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Combo Breaker 2020 has been canceled due to COVID-19

Yet another major fighting game community event has announced cancellation for this season as Rick "TheHadou" Thiher and his team have officially announced that Combo Breaker 2020 will no longer be taking place.

This comes as a direct result of the effects of COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus). The event was supposed to take place May 22-24 at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel in Schaumburg, IL. An update as to the particulars of the situation, refund policies, and more has been provided by organizers.

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Haohmaru is now available in Soul Calibur 6 along with new stage and Character Creation Set D

It's been quite some time since Haohmaru was first revealed to be joining the cast of Soul Calibur 6 as the game's third guest character, and now that long wait to take him into battle is finally over.

Samurai Shodown's poster boy Haohmaru is now available to download and use in Soul Calibur 6 as the second character in the game's Season Pass 2 after Hilde along with some other new content.

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Dead or Alive 6 ceasing development and new DLC releases following April's Version 1.22 update

Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja have revealed what the next content dropping for Dead or Alive 6 will look like though at the same time announced that the fighting game will no longer be receiving any new updates after next month.

After just over a year of being on the market, the Version 1.22 update will serve as Dead or Alive 6's final major patch and DLC release with some more costumes and other changes closing everything out much earlier than its predecessor.

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Hacker invades ZeRo's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arena with Giga Bowser and inaccessible stages

Until the Fighters Pass Volume 2 starts releasing new challengers, there are currently 80 different characters that are playable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. However, there is one more character that's technically accessible through abnormal means.

One of the game's bosses, Giga Bowser, can be used during gameplay — if you know how to hack the Nintendo Switch. Tempo|ZeRo recently hosted an online arena in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that was visited by a certain hacker.

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Which male characters are likely to join Granblue Fantasy Versus in its second character pass? Let's take a closer look at the most popular ones

Granblue Fantasy Versus will be wrapping up its first character pass at the end of April with the release of Zooey, but we already know that a second pass is heading our way and that the highly popular Belial will be part of it — a character who already appears in the game's RPG mode and has connections to Beelzebub and his nasty plans.

In a recent issue of Famitsu, they had a ton of Granblue Fantasy content due to the 6th anniversary of the mobile game which started the whole media franchise and included results for several polls which players had gotten to vote in, with the most important ones when concerned about Granblue Fantasy Versus are obviously which characters are most popular. I wrote a piece regarding these results here in which I promised an article taking a closer look at a few of the high placers, and this is the second one. Let's see which characters have high popularity and might be good additions for Granblue Fantasy Versus in the near future.

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Arc World Tour 2020 canceled in its entirety

Arc System Works has made the difficult decision to cancel the Arc World Tour 2020 in its entirety. Unfortunately, this is yet another cancellation that has arisen thanks to the COVID-19 global outbreak.

"Due to the global pandemic of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), Arc System Works America, Inc. (Minoru Kidooka, CEO), has decided to cancel Arc World Tour 2020 in its entirety," stated the Arc System Works press release.

"The health of our competitors, staff members and community members is our top priority," continued the statement. "This decision also comes at the face of increased difficulty in facilitating a fair competition throughout the tour. We regret to inform those who have been eagerly anticipating this tour of its cancellation. We thank you for your understanding."

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Samurai Shodown's Haohmaru releases for Soul Calibur 6 tomorrow — let's look at just how loyal Bandai Namco have been to his source material

We got the news way back at EVO 2019 (which seems like a lifetime ago) that Samurai Shodown's Haohmaru would be the next guest character joining Soul Calibur 6, and honestly he may be the most fitting guest character theyv'e ever gone with, right up there with Assassin's Creed's Ezio Auditore.

In more recent months, we've been treated to bits and pieces of Haohmaru footage and images from the Soul Calibur 6 development team until last weekwhen we finally got the full-length gameplay trailer truly showing off just what the character is capable of when put up against the classic Soul Calibur cast. Haohmaru is set to be released for the game tomorrow, so let's take this opportunity to have a look at just how much love and care Bandai Namco have put into this character.

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Daigo is confident that there aren't any match ups where Kage outperforms Guile in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's latest update

The latest patch for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition provided a plethora of balance changes, much to the community's surprise. Guile was among the fighters that was ultimately nerfed as his V-Skill 2 — the Sonic Dive — now has increased start up and recovery time.

Despite playing a lot of Kage leading up to the update, RB|Daigo Umehara was adamant that he would be maining Guile in Season 5. According to a video upload by FGC Translated, Daigo intends to stick with Guile even after the nerfs.

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Poll results: Which ARMS characters would you like to see join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's roster?

Update: The results are in. Check out which of the ARMS characters are the most popular after the jump.

