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Seth comments on Championship Mode update for SFIV

Seth comments on Championship Mode update for SFIV Seth Killian recently visited the Unity Boards to discuss a few issues the fans had brought up about the SF4 Championship Mode update. Here are his comments.

How come the Championship Mode on XBox 360 and PlayStation 3 have different features? Why are PS3 users getting screwed over?

Seth: My life was certainly easier when both systems had totally identical features, just because people love to have reasons to fight, and I'm happiest when we aren't giving them any material whatsoever. Zero differences keeps people talking about the game itself (which is why we care about features in the first place), rather than focusing on relatively insignificant differences.

I know the team was very excited by both systems, so I think they were just trying them both out -- certainly the intent was not to "screw" any platforms, and I think they'll take the reaction (which, interestingly, goes both ways -- X360 and PS3 fans both seem to want whatever thing the other kid got) to heart going forward. [...]

Why doesn't Capcom listen to their fans?

Seth: 1) We do listen to our fans. Being in a lot of development meetings, I can say this without hesitation, because I see the impact your voices make on the products daily. I also think we listen as well or better than anyone else in the console space, and we're getting better all the time.

2) The Championship Mode DLC is not a great gauge of "how well we are listening" as the development was begun before people had a chance to give their feedback (it started before the game was released).

3) Championship Mode isn't the silver bullet and the answer to everyone's various demands, but it IS actually a really fun addition. I suggest you try the tournaments -- I find them really addictive, and the replay mode, even given the limitations, is just great. You constantly have a list of quality match videos right there at your fingertips, so even if you hope for EVEN MORE, I hope we can remain level-headed and agree this is still pretty sweet.

4) It is also FREE, right? We are not expecting this free update to sell a million more units -- we are delivering it because it was part of the vision we had for SFIV, and think it's a great offering to the fans that have supported SF by buying the game. That's what we call "fan-service," and as a fan, I have to say it's pretty good.

Overall, you can always find reasons to be disappointed by comparing whatever you get to some imagined piece of complete personal perfection in your head, but that's missing the point in a lot of ways, so hopefully we can step back for a second and go "gee, this is good." Interestingly enough, this feeds back into helping me (and others) represent the voice of fans in future development. If there's a feeling that you just can't please some people, even if what you're offering is free, another company would tune you out pretty quickly. Just trying to maintain some balance here.

Updated tier rankings for Street Fighter 4

Updated tier rankings for Street Fighter 4 Love or hate them, we've updated the tier rankings for Street Fighter IV here on The new list contains the home version characters.

The tier table is formatted to be a little easier on the eyes, and also if you mouse over a row it will highlight so it's not as difficult to pick out the match up information for the fighter you want to see.

While tier listings are a popular thing, it's always best not to take too much stock in these. Characters move up and down all of the time, and matches change — sometimes on a daily basis. When Iyo won the Japanese National Tournament, Dhalsim moved up a few points in most tier rankings. Dhalsim didn't suddenly develop anything he didn't already have before, but people's perception of him changed.

So while the tiers aren't the final word on anything, some of the information inside is helpful. Very few people would argue that Dan is a better character than Sagat, so the table has some relevancy.

As such, take these tiers as a loose guideline of how the matches stack up, but never as the end all be all of who's good in the game.

If you have anything you'd like to add or you just want to talk about some of the match ups, please leave a comment.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 announcement coming on Monday?

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 announcement coming on Monday? is an obscure website that offers little more than a countdown set to expire this Monday, April 27. But dug a little deeper and found some interesting nuggets associated with this page.

Apparently someone joined #Capcom, which is an Instant Relay Chat channel on EFNet, and started spamming When loading up, behind the scenes, the domain redirects to, which would be a reference to Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Also Snow's blog on Capcom-Unity mentions the URL which has a secret auction associated with it.

Plus CAPTIVATE '09 - Capcom's annual game expo - is set to kick off in just over a week. And the timer on this website coincides nicely with the schedule.

And finally the whole 'tu4ar' thing could be a reference to the infamous MvC2 intro music, that wants to Take yoU 4 A Ride.

Kudos to GoogleMyName for the heads up.

Capcom holding tournament for European SFIV players

Capcom holding tournament for European SFIV players Europe will have their own tournament for Street Fighter IV. Players in the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France and Spain will get to duke it out in 5 separate tournaments that will eventually pit them against one another.

The first leg of the competition will take place on XBox Live from May 1 through 17, 2009. Gamers must have the Championship Mode pack installed and they need to amass as many Grade Points as possible during this time.

The top 30 fighters in each country will then be invited to an exclusive 'Live Finals' at a secret destination within that country on May 30/31. The national champions that emerge will compete against each other for the European finals 13th/14th June.

