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Color guides for all 25 Street Fighter IV characters

Color guides for all 25 Street Fighter IV characters We just put the finishing touches on all 25 character color guides for Street Fighter 4. Here's links directly to those pages.

| Abel | Akuma (Gouki) | Balrog (Boxer) | Blanka | Cammy | Chun Li | Crimson Viper | Dan | Dhalsim | E. Honda | El Fuerte | Fei Long | Gen | Gouken | Guile | Ken | M. Bison (Dictator) | Rose | Rufus | Ryu | Sagat | Sakura | Seth | Vega (Claw) | Zangief |

You'll always be able to find links to these on the character guide pages as well, along with several other helpful things. Enjoy.

Capcom comments on how long it takes to port games

Capcom comments on how long it takes to port games Capcom V.P. Christian Svensson was on the Unity Boards today talking about how long it takes for a port of a game to make it online as a downloadable title. Here's his comment.

Just wondering on average how long does it take to port a game to the Playstation Network and XBox Live? — Jay

Sven: We haven't done a lot of "ports." We've done some enhanced versions of existing games, that because of those enhancements have taken a good deal longer than just a straight port would (adding online to anything, as an example, is a major feature add).

Our average XBLA/PSN project length is about 14 months from greenlight to live on a given service. Our low end is probably about 12 months.

This is interesting because if/when Marvel vs. Capcom 2 becomes a reality, it's assumed to have online play. If this ends up being the case, that means that project has been in the works for some time and has been kept 'mostly' quiet during this period.

More Street Fighter 4 color guides, site news

More Street Fighter 4 color guides, site news I posted more color guides today, this time for Ryu, Rufus, Rose, M. Bison (Dictator) and Ken.

Originally I had planned to have most of the color guides up, but the site was hit by quite a bit of spam in a short period of time. Commenting is disabled to stop this, but will return shortly. I spent most of the day upgrading the main system that powers the site to a new version so comments could be re-enabled, among other things.

While the transition isn't quite complete yet, when it's finished this upgrade will add a few small features — but more importantly it will provide the base framework so can move forward in bigger directions.

There's still a good bit to cover with our existing guides, but there's also some great opportunities in the fighting game community that haven't been explored yet. We're hoping to step into this role and offer an exceptional user experience for Street Fighter players.

These new features are still a ways in the future though, but as they start to progress we'll keep you posted here. So if you enjoy the site now, keep in mind, we're only just getting started.

Character color guides for Street Fighter 4

Character color guides for Street Fighter 4 We've posted color guides for Zangief, Vega (Claw), Seth, Sakura and Sagat.

These are graphic layouts of the character's various color schemes, including their alternative costumes.

Some players are really particular about the color they end up choosing and sometimes the game's color indicator doesn't tell the whole story of what you'll end up with when you pick something.

So to help eliminate the guesswork and show people what else is available without cycling through and unlocking all of the colors, we've created these pages. We should have the rest of them complete in the next day or so.

Capcom vs. games caught in licensing limbo

Capcom vs. games caught in licensing limbo Many fans have wondered why Capcom hasn't re-released their vs. series titles as downloadable games on the XBox Live and PlayStation Network. Seth Killian jumped in on the Unity Boards with a short post of what problems they've been experiencing with getting these titles back out there again.

He also added a small note about the Championship Mode patch for SFIV.

When will we see these games on PSN or XBox Live? X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Capcom vs. SNK PRO, Capcom vs. SNK 2, SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom.

Seth: While there are sometimes surprisingly significant costs associated with "just rereleasing" games, in almost every case you mention above, the issue is with licensing and getting companies to cooperate with one another.

Even if the companies are friendly and think it would be a winning proposition, [it's] often still really complicated for boring reasons.

What's up with the Championship Mode updated for Street Fighter 4?

Seth: Details and a date on Championship Mode are coming soon -- I've seen a bunch of announcement documents circulating lately. [...]

Joystick photo and building resource site

Shoo and Fallback gave me a heads up the other day about their site, They have the largest collection of joystick photos on the net (as far as I've seen), including tips on how to build your own.

Some of the custom builds they have posted are completely unique — from curved body designs to full out painted cases with LEDs.

If you're looking for ideas or just want to check out some flipping sweet joysticks, look no further — this is an outstanding website.

Here's a couple of images to get you started, just hop this link to check out hundreds more.

