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Top Japanese Street Fighter 4 players and most popular characters

Top Japanese Street Fighter 4 players and most popular characters VersusCity has posted translated statistics from the official Japanese SF4 mobile site.

On the page they cover who the top 20 players are in Japan, along with who's gets selected the most often in the arcade release of the game. Here's how the latter list shook out.

1. Ryu — 17.1%
2. Ken — 16.5%
3. Akuma — 7.6%
4. Zangief — 7.5%
5. Chun-Li — 7.3%
6. Sagat — 7.1%
7. Abel — 4.8%
8. C.Viper — 4.3%
9. Guile — 3.9%
10. M.Bison (Dictator) — 3.8%
11. Blanka — 3.6%
12. Balrog (Boxer) — 3.1%
13. Vega (Claw) — 2.8%
14. El Fuerte — 2.7%
15. E. Honda — 2.6%
16. Rufus — 2.3%
17. Dhalsim — 2.2%

'Shoryuken' alternative costume pack out for Street Fighter 4

'Shoryuken' alternative costume pack out for Street Fighter 4 Just a heads up, you can download the Shoryuken alternative costume pack for Street Fighter 4 now which has outfits for Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Gouken, and Dan.

Each pack costs 320 MS points on the XBox 360 and $3.99 on the PlayStation 3. Here's when the rest of these puppies are coming.
  • March 10 - Shadowloo Pack will include alternate costumes for: Seth, M.Bison, Sagat, Balrog, and Vega.
  • March 17 - Classic Pack will include alternate costumes for: Guile, Dhalsim, Fei-Long, Blanka, and Gen.
And if you want to see 50 images of all of the alt. costumes, go here.

New Super Street Fighter 2T HD Remix patch details

New Super Street Fighter 2T HD Remix patch details The patch release notes for Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix were announced today. The details were posted on the Capcom-Unity blog.

The patch is supposed to be released in the next few weeks, here's the full scoop.

Please keep in mind, there are technical limitations to what a patch can fix, so we fixed as many as we could given these limitations. I know many users requested patching Akuma, but we didn't touch any balancing this time. This is mainly because I think the jury is still out on him. Sure, he's pretty powerful, but I don't think it's been 100% proven yet that he's unbalanced. I'm not saying that he's definitely balanced, but before we start tinkering with the balance, we want to make sure we're making the right move.

A big thanks to all you guys that were diligent in reporting the bugs that they encountered. Also, a big shot out goes to "The Furious One" who was a big help in compiling bugs and especially to "zerojay" who took his testing experience and actually created a bug data base to help organize the bugs.

Without further ado, here are issues that the patch fixes:

1. After a number of games, the HUD will be corrupt. Yellow lifebars will freeze, the round counter flags will all be on, and the names will show more than one name. (Both)

2. Frequent disconnects during VS transition screen. Often caused by selecting START color of character. (Both)

3. Title crashes if user has a large friends list and tries to access the friends list (PS3)

4. Rating being set to "0" and from then on, rating remains at "0". Once that patch goes live, we'll reset all leaderboards/scoreboards. (Both)

5. Vega sometimes causing desyncing, especially when using the fake wall dive. (Both).

6. Lobby list containing full rooms instead of only rooms that users can enter. (Both).

7. Zangief Super Motion not working on both sides and in both directions.

8. During the start of the match, there is slight slowdown. This has been minimized as much as possible. (PS3).

9. If connecting to a ranked match through the quick match function, it is best out of 3 rather than best out of 5. (Both)

10. Sending messages via XMB during a game causes a freeze. (PS3)

11. Players not added to "Players Met" list. (PS3)

12. Analog and D-pad can accept input at the same time. (Both)

13. Player stats not reporting correctly.

PC Street Fighter 4 bundle being explored, more pads on the way

PC Street Fighter 4 bundle being explored, more pads on the way Christian Svensson visited the Unity Boards recently to talk about possible Mad Catz controller Street Fighter 4 PC bundles, FightPad availability and a couple of other topics.

Here are his comments.

I was thinking of getting a SFIV gamepad, I already have the PC version on pre-order. But now that they might come bundled together at a lower price I'm wondering if I should cancel my order and wait for the bundle? — Tom

Sven: Bundles aren't final and I'm just now exploring them (they idea came from a few discussions I had with folks at Dice last week). I don't even have unit pricing from Mad Catz yet to determine if it's economically feasible so we're still in the exploratory stage.

If I were you, I'd keep what you've got for the time being.

Will the Mad Catz FightPads be available again?

Sven: As long as retail keeps ordering them (and they are) Mad Catz will keep making them. They aren't meant to be a one shot deal as far as I'm aware. There's no other product on the market like them and they're selling very well.

I just wanted to ask why you decided to collaborate with Mad Catz? Why didn't you just try to build the original Sega Saturn pads for the 360? — Adrian

1. Sega isn't in the hardware or accessories business. They have no distribution of accessories within any current business unit in the US or Europe. Mad Catz is the 800lb gorilla in that space, controlling more shelf space than anyone else in that sector.