Earlier: During the recently released Nintendo mini-Direct, it was revealed that the next challenger that will be joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's roster via the Fighters Pass wave 6 would be some representative from Nintendo's ARMS series.

This seemingly narrows it down to 15 different possibilities — Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Ninjara, Master Mummy, Min Min, Mechanica, Twintelle, Byte & Barq, Kid Cobra, Helix, Max Brass, Lola Pop, Misango, Springtron, and Dr. Coyle. Which of these ARMS combatants will be represented?

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Mr. Game & Watch's up aerial apparently goes on forever upon being reflected in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — Beefy Smash Doods Smash Review

Mr. Game & Watch's up aerial — based on the game known as Spitball Sparky — is perhaps one of the best aerials in the game when it comes to racking up damage and keeping opponents in disadvantage once you get them above you.

For better or worse, it can be a little tricky to take stocks using this move as it only travels far enough to hit enemies up to six times. Essentially, it's a completely different move compared to its Smash 4 iteration. It bears a lot of similarities to Mega Man's up aerial in this game.

Despite the limitation, it's actually possible to make the projectile travel infinitely. As demonstrated in the Beefy Smash Doods' latest video, all that's needed is a reflector.

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Capcom asks for fan feedback on Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's online experience after recent matchmaking update

With a new focus on Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's online experience, Capcom has been actively making adjustments in hopes to improve things on the cyber front.

Last week, the company released an update with matchmaking improvements, and now they want to know how it's panning out for players. The official Street Fighter Twitter account shared a poll today asking followers to express how their online experience has been since the update went live back on March 24.

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Soul Calibur 6 ver. 2.10 balance changes and patch notes

Bandai Namco is releasing an update to Soul Calibur 6 today. The version 2.10 patch is en route to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam and will be adding a variety of changes to the game.

On top of compatibility for the upcoming DLC, guest character and Samurai Shodown posterboy Haohmaru, players can also look forward to a slew of balance changes, new items, and more.

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The Quarantine Series results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The Quarantine Series is an online tournament series of high-stakes Super Smash Bros. Ultimate events featuring some of the very best players in the business.

This installment some of the big players participating include T1|MkLeo, PG|Marss, eU|Samsora, NRG|Nairo, Liquid|Dabuz, SSG|Maister, CLG|VoiD, Cosmos, PG|Esam, TG|MVD, PG|Plup, MVG|DarkWizzy, APE|Goblin, WaDi and many more.

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Ronin Rumble Charity Tournament results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Ronin Rumble, an ongoing online tournament series hosted by Geoff The Hero, has a special Charity Tournament event this weekend to benefit the offline tournament organizers who have been heavily impacted by the spread of COVID-19.

Players set to participate in the charity events today include CATPION|Deb, AndyOCR, Kizzercrate, HD|SonicSol, Diaphone, AR|Markyo, AR|Wero Asamiya, TxC|ViolentKain, DTN|Ghost the Trinity, TH|Cochory, TxC|Marco Polo, ChrisCCH, Geoff The Hero and more.

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Here's a look at the new Capcom Pro Tour 2020 special DLC color for everyone on the Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition roster

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition players were given the chance to snag a new batch of DLC starting last week commemorating this year's Capcom Pro Tour. The bundle released includes new costumes for Gill and Lucia, a Capcom Cup Champion's Choice costume with design influence from 2019's champion, iDom, as well as a new CPT stage that is yet to be revealed.

Additionally, those who purchase the bundle will receive a special color for all characters on the Champion Edition roster. Today we're taking a look at color EX 11.

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InsertControllerHere takes the Pichu taser controller mod into online matches in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Being that Pichu is the lightest character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and also has a variety of moves that cause self harm, you'd have to be quite the masochist to want to play this electric mouse — even though the baby Pokémon is generally relegated as being a high tier.

Apparently, InsertControllerHere figured that playing Pichu wasn't punishment enough. He recently developed a controller that tazes the player whenever they use one of Pichu's special moves.

As promised, he's decided to take on online players as Pichu while using this controller. Indeed, he'll receive a light shock every time he opts to use one of Pichu's special moves.

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Djeeta trailer shown for Granblue Fantasy Versus, joins Soriz in releasing on April 7th — Zooey trailer to be revealed on April 17th

The latest character trailer for Granblue Fantasy Versus has been released by Cygames and focuses on Djeeta, the female counterpart to Gran in that the source game lets you choose your character's sex and play as either male (Gran) or female (Djeeta), making them essentially the same character lorewise.

As many had feared, their movesets seem to mirror this with Djeeta being extremely similar to Gran in both normals and specials, though her Skybound Arts seem entirely unique and she comes equipped with a few other tools of her own as well.

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