You can sign up for this event if you meet the requirements here. And you can view all of the rules for the tournament on this page.

Although some readers on this site won't be eligible for the competition, it is interesting to see that Capcom is taking a completely different approach with this tournament in having the first part of the event take place online. They also state they may ban people from the tournament if their disconnect percentage is too high.

Super Street Fighter 2T HD Remix stats site up and running

Super Street Fighter 2T HD Remix stats site up and running Capcom's JimmyRey broke the news today that they've got the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix stats site figured out.

Now PSN players can browse the leaderboards, and everyone can scope out their Wins/Losses and Rank, along with how many throws they've done and projectiles they've tossed.

This is a big improvement over what was there before, and we can only hope something similar will be coming along for Street Fighter 4 in the future. Good stuff.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 FightPads listed on website

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 FightPads listed on website If you still had lingering doubts that Marvel vs. Capcom 2 would be appearing again, this should help reassure you. While the Tournament Edition stick listings disappeared from the, MvC2 FightPad listings are showing up on the CDWow website.

While there are no screen shots, the feature set on the pads looks the exact same as the current line of FightPads. It's a reasonable assumption will also see a line of MvC2 themed original FightSticks as well.

The price listings are for the British pound, but if you run a currency converter it comes out to about the same as what the current FightPads are selling for.

Kudos to Pine Tar for the heads up.

Focus Attack during landing animation in Street Fighter 4

This seemingly lets you do a Focus Attack in the air, but you're actually in the landing frames of animation when you're coming down from your jump, you just key in the Focus Attack a moment before you're fully grounded. Could be a nifty trick in some situations.

Thanks goes out to Robbie for pointing out this video.

Videos from the Street Fighter IV Finals

This is Match 4 from the Street Fighter IV World Finals held recently. It features Daigo (Ryu) against Iyo (Dhalsim) and it's an incredible fight. Tempzz uploaded a few HD versions of these videos from a straight on view point, including this one below.
Here's more clips.

Match 1: Poongko (Ryu) vs. Iyo (Dhalsim)
Match 2: Poongko (White Ryu) vs. Daigo (Blue Ryu)
Match 3: Poongko (Ryu) vs. Justin Wong (Rufus)
Match 5: Justin Wong (Rufus) vs. Iyo (Dhalsim)
Match 6: Justin Wong (Rufus) vs. Daigo (Ryu) World Final

Round 1 of the National Finals
Round 2 of the National Finals
Round 3 of the National Finals
Mike Ross (E. Honda) vs. Justin Wong (Rufus) Final Match of Nationals

Final results from National & World SFIV Championships

Final results from National & World SFIV Championships The National and World Street Fighter IV Finals have ended. Details were posted live to this article as they happened.

To avoid spoiling the outcome, we've posted the final results which you can read by clicking the link below. The earlier rounds were somewhat convoluted, so not all of the details are known yet, but we've posted who the big winners were.

Continue reading »

PC release date for SFIV to be announced May 1

PC release date for SFIV to be announced May 1 Mixed in with all of the Street Fighter IV Championship Mode notes was an announcement on the Japanese SF4 blog that the PC release date of SFIV will be announced on May 1, 2009.

The PC version is going to have some extra features, which have only been hinted at by Seth Killian.

If the Google translation is correct, they said, "This summer is going to become [a] super hot release!" which may mean we'll see the game in July, as it's the hottest month.

Short jumping with Zangief in Street Fighter 4

SSJ George Bush discovered a new trick in Street Fighter IV that lets Zangief do a slightly shorter jump. UltraDavid came in on the SRK boards and wrote up how to do this and why it's effective, plus included a video.

Here's his post.

[...] If a Zangief player presses regular up-toward to jump, he'll move a certain distance, but if he presses up and then up-toward, he'll jump a smaller distance. The difference isn't huge, but it's enough to noticeably change Zangief's jump arc. We figure that this will be good for mixing up crossups and making opponents whiff short-range antiairs.

We spoke with [Seth Killian] online about this and he confirmed that it actually used to be a "feature" and could be done by every character, but he said Capcom decided at the last moment to "speed up" the game and take it out. He thought it was completely taken out, so he was surprised to find out that Zangief could still do it. We figure Gief can still do this because of his extra prejump frames (he has 6, whereas everyone else has 4 except Dhalsim, who has 3). I tested it with every other character, and Gief is the only one who can do this.

[...] In the second and third clips, you can see examples of jump-in situations where this is useful. The fourth clip shows what Gief can do to capitalize on this.

Kudos go out to Jet for pointing this out.

