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Guide update digest for 8-31-09

Guide update digest for 8-31-09
  • Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, Ken: Added basic moves page and color guide with combos, Super Art 3 note and details about juggling with his Light Punch Shoryuken which were all submitted by TJ369.
  • Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, Dudley: Added basic moves page and color guide. Also posted combos and details about juggling multiple times with his Crouching Hard Kick. Again, all of this was submitted by TJ369.

Femme Fatale Tournament Edition sticks at PAX 2009

Femme Fatale Tournament Edition sticks at PAX 2009 Following in the tradition set at Comic-Con 2009, Capcom is going to be selling Femme Fatale themed Mad Catz Tournament Edition joysticks at the Penny Arcade Expo, which is held from Sept. 4 - 6.

Featuring the girls of Street Fighter 4, C. Viper, Cammy, Chun Li, Rose and Sakura, this looks like your standard TE stick with new button colors and artwork. They'll be priced at $159.99 with a limit of two per customer. 650 sticks will be available for the XBox 360 and 350 for the PlayStation 3.

For people who cannot attend the Penny Arcade Expo, there will also be a very limited stock available in the Capcom Store and at Mad Catz' online GameShark store, starting on September 4th.

There's still no official word yet on what's happening with the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 TE themed joysticks that Gamestop is letting people pre-order that are said to be out on Sept. 24.

Source: Capcom-Unity.

Disney to buy Marvel Entertainment for 4 billion

Disney to buy Marvel Entertainment for 4 billion Although it hasn't officially been approved yet, Disney is set to purchase Marvel Entertainment for 4 billion dollars.

While this probably won't have an immediate impact on current games from Capcom, many have already begun to speculate that if we were going to see a Capcom vs. Disney vs. Marvel game, this deal would only ease the path.

Any game that would come of this potential new deal would of course be years down the road though, but the news seems to indicate a few doors that might have been closed in the past, could be opened in the future.

Street Fighter 4 tournament result stats by Nohoho

Nohoho has done some really interesting work on his blog, examining the "winningness" of the arcade characters for Street Fighter 4.

Basically, his site breaks down which characters have won the most games in major tournaments from roughly the last 12 months.

Zangief, who started off very strong when the game was still new, had a big drop in popularity, and the reverse was true for Balrog (Boxer).

Of course Sagat and Ryu players lead the pack here, the former by a sizable margin in overall popularity, as shown by this chart.

Street Fighter 4 tournament winners broken down by character by Nohoho

Also, Nohoho has added more recent statistics from the God's Garden tournament held in Japan, among others.

Cool stuff.

Hyper Fighting strategy video, oh no

Ahh, the joys of lame videos from the 1990s. MonsieurLâm pointed out a great one, which you may have seen before, but this oldie but goodie is a true gem.

Capcom went through the trouble of making a Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting strategy video back in 1993, but they only hired a handful voice actors for the whole cast.
Horrible clichéd accents? Check. Reading straight from the script with false enthusiasm? Check. Slightly changing your vocal tone to sound like someone else? Check. They cover all bases here to keep par with the lousy voice acting that was so prevalent in 90's video games.

Especially take note of Guile Ken, who sounds like he's trying to imitate Michelangelo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Classic.

Amazing Marvel vs. Capcom 2 combo video by Joo

Joo is working on a DVD combo video for Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and he's released a trailer to show you what you're in for.
This project has been 5 years in the making and it show cases some of the best combos around.

There's a big post on that walks you through what's going on here and explains more about the project. The video is expected to be finished next month and the DVD will also be released as an .ISO file.

Very cool.

Source: Capcom-Unity.

Destructoid covers Evo, Capcom games with Seth Killian

Destructoid covers Evo, Capcom games with Seth Killian It looks like it's the all Seth Killian day on EventHubs, with yet another story featuring Capcom's Community Manager.

This time Destructoid caught up with the guy to discuss Evo, Street Fighter 4's upgrade, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and a hodgepodge of other topics.

It's a solid read, although nothing new is revealed — several things are hinted at. Here's a grab.

D-Toid: EVO's line up has really changed over the past ten years. 2009's roster consisted of SF IV, TvC, MvC2, SF3: 3rdS, SSF2T:HD, and SC4. How did you determine which games would be available for tournament play?

Seth: Most organizations start with whoever will pay them money, and then put that game into a competition. For us, the lineup is determined by the community. We just look to see which fighting scenes are really pulling together, and showing a lot of committed players. Sometimes we take a smaller game and try and “reward” the efforts of an up-and-coming or newly revived scene with a place on the big stage, but ultimately it’s up to the players themselves to represent themselves.

D-Toid: How about the rumor that Street Fighter 4: Championship Edition being currently in the works? If you were a betting man, would you wager for or against the legitimacy of such reports?