Cammy Joystick Norris Buttons Ghost Pilot Stick

Additional SFIV National Championship details

Additional SFIV National Championship details A few more details were filled in today about the SFIV World Finals being held in San Francisco. Here's the breakdown from the press release.


WHAT: GAMESTOP, the world’s largest video game retailer, has partnered with CAPCOM and the EVO Championship Series, the largest and longest-running fighting game tournaments in the world, to host the Street Fighter IV US National Championship Finals on Saturday, April 18, 2009 at 7 p.m.

Also it has been confirmed by Seth Killian that the legendary Daigo will be the 3rd player in the World Finals, instead of a European player as previously believed. He'll join Iyo and Poongko to compete against each other and the winner from America.

Continue reading »

WCG fighting game tournament, early EVO registration

WCG fighting game tournament, early EVO registration The World Cyber Games is going to hold a fighting game tournament in New York on April 25th and 26th at the Samsung Experience in the Time Warner Center (Google Map).

This is a one-off event, so it's not part of the official tournament, yet. The games played will be Street Fighter IV, Dead or Alive 4, Soul Caliber IV and Virtua Fighter 5.

The top two finishers for each game during the competition will receive cash prizes and Samsung Digital Cameras. The games will be shout-casted and available through video on demand.

Players can sign up at Additionally, there will be walk-up opportunities for those players who did not register online, depending on available openings.

Also early-bird registration is open for this year's EVO 2009 tournament. You'll save $20 if you sign up before May 31, 2009. The tournament games this year are, Street Fighter IV, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Street Fighter III: Third Strike (2v2 Teams), Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core, Soul Calibur IV and Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

Ridiculously awesome Street Fighter T-shirt

The Ultimate Combo is a Street Fighter T-Shirt designed by David Soames over on

This puts a different spin on the usual command motion shirt, plus you gotta love that headband on the girl.

Street Fighter Piano T-Shirt Street Fighter Piano Shirt Girl Model
Click images for larger versions

Seth comments on TE stick pre-orders, Comic-Con

Seth comments on TE stick pre-orders, Comic-Con Capcom guys Seth Killian and Christian Svensson were on the Unity Boards again talking a bit more about the availability of the Mad Catz TE sticks and this year's Comic-Con.

Where can I place a pre-order for a Mad Catz TE stick?

Seth: I don't think anyone is accepting more pre-orders until they clear their current backorders (which is a smart and reputable way to do business). I think once the flow of new sticks catches up to and clears the current deficit, people will presumably put their ordering pages back up.

Also for the record, I hear once in a while that Canada (or Mexico, or wherever) is somehow getting "screwed" based on geographical location. That's a Mad Catz question, really, but the short answer is that there are no "preferred" territories. The sticks are simply sold out everywhere, no matter where you are.

Is Capcom going to be at this year's Comic-Con?

Sven: We always have the biggest presence of any videogame company. This year will be no exception... but I'll have to keep you in suspense as to the details for now. We probably won't reveal them until a couple weeks before the show.

Seth: Capcom @ Comic-con will be rad again, as anyone who saw us the last two years can tell you.

GameTrailer's top 10 fighting game franchises

Spotted over on Capcom-Unity that Seth Killian found a nifty list of the top 10 fighting franchises ever. Nice trip down memory lane.

Heavy revisions to the Street Fighter IV Balrog guide

Heavy revisions to the Street Fighter IV Balrog guide We've made a ton of improvements and additions to the Balrog (Boxer) Street Fighter 4 guide here on

His main page has lots of great information on how raise your game up and play him at a higher level. The main Rog guide is almost 3,000 words long, which is huge, and if you're curious about a particular move or just want to know some tricks on how to improve your game, the information inside is broken out into sections to make it easy to digest.

Also we created a page that houses 7 videos of top players using the Boxer, along with a guide describing how to handle specific character match ups.

Balrog is just the latest character to get his section re-worked as we'll be rolling through all of the fighters with time, and we've got a few more features planned out beyond this.

A huge shout out go to the following for their contributions both large and small: Corner-Trap, Bokchoy, Gootecks, Jay Wang, KWASIA, Rojo, Gorehound, FuguTabetai, Chun Li's Thighs, MOD, YellowS4, Abu, William F Guile, ToOoOomeke and FoxIsQuick.

Making Street Fighter 4's Survival and Time Attack modes a lot easier

Making Street Fighter 4's Survival and Time Attack modes a lot easier If you want to unlock all 10 colors and personal actions in Street Fighter 4 you have to beat the Survival and Time Attack modes all the way up until round 17.

