yu-Gi-Oh!, we see the creatures, items, and spells on each card actualized in the dueling arenas, meaning if a player puts down a giant dragon card, the monster is essentially summoned. With a game like jump Force having big, flashy combat, I can't help but think we'll be seeing Yugi bring forth big-name Yu-Gi-Oh! monsters like Exodia the Forbidden One, the Dark Magician, Summoned Skull, and more.

Not only is the Yu-Gi-Oh! series a manga / anime, but there is a full-on competitive trading card game tied to it. The Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG first kicked off in Japan in 1999, and new sets continue to release to this day.

Jump Force is headed to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in 2019.

Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh! joins Jump Force image #1 Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh! joins Jump Force image #2
Click images for larger versions

Sent in by SmokeRulz and Arrancar.

SNK's new Samurai Spirits takes place in 1787 in historical Japan — Where does this leave it in the Samurai Shodown timeline? Let's analyze continuity

SNK's Samurai Shodown series has a rich history, with many games released which are intertwined with eachother through their stories and rosters, although the canon can be somewhat iffy at times.

Regardless of character's deaths being retconned, certain games taking place before their predecessors and other wonky factors that often happen in fighting game series, SNK have been quite open about the timeline for the Samurai Shodown series.

Yes, indeed, each game's setting has been clearly stated, meaning that there's a solid chronology to follow for when every installment in the series actually takes place, forming a timeline for fans who enjoy the games.

Fittingly enough, SNK spilled the beans right away in the reveal trailer for Samurai Spirits, stating that the game takes place in the year 1787.

As briefly recounted in the trailer itself, this places it firmly during the turbulent times of the Tenmei area, during which famine was widespread, and ruin and despair was all around the populace.

This area is roughly where most of the Samurai Shodown games have taken place, so veteran players will feel right at home with the setting. Let's take a look at when Samurai Shodown games have traditionally taken place, and where the upcoming game ends up falling chronologically.

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