Seth: I am a (mostly) reformed gambler, but I have the inside line on that question, so it would be, um, dishonest for me to bet. You haven’t heard the last of Street Fighter — that much is for sure.

User complains about Street Fighter 4's net code, Seth responds

User complains about Street Fighter 4's net code, Seth responds Seth Killian again addressed Street Fighter 4's net code on a recent post via the Capcom Forums. Here's what he had to say.

[Paraphrased] How come the net code in Street Fighter 4 sucks so bad? I like the game, but you guys aren't supporting it with new stuff often enough, that's disrespecting the community — it's been 6 months since it was released. Bethesda released tons of DLC for Fallout 3 and that took far more work to do.

HD Remix had really good net code, so why didn't SF4 use GGPO like HDR did?

Seth: You like the game, you like the features, you just want more of them and better versions of what's there. That's very natural, but the fact that SFIV has totally revived the fighting scene, had the biggest tournaments of all time around the world (the biggest of which are directly supported by Capcom) is just not "disrespecting the community," even if you would like to have more new hats for Ryu.

As you point out, it's only been 6 months since the game came out. It might seem like a new Fallout expansion is "far more work" than new SFIV features. I am impressed by the Fallout 3 DLC support, but I would say that the work involved with a robust expansion to a carefully balanced fighting game is AT LEAST as difficult as that kind of effort. It's also a very different kind of work, of course, but all of this is beside the point.

As to your actual questions, SFIV and SF HD Remix are built on totally different engines, and the same netcode solutions are not always equally viable in different games. Beyond the engine, the input system in SFIV is also notably different than the more traditional SF2 inputs on HD Remix (both on and offline), so the SFIV netcode was built with that in mind. I'm glad to hear you like HD Remix code at least, and I think that if anything, that's a pretty good sign that as a company we're very committed to an online experience that does the most justice to the offline fighting.

Overall, what are your thoughts on Street Fighter 4's net code now that it's been out for awhile? Do you feel it's good, or wish it had GGPO going?

Leave a comment below with your feedback.

Seth: Fan feedback makes it into games all of the time

Seth: Fan feedback makes it into games all of the time Capcom's Seth Killian was asked about if fan feedback ever makes its way into their games, he had this to say on the subject from the Unity Boards.

Does Capcom accept fan submissions? I was just wondering.

Seth: We do actually use your ideas. The thing we CAN'T take is your ideas for a whole game -- no matter how many contracts you sign agreeing not to sue us from space with lasers, apparently this is still a legal minefield that no publisher is willing to walk into.

But yes, as was pointed out, we actually do change existing or in-development games based on fan feedback all the time.

You might say that's even why we're here.

A prime example of this was Street Fighter 4's roster. A poll was held asking players who they wanted to see (at the time) in the upcoming game, and the top 4, as voted by the fans, were included in the title.

Guide update digest for 8-27-09

Guide update digest for 8-27-09

Arcadia magazine to carry SBO 2009 DVDs

Arcadia magazine to carry SBO 2009 DVDs Instead of having an independent DVD release, the 2009 Super Battle Opera (Tougeki) videos will be packaged with Arcadia magazine, according to a post by Kilvear. Here's a translation.

• Arcadia 2009 November (Street Fighter 4/Virtua Fighter 5:R)

• Arcadia 2009 December (Tekken 6BR / Street Fighter 3 Third Strike)

• Arcadia 2010 January (BlazBlue / Fate issue Journal)

• Arcadia 2010 February (Guilty Gear Accent Core XX / Kana Awesome Journal No. 2)

Kilvear added that the November issue of Arcadia releases on Sept. 30, 2009, and December issue on October 30, 2009, etc. Please to not get the dates and the month of the issue mixed up.

The easiest way to remember is Arcadia issues are always one month ahead in terms of the month we are in.

You can subscribe to the magazine through, but it's a bit expensive at $14.90 USD an issue.

At this price, it will probably only net hardcore fans, but if you want to get your hands on Tougeki 2009 videos, right now, this looks to be the only option.

Street Fighter iPhone mock up

EXO-grey-fox pointed out a Street Fighter iPhone mock up, and asked if Capcom might be making a version of the game for that platform.

Street Fighter iPhone mock up

Christian Svensson had this to say on the matter:

Sven: That would be our mobile groups' responsibility. I'll make the suggestion if they haven't already considered it.

Price of XBox 360 dropped a bit

Price of XBox 360 dropped a bit Microsoft announced today that they're dropping the price of their XBox 360, likely to try and counter Sony's recent price drop of their PlayStation 3.