2. What are you talking about not being able to use two pads on the same console. Of course you can. I've done it on my 360 at home with no problems. Additionally, the pads have been reviewed very well by critics and end-users a like.

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li: How did it turn out this way? — LBD_Nytetrayn

Sven: My mother always said, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. So I won't be commenting on this thread. Sorry.

Midway might sell Mortal Kombat, Capcom not interested

Midway might sell Mortal Kombat, Capcom not interested Midway is looking at selling their Mortal Kombat franchise after filing for bankruptcy protection on February 12, 2009.

Fans hopeful Capcom might step up and buy this franchise and make a Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter game though will have to keep on hoping. Capcom Vice President, Christian Svensson, had this to say in response to the matter:

I think there are other companies, that don't have multiple strong fighting franchises in their catalog, that would value Mortal Kombat higher than we would if it ever came to a bidding war.

So to that end, I'd suspect it's not likely to find a home at Capcom in the long term.

Street Fighter art exhibit and tournament

Street Fighter art exhibit and tournament There's going to be a Street Fighter tournament and art exhibit held in Alhambra, California, which is fairly close to Los Angeles.

The tournament winners will walk home with $500 for 1st place, $200 for 2nd and $100 for third. The page mentions that the event is sponsored by EVO, so you may see some pretty fierce competitors showing up.

There isn't an exact date and time for the tournament, but the exhibit runs through April 25, 2009 - May 11, 2009. There will also be a Cosplay competition, free refreshments served with music by Ronikus.

Trials walkthroughs for Viper, Dan, Dhalsim & Rose

Trials walkthroughs for Viper, Dan, Dhalsim & Rose We've put together a few more challenge mode walkthroughs for Street Fighter 4.

Now you can find Trials videos and move notes for Crimson Viper, Dan, Dhalsim and Rose.

We'll be working our way through all of the remaining characters, so please keep checking back for more updates.

HD Remix patch details, 'very, very soon'

HD Remix patch details, 'very, very soon' Capcom V.P., Christian Svensson, is saying that we'll have news and additional, "developments," for the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix patch, "very, very soon."

For the record, this patch is tied in with fixing the stats site which will also address some of the leaderboard issues that have come up, among other things.

No real meat to this topic yet, just a heads up that you should be hearing some details in the very near future.

Street Fighter flick makes top 10 movie ticket sales list

Street Fighter flick makes top 10 movie ticket sales list The Associated Press is reporting that Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li actually made it into the top 10 for ticket sales.

Here's how the list shook out.

1. "Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail," Lionsgate, $16,175,926, 2,052 locations, $7,883 average, $64,525,548, two weeks.

2. "Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience," Disney, $12,510,374, 1,271 locations, $9,843 average, $12,510,374, one week.

3. "Slumdog Millionaire," Fox Searchlight, $12,026,343, 2,943 locations, $4,086 average, $115,024,121, 16 weeks.

4. "Taken," Fox, $9,864,197, 3,091 locations, $3,191 average, $107,796,273, five weeks.

5. "He's Just Not That Into You," Warner Bros., $6,011,405, 2,858 locations, $2,103 average, $78,661,321, four weeks.

6. "Paul Blart: Mall Cop," Sony/Columbia, $5,602,392, 2,698 locations, $2,076 average, $128,107,912, seven weeks.

7. "Coraline," Focus, $5,261,129, 2,092 locations, $2,515 average, $61,112,744, four weeks.

8. "Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li," Fox, $4,721,110, 1,136 locations, $4,156 average, $4,721,110, one week.

9. "Confessions of a Shopaholic," Disney, $4,634,534, 2,534 locations, $1,829 average, $33,806,050, three weeks.

10. "Fired Up," Sony/screen Gems, $3,701,562, 1,811 locations, $2,044 average, $10,038,772, two weeks.

Fei Long's infinite combo loop in Street Fighter 4

It's been discovered that Fei Long has an infinite combo loop in Street Fighter 4 — but hold your horses, it only works against Seth and Abel.
As you can see from the video, you do a Standing Hard Punch and Cancel into a Flying Kick and repeat.

The timing on the Standing Hard Punch after Fei's Flying Kick is difficult for some players because it's a Link, so don't expect to see everyone doing this online, but highly skilled players shouldn't have a difficult time with this one.

Update: Also ET brought up a good point in the comments. SFIV has major damage reduction and after about 20 or so hits, this combo does almost no damage. Still can be abused, but it's something to keep in mind.

Neo Empire's SFIV London Ranking Battle

There's some pretty cool footage of a recent ranking battle hosted by Neo Empire in the UK with a bunch with Street Fighter 4 players, including Zak Bennett. Yes, that Zak Bennett.

If you'd like to see more, you can check out part 2 here.

Next batch of Challenge Mode Trial walkthroughs

Next batch of Challenge Mode Trial walkthroughs We've added in three more Trial challenge mode walkthroughs for Street Fighter 4, this time covering Blanka, Cammy and Chun Li.

For those of you who may not have tried Chun Li's Trials yet, they're some of the hardest in the game and if you can make your way through all 10, you're really accomplishing something.

And if your favorite character hasn't been covered yet, don't worry, we'll be getting to all 25 fighters with time.

Three Challenge Mode Trial walkthroughs for Street Fighter 4

Three Challenge Mode Trial walkthroughs for Street Fighter 4 We've posted the first round of Challenge Mode walkthroughs for Street Fighter 4.

Abel, Akuma and Balrog (Boxer) all have notes on how to complete their Trial modes along with video that shows you which moves to do and when.

Some of these challenges are very tricky, and without seeing someone do them first it can be difficult to know how to complete the trial.

A huge shout out goes to Kalelulen4 for his excellent execution skills in these clips.

Keep checking back through the week as we continue to post notes on how to complete the trials for all of the Street Fighter 4 characters.

Guide: Requirements to unlock Titles and Icons in Street Fighter 4

Guide: Requirements to unlock Titles and Icons in Street Fighter 4 Watch_Me and The Ringtailed got together a bunch of information on how to unlock the Titles and Icons in Street Fighter 4.

You'll find a few listings with question marks, as the exact requirements aren't know yet, but if you find this information out, please leave a comment and we'll update this guide and give you credit down at the bottom.


Capcom V.P. clears up why PC Street Fighter 4 will be released later

Capcom V.P. clears up why PC Street Fighter 4 will be released later Amid all of the rumors floating around about piracy being the main culprit as to why Street Fighter 4's PC release is in the summer time, Capcom V.P. Christian Svensson stepped in with the real story on his blog.

He also mentions that there will be a new online service that wasn't in in the arcade release and that the Championship Pack should be available on day 1 for the PC.

Here's a hefty quote from his entry.

In the land of the Internets, people write a lot of stupid, unfounded statements. It's hard to not expect that.

Case in point, this nugget that arrived in my inbox via Google alerts:

Capcom delayed Street Fighter IV on PC because of piracy madness = FAIL

That is a complete and utter load of tripe. There's no quotes from any Capcom representative to that effect. No statement has ever been made by us about the difference in the shipdates (beyond the multiple times I've answered the question every time it was asked in our Ask Capcom forum). And I'll give the same answer.

The game isn't out on PC because it isn't done. It's really that simple.

The team is still working on optimizing for various hardware configs, integrating an online service that didn't exist on the arcade version (details to be announced later), rolling in all of the content from the console version and making sure the additions of the championship content we'd recently announced will be there on day one for the PC.

PC release of Street Fighter 4 will be in summer

PC release of Street Fighter 4 will be in summer is reporting that Capcom is planning on releasing the PC version of Street Fighter 4 in the summer time of 2009.

They're also hoping to bundle some of the Mad Catz controllers with the game. Here's a small quote from the article.

Svensson also said that the 360 and PS3 versions of SFIV is, "exceeding forecasts," and is, "on track to do some pretty amazing things."

"We are thrilled," he said. "We set the bar really high for ourselves numbers wise in our forecasts and we are exceeding forecasts in a very healthy way. We're really really pleased. It's great that Street Fighter IV is there to help reinvigorate the fighting space. It's been received far better than we could have imagined. The fans have been incredibly supportive.

HD Remix stats, screen ratios and more

HD Remix stats, screen ratios and more Christian Svensson was back on the Unity Boards recently, covering a bunch of topics, from what the HD Remix patch will fix to copying the PS3 save file.

Here are his responses.

Will the new HD Remix patch fix the game statistics?

Sven: The fix of the stats site is tied to the patch fix (which addresses some of the leaderboard issues).

Can you create a patch for SFIV so there's a screen adjustment option?

Sven: [...] This is not an issue that is planned to be addressed as far as I'm aware.

How come HD Remix looks better in a 4:3 screen ratio? Things get clipped in the 16:9 view.

Sven: 4:3 is the standard on HD remix because the original code is based upon that format.

That said, by and large, for titles that were originally 4:3, we will try and make 16:9 the default because that is, "the new hotness." At the same time, we'll try to allow for support to go back to 4:3 for purists/competition players or people still playing on SDTVs.

We try to embrace 'options'.

Why is the PS3 Street Fighter IV save file copy locked? — Jesster

Sven: I'm unsure. If I were to guess though, it would be to ensure that people who use a given character have actually "earned" that ability themselves, rather than just copying a buddy's save file.

I'm going to buy a new hard drive soon because I'm running out of space as I have only 40GB. Please tell me that I'm not going to lose all the hours I put in SF4 for no good reason at all.

I suspect the backup utility for the PS3 will copy everything (locked or no), but I don't know for sure as it tends to mirror the drive contents (right down to downloads that are "in progress").

Can people with different versions of Street Fighter 4 play against each other? Like PS3 vs. XBox 360?

Sven: There's no cross play possible on consoles. (Editor's note: Cross play with the PC and XBox 360/PS3 releases has also been ruled out.)