Street Fighter 4 Championship Mode goes live April 24

The heavily anticipated Championship Mode expansion for Street Fighter IV will be released on April 24, 2009 as free downloadable content. Seth Killian posted a huge update on what the new pack will detail.

Here's a clip.

The tournaments offer a new take on classic SFIV competition. They are broken out into 5 different levels, which means everyone can participate and find a good challenge without getting blown out of the water or bored. You score Grade Points (GP) for tournament wins, and as your GP total grows, you’ll become eligible to enter into more exclusive tournaments. Winning tournaments will also net you Championship Points (CP). The CP work basically like “prize money” up for grabs in the tournament. The higher the GP skill of the players in a particular tournament, the bigger the CP prize!

In true tournament tradition, character selection is double-blind. With the CP purse on the line, you won't be able to see who your opponent has picked until you've both made your choices, and the battle is set to begin.

Here's some screen shots of the new Championship Mode courtesy of the Japanese SF4 blog.

Street Fighter IV Championship Edition screen Street Fighter IV Championship Edition screen Street Fighter IV Championship Edition screen Street Fighter IV Championship Edition screen
Click images for larger versions

And here is how the disconnect tracker will look.
Street Fighter IV Championship Edition screen

Kudos to Matt for the heads up!

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 styled joystick on the way

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 styled joystick on the way Destructoid reported that is planning on selling Mad Catz PlayStation 3 and XBox 360 Marvel vs. Capcom 2 themed tournament edition joysticks starting July 10, 2009.

These puppies will sell for £149.99 in British pounds, although they're marking them down to £139.99 for their store. This is the same price the current SFIV TE FightSticks sell for on the other side of the pond. Right now the joystick specifications are looking dead on with the current breed of SFIV TE FightSticks too.

Doesn't make much sense for Capcom to get involved with selling Marvel vs. Capcom 2 styled joysticks unless there was a game to coincide with the release. Considering all we've heard to date, it should only be a matter of time before we get an official MvC2 game release announcement.

Also KokoBananaMan pointed out you can already find an achievement list for MvC2 on XBox Live.

SFIV match videos on the Street Fighter Dojo

SFIV match videos on the Street Fighter Dojo Zaspacer gave me a heads up that he posted the latest round of new material to his website, the Street Fighter Dojo. This site features an extensive collection of Street Fighter IV videos along with some Super Turbo hints and clips.

If you want to get your hands on a specific character match up video, this is a great resource. All of the clips are sorted on a per character basis, so if you play Zangief and want to track down some battles against Dhalsim, it couldn't be easier. Most of the fighters have a very extensive library of matches to look through too.

This is a terrific idea for a site, and certainly worth your time to check out.

Awesome home made SFIV arcade cabinet

Awesome home made SFIV arcade cabinet Noticed on Seth Killian's blog that Donovan Myers cooked up a home made Street Fighter IV arcade cabinet. This thing is bad ass. It sports two Mad Catz Tournament Edition FightSticks, a 32 inch 720p LCD monitor and runs on a PlayStation 3.

To top it off, he included worklogs on how he built this, which have template files in case you want to follow in his footsteps and make one of your own.

The guy ended up spending close to $2,000 to get the entire rig going. The final product looks fantastic though.

SFIV match videos of Korean champion Poongko

Spotted over on that they rounded up several videos of Korean champion Poongko. This guy is hands down one of the best SF4 players, and while he normally plays Ryu, there's a few clips of him using other characters as well.
In the video above, which lacks sound, you can see him consistently pull off Fuerte's infinite loop combo. Here's some other clips.

Video 2: Poongko uses M. Bison (Dictator), Gen, Sakura and Dan
Video 3: Poongko plays Guile, Blanka and Rufus

He will be representing Korea in the SFIV National Championship this Saturday in San Francisco, going up against the American champion and two Japanese players, Daigo Umehara and Iyo.

Poongko plays a very aggressive style with exceptional execution skills, and considering the level of talent the other players have — this tournament should be outstanding.

Charging up your moves faster with 'pre-charging'

Ever play against a Guile with incredible timing, who has an uncanny ability to pull off a Sonic Boom or Flash Kick even when you could have sworn he didn't have enough time to charge it up?

They were likely using a technique called "pre-charging" that gives you a few extra frames of charge time to execute your moves. Gilley, who's contributed a ton of stuff to the Street Fighter community, put together a pretty sweet video explaining and showing the technique.
While this video is about Guile — pre-charging applies to any character with charge moves.

There's also another clip which shows a faster way to execute Guile Supers in a pinch, although some of this stuff applies to Vega (Claw) as well.