The XBox 360 Elite will now sell for $300, but will no longer come with HD cables (Component and HDMI). The XBox 360 Pro will be $249 and the Arcade version will remain unchanged in price.

With the recent price drops of both consoles, now could be an ideal time to pick up either machine if you've been on the fence about trying something new.

And on a humorously related note, instead of a PS3 or 360, SFilp recommended this console.

Capcom to announce several more games at TGS

Capcom to announce several more games at TGS While it's already been stated that the four new characters for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom will be announced at this year's Tokyo Game Show (TGS) which is scheduled to run from September 24-27, Capcom also revealed today through their Twitter feed that several new games will be announced there as well.

Now, Capcom obviously has a lot of franchises, and it's possible this won't mean any new Street Fighter (or other fighting games) will be announced there.

They originally announced Street Fighter 4 at a Gamers Day event in London in 2007, this event was later killed in favor of the new 'Captivate' shows, with this year's gathering happening back in late April.

While Capcom certainly doesn't have to wait for a major event to make an announcement for the upgrade to Street Fighter 4, the Tokyo Game Show is on par with E3 for size and attendance, so IF they were going to make an announcement at a major show this year — this would likely be it.

Shiozawa Cup videos: SFIV 5 on 5 tournament in Japan

Remember that big 5 on 5 tournament held the day before Super Battle Opera in Japan?

7 videos have surfaced showcasing some of the best Street Fighter 4 players on the planet going head to head, including the Let's Go Justin (Team USA) vs. Gachi Muchiri Revenger match.

But the first video below doesn't include the first opening set where Team USA was initially winning, but the game was reset because of some issues. Instead, only the do-over is shown.

1st Round: Let's Go Justin vs Gachi Muchiri Revenger

• Let's Go Justin — Ricky Ortiz (Rufus), fLoE (Sagat), Sabin (Dhalsim), Justin Wong (Rufus), Marn (Rufus).
• Gachi Muchiri Revenger — Kuroken @ Potemkin (Sagat), Aloha (Zangief), Namameso (E. Honda), AC Revenger (Abel), FZ (Viper).

To see the rest of the videos, click the link below.

Continue reading »

Sven covers Marvel licensing and HD Remix in Japan

Sven covers Marvel licensing and HD Remix in Japan Capcom V.P., Christian Svensson, said they shot their biggest gun with the re-release of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 — as far as releasing their other Marvel games — but he went on to discuss a bit of what was involved with acquiring the license and what it would take for HD Remix to hit Japan.

Here are his comments from the Unity Boards.

Did you do this interview with

Sven: I did, though there is a misquote in it. I didn't use a double negative to say that MvC2 does need HD Remix. I said, "I wouldn't say it needs it."

Can you specify how Capcom managed to obtain the rights to release Marvel vs. Capcom 2 digitally over PSN & XBox Live?

Sven: Because we (and mostly I) negotiated with Marvel and our Japan offices for more than a year to get it done.

Will Capcom release their previous Marvel based fighting games in the future? The reason I ask this because those other games were released on PS1 and were not faithful to the original arcade versions. Many gamers would like perfect arcade conversions of those games too.

Sven: I do understand the desire, but this contract with Marvel only covers MvC2. Additional negotiations would be required with both Japan and Marvel for something like this to happen. I won't rule it out, but we did shoot the biggest gun first with MvC2.

Will there be an arcade release for Super Street Fighter II HD Remix in Japan?

Sven: I'd love to see it happen, but our arcade group in Japan would have to take the lead on such a project.

GameStop reportedly taking pre-orders for Marvel vs. Capcom 2 TE Stick

GameStop reportedly taking pre-orders for Marvel vs. Capcom 2 TE Stick Remember that Mad Catz Tournament Edition Marvel vs. Capcom 2 joystick that briefly showed up on GameStop's website back when MvC2 hit the PlayStation Network, earlier in the month?

As it turns out, several people have reported that they've been able to pre-order it from their local GameStop stores. A forum moderator named TwiGGy and Capcom's Seth Killian very briefly commented on the subject via the Unity Boards.

I called my local GameStop and they're taking pre-orders for a Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Tournament Edition stick. I've heard other people are able to pre-order it too, what gives Capcom?

TwiGGy: If GameStop is taking pre-orders, then pre-order it.

Capcom hasn't announced these sticks and I doubt they will confirm or deny them at this point.

Best bet would be to stay tuned to the Unity blog.

Seth: Yeah, what TwiGGy said.

So while this is far from conclusive, it's leading many people to believe we'll be seeing an MvC2 themed joystick in the near future, although with the game out already on both systems, one can't help but wonder how long Mad Catz would wait to announce/release these new products — if they actually exist.

Update: Snake918 spoke with his local Gamestop in Colorado and they said the stick would be out on September 24.