This is a long, tedious and sometimes difficult process, but there's a way to make it much easier.

Street Fighter 4's computer AI has a really hard time with Zangief's Lariat (3x Punch) move. Even during the tougher challenges, it will only block the first hit, but subsequent attacks will usually get through.

In some rounds all you'll have to do is this move, while in others you may have throw in a little blocking and timing.

So while spamming Gief's Lariat over and over may not win you style points, it will make getting through these challenges MUCH easier, and then you can have full access to the taunts and colors for each character.

Backorders of Mad Catz TE sticks being filled

Backorders of Mad Catz TE sticks being filled Christian Svensson offered up a status updated on the Mad Catz Tournament Edition FightSticks via the Unity Boards this morning.

Can we please get an update on the Tournament Edition Mad Catz sticks, like when and where they will be available?

Sven: I've been hearing reports for the past week that backorders from various stores have been getting filled again. Sounds to me like more goods are shipping as we speak.

I suspect it'll be a while before there's enough to have taken care of the back orders and THEN have goods sitting on the shelf for the average person to pick up. If you really want one, might be worth placing a pre-order to be sure.

Abel's infinite combo loop in Street Fighter 4

An infinite combo loop for Abel has been discovered in Street Fighter 4.
This works against Chun Li and Rufus and may work against other characters. Here's how it's done in the video.

Against Chun Li: Standing Light Punch, Link into Crouching Light Punch, Link into Standing Light Punch 2x, Link into Towards + Medium Kick, Cancel with Dash, start over.

Against Rufus: Standing Light Punch, Link into Crouching Light Kick, Link into Crouching Light Punch, Link into Standing Light Punch, Link into Towards + Medium Kick, Cancel with Dash, start over.

Also Fei Long has an infinite combo that only works against Abel and Seth, which you can check out here.

As is the case with most of these loops, they're VERY difficult to do over and over again and after awhile they start taking off almost no damage.

Thanks goes out to Noodleman for pointing this out.

HD Remix and Street Fighter 4 rankings for XBox Live

HD Remix and Street Fighter 4 rankings for XBox Live Here's the XBox Live rankings as of April 3, 2009 for Street Fighter 4 and HD Remix.

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix Weekly Rankings
1. ChampJackson — 281:46
2. x kuroppi x — 235:75
3. Mr Jangara — 231:87
4. buttonbrown — 172:40
5. SpritENZ — 313:77
6. Eggo — 320:69
7. Zetra — 349:53
8. De Mavrick — 232:28
9. Fifth n someBUD — 338:34
10. wnkz — 230:33

Street Fighter IV Total Wins
1. Infernoz Rage — 5,373
2. Fire Dome L0ver — 4,794
3. The Assasin 5 — 3,105
4. o Z3LDA — 3,103
5. Laharl 9999 — 2,562
6. akafunamushi — 2,427
7. dot24allday — 2,337
8. KarteL x ZonE — 2,294
9. LOD 38 — 2,208
10. hs zzang — 2,197

We went for a different look this week for SFIV and did total wins instead of Battle Points.

If you've played against any of these players online, please leave a comment and tell how the game went.

Interview with the SFIV sound team

Interview with the SFIV sound team GameSetWatch conducted an interview with two of the guys responsible for the audio in Street Fighter IV. Masayuki Endou, who did sound direction and sound design and Hideyuki Fukasawa, who handled composing songs, arranging and programming audio.

The piece gets into a decent amount of technical discussion when it comes to the music, so it's a bit dry in parts. It's a solid read if you have some extra time though. Here's a cut.

GSW: What kind of research went into giving the game an international musical palette?

Fukasawa: I listened to a lot of folk songs and popular music from Russia for that one theme. While the beat has a house and techno feel to it, Russian folk songs helped form the melody. Another important part of the background research involved immersing myself in the music of Street Fighter. My iPod was packed with fighting game tracks, and they brought to my attention the strong melody lines and well crafted arrangements that have characterized these games.

GSW: What characteristics did you feel were important to lend the stage music of the handful of characters that are new to Street Fighter IV?

Endou: A guideline that we kept in mind was to let each song act symbolically. That might not be expressed through the main melody. It could be as simple as a motif within the song that operates as a thematic hook, giving it a symbolic power. In terms of crafting songs that left a strong impression on the player, we felt that Street Fighter IV should share this characteristic as its common bond with Street Fighter II.

If you want to go further, you can check out the track list and a